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Unfortunately I had to stop reading this before I started to gain interest.  Some plodding space opera thing, where the villain is called Villain.  And he does villainous things, for some reason.  Seeing as so much of the text was in info-dump style it was really quite remarkable how little I learnt.
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Vlad, a former military patient metal has become a member of the Dimension Police.  Who are the Dimension Police?  Vlad is partnered with Captain Weirdiverse.  Thrust into order, Vlad becomes able to see and tell memories of others.  He can even have the experiences of the past in that mind of the other.  Villain has created a trail of people killed by him.  Villain  has found a way to destroy the source of life.  How did Villain do that?  Using his new found powers he must find some way to stop Villain.  How will he stop Villain?  Or what will happen if he doesn’t?

An amazing tale that takes one on an incredible adventure which had me completely glued to my chair while reading this.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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This was described as a graphic novel but it isnt. It is a prose novel with illustrations. In order to get meaningful reviews it should be categorised accurately.
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