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I love the books in this series and I couldn’t wait to read this one on the fabulous Dolly Parton!

I love that these books give an insight in to the back stories of some of the most influential people in the world.  The Little People, Big Dreams series is one I always look out for.

I love Dolly and think that she is an incredible lady, I did know most of the things mentioned about her in the book, but for me it didn’t really show her full personality which is what makes Dolly Parton so remarkable and special.  

I felt it was a little lacking compared to some of the others in the series and I didn’t think that the images really did Dolly justice, but it is still four stars from me for this one, I loved that is shared about her charity work and her “as poor as dirt” story; even with my slight niggles, I really enjoyed it, highly recommended!
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I've been following this series of biographies for a while and rarely does it take a misstep, so this was pretty much a guaranteed winner. Written by Vegara, and illustrated flamboyantly by Solak, this book takes a look at entertainer Dolly Parton's life. Parton has had 25 number ones on the Billboard Country Music chart, and just as many gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, as well as a record number of top ten country albums.

She started out young and dirt poor, and her voice and talent carried her to stardom, which she did not let slip from her grasp, converting her fame into long-term business ideas that kept her comfortable (and more!) even when her popularity wasn't always what it had been. This book aimed at young children tells of her life in simple and straight-forward terms, always moving the story forwards. It's short and sweet and I commend it as a worthy read.
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Little People, Big Dreams is a great series for introducing well known figures to children. We’ve read a few of them with my kids and they like them very much. Dolly Parton is the newest member of this series. This is biography that covers important parts of her life (also includes some lyrics 😊). A great example of following your dreams And all the good you can do. It also includes all the good she’s gone and ways she’s given back to the society. One of her ways to give back was the Imagination Library, free books for kids under 5 years old. 
This book is now available in a store near you, go grab a copy and a few others while you’re at it. 
Thanks Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Children’s and Net Galley for this book as a "read" in return for an honest review opportunity.
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Aw this was so cute! I loved the illustrations and the content in general! Everything about this was fun but educational and kept the kids engaged and entertained to learn about the amazing Dolly! This is absolutely one to adopt for the classroom!
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I really like these little books.
I think they are cute and interesting for kids, and send a strong and positive message.
These books are a go-to gift !
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I always find these little books Fun to read and share with my nephew. Plus in the case Play some of her music. 
So when Dolly Parton by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara; Daria Solak came available to read I requested it. Brilliant little book full of great colourful illustrations throughout with great information about a famous country singer called Dolly Parton. You either Love her or hate her music - a bit like Marmite. I just love her voice and cd's. 

I just love these inspirational book in the Little People, Big Dreams series, 

Big Thank you to the author's, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Childrens Books, and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine.
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I have always been a fan of Dolly Parton due to both her music and her love of sharing books. I'm glad that with Dolly Parton by Isabel Sanchez Vegara I now have a chance to share her story with the children in my life. I really enjoyed the illustrations by Daria Solak as well. This is the first book I have read out of this series and I am looking forward to reading many more.
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I liked this book, but I wish the pictures of Dolly were more accurate. I don’t feel like they captured her actual look at all. 
Like every book in this series, the illustrations were really cute though. 
In my opinion, this was definitely not the best book in the “Little People, Big Dreams” series, but it’s still a great book for young children.
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I loved reading mor about Dolly Parton. She is such an amazing woman. I love her personality and her music. I plan to enroll my daughter in her book program. Thanks for the review copy.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
Short biography about Dolly Parton for younger to middle elementary level. Simple text brings the reader from childhood through the present. It captures Dolly's spirit and compassionate nature along with her love of music.
Detailed illustrations bring the scenes to life for younger readers.
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Great story about The Queen of Country's life - from start to superstar fame.  Wish it had more of a message to young girls about dreaming big.  The illustrations were great.
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Love the cute illustrations and the simplicity of this story. I love that the illustrations seems to be drawn by children.

This story hits on the highlights of Dolly's life from her humble beginning to her marriage to Carl to her breakthrough into country music and much more.

At the end of the book is shows an actual timeline of he life with actual photos from her life.

Dolly has done so much....she has an awesome attraction in Branson Missouri called the Dixie Stampede, it wasn't mentioned but it is a lot of fun and they serve excellent food during a great dinner show.  This is one of the amusement theme productions that they are talking about in he book.

Thank you Quatro Publishing Group, Frances Lincoln Children's Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this cute Little People, BIG DREAMS book.
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I really liked that this book included a timeline and actual photos of the Dolly Parton at the end; the drawing didn't catch her spirit at ll. THis gives you the basic information in a way that children can understand but it didn't give the whole story so parents might want to speak with their kids about poverty and how people overcome it as well as other aspects of Parton's life.
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This is a great book that will inspire lots of little girls to pursue their dreams while also giving back to their communities. This book will also build their confidence in their reading skills at the same time.
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I love this little series of books. This book focuses on Dolly Parton, an international superstar.  Most children will not know who she is but with this book, they can learn why she is important and how she became a superstar.  I love that it talks about why she started her international book for children and it shows that you can give back!  Thank you netgalley for letting me review this book.
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These books will never not be cute. Delightful art, as always. As an adult, I don't know how children react to this but I think it's a great jumping off point for kids slightly above the targeted age group if they want to learn more.
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Dolly Parton is an inspiration not only as an artist but as a trailblazing woman.  I love that she has been included in this series and that young readers will be introduced to this icon.  I loved the information provided, from her entertainment career to her charity work, but compared to some of the other books in this series, the illustrations were not my favourite.  Still a great read about an important woman.
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First of all let me say that I love Dolly Parton personally and I am so excited to see that this series now includes a short biography on  her amazing life.  She is girl-power on steroids with the ability to inspire those around her.  I love all her talents as a singer and songwriter and especially her ability as a savvy business woman.  

Dolly grew up in the foothills of Tennessee's great Smokey Mountains, with her 11 siblings.  Her family"was poor as dirt."  They didn't have much but Dolly was gifted with the ability to sing and compose songs, accompanied by her guitar, at a very early age. She dreamed of "jumping onstage with high heels". 

She was 10 years old when she started singing on a local radio and television station.  After high school she set out to fulfill her dreams and headed for Nashville. She loved country music and that is the genre that made her a superstar.  She  is known worldwide for her musical prowess and being a very generous philanthropist.  She has won many music awards, has sung with the most popular music artists, starred in motion pictures, and is founder of a special children's library, "Imagination Library" which sends books to kids in need all over the world.    And if that is not enough, ( and it certainly wasn't for this visionary woman), she built a theme park and has become the most successful woman in show business.  She has a wonderful sense of humour and loves lifting people up and encouraging them to celebrate themselves.  

This condensed version of her life has fun, quirky illustrations and includes a biographical timeline with photos and facts about the entertainer's life. Dolly Parton is a true icon and positive role model for young kids everywhere.  I highly, highly recommend the book.
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Dolly Parton is a musical superstar that even helps needy children gain access to books. This book series is great for educating children on many important figures in our world, with simplified biographical information and colorful illustrations.
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Love, love, love the Little People, BIG DREAMS series and in this just published bio for kids, Dolly comes fully to life in the colorful illustrations and text. 5/5 

Pub Date 04 Jun 2019. 

Thanks to the author, Quarto Publishing Group - Frances Lincoln Childrens Books, and NetGalley for the review copy. Opinions are mine. 

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