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I could not put down Eichstaedt's novel.  It's non stop action from  beginning to end.  I could not turn the pages fast enough to follow the plot.  Well done!
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This book was fast paced. Hard to put down. It flowed well and it was very well written. It caught hold of me and had me hooked from the start
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I saw the title of this novel and thought, "How timely."  This time, the Enemy of the People could refer to a myriad of characters.  The protagonist, Kyle Dawson, an investigative reporter, finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot.  He is assisted by his cousin, Raoul Garcia, ex special forces, in attempting to stop the plot.  I really appreciated that the characters,  both heroes and villains,  were not stereotypical. Kyle and Raoul are not perfect, they make mistakes,  however they both grew as characters throughout novel.  The action starts early, the pacing if fast, the story is tightly woven and entertaining.  I think this may not be the only Kyle Dawson book, but it stood alone well. I would definitely call it entertaining and would read more from Peter Eichstaedt.  3.5
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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Fantastic novel of real world events with real world experience!

Although he brings back Kyle Dawson, the journalist Borderland the story moves quick and crisp like a bullet and doesn't get caught up in shapes and colors!

Turn your selector lever and "fire away" friends!!
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‘Enemy Of The People’ by Peter Eichstaedt published by WildBlue
Press and Out Now ( published 4th June ) 

296 Pages

Sometimes you choose a new author and really connect to their writing and story telling and its a proper privilege to discover them, this  happened with this book for me!!
The story is indepth, factual and full of information and basically is about ISIS hatching a plot to kidnap The President and other politicians at a hideaway retreat! Add to this a home made nuclear bomb, a kidnapped scientist, a brainwashed Jihadi and various other elements and you get a rip roaring thriller of an adventure!!
The build up to the event follows the main players ( ISIS, and Kyle Dawson a journalist who is going to cover the retreat ) and is tense and the author brilliantly sets the scene for what is to come, the ISIS ideology is scarily explored as is American politics with back history’s of both ( non boring or repetitive ) and also into the mix is thrown Mexican/American history, all of it truly fascinating to read and ponder
I hated the ISIS Jihadi’s although did see how easily one American girl was brainwashed into the cult
The action scenes had me there with Kyle and the others and was almost shouting ‘Come On’ as I raced through this book until reached the terrifying conclusion
I love these type of books which helps of course but for me this is one
of the most accessible, easily understood and well written in this genre that I have read 
A mix of terror/thriller and informative politics made this one of my favourite books this year so far
10/10 5 Stars
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