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LOVED this book!!!! 

I absolutely loved and adored this book as well as the characters. Very well written, and kept me interested throughout the whole thing.
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• Amazing siblings relationship. I mean, who doesn't like to know that they have the support, in any matter, of their sibling?! I absolutely love it when I read about siblings with this kind of relationship, where you really feel the connection between them.
• Brakes your heart. If you too want a hard-hitting book about teenagers, and mostly about how a girl has to fight and what she is going through in order to persuade her passion, you can easily put this one on your reading list. There were so many moments when I just stopped reading for a few minutes because I just needed to breathe and to let my emotions sink in... My heart ached and cried for Michigan and for all people out there, no matter their gender, that they have to go through all of these things. 
• Strong and dedicated heroine. Michigan is one of my most favorite female characters from all the 300+ books that I have read. She is a strong role model, she is passionate, she fights for what she loves, she is an amazing human being. Because let me tell you, not for one second did I felt like I was reading about a character in a book, this is how real Michigan felt. I can easily tell you, with all my honesty, that I want someone like her in my life. 
• Easy and fast to read.

• No cons, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
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Loved this one! Great story of a small town with the challenges of school budget cuts. Michigan stands up for what she believes and breaks the gender barriers. She confronts the bullies and earns the respect of her team mates and her new boyfriend.
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I am still very interested in reading MICHIGAN VS. THE BOYS. I wasn't able to finish by the archive date, but have since purchased a final copy. I will post my review with retailers and on Goodreads when I am done.
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Michigan is a very strong protagonist that you are instantly hooked to and rooting for. This book seems destined to be in the hands of reluctant readers everywhere.
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Wow. This was really hard hitting. It made me feel so many emotions. I enjoyed this so much. I normally dont read sporty books, but this was just amazing.
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I received a digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I appreciated what this book was trying to do, especially having a female protagonist with a passion for a sport but I really felt like I've read this same story many times before.  Nothing very original happened it in and the whole book was just trying to play on your emotions in order to make you angry about the main characters situation.
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There is nothing Michigan loves more in the world than hockey and in my opinion there has never been a female character as strong as Michigan in any other book in the world! 

This is BearTown for YA .  It has the same heart and the same way with words. 

Michigan's school has lost funding for the girls hockey team, so she joins the boys.   Which goes pretty much as one would think.   However, this book really gets to the heart of the matter and how innocent teasing, isn't always so innocent.  The boys hate her being on their team.  Insecure boys who all feel threatened by Michigan and a coach who just turns a blind eye.  

There is a love story between Michigan and Jack (a swimmer) and it is a love that is so pure and true and just adorable and her friends are huge forces in her life.   This book was put together in such a way that you can tell Carrie S Allen fell in love with her characters.  This book has it all, heart, heartache, love, friendship, cruelty  and all.  Such a wonderful read. 

Thank you so much to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this!
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First thing i need to say is that Michigan is a character that you are unable to not cheer for. From the very start to the very end, she knew what she wanted and she made damn sure she was going to get it. She truly is a badass and I am in awe of her strength, resilience, and feistiness. 

This book is not an easy read. There were times I was so angry that I had to put the book down to calm down. But the reason it made me feel so intensely is because it was real. This book doesn’t shy away from the harsh reality of sexism, discrimination, assault, or the hatred of women “invading” spaces that men occupy. 

I loved the characters, the plot, the pacing, and the ending. This book is a masterpiece and as hard as it is to read, I’m sure I’ll end up coming back to this book and reading it again.
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KCP Loft and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Michigan vs. the Boys. I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Michigan Manning lives for hockey, but budget cuts at her local high school has drastic implications for the young woman's future. With no other options than to play for the boys team, will Michigan be able to navigate the hazing and bad feelings to keep her future secure?

Michigan vs. the Boys is realistic fiction, but echoes the truths that have been exposed throughout this country and the larger world. Hazing and harassment should have no place in high school sports, but it is an unfortunate byproduct of the age in which we live. There are lessons to be learned here from both the male and the female perspective. Some of the novel was not necessarily realistic, especially given the widespread nature of the hazing. I did like how Michigan finds her voice and the support that she is given should be a lesson to those who are suffering a similar fate. Overall, Michigan vs. the Boys is a novel that is relatable and could serve as a conversation point between parents and their teenagers.
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This story is so extraordinary when it comes to sports and girls. When don't think about often how undivided sports are towards males than males. This story brings together the struggles when budget cuts are made and one girls passion doesn't stop her from trying out for the boy's hockey team. However, the characters struggle to show what happens when the only girl joins the team and how unwelcome that situation can be to prove she is worthy.

This book will make you angry, it'll make you empowered and it will make you look up to the character. Truly inspiring and uplifting.
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I loved this book with my entire heart. It takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, and it is amazing. I loved the main character. She was strong, and thoughtful, and courageous. The friendships were written so well. An incredible theme of female empowerment and overall paving the way for young girls. It was amazing. The passion Michigan had for hockey was wonderful to read and feel. This book is worth the read, and I commend the author. Such a job well done.
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Michigan Vs The Boys is a story about a girl who wants to play hockey, but to do so must join the boys team. This book left me feeling so angry, not at the book itself, but at the reality that this is what happens. The boys on the team were so awful to Michigan and all I wanted for her was to speak up and put an end to the torment. I respect any girl who plays a male dominant sport as it requires a great deal of strength. This is definitely a new favorite and I’m so looking forward to reading more from this author.
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**I was given a free, uncorrected proof copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinions & reviews**

This book was SO good! It's real and raw and talks about the darker side of being a girl in a 'boy's' sport (as if I would know lol). We follow our main character, Michigan through finding out her girls' hockey team is being cut due to budget cuts,  trying out for the boys' team and all the hazing and bullying she endures simply to prove her worth - as if being the leading scorer isn't proof enough. This book is NOT all sunshine and rainbows and butterflies and if it weren't for a few scenes, I'd say this was a perfect middle grade book to show girls that they can do anything. However, there is one scene in particular where Michigan goes to a party and some hazing happens there (no spoilers!) and the events that unfold make this book geared more towards a slightly older group (I'd say around 15+, especially since the main character is 16). It send a great message to girls that they can do anything the boys can do (and better) and proves that hard work can take you places. Michigan wanted to prove people wrong and she did that daily, even though her own teammates were sending her to the hospital with hits. 

I would like to give Avery a shout out, for being a good teammate in the midst of the rest of the team being buttheads. Also to Jack (For the most part) for being Michigan's sole cheerleader from the start!

10/10 would recommend!
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Clearly YA contemporary sports novels are my thing.

Michigan has just been appointed assistant captain of her girl’s hockey team when the team is cruelly cut due to funds at her high school. The only solution if she still wants to play is to try out for the boy’s team. But a girl has never played with the boys, and these boys don’t want Michigan on their team - especially captain Daniel. And Daniel always gets what he wants, by whatever means possible. 

I really, really enjoyed this. Michigan is faced with so much prejudice and misogyny, despite being the best player on the team, from her teammates and coach. Right from the start she’s described as ‘the girl’ and is subjected to some really hard hitting (quite literally) bullying from her supposed team mates. Her determination to play despite this resulted in a character I grew to love and empathise deeply for. She’s got an inner strength to go for what she wants despite the obstacles, determined to be a role model for the younger girl’s she sees. However, the struggle to take all of this bullying without speaking out, while trying to maintain this demeanour of a powerful female is hard. We see Michigan start to fade away, starting from someone who can give as good as she gets to getting jumpy and anxious and loosing a bit of herself as the bullying steps up. I felt such anger at her treatment and the behaviour of the boys, and was fully invested in hopefully seeing their comeuppance. 

I also really liked Michigan’s relationship with her former female team members who have remained at the school. There’s a strong bond between them, and a kindness that is never seen with her new team mates. As the bully descends into violence and hatred on an extreme level, Michigan begins to see these women as an anchor, a light, and it gives her the strength to carry on. The same can be said for the romantic romance, which I found fitted in well with the story without overpowering it. This is firmly a story about Michigan, and the secondary characters are there to support and cherish her or revile her.

I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed the actual hockey elements to this. They added to the fast pace of the story, injecting some excitement, and were really well written. It helped to propel this above a typical YA novel that tends to put romance at the forefront, instead focusing on friendship and individual strength of character. 

This wasn’t a five star for me for a couple of reasons. One is Michigan’s sometimes complicated relationship with best friend Brie. She’s often derogatory towards her, calling her out in front of other teammates, which lessened the message of female friendship. I also personally found Brie really irritating and unnecessary as a character. Mich finds more love in her other former teammates than Brie, who is extremely self centred. I also found a couple of Michigan’s decisions a bit suspect. There’s an incident about 60% of the way through the book that I thought was a little out of character and sensible, highly anxious Michigan wouldn’t have done it - regardless of her need for these boys to accept her. 

That said, this was great. YA without a heavy romantic focus that’s emotive and fast paced with a heavy sport element is my jam. Highly recommend.
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This is a sports book in the same way that Friday Night Lights was a sports tv show. Hockey is the backdrop to the protagonists life. 

All Michigan wants to do is play the sport she loves and she will stop at nothing to continue playing. The plot is fairly formulaic however the characters are written so well it doesn’t matter. Well worth the read.
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Absolutely loved this one! Great read to start off my year. It’s powerful, eye opening, and is a page turner! The story is great and I really love the characters, especially Jack. Michigan may not make the best choices but she sure is strong and dedicated. I think this is something everyone in high school/college should read. It definitely hits on some current issues we are facing in our world and it can give great confidence to young girls trying to make their way in this world. I recommend this book to everyone no matter if you like hockey or not. If you do like hockey that’s just an added bonus!
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Michigan's hockey team has been cut. She no longer has a girls team to play on and when the rest of her team moves on she finds the only thing she can the boys team. She tries out and makes it! But to say the boys team is less than thrilled to have a girl on the team. But is it hazing or something more? And when it becomes too much should she say something an possibly lose her spot on the team and the chance to impress scouts and collages?

Carrie S. Allen writes a powerful story that flow through in just one day. I couldn't get enough. He characters were well developed and powerful in drawing out emotions from the reader. I wanted to know more and find out the ending. It wasn't just Michigan who got to my emotions either, though the story is told primarily from her point of view. Side characters were just as well developed and pulled emotions from me. While the subject matter could certainly be dark there was certainly warm moments of friendship that made this book even better. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a darker contemporary or realistic fiction. It is a young adult but certainly any adult could certainly enjoy it as well. 

Trigger Warnings:
Hazing, Drugging, Attempted Sexual Assault, Bulling,  Underage Drinking, Physical Assault
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Michigan VS The Boys

This novel has a whole bunch of things that I have been looking for in a book for a long time... to the point that I had even started the attempt at writing my own.

This story is about a girl who plays hockey; something that doesn't get a highlight very often if ever... but the thing that made this a must read for me is the fact that she's NOT playing Goalie; which I don't know if you realize but in a lot of media Goalie seems to be the designated girl position for some reason. So already this book has done something to set it self apart from its competitors.

While it isn't very much it still matters... and it shows that girls and wemon do play hockey without the idea becoming the butt of a joke. That's it... the whole book's plot spelled out in a short sentence and I am living for it. I wish that there was more hockey media for girls and women... that focused on actual HOCKEY and not romance.

Recomendations are always welcome.

Our main character is a young girl whose name is Michigan Manning (I would hate being named after a State). She and her friends are left without a female hockey team because their school cut the funding. All of the girls deal with this issue in different ways; some even going as far as to give up the sport entirely.

What I enjoyed the most about this novel is how grounded in reality it is. Deep briusing and other issues (both from the sport and team-mate harrasment is a serious thing) and Mitch (mc girl) acts as such.

By the end of the novel Mitch is a valuable member of the team. But unlike a lot of sports movies sue still has her fair share of enemies and people who just plain don't like her, which I feel should be represented in fiction more often. I reccomend this this novel to anyone looking for a realistic sports novel with a female protagonist.

Thank you Net Galley for giving me the opportunity to read such a wonderful book.
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I was lucky to receive a copy of Carrie S Allen's book Michigan VS The Boys through Netgalley to review.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I realised that the story had a backdrop in Ice Hockey which I don't really follow.  Come to think of I don't really watch any sport so I thought that I may not enjoy the book and I am pleased to say that this was not the case.  The main character is Michigan who loves to play  Ice Hockey for her School but due to finanical cuts her girls team is cut and the only way she can play if she joins the boys Ice Hockey team.  This book totally made me cry and made me feel  shocked  about what happened to Michigan but since I am not giving away any spoilers what I would say it is worth a read and that's why I am giving it 4 Stars
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