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The Way I Heard It

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I really miss the show Dirty Jobs but was excited to see this book.  Mike Rowe is so witty and charming and I loved reading the stories and trying to figure out who he was talking about.  I loved Paul Harvey and this book brought back memories of those stories and that famous voice and tag line.  A great read.
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6/5 stars.   This will be my gift-giving Christmas 2019 book.   It is so universal in its appeal.  I  couldn't put it down!  I would savor a chapter then pick the book back up to see what the next story was about.

Well researched chapters highlighting various people are tied into Mike's life experiences in such a natural way it was like listening to a friend tell you about his day.

My favorite story was that of Alan Hale.  Now i will have to be re-watching some old movies to spot him..

I am left with a smile on my face and a happy heart after reading this book.   Thank you Mike Rowe and Gallery Books (Simon & Schuster).
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Simply  because Mike Rowe wrote the book, I expected it to have a side of humour, and it did. What I did not expect was the historical side. Stories of well known historical figures told as a mystery story, that lets you discover only at the end who’s story it is. Not all of the over 30 chapters are written that way but those were my favorites, it provided a surprising, smooth and unexpected educational aspect to the book. Rowe is a great story teller, he blends beautifully historical characters stories, the stories of people he has meet along his life and career as well as part of his own story. Definitively worth reading. Disclosure, I’ve received this book for free in exchange of an honest review.
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