All Roads Lead to You

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Looking for that slow burn kind of book……
All Road Lead to You is just that. Jennifer Probst’s third book in the Stay Series is the story of Harper Bishop and Aidan O’Connor. 

Harper and Aidan both are animal lovers to the core. Both loners by nature find an unexpected bond through the common passion for animals. Both have been burned and tread lightly on the ground of love.  There is no lack of attraction or chemistry, just hard headed people who had broken hearts. All Road lead to you is not just Harper and Aidan’s story. The animals play just as big of a part of the story as the human characters do. Phoenix will melt your heart. Even if your not a horse lover. Ms. Probst inserted a level of intimacy to the story that I was not expecting.
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I've loved all the books in the series and this was just an added bonus. The storytelling was stellar and the plot was A-plus!! I loved the characters and all the stuff that happened. It will definitely be read again.
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I voluntarily reviewed an ARC from Netgalley.

How many of you out there wish there were more minutes in a day so that we could read?  Go ahead, raise your hands.  And when you do get the chance and pick up a book it's so disappointing that you want to throw your kindle against a wall?  All Roads Lead to You is NOT that book.  In fact, the whole series is not those books!!  This was a stunning (I don't use that word lightly) end to the series.  The characters, dialogue and story were absolutely wonderful.  The animals were pretty amazing, also!!!

If your time is valuable and you have those few hours, I would urge you to start from the beginning of the series and read them all.  I promise you, you won't be throwing your kindle against a wall.  No.  Instead you'll be wishing for more.
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This couple was adorable, I love reading about this family in general but this was my favourite of the trilogy because I really enjoyed the main characters and the lead up to the horse racing, etc. This was a fun book to read despite being predictable but it made me happy and that was enough during a busy week :)
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The third book in this series has Harper Bishop still rescuing animals mainly horses. She saved a thoroughbred in the last book, but now she does not know how to train the horse to see if it has any potential. Enter Aiden O’Connor visiting America from Ireland and just so happens to be staying at the B&B and is also a horse trainer or was in Ireland. Left because his last horse just won the Irish Derby. He now after seeing the horse and Harper would like to train Phoenix. The problem is Harper does not like to let anyone into her inner circle and she fears that by doing so with Aiden she will be setting herself up for heart ache. The story moves along at a good pace with the characters from the other books as well as the animals. When they begin to race Phoenix that is when the story takes off as well as their connection. When the time comes after the race season is over Aiden leaves to go back to Ireland and Harper is left with her animals to fix her broken heart which she once again commits to never letting anyone close again. Alas, that is not the end, you will have to read the book to find out what happens and how many if any races Phoenix won. A very good book.
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“Those pesky little feelings, 4 stars”


Harper has watched both her brother and her sister fall in love. There is a small part of her that’s jealous but at the same time love has never really been on her radar. She has other things she wants to do. Like keep rescuing as many animals as possible, and hopefully pushing Phoenix to his fullest potential as a race horse. Only problem is she knows next to nothing about training a race horse. But when a guest at her sister’s bed & breakfast does, she takes him up on his help. Will working side by side turn into something more than just professional?

Aidan is trying to find his comeback horse. He came to America to make a name for himself on the horse racing scene after having a successful career back in Ireland. He never expected to connect to a horse at a horse rescue, and he never expected to fall for the horse’s owner either. The question is will it be a short-lived fling or the real deal?

Probst gave Harper the best kind of love story for her. Aidan understood her in a way many wouldn’t. They were cut from the same cloth. I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two and I hope you will too.




Writing style-4/5

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Harper Bishop is the last Bishop to fall. Reserved and focused only on her rescue farm, Harper feels happier around her animals than around people. At least until the gorgeous Aidan arrives as a guest to her family’s Inn. After a betrayal that left him reeling, Aidan left Ireland with a broken heart and no faith in others. Ready for a break from the horse racing world, he goes to NY for a well-deserved vacation. But Aidan belongs with his horses and training them to become champions. When he meets Phoenix he knows the horse could be his ticket to redemption. Harper believes Phoenix could win the Triple Crown if only he could overcome his demons. Could they do it with Aidan’s help? Keeping their focus on Phoenix is all Harper and Aidan can do to maintain their relationship professional. After all, Harper knows that Aidan will leave when all is said and done. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to hide the feelings growing between them... can love heal these two souls and give them a chance at their HEA? A well-told romance set in the NY mountains, with hilarious animals, charismatic characters, and a super hot alpha male that rocks in the sack and in the hay...
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Loved this book. Romance, warmth, humour... It had everything. Beautifully written and it gripped me from the first page.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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i have a new author to read their books. this was a good book and really liked the story. I was hooked from the start.
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I loved that the animals were as huge of a part of the story as their human counterparts. They were quirky and had their own struggles and triumphs. I love that Harper had a rescue ranch and I love the reasons behind why she puts her heart into it. When Aiden falls in love with her horse, I love that his friendship with Harper includes her menagerie of animals. It's like having kids, but not of the human kind. It's one big love fest with the humans and the animals. I really enjoyed it.
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Not gonna lie you guys …. Phoenix may have stolen the show here 
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sarah – ☆☆☆☆☆
This is a gentle book with a huge heart and characters who feel fresh and original.

I love everything about Harper’s animal rescue farm and the work she and Aidan do to train Phoenix as a racehorse. Harper and Aidan are both driven, capable, and fiercely secretive. I love the spark between them, and I love the passion they both have for their work.

I love the combination of humour and excitement in the story. Phoenix’s training provides great suspense but the characters and animals on the farm provide humour and entertainment. There are some crazy, steamy hot scenes between Harper and Aidan, but I also loved the sense of family in the book and I thoroughly enjoyed the animals.

This is the first book I’ve read in the series and it works well as a standalone. I loved it so much that I intend to purchase the previous books and catch up but I didn’t need to read them to understand Harper’s book.

And finally a grumble – I can’t for the life of me understand what the cover has to do with the story. Most of the book takes place on a working farm with the characters in sensible work clothing. It’s a pretty cover but it really doesn’t fit the book.

Avid Reader – ☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Romance

This is Harper's story. She is the quiet one of the siblings. She loves her animals and relates to them much better than she relates to people. Harper learned a long time ago that animals will never judge her for being her and won't hurt her like people can.

Aidan is in need of a change. He is re-examining his life and his priorities after he's betrayed by some people in his life whom he thought loved him and had his back.

Aidan is staying at Harper's family farm. He wants some time to think, relax, reflect, and lick his wounds. To say that as soon as he arrives, he's bored, is an understatement. Aidan is used to being in the action. As a horse trainer, he's used to early mornings, late nights, and victories. Now on a farm that's far from what he's used to, Aidan will need to really listen to his surroundings. Is he ready?

Harper's life work is rehabilitating abused animals. She knows that she can't save them all, but in her heart, just saving the ones she can is enough. Harper knows that Phoenix is destined to be more than a family horse. Phoenix's spirit is one that shines bright and long and looking at this horse run, Harper knows that if she can get a trainer, Phoenix could win a lot of races. His best friend is a goat that wears a chicken costume and let me tell you, that itself was laugh worthy.

When Aidan sees Harper on Phoenix, he's instantly captivated. He knows that Phoenix is a winner. If he can convince Harper and her family that he's the man for the job, he could be back on top in no time. He could go back home, head held high, and show his former partner that he is the man for any job.

Aidan and Harper form a friendly alliance and want what's best for Phoenix. However, along the way, both see their connection and both realize that they could be so much more. When they decide that they can just have a relationship while Aidan is around, neither really believes that. Their hearts and minds are at war with each other and both will have to decide what they are truly wanting. Does love really win all other arguments?

I really liked watching Aidan and Harper. They were truly a wonderfully passionate couple and loved what they did. Their connection grew organically, and it was one of deep respect and compassion. It was a great read and I would love to see them more down the road.

Potential Triggers: Animal abuse, bullying

Ruthie – ☆☆☆☆
This is the third book in the series, but I must admit my first. I am sure that I will be going back to read the earlier ones, and whilst I may have missed some 'in' jokes, I never felt that I was not fully up to speed with the family dynamics.

Harper has watched her siblings find love, and is feeling a little alone, but at the same time is happy that her life of animal rescue work gives her so much fulfilment. Her latest rescue, a beaten racehorse prospect, Phoenix is finally starting to relax and show signs of his potential – now she needs someone experienced to help him win. And then Irishman Aidan turns up, hiding out from a disaster back home, and he may be the one to warm her heart and train her horse.

Watching these two independent souls work together, house share, and then finally acknowledge their feelings for each other is by turns amusing, intense, and always fun. There is a lot of humour and love at the core of this book, and it is absolutely entrancing. Ophelia, Kyle, Ethan, and Mia all join in the effort to get Phoenix to his very best, and yet it is a runt-of-the-litter goat (and a crazy chicken) who actually are the key to success.

I loved the drama of the racing world, the price of success, and the intimacy between two people who are very down-to-earth, hard-working, and honest folk. There was an underlying tension borne of them coming from very different places, and how that could ever be reconciled, but as any Probst fan will know, the outcome will be everything we could ever want!
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favourite of the series for sure! such an enjoyable read. hit me in all the feels. love this author!
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I have been waiting for Harpers book. 
Loved it more then words can say. 
She’s a women after my own heart. She’s into rescuing animals. I do as well. 
When horse trainer Aidan came to the B&B for a vacay. But something else happened. 
Must read as are the first two.
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All Roads Lead to You By Jennifer Probst has romance written all over it!
With scenes that will melt your romantic heart to moments that will fill you with joy, from heartbreaking to hopeful moments ... Harper and Aiden's story is one you must give it a try.
All Roads Lead to You is such a beautiful book!
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Harper trusts no one and  her life is her horses. SHe is happy in her life now living on the family farm with her siblings and her horse rescue. 
Aiden is stating on the B&B and explores around to where he finds Harper and her horses. He feels the need deep in his soul to train her horse.
this book is about two troubled souls that need each other more than they realize. Letting things go and starting over.

** I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review**
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4.5 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, pain, secrets, second chances, and heartbreak.

If you have not read the below I would recommend reading those books(s) first
The Start of Something Good (Stay #1)
A Brand New Ending (Stay #2)

This is Harper and Aidan’s story. Harper is trying to make her dreams come true but she needs help. Aidan can help but he’s only in town on vacation so will his helping only hurt in the end? He’s a trainer but will he really be able to train Phoenix to win? What about all the chemistry that is around them? Can they resist the pull? As they try will it hurt or help in the end after all he is going to say goodbye at the end of his stay. 

I loved these characters and the side characters. I felt I could connect with the characters and the story was a great read. 

I highly recommend this book.
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I finished a rather difficult read, and needed a book I knew would have a happy ending. As always, Jennifer Probst did not disappoint.  All Roads Lead to You was an exceptional romantic read. I loved the strength of Harper's character, and adored how Aidan was never willing to compromise what he believed in. I reveled in the quirkiness of the animals that were rescued throughout the story, and my heart melted as I watched abused animals learn to love again. I loved the premise of the story and can only hope for another book in this series.
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There isn’t anything I don’t love about this touching and wonderful book. Pet adoption is a very important part of my life and I can absolutely relate to everything Harper had gone through to save as many animals as she could.

Harper had room in her heart for all animals in need and even though space was limited at the barn, she wished she could adopt all of them. Her horse rescue business kept her very busy, especially with the addition of her new horse, Phoenix. Her brother Ethan may be the horse whisperer in the family, but somehow Phoenix communicated to her that he was born to be a race horse. She was in way over her head when it came to his training, until a sexy Irishman found his way into her barn and into her heart. 

Aidan entered Harper’s life at a time when he had no idea what direction he wanted his life to take. He was running away from his past, looking to create a future free of drama, deceit and heartache. He fell in love with the quaint Inn and with a beautiful woman who speaks to animals and saves their lives. Will she allow him to hold her hand in the moonlight, or perhaps let him help her in the barn with Phoenix? The barn is a safe haven for both of them and if they are patient, the wisdom of the animals will give them the peace they are both searching for.
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The end of the Stay series, but it was a great story to wrap it up! I enjoyed the story of Harper and Aidan. The main characters were well written and their individual stories draws the reader into the story. Add in beautiful scenery and rescue animals and Jennifer had me hooked! And to have a chicken that basically thinks he is an attack animal and you have a great story! 

I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley  in exchange for my open and honest review.
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