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David Moody has done it again! I was given Hater, the first novel in this series, because the cover had caught the eye of a friend. What I love about this series is the hyper realism of the world and that it all feels very plausible. One can draw interesting parallels between the paranoid symptoms of the infected and the suspicions of everyone around us, leading to society not making eye contact with each other and trying to keep to ourselves, to the rising use of technology which further isolates us. I was so glad to hear Moody was adding an additional three novels after the original trilogy had ended, and Chokehold was a welcomed addition. To anyone who is tired of the typical dysoptian/zombie novel, David Moody's Hater series is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend it.
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I've read the other two books in the series and really enjoyed them.

As a result, I was surprised that it took me a bit to get into this one.  In fact, I stopped and started about three times before it finally caught hold.

The thing is, it's a good book.  It's got action and heartbreak iconic characters and fights that border on epic.  I think maybe, though, it's a little too close to the world today.  No, we're not battling a true pandemic of rage...but sometimes, looking at the news, it sure feels like it.

I do recommend that you read the other books in the series first.  You need to understand where the Hate comes from and there are characters whose stories are told in prior books - without much background here.

I just think I need something a little further away from today's culture right now.

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Authors are able to accomplish some incredible things:  they create worlds that captivate people, they imagine characters that complete strangers connect with, they make people forget, temporarily, about the normal lives they live. David Moody has accomplished all of this with his Hater world.

Through my years of reading I’ve come to consider Danny McCoyne a good friend and, more recently, Matt Dunne one as well.  Moody has created these characters who feel so real to me, I connect with both of them, despite the fact that they will never see eye to eye. These two protagonists are far from over the top, they are regular guys just trying to make a go of it in an exceptional situation.

Let me give you some advice, you cannot start with Chokehold, it is the culmination of five previous books. It would be like watching Revenge of the Sith first. You just can’t do that! It ruins the suspense, the surprises, and the overbearing feeling of gloom that persists in Moody’s world.

My mind went in many different directions as I immersed myself in Moody’s Chokehold. I appreciated Danny’s cameo in All Roads End Here, but this series is Matt’s! I almost felt a sense of betrayal that Matt had to share his final story with Danny. I get it though, the appetite was there for more Danny and everything came together nicely, well, as nicely as it can in a Moody book.

Are there more stories in the Hater world? If so, I will be there with bells on. If not, this a fitting ending to one of my most beloved series.

*4.5 Stars
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I couldn't be involved in this book and it failed to keep my attention. Even if it's well written it's not my cup of tea.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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Survival of the fittest or the craziest you decide...
Truth be told this one is about two main groups the Unchanged v the Haters and it's anyone's guess as to whether or not they can survive the last major battle in an area that's been deemed uninhabitable from previous nuclear strikes.
The Unchanged have structure whereas the Haters operate more using individual aggression.
One thing is certain as they both are determined to fight till the death with no holds barred.
It's a fight for pure survival with a dystopian feel as the apocalypse is upon them all.
This is in fact the third in the series and without having read David's prior work put me at a great disadvantage.
Having said this I have read some prior reviews and it seems those who've read his previous titles have been frustrated with the lack of closure being this was to be the final battle.
It was quite unique and different to read as I don't usually choose horror or apocalyptic novels so for me it was a stretch to go out of my comfort zone and this one didn't disappoint.
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The "Final War" between the Haters & Unchanged continues its bloody progression in the latest release by David Moody. We've been following the apocalyptic conflict for years leading up to the dropping of multiple nukes in the previous book, and here, we experience the literal fallout as what's left of the Haters & Unchanged regroup and ready for one final conflict. The pages are just slick with blood, greasy black rain, pall, and rot, as all involved try to survive day-to-day knowing that battle is imminent.
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I've had a bookish love affair with Mr. Moody for years. I've read everything I can by this man. He's someone that I have copies of real books and kindle books. So, to say that I have been looking forward to a continuation of this series is an understatement! 
Unfortunately.....There was no closure. It was great meeting up with past characters. Sad as hell too! But, the war still rages. I hate that! Also, I've discovered that whereas before I had sympathy for both sides, I don't anymore. I wish only death for the Haters! 
I've heard that Moody may be continuing his Autumn series. This makes me wary now. Those books stunned me. I hate to think he may be messing up one of the best zombie stories ever told.
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Let me first preface this review by saying that I have NOT read the other books in the series....
It would have helped if the author had at some point given a brief synopsis of what had transpired before this book.
I thought that the book had an interesting the middle of the book, I was not certain which side I should be on...the haters or the unchanged.
I felt that the book just lacked OOMPH! There was NO clear direction of where or who the main story should be about.
By the end of the book, I kept thinking..."well that was a waste of time".
Overall, I thought that the beginning was great, the middle sagged, and by the end, I just wanted it to end!
Is Matt the hero?!
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