Snowflake, AZ

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 Aug 2019

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This is difficult. I think Marcus Sedgwick is a genius and I wanted, rather badly, to enjoy this book. The fact is that I didn't, not even a little. That said, the last page, kind of like the last story in Dubliners, made the slog of the rest of it worth it, more than, perhaps.
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Snowflake, AZ is what you expect from Marcus Sedgwick, a quirky, thought provoking, what the heck did I just read kind of book!  Ash arrives in Snowflake, AZ in search of his brother, Bly.  Ash quickly learns that Snowflake isn’t your usual town.  Among its high elevation, Snowflake is home to nothing but sick residents.  The only cure for these residents is to stay away from modern life.  The chemicals will make you sick.  The overall question of this book is are you sick or is it all in your head?  Ash questions, grieves, learns, and grows throughout his quest for recovery.
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