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We are given here another great addition to this book series, which informs and inspires little ones to work hard and follow their dreams, whilst also showing them the good aspects of famous people’s lives.  Here then we have the ‘Queen of Country’ herself – Dolly Parton.

Isabel Sanchez Vegara once again supplies the text, which offers a glimpse and basic facts into Dolly’s life, which children should be able to read by themselves, or with minimal assistance (depending on their age) and will inspire them and make them know more about this remarkable woman, who has gone on to wow millions throughout the world due to her singing, acting and other skills.

Along with the text of course we have illustrations, which here are lovely and colourful, and provided by Daria Solak.  There is also near the back of this book a quick glance timeline which will help some.  In all then this is another superb book for little children and one that I am sure many will love to own.  Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC.
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Another one of "Little People, BIG DREAMS" book and what a treat it was! Beautifully illustrated, easy to read and a joy to behold - a printed hardback will make a great addition to the "Little People" library you might already have! A treat for a child (or an adult - especially a Dolly Parton fan!).

A side-thought: Dolly Parton would not be such an obvious choice for me if I had to pick a famous/outstanding person to write a book about. I would not necessarily buy her biography to a child.
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Dolly Parton is a new biography for young readers in the Little People, Big Dreams series. I've reviewed a number of these titles and all of them are delightful and exuberant little books which cover the lives of famous cultural, science, arts, and innovative icons while maintaining an age-appropriate level of detail.

Due out 4th June 2019 from Quarto on their Frances Lincoln imprint, it'll be 32 pages and will be available in hardcover, and ebook formats.

Written by Isabel Sánchez Vegara it's well written in clear accessible language. The gentle and sweetly humorous illustrations were well done. The art by Daria Solak is appealing and colorful and supports the text very well. The illustrations are rich in small subtle details which bear a closer look (like the little butterflies which appear throughout the book). Dolly herself has this to say about her butterflies: “Butterflies are my symbol. As a child, I used to get lost chasing them and got my butt whipped for wandering too far off. So we have butterflies everywhere.”

Well written and appealing, I am really enjoying all of these little books. This one is a worthy addition.

Five stars. This would make a superlative reading circle book, classroom library book, or gift. Dolly is an intelligent and accomplished woman and this book is a nice tribute to an iconic entertainer.
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This was a good read but it was really sparse and it doesn't really talk about all Dolly has done. This felt thin and weak in comparison to the other books in this series. I loved the artwork and considered that the strong point of this book.
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I'm amazed by how cute this books are!
They are a total gem!
Loved seeing Little Dolly growing up and becoming successful .
Whish this books were available when I was growing up!
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This series is always a joy to read, it’s a really nice introduction to well known people for little children. Of course the plot is always a little bit fast but that’s to be expected and it’s totally understandable.
Dolly Parton is such a big party of country music and I was very glad to have the chance to learn more about this singer. For example I didn't know about her starting a library project for children or about the theme park. I think this is another great example of someone who followed her dreams and made it, while also doing a lot of good for others.
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What a sweet book about a truly inspiring story. I very much love all childrens books by Isabel Sanchez Vegara about the different important and inspiring personalities. The Dolly parton book is not just informative but also fun. My child (5) loved it. We are not American and Dolly Parton is known to me through her music, but I was not sure whether her life story would be interesting enough for my child who did not know her and it definately is. Would definately recomment this book.
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Such a wonderful series and Dolly well deserves he place among these formidable and successful women.
The stories are simple and give the basic facts that propel someone to success. Dolly came from a big family and never forgot her upbringing and core values.
Her musicianship was unparalleled and as a woman she had courage and business sense to go solo and forge herself a unique place in the hearts of country and musical fans.
In addition she has given so much back to the world beyond her singalong lyrics and catchy tunes.
This book gets you wanting more and rushing for more deeply researched biographies and Dolly’s own spin on her life.
A legend and a talent we should all appreciate.
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As always, the 'Little People, Big Dreams' collection showcases the achievements of a famous face in an easy to access way for younger readers. It's great to see this book reinforce just how successful Dolly Parton has been, not just in the music industry, throughout her life. 
The text is easy to follow for emergent readers and the illustrations are bright and engaging enough. Personally, these are not my favourite illustrations of the series. I found them too simplistic and lacking in character. When writing about somebody who loves wigs and makeup, the illustration should really emphasize this and sadly it didn't. 
Another good book in the series.
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At this point, I think if one of these books had amazing illustrations, it would look totally out of place in the series!

That aside, I quite enjoyed this biographical picture book about Dolly Parton. It talks about her career, starting as a child, and her move to Nashville, her solo career, and her business endeavours. I hadn't heard of the Imagination Library, so I was pleased to learn that little factoid in reading the book.

The illustrations are probably the weakest part of this one. They're very rough, streaky, and not all that engaging. The red spots on everyone's cheeks remind me of pepperoni slices! There's a little butterfly that appears on every page, and I assume it has some significance, but nothing is mentioned in the text.

This isn't the best book in the series that I've read so far, but it's one of the better ones, despite the lacklustre illustrations.
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Another great little people, big dreams book. This time Dolly Parton. These are go inspiring for children, they teach about famous people and the importance of having dreams as well as the good things they do. Great to read together with children and learn together. Thoroughly recommended to kids of every age

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This was cute and it hit on the major points of Dolly's life, but part of what makes Dolly so awesome is her personality and her lyrics and quotations, and the magic of Dolly didn't really come through in the story for me. Still worth reading to kids though!
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