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I was lucky enough to have my request to read Nocturnal Symphony : A Bat Detector's Journal by JA Watsonn through Netgalley and I really enjoyed it.  Our main character is Bru who spends time with her friends TK and Laura who are members of the science squad trying to collect Bat Sounds and we see their ups and downs while doing this and I think Bru learns quite alot about herself and it is through her journal that we see her thoughts and her hopes which become in turmoil when her best friend Laura leaves  the club and her for her two mums to get married seem to never come true.  I love the short chapters and the science bits throughout the book and found it very informative for me as an adult I had no idea there were so many species of bats.  I also loved the introduction of the computer games angle very clever.  So my final score out of 5 stars is 4
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A cute little story on ecological background!
In this illustrated novel (the story is punctuated by small illustrations), we discover the story of Bru and his friends who have been entrusted with the task of recording the sounds of bats. Behind a journal that wanted to be scientific, we discover a diary about the worries of Bru, strewn with information on bats.
It was this part that pleased me more, finding that it was interesting to send an ecological message to the youngest in this way.
In short, a cute reading to the nice message! ^^
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I received an arc of this book from netgalley in exchange for a honest review. 

Interesting...  I didn't enjoy the story much, but it was interesting to get to learn about bats and how to detect their sounds.
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I enjoyed reading about Bru, her friends and their efforts to record bat sounds in their area.  She starts out by saying she is writing a science journal, but it reads more like a diary to me.  There are interesting facts about bats throughout the book that will definitely appeal to many readers.  The diary-like descriptions that recount her concerns about her mom's relationship and her friend troubles will appeal to fans of realistic fiction.  This might be a good transition book for those looking to branch out from non-fiction books.  The characters are diverse without their diversity being a focal point.  Many students will be able to find connections to this book.
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I absolutely adored this book. I liked the plot, the characters, and as an adult I learned a lot from it. I'm sorry I don't have any useful advice. I genuinely think it's pretty great on it's own. I think it should be a lot more popular. I'm really interested in reading the others in the series and writing reviews for them as well. Sadly, money's tight right now. It's gonna be a minute before I post a public review on my goodreads but it is coming and it will be positive. I wish I could find the author on social media. I followed the book company on Twitter and I'm interested in reading more books by the publishing company and this author. I love supernatural stories and science themed books. I will definitely recommend the book and the publishing company to anyone I know. I'm so glad I found this hidden gem. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this. (oh, and the cover is beautiful)
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This is /the/ cutest book. Bru is a darling protagonist you just have to root for. Her intelligence and good heart warm every page.
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Thank you so much to North Star Editions/Jolly Fish Press who sent me an ebook through NetGalley to review of Nocturnal Symphony: A Bat Detector’s Journal written by J.A. Watson. 

This book was really fascinating as someone that doesn’t know much about bats at all it taught me so much about them. 

This book follows Bru a Science Squad kid who’s project for the summer was to detect bat sounds and if they were able too to identify what type of bats they were. With her friend T.K and Laura they try and fundraiser to afford good equipment to get the best quality sounds they can, but things don’t go so easily and they have to use the equipment they have to conduct their research. 

I loved reading this book for a few reasons, one it was so very educational teaching you about the bats, their habitats, their species all things that I knew nothing off prior to this book. I also loved so much that a huge part of the story was about Bru trying to get her mom and her moms  girlfriend to get married. It was such a refreshing storyline and It was done so beautifully, yeay for lgbt inclusivity in middle grade books.

I totally recommend this book, it will teach you an awful lot, it’s an incredibly sweet story with well written characters and a great all round storyline. If you are a science or animal lover or are just fascinated in learning something new then this book would be a great read for you. I really enjoyed reading this book and was entranced reading the story.
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First up thanks for the opportunity to read this one! It seemed like a wonderful book, I just adore bats and would love to be able to do the same research the characters in this one are doing. I also was curious about how our MC would get her mom and her girlfriend together. I came pretty far in the book but I had to give up. For one very big reason. She is called Laura and she is totally bleh. For instance during the cupcakes making? They didn't work out and she just went full blame mode on our MC, while hello???? you were there with the mixing, you could have easily said something or maybe add it yourself. Then there are other parts that had me rolling my eyes skywards and all had to do with Laura. 

Plus, I had expected more journal, maybe it had to do with that I am reading this one on a Kindle, but it just felt like a normal book to me. The extra bits about the bats and equipment and such were nicely added though when I first read them I was confused as my kindle just puts them directly under the normal story. Yes, there is a title in the middle, but I didn't even see that one. :P
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