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4.5 stars

I knew this book was going to make me angry but I didn’t think I was going to cry. No one warned me I would need tissues. Actually, on second thought, no one could have because no one is really reading this book, so here I am telling you to FREAKING PICK IT UP. Because it’s FREAKING AMAZING.

This book reminded me of why I love hard-hitting ya contemporaries. And made me interested in hockey, which is a very weird thing since I’ve never watched it and I know very little about it. I guess I like sports books now? That’s new.

I didn’t think I would be this obsessed with this book when I started it, but the first three or four pages already made me want to know more about Michigan. She’s such an amazing main character and I was rooting for her since the very beginning. I love how strong she is, how good she is, how she values hockey, her brother and good friendships over anything else. Hell, she constantly thinks about how her actions would reflect on people, especially girls, who are going to come after her. And she never backs down. I just love her so so much, okay???

I couldn’t put this book down, and it wasn’t only because of Michigan. It was because of the superb and quick writing style, and because of the great pacing. I cared a lot about all the characters, and things kept happening, so I could never catch a break. I was glued to the pages, trying to brace for when the story was going to take that awful turn dark contemporaries often take. I wanted Michigan to succeed and play better hockey than the guys (who, btw, need to burn, all of them + Coach).

I am so in love with Jack, I swear. It took nothing, just one dialogue and I was down. Sweet love interests are always going to be my weakness. The dialogue he had with Michigan was one of the best things of this book, I was smiling and laughing every time they talked. The fact that Michigan gets part of her strength from him, because he is so supportive and understands her love for hockey, made me instantly melt.

What made me cry was the way the female friendship was handled. I’m just so in love with what Michigan’s friends did for her. There was this phone call that literally killed me in the best possible way (if you read this book, you know which one I mean). I wasn’t a big fan of Brie, however. She annoyed me to no end and it’s not like the ending of the book redeemed her for me.
Another relationship I loved was the one between Michigan and her brother. They’re so supportive of each other and care so much about each other. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen such a cute sister-brother relationship and now I want more.

I only ducked 0.5 points stars because I found that the ending wrapped up a bit too nicely. Something more realistic would have packed a better punch, in my opinion. Not that I’m complaining, though. At least it gave me a little bit of joy.
Another thing was that I was very confused at the hockey talk. I would have liked a bit of an explanation for the different terms, being this the first time I’ve stumbled upon this sport.

The rest was just amazing. I’ll bring this book with me for years to come, I know it already. My obsession with it didn’t die a single bit while I was reading, and it won’t die for a long long time. Can’t wait to read more from this author, because if this is her debut... wow. I’m so going to hurt next time too.
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I really enjoyed a great many things about this book. Characters were fleshed out and the plot was well spaced. Some of the secondary storylines could've used a bit more page space but all in all an enjoyable read!
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Ummm, I’m not a hockey fan. At all. I know doodly-squat about the sport, nor have I ever cared to learn. 

But I loved this book. And no, it does not shy away from actual hockey play. There’s plenty of action on the ice, though that isn’t the point of this novel: the point is a strong, empowering theme of feminism and overcoming adversity despite all odds (I promise, this book isn’t as cliche as I’m making it sound). 

What really makes the story work is Michigan herself, a wholly likable and relatable girl. She makes mistakes, and sometimes she’s irrational (she is sixteen, after all), but that’s makes her all the more appealing. She is what I, and most readers I’d bet, want to be. Courageous. Fierce. Fearless. 

I must comment on the brutality of this book. This is YA, so it isn’t too explicit, but there are certainly some hard-hitting scenes. The author isn’t afraid to go there, to explore the dangers of groupthink and hazing and tradition. 

Michigan vs the Boys made me feel bigger than myself. And it made me want to fight for progress, for change, whenever and however I can. Highly recommended!
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La historia nos presenta a Michigan, una joven jugadora de Hockey, que por culpa del director de su escuela, se queda sin equipo donde jugar. Hasta que, después de pensarlo mucho, decide postularse y hacer la prueba para entrar al equipo de varones. 

Esta fue una novela que me genero mucha mas ira que sonrisas.
Cuando Michigan es aceptada en el equipo, sus teammates, la detestan, principalmente Daniel, que es el capitán del equipo, que con la ayuda de otros compañeros logran hacerle la vida bastante difícil a Michigan. 

Fue un libro que me frustro mucho, pero que me resulto muy atrapante. Realmente queria terminarlo para saber si los malditos maltratadores iban  a ser castigados.
La autora logra hablarte de un deporte, que en lo personal no me interesa, de una manera tan pasional que logra engancharte. 

Pense que iba a odiar a las amigas, pero al terminar las quise mucho. 
Creí que me iba a encontrar con un libro gracioso, pero no fue el caso, fue una historia bastante mas seria, que habla de bullyng, abuso, amistad, familia, respeto y compromiso, pero sobre todo de pasión por lo que uno ama, porque Michigan se somete a todo por seguir jugando el deporte que adora.
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This book made me so angry in the best way and now I feel so empowered I could punch through a wall or like, bring down the patriarchy or something.

There is literally nothing I love more than a sports romance except a sports romance where the romance isn't with a teammate and its not even really a romance at all because its more of a critique on the 'boys will be boys' mentality and the wage gap in sports and the girls get to be fucking fierce without being stereotypes and its a lot of girls supporting girls and its just awesome
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I absolutely loved this book. Quick recommendation, don't read this on public transport. I made that mistake and I ended up crying in public. The true enemy of all readers! I really liked Michigan and her friends. They were all so strong and pretty badass. Of course, Michigan is the head of that group and I loved how she developed throughout the stories. I also really liked her family and her relationship with them. Her relationship with her dad, her mom and her brother are all very different and that was refreshing to see. I feel like in general a main character's relation to their family is quiet the same, except if they live in an abusive household, which Michigan isn't. I also liked how complex those family relationships were. Another thing I really loved was the romance. It didn't take over the story at all but so incredibly cute and her boyfriend is amazing and just super supportive. Gosh, I love him! Now, to the actual hard hitting parts. I don't know much about the sport world and normally am not a fan of sport focussed books but I really liked this one. I learned a lot. Especially, because ice hockey isn't really a popular sport where I live. I learned a lot about the sport and eventually also about the culture around the sport, which is the most interesting part about sport books though. When it comes to the hazing I think the author did an amazing job at tackling it, in my opinion. She showed the exact reason why so many people are affraid to speak about and handled it in such a respectful way. I also liked the way it was resolved in the end. Yeah, I'm a huge fan of this book and I would definetly recommend it to everyone interested.
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When Michigan's high school gets rid of the girl's hockey team, she's devastated about not being able to play. Her best friend transfers to an expensive boarding school, and some of her other teammates play for a neighboring high school girl's team. Michigan is sure she's out of options, until a classmate convinces her to try out for the boy's team. She makes the team, but can she survive the hatred and hazing of her teammates?

Michigan vs. the Boys was a predictable story of a girl being harassed for excelling in a predominantly male sport. While I found the plot elements to everything I expected, I did love Michigan's character. I especially liked the added element of Michigan's struggle with being a female role model for younger girls. I don't know how many will flock to this story about girls and hockey, but it's definitely a solid read.
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I totally loved this book!  Strong female character?  Check.  Teenager problems that need solved?  Check.  Cute romance that’s appropriate for reading in school? Yup.  I think that this is probably one of my favorite current reads.  It shows girls that they can fight back, and win, when being faced with some major issues.  I love the resolution at the end but wish it included Jack more.  I will be on the lookout for other books by this author.  Great book!
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This book gave me all of the feels!  Michigan loves hockey, but when there need to be budget cuts to the school the girl's hockey program is one of the two teams to get cut.  Michigan finds her team going their separate ways.  Her best friend going to some snooty boarding school to play, other teammates traveling over an hour just to get to practice at the next closest school to take them (her mom said no), and others join the swim team.  Michigan gets asked to help coach her little brother's team.  SHe gets some inspiration and decided to go to the boy's hockey team tryouts.  She definitely showed herself out there because she gets added to the team.  The Coach tells her no drinking, no drugs, and no relations with the boys or she will be off the team.  On the first day of practice, they don't have a locker room for her so she has to change in the broom closet, and continues to get hit when she hears the word bounty thrown around during a break she decides to go and make a hit on the captain the rest of the season only gets worse.  Follow Michigan through her trials of balancing boys hockey, coaching hockey, homework, and life with her new cute swimmer boyfriend.   This book I could not put down.
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This was a fantastic, although frustrating, book. I become so incensed reading stories where young women are treated this way, and I don’t want to believe these things happen, although I know they do. Michigan’s story gives me hope, though, - that growth can happen, that it does happen, that it will happen.
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Michigan is one of my favorite characters, I’ve read about in a long time. She is determined, stubborn, and a heroine. The challenges she faced in this book, made it seem so real. While reading this book, I had a picture of what Michigan looked like in my head. As I got further into the book, she became real to me. Like she could of been a girl, I knew growing up. This book, was everything I needed and I wish I had this book to read while growing up. Being a girl, in a guys driven sport is never easy. The girls team at the high school got taken away due to funding issues. Michigan being as determined as she is, tries out for the boys team. This book goes into all the problems and situations a girl would face playing on a boys team. 
I absolutely loved this book, loved the writing, loved the characters. I found myself routing for Michigan through this whole book. As well as, wanting to hug her or eat Hagen daz ice cream with her, when she needed it. 
Five stars!!!
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For some reason, this book felt like it was more geared towards middle schoolers than young adults. I don't know if I'm getting too old or the characters too confusing but I felt like this was in no way how teenagers would behave. The story overall was fine if a bit predictable and I did like the sports aspect but just wished for a bit more depth to the story.
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In this book, our main character Michigan joins the boys' team when the girls' hockey team loses its funding. The boys aren't happy about that, and neither is their coach, so she has to deal with violent misogyny and abuse from them. Which made this book a very anger-inducing read. I especially found myself angry at the coach, who has a daughter himself but is so extremely misogynistic that I hated him even more than Michigan's team mates.

Beyond anger though, this book really didn't make me feel much. The main reason for that is that the book isn't very fleshed out. There's the main issues, yes, but aside from that, the characters don't have much depth, and neither does the setting. It's sometimes hard to follow the story and parts of it feel rushed, like the start and ending of Michigan's relationship.

CWs: toxic masculinity, misogyny/sexism, assault/violence, rape drugs & attempted rape, bullying, diet talk, homophobic language ("d*ke" used as a slur), ableist language (mostly from the bullies)
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When strength comes in numbers what do you do when you are the only girl on the team? When you screw up how do you make it right? When you make it through hell how does it feel so close to heaven?
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DNF @44% 
This one just wasn’t for me. It felt too young..more like middle grade & a bit too predictable. I’m not the right audience for it which is a downer because I was excited to get into this one 🙁
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Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy of Michigan Vs. the Boys. 

Was this book perfect? No. Did it handle serious issues in a realistic way? Yes. That and more. When first getting into the book, I was a little uncertain. It seemed to focus on an insta-love relationship and an underdog story- I wasn't sure if it was going to be a corny romcom. Then, about halfway through the book, the tone shifted into something serious and darker. From that moment on, I couldn't put the book down.

I highly recommend this book to any young adult who feels like there's nothing they can do and that they have to grin and bare it. You are not alone.
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4.5 stars - thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read & review it. 

I really liked this one and I thought not being a hockey fan that it wouldn't be as enjoyable but it still was. Michigan's school had to make budget cuts and the girl's hockey team and boy's swim team both got cut. And since the boys hockey team didn't get cut, Michigan tries out for that instead. She ends up excelling on the boys team and that obviously doesn't flow well with the boys. Not to mention she's juggling school, a new relationship, and her best friend and former teammates aren't really there for her. 

Michigan's strength and resilience was impressive. I admired her and really enjoyed reading this book. I loved that her family was very involved with the sport and that it showed how an athlete really needs a good support system aside from the dedication and strength to be a great athlete.
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Michigan vs. The Boys was one of my favorite young adult reads this year. Michigan is one of my new favorite book heroines - her attitude and drive to achieving her goals as a star hockey player is something I would aspire to. Michigan's overall persona was great; however, I thought her stubbornness and jealous mentality (especially when it came to her former teammates) was really irritating at times but eventually it was resolved. Like many contemporary novels, Carrie Allen addresses many common social issues that teens deal with today: bullying, harassment, and hazing. She wrote scenes in a way that makes the reader want to riot behind Michigan in support and love. The books also addresses a lot of stereotypes that are perpetuated like the entire "boys will be boys" - "women don't belong on men's sports teams" - "women are weak", etc. There is a romance in the novel was well and although it was featured heavily it wasn't the main focal point; however, I did find it refreshing that the relationship was with someone NOT on the hockey team. Overall, I'm excited to read the next novel released by this author.
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I have never felt such raw emotion reading a book as I did with Michigan vs. The Boys. I was happy, gooey over the romance, infuriated over the sexism exhibited by her teammates and coach, and was so deeply upset by what Michigan had to endure for the sport she loves. This was a difficult read, something that I want to recommend to everyone who thinks hazing or sexism is not a big deal. I will be thinking about this story for a long time. Michigan, you are a role model.
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A very difficult read, but absolutely worth it. Michigan is an extremely strong character and I admire her dedication to what she loves throughout this book.
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