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I was not expecting Down too Deep to make me emotional! This story had a strong father son bond and a major romance story between Nathan and Jenna. You get two different emotions throughout the story. The author did an excellent job with character development. This is so important to me because it can make or break a story for me. Really enjoyed this one!
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I absolutely loved everything about this book! I've been meaning to read this book for years, years! I remember how much I loved Book 3 in this series years ago, and how excited I was for Nate's story. I don't know what happened there. Anyway, I finally got to it and it was worth every minute. And guess what? This is a dead spouse book done right! And you know how much I hate the dead anything/second best trope. This was so good, and so realistic without my dreaded pet peeves of the character that lost the spouse still being hung up on them or the other h/H feeling like second best. Even better, there's no graveyard scene, lol! The book tackles love after a loss, tackles grief, guilt and starting over. Nate is a widower and Jenna is a single mom of twins. If you've read any other books in this series, then you've met these characters before. Nate was just amazing, his feelings and fears so raw and real, and yet his love for Jenna is so amazing and it feels so genuine. I definitely enjoyed his character development and his transformation. And Jenna, well she was the best of best. The kids are also incredibly cute. This book gave me all the feels. The audiobook is fantastic too. I absolutely recommend!
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This book, you guys!! It encompassed so many tropes that I love, including slow-burn romance, single parents, and opposites attract! I loved the connection between, not only Nathan and Jenna, but between each of them and the children as well. I loved seeing their relationship grow, and how they learned, with the help of each other, how to be the people they ultimately wanted to be and achieve their dream of being part of a family. Such a sweet and fun story from one of my favorite romance authors. J. Daniels is amazing, and I highly recommend her books.
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I am sorry for not reviewing fully but I don’t have the time to read this at the moment. I believe that it wouldn't benefit you as a publisher or your book if I only skimmed it and wrote a rushed review. Again, I am sorry for not fully reviewing!
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I have been anticipating this book since book one on the Dirty Deeds series! Nathan lost his wife suddenly and now after all this time he is force to realize that he hasn’t been there for his daughter. He found it too had to look at Marley and now he has to figure out how to mend his relationship with her, but he can’t do it alone. 

Jenna is a single mother to twins and she offers to help Nathan with Marley and when she realizes the spark between her and Nathan she isn’t sure what to do. 

Nathan hasn’t felt sparks for anyone since his wife, but when Jenna comes into his life he can’t help falling for her. She helps him become a better father to Marley and he starts to realize that though his past will always be with him he can have a life after his wife’s death. 

I loved this story so dang much. I was hooked from the beginning and I wanted more when it ended!! My heart broke for Nathan and Marley and Jenna was absolutely perfect for them!! Her twins were adorable and I loved their interactions with Nathan and Marley! 

I would love more from this series, I want to stay on this world J. Daniels created!! The ending was perfect and it may have brought a tear to my eye..
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I absolutely loved Down Too Deep by J. Daniels. It is in my top five reads for the year and it is a book I physically purchased so I could reread it whenever it called to me. 

At its core Down Too Deep is an amazing love story both between Nathan and Marley, and between these people and their children. I cried in happiness so many times. I will say that I found the "angst" of the novel ran too long and was a little unbelievable given the first half of the book, but I forgave it given the rest of the story. Overall a fantastic, lovely romance that I highly recommend!
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This was my first J. Daniels's book. This is the fourth book in the Dirty Deeds Series. This sweet, emotional, and fun romance is beautifully written. This is a great single parents story, with three adorable kids! Nathan and Jenna are great together. Jenna, a single mom of twins, is a strong and lovely woman, very supportive and caring. Nathan, a single dad, is handsome. His past is heartbreaking. The littles ones, Marley, Oliver and Olivia, are so cute!!! I loved this heartwarming story. The friendship and the family spirit in this story are awesome! I'm looking forward for more books written by J. Daniels.
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For the past two years, Nate has been drowning in grief over the sudden, enexpected death of his wife. In his haze, he's left the care of his 2-year-old daughter, Marley to his parents. Disconnected from his daughter, consumed with grief, and struggling to maintain his restaurant, Nate is overwhelmed. 

Jenna falls in love with Marley the instant she sees her toddling around Nate's restaurant. She offers to watch Marley since she's working from home during the summer to care for her own 8-year-old twins. The 3 children bond as they spend their summer days together. Nate and Jenna's feelings start to heat up and before long it's looking like these 5 just might find their happily ever after together as a family.

This is my first book by J. Daniels and it won't be my last! Down Too Deep was everything I love in a contemporary romance -- an outstanding cast of characters (including three of the most adorable kids ever), emotional connections, heartfelt moments, palpable chemistry, and fantastically steamy love scenes. And that epilogue -- perfection! 

This novel also deals with tougher issues like death, grief, abadonment, and heartbreak -- along with all the emotions that go with them. This book is poignant, touching, and at times sad. For me the lows made the highs in the book that much better. The progression of emotions in the story felt real.

I will definitely be going back to read the first three books in this series! After loving Down Too Deep so much I cannot wait to experience more from J. Daniels!
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Down to Deep

**received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**


Just when I think that J. Daniels can’t get any better, she does. Down to Deep had me hooked from the start and I couldn’t help but get caught up in the budding romance between the surly but lovable Nathan and the sweet but determined Jenna. They both become vulnerable again with one another and will have to face things that are tough, but together they can make it through. I love that they are a blended family that has had there own set of issues but will fight for what they want. Jenna and her twins help Nathan come out of his shell and live again. They also help him see his daughter as the beautiful gift she is and not just a painful reminder of what he lost. Nathan and his daughter help Jenna see that you can have a second chance on love and the happily ever after.
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Amazing Read!! Definitely going to recommend this book at work and to all my friends. If you are a big romance fan you will want to add this book to your library. The characters felt real.
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This was the book from this series that I have been waiting for. J Daniels outdid herself on this one <3

I love a single parent romance and this was a good one! Its one of my favourite tropes

Nate is learning to cope after his wife died and he isn't doing so well. He has left his parents to look after his adorable daughter Marley until they decide enough is enough and he needs to pull himself together. My heart honestly broke for him. He loves his little girl so much and is trying to do his best but has lost his way and is treading water. 

I absolutely love Jenna, she has the most adorable twin and a heart of gold. So much so that when she can she steps up to help Nate. With her help he manages to reconnect with his daughter and its so beautiful to watch. The chemistry between Jenna and Nate is electric and I loved watching the slow build up between them.

This book brought me to tears a few times, the emotions were so raw and felt so real. This was one incredible read and if you haven't read any of the books in this series then do!
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This is a touching book about a pair of single parents trying to each find their way. Ethan is having a much tougher time of it than Jenna though - she has been coping for longer than him and seems to have it pretty together. Ethan lost his wife 2 years prior and has basically checked out since. However, his parents have had enough and force him to start parenting his sweet little girl Marley. He is completely lost though and has no idea how to cope - he is basically starting from the beginning.

Enter Jenna and her super precocious twins Oliver and Olivia - she sees him struggling and has an immediate connection with Marley and offers to help him out over the summer while he finds his footing.

I'm going to be completely honest - the children totally made this book! They were definitely the stars for me. Each made a huge contribution to the flow of the story and wouldn't have been the same without their great little personalities.

I wanted to LOVE the story between Jenna and Ethan and though it was definitely emotional due to the circumstances I sort of felt that I wanted more from them and their relationship. Maybe deeper diving into feelings about each other rather than the surface or more back story for Jenna? I'm not sure what exactly but even though I did enjoy, I was left feeling I wanting more somehow. This made the book fall somewhere between a 3.5 and 4 star read...

Still a great single parent story and like I said you should definitely read it just for the kids alone! Also, although it IS part of a series it can totally be read as a standalone.
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This highly emotive story by J. Daniels was an excellent read. I will start off by saying that our protagonist, Nathan Bell, is wracked with guilt over his wife's death. (Trigger warning: deals with suicide.) Meanwhile, he all but has turned over care of his toddler Marley to his parents. When his father tells him that they are stopping their nearly full-time care of her and that he must step up, he nearly falls to his knees.

Trying to run his restaurant and working almost all of the time presents an incredible challenge to Nathan. What is more important to consider is that Marley doesn't even know her father and they have nearly no connection. When a woman he ran into previously not only visits his restaurant but recognizes the situation and offers to babysit Marley. 

Jenna is a single mom of two preteens and her job allows her to work at home during the summer months. Jenna and the kids go to Nathan's home every morning, even on Sundays, and Jenna proves to be perfect for Nathan and Marley. What is more is that Jenna finds ways to bring Nathan and Marley closer together. While this happens, it becomes more than evident that Jenna and Nathan click and the two also form a bond.

What a wonderful and warm read. I was so drawn into this book on so many levels. Nathan dealing with his guilt. Nathan's relationship with Marley. With Jenna. With Jenna's two children. This book has already come out and I hang my head in shame for just getting to it. Please pick it up. It will be a very rewarding read for you.

Many thanks to Forever and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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I really loved and enjoyed Down Too Deep. It was a beautiful story that I couldn't get enough of! I was hooked right away and couldn't stop reading for anything. The story was so beautiful, I laughed and cried and just over all felt joy when reading this book. Definitely my favorite book of the year, hands down.
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Down Too Deep was an emotionally satisfying love story filled with immense heart as Daniels defined what family is and can be. The patience taken to explore the different perspectives of single parenthood was always apparent and I appreciated how the easy way out was never taken. That gentle but honest approach made for a powerful story overall and I couldn't pull myself away from it.

The love story was pure, unfiltered romance; the kind that sings to your soul and brings out the butterflies. But the love story that developed between the adults and children was even more heartwarming and fulfilling. Nate and Jenna were perfectly captured and I loved how they grew because of each other's influence without it ever feeling gratuitous. Every element—from the love story to the kids to the supporting case—made for a complete story and I didn't want it to end.

When Daniels trusts her storytelling abilities, her stories truly shine. And Down Too Deep shone so bright, and I truly hope there are more in this series to come because each book has captured my heart for very different reasons.
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With every J Daniels book I am left spent and with the biggest book hand over and DOWN TOO DEEP is no exception.
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Down Too Deep was a heartfelt romance that had you rooting for these characters from the very beginning. It was touching with humorous moments and you wanted nothing more than to stay in the moment that these characters have created.

It’s been two years since the death of his wife and Nathan Bell is still trying to get his life back in order. When his parents decide to put their foot down and make him take back control of his life and take care of his two year old daughter, Nate knows that things are about to get difficult. When he meets a single mom of twins who offers to help him with his daughter, there’s not only an audible sigh and a sense of relief, but this woman is going to save him more than once.

There is nothing more in this world that Jenna loves more than her kids. Her whole world revolves around her son and daughter and knowing that she will get to spend an almost work free summer with them, is icing on the cake. But when she meets the owner of a popular restaurant whom she knows could use some help with his own daughter, Jenna volunteers. What starts out a simple job turns out to be so much more for these single parents and in return, friendships and families were created.

I cant say this enough but one more time won’t hurt right? I loved these characters!! The kids played a huge role in this story and I really liked that they each had their own personality and they brought something different to each conversation. They were funny at times, you felt their frustrations, and they said exactly what was on their mind just like kids do. I also liked the chemistry between Nate and Jenna and I felt like they were perfect for each other.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming single parent romance, then you should really give this one a try.
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Le swoon.
I feel like I’ve been waiting FOREVER for Nathan’s book. And I’ll admit that I was equally anticipating and dreading it. Why? Because when you’re this excited for a character, you run the risk of setting your expectations too high. J Nathan’s been setting up his story for 3 books and with every tiny morsel we got of this beautiful man with sad eyes and a heart shattering past, the more you were desperate for his book.
Nathan is a widower that’s still dealing with the fallout from his wife’s suicide and being a single father to his adorable little girl. He’s dealt with things in the only way he can, by letting his parents spend time with his girl while he buries himself in work. This works for him until his father finally says enough and forces him to understand he needs to keep living and build a relationship with his daughter. The only problem is that Nate has no idea where to even begin.
Jenna Savage is Brian’s sister from Four Letter Word and the single mom to two equally adorable twin children. With the father being an absentee parents, her kids are her world. But when she meets Nate in his restaurant and lays eyes on his sweet little daughter, she can’t help but offer him the help he desperately needs in watching her. Thus begins their journey.
I feel like this book was as much about Nate and Jenna as it was about their kids. They were such vivid and at times almost scene stealing secondary characters that you couldn’t help but fall in love with. This is a much sweeter romance that any of the other books in this series. It has a serious undertone of Nate’s wife’s suicide and the aftermath of his dealing with it. It’s emotional yet low on the angst when it comes to the romance. This was very fitting for the type of story this was. I loved Nate and Jenna together. Even though I would have loved slightly more character development between them, they still had crazy chemistry. Admittedly, I couldn’t help but feel like the family dynamic slightly overshadowed their romance in parts. But having said that, I really loved the family dynamic, so I can’t complain about this much.
This was such a sweet and emotional romance about pain and forgiveness and finding love again. It was swoony and perfectly slow paced. I’m happy to report that Jessica totally did Nate’s character justice who also introducing some tantalizing new characters that I’m desperately hoping get their own books!
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Nathan is still grieving the loss of his wife after two years and his parents have been the one to parent his child but they've finally had enough. Now he is forced to take care of his child and still work without the help of his parents. Lucky for him, mother of two, Jenna is free for the summer until she goes back to her job and has time to help Nathan for the summer.

This was a pretty cute contemporary romance. I loved seeing the connection and romance between Nathan and Jenna and there was some pretty steamy scenes in this book as well. Since they are going to be seeing alot of eachother with their family meshing together babysitting and doing family like events together clearly things were going to get a bit more complicated. It was cute seeing how they all were with eachother and I really appreciate that this kids didn't fade off into the background as some books tend to do. I loved seeing how much the father really did care for his daughter and really trying to form that relationship with her I mean it seemed like after the death of his wife he checked out and his parents were doing all the work and it was interesting seeing him making up for that. Overall this was a pretty good book I really enjoyed it.
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This book was complex, lovely and heartwarming. Nate and Jenna have been through the gamut. They came together and created a foundation that stayed with me.
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