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I don’t know why it took me as long as it did to pick this up, but I could not be happier that I did! This series (and this book as the third in the series) is wonderfully paced and kept me hooked from the first page. I love the characters - they have spunk and depth and are so enjoyable! I have always found that to be true in all of Charlie N. Holmberg’s books.  She creates characters that I can’t help but love. The world of the Numina series is fascinating to me, with just enough magic and fantasy to catch my interest, but enough realism to be very relatable. This was a satisfying conclusion to a series that I have highly enjoyed. I can’t wait to read what’s next from this author. She is definitely one of my favorites currently.
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Holmberg does it again with another fantastic series that I didn't want to put down. I won't lie I almost didn't read this series because the first few sentences didn't have me hooked but I am so glad I pushed through it. This book kept me turning pages trying to figure out what would happen to the main characters and how the ending of this book would go. I loved every moment of it. Her character and world development is on a different level. This book has it all, A strong female lead character, a little romance, Monsters, magic and mayhem.

If you're looking for a book you won't regret spending time on this is the book and series for you. Just like at the end of every other series I've read by Charlie Homberg I didn't want it to end. You get so attached to the characters you just want to see where there stories go forever. While the description and concepts may be a bit creative I highly recommend putting aside any preconceived notions and reading it anyway.
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"We've paid our dues. We deserve hope. "

Which is how I felt about this last book, but not quite what I got.

I put this off just about as long as I could stand looking at it on my NetGalley shelf, but eventually there comes a time to read and review something and that time is apparently now. I was hoping that the second book just suffered from a slump and that this one would return this series back up to a more neutral territory for me, and I am happy to report that it did. I'm going with 2.5 stars rounded up to 3, I'm feeling a little generous.

I still find the premise of this series interesting, but so much more could be done with it. The world building remains vague and the rules for the magic system even more so, but at least this time it came with a faster pace. I am still looking for the plot though, I think it must be with Atlantis. Also, Sandis was way too passive for this to be the finale of her series. She's far to reliant on the others and lacks enough initiative to carry herself as a main character. She's still bland like butter on white bread. The other characters felt especially flat in this one, even Rone, who was a highlight for me previously. 

If you liked the first two, stay the course, you'll probably like this one too.
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Read this whole trilogy in 2 days! And I fell in love with Charlie's writing! 
Thank you so much for giving me a chance to read this series! I will be reading all of Charlie's writing now!
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My Rating : 4🌟
Kindle/ Netgalley/ April2020
Thank you so much Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.
This book is the third installment in Numina Trilogy and I will just say the following things. 
✅It was an amazing end to this series
✅It involves alternate universe, magic beings, human vessels
✅Amazing romance building and shippable characters
✅Strong familial love that gives strength 
✅Characters running for their lives
✅Awesome ending for everyone!
✅Not to forget the beasts!!
But FYI, first book 
If you are a fan of fantasy, amazing characters, romance with high stakes, run for lives and amazing endings, pick this series up! You will not regret it trust me !
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Stunning conclusion to the gorgeous Numina finale. The character arcs were satisfying and Charlie is my new must buy author.

Thanks NetGalley for providing me with the e-ARCs for the entire trilogy
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I absolutely loved the Numina trilogy - L O V E D. When I received Smoke and Summons (book 1) as an option through Amazon's First Reads in January 2019, I jumped right on because I really enjoy Charlie Holmberg's imagination and way of storytelling.

But this trilogy was my favorite of her works yet. I pre-ordered Myths and Mortals (2) as soon as I finished Smoke and Summons and impatiently waited for publication. Then I saw that Siege and Sacrifice (3) was available through NetGalley and did a little book-happy dance. I sat on reviewing the final installment in the trilogy because I couldn't decide if it was a 4 or 5-star rating but ultimately rounded up from a solid 4.5.

The Numina trilogy uses artful storytelling and worldbuilding to introduce us to the pieces of the puzzle that we need at just the right time. Nothing is forceful but the turns are not particularly twisty at any point in the series. That's not always a bad thing, it wasn't here.

There is not much that can be said without spoiling some of the finer details of the previous two books. I highly recommend reading the trilogy from book 1, but to summarize, the heart of the series deals with a seedy underworld of people known as Grafters who use blood magic to summon beings from another plane (known as Numina) into mortal beings (Vessels). Sandis is a Vessel and she's on the run after a terrifying escape from a life of slavery to the Grafters. Rone is a frustratingly lovable rogue and thief who gets caught up with Sandis's plight, either by some kind of cosmic luck/misfortune or perhaps by fate. 

There is just the right amount of feeling, the right amount of tension and romance budding and building without making the focus of the story ever about that. I don't really enjoy romance books and never felt like I was trudging through some juvenile romance to get to the good story. It just works. 

The Numina are FASCINATING. I loved them, all of them. And this final installment really delivered for fans of Ireth (me!!) and these creatures in general. If you hoped to know and understand them, to see their world, to get it, and to maybe cry for a minute about it, Holmberg has got you covered.

The work Holmberg put into her worldbuilding really paid off in this book, especially in the religion department. She just delivered. There really is no better way to put it. It can be hard to wrap a story up in a complete way, a satisfying way, and I have read many that left a bad taste in my mouth in the end. But not The Numina Trilogy.

While Myths and Mortals (2) was my least favorite of the trio and dragged a bit, with Smoke and Summons (1) definitely hitting those perfect high notes as my favorite, I ultimately felt very content and complete with the ending that Siege and Sacrifice (3) gave us. This is definitely a trilogy that I highly recommend for those that enjoy fantasy and one that I forsee myself rereading again one day.
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Finally got to this. A good ending to the trilogy. It met my expectations and I'll be sure to check out everything new that the author is going to publish in the future.
Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the whole series as eARC.
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Stunning finale

In the last few years, Charlie N. Holmberg has become one of my all-time favorite authors. Siege and Sacrifice is another example why. The world-building continues to stun, the characters all grow and evolve, and there is a happy (albeit not perfectly happy) ending. The writing is so rich that you can just picture what is happening in your mind in brilliant colors and movements.  

I am always fascinated when authors continue to build their creation through the very end and bring so many twisting story threads back together in a satisfying conclusion to a mesmerizing tapestry. An engaging, insightful, and action-packed read. Wonderful finish to the trilogy. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fantasy or great storytelling.
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The final installment of this final book was everything I wanted and more. With the huge bombshell dropped on us in the second book, I was eager to see what happened next. And honestly, I did not see it coming. I loved the direction she took and learning more about the celestial realm. It was definitely interesting and a fantastic way to bring the two worlds/stories together. The celestial world was not what I would have expected but it was created so well. The story was very progressive and fast paced which was perfect. I felt like the flow between the books were exactly what was needed.

I love Sandis and Rone so much. This book really developed their relationship in such a way I wouldn't have expected. And then Ireth!? Ugh I knew I loved that Numen from the beginning but we learned so much more about him in this book. Honestly, ever character development was done so well and one of the best I have read by her.
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I loved the first two books, but I just couldn't get through this one.  The story line just kind of drug on and I found myself unable to finish it.
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This was such an amazing read that I couldn’t put it down. It went everywhere with me. To the doctors office, the dentist, the eye doctor. IT WENT ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. I was so sad when it ended that I immediately went and bought more books from this author!
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I was a little disappointed with this book. It moved a bit slow for my taste, and the pacing definitely didn't match all the action that was happening. It took me a very long time to read the book, because I would only read a chapter or two at a time - I couldn't engage. I did enjoy the note the store ended on, though (I won't spoil it!)
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Having these books fall into my hands was a godsend given that we are looking to add more interesting reads (hi-lo) to our library—especially with several books in the series. The character design in this book is and was often lacking although I could connect at times. I enjoyed reading all the descriptions, development, and love put into the world from the very beginning. However, as time got away from me when I read the book I found myself being forced into reading it chapter by chapter—slowly, whenever I could, rather then gobbling it up as I usually do.

I really loved delving into the world that the author created as it is such a magnificent creature in and of itself. The characters in this book caught my attention only so much and I believe that students would be able to, at times, connect to the different characters as well (there is someone for everyone). This can be utilized for many grades and many different groups of people—it would be a great book club book.

Overall, I do not have much more to say about the book but it is definitely a fair read when you can get to the third in the series.
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This book is a satisfying conclusion to what in my opinion, is Charlie Holmberg’s best fantasy trilogy. The lovable characters, the interesting world building, and a unique magic system, made this one of my favorite fantasy reads this year.

I did have reservations about this trilogy, given the cliffhangers in the previous books. I rarely endorse books that have cliffhanger endings, because I ultimately expect more from the ending of the final book (because let’s face it: sometimes those cliffhangers leave us feeling cheated). But in my opinion, this book delivers on those promises with the reader, building up for a satisfying ending that left me in “book hangover” for days. Highly recommend for lovers of high fantasy, with complex world building and magic systems.
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Unfortunately this is not a stand-alone book in which case I had not realized when requesting this release. Due to the fact that I had not read the previous installments of this series, it would have been more than difficult for me to further grasp the story, characters and concept so I have decided to not review this novel. "Siege and Sacrifice" will be completed/reviewed sometime in the future once I read the previous books in the series. Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for taking the time to provide me an ARC of this novel.
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A great book from one of my favorite authors.  I look forward to reading more from Charlie Holmberg.
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Siege And Sacrifice is a stunning conclusion to Holmberg's latest exciting and original fantasy series. 

Sandis has escaped Kazen but she has not defeated him. 

Kazen has found a new vessel in which to summon the giant demon Kolosos - Anon, the brother that Sandis thought was long dead. Kazen also has Rone's amarinth, which Rone lost in his last battle, giving him temporary immortality. As Kolosos appears and is destroying the city at Kazen's demand, Sandis and Rone try to unravel the mysteries of the amarinth and find a way to stop Kolosos, save Anon, and save their city. 

Victory, it appears, cannot come without great sacrifice. Sandis and Rone are suddenly separated and each is working to save the other as well as the world they live in.  Trying to find a way to stop the seemingly unstoppable Kolosos. 

The world building for this series was exemplary - you can always count on Holmberg to come up with a fresh and original fantasy story line, with a mood enhancing setting and unique and exciting magic. Holmberg's characters are very well written and easy to become invested in. Together these create a highly addictive series. After finishing each book I was hungry for the next. 

Siege And Sacrifice was an epic conclusion for a series that captivated me from the start!

Happy Reading,
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YES. I loved this book!! I have such a hard time with trilogies that either shouldn't have been full trilogies (the author drags it out), or that fizzle and falter by the last book and leave you sad and disappointed. NOT SO with this trilogy!! This book was full of so many surprises, both small and monumental.   I loved every satisfying revelation and answer, and couldn't put it down. The ending was perfect. I see why Charlie enjoyed writing this so much, and became so attached to these characters. I miss them already.
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A wonderful conclusion to the Numina trilogy! Charlie Holmberg is the best in her genre and this series is probably the best I've read in over a decade. Well crafted plot, developed characters and twists that will keep you guessing until the last possible moment.
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