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Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I will be posting a full review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.
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I love this series of poetry collections so much and when I saw the third on NetGalley I had to request it. This book was just as good as the first two. There's something about Courtney Peppernell's writing that just makes me feel good.

"Darling, I breathe for you; my heart is
yours, for every rose that blooms."
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Enjoyable but more of the same old, if I were being honest.

The poems were raw and emotional, many of which I could relate to. A little cliche, perhaps, but good if you are looking to feel less alone or want to feel seen/understood. But at the same time, while Courtney Peppernell is no doubt talented, the book does not really stand out from its predecessors or other modern poetry books.
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I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I’ve heard a lot about this collection so I wanted to read it. I loved it!

There were sections of this collection about anxiety and love that I found so relatable. Some of the poems were just one line on a page, but they were poignant and memorable.

This is a great, short poetry collection. I’ll definitely have to look for the other books in the series!

Thank you Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Some beautiful poems in this collection but there are definitely a few quotes that are going to stick with me for a while.
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There are many things you should worry about
Like sick animals,dying trees, and saving the bees
What others think of you
Is not one of these things.

Great book, very meaningful.
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I loved this collection of poems. It is a great addition to this series. Her poetry is vivid and interesting. I like the variations in style as well.
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I liked this collection of poetry but it wasn't as powerful as 'Pillow Thoughts'. I felt this one was more common and not as impacting as her other books have been. There were some really good poems that held the book but then most others were lost on me. It wasn't bad but just expected more as Pillow Thoughts is one of my favorite poetry collections to date.
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For some reason I couldn't get into this poetry collection even though I really liked Pillow Thoughts II. Perhaps it's just not the time to read this book and maybe later I’ll buy it and read it again. Sometimes I have these moods when I really want to read poetry and perhaps when I have one of these moods again, it’s time to read Pillow Thoughts III.
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I really didn't enjoy this collection. The word choice was mediocre. There really wasn't a tone that will help me remember these poems in the future. I'm a fan of modern poetry, but this collection was even missing the umph of Lang Leav or Rupi Kaur.
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I didn't know that Peppernell was coming out with another Pillow Thoughts book, but when I saw that the title was "mending the mind" I knew I had to read it. I love a good book of poetry and prose that I can connect with and I've done that with Pillow Thoughts I & II, although I connected most with Pillow Thoughts I. I still enjoyed this read though. Peppernell's poetry/prose is simple yet effective in reaching into the hearts and minds of her readers to either give a gentle nudge or hug. There is an undercurrent of hope that runs through the words and ties them together in this book. That said, I do wish that I felt more connected to the work in this book, but there was a lot here that I felt was a little 'recycled' and nothing that I hadn't heard of before. 

As always though, when Peppernell speaks a thought that resonates with me, it gets me hard, and right in the heart! I teared up reading the chapter on "if your mind needs repairing" and I felt hopeful reading "if your mind needs inspiration". I've been struggling a lot with my mental health over the last few months and reading some of these passages really got to me. They were a small reminder to keep going and to believe and trust that I'm much stronger than I think I am; especially for making it this far in life when every single day is a struggle.

"There is nothing beautiful
about wishing
you’d never been born
There’s nothing poetic
about believing
you are a burden
There is nothing sadder
than thinking
you’re ruining the lives
of the people you love
But there is nothing
stronger than you
I am in awe of the way you live
even with all these dark thoughts
You are brave in the way
you begin again each day"

Probably my favorite part of this book is still the illustration of the jellyfish; which is me, and you, and us. I wish that the illustrations weren't only shown at the start of each new section, but used throughout the book! Overall, even though this didn't end up being a favorite, I'm still glad that I read it. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. This book is now available for purchase!
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Overall, I'd give this edition 2.5, teetering on 3, stars. The words and writing, though inspirational and having some depth, seemed almost commonplace at times. More importantly though, I didn't feel that they were held together much, if at all. Each page stood on its own, with the only theme connecting the pages being the idea of hope in the struggle. I think this would have been much more powerful in a form other than a book, where each piece could stand on its own, with more time and space to resonate with the reader, rather than losing power, flipping from page to page. I'd recommend this if you are looking for some encouragement on getting through the messiness of life, but strongly suggest reading it in small doses or else it will all blend together.
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I enjoy poetry collections. I devoured this is one sitting. There’s inspirational poems and thought provoking poems. I connected with some more than others. I believe there’s a poem in this collection for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed this collection.
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I am so thankful I was able to get an ARC for this wonderful collection! It inspired me to move on and keep my head up even when I’m feeling down. I love how they sectioned off the inspiration. The author’s writing is so beautiful and I read it in one sitting! I definitely will continue to read their writing.
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I like these poems these days but I would loved them more 25 years ago. It depends on age and state of mind ... now I am over 40 and it seems sometimes naive and plain.
But I have my favourite ones and enjoy it.

'You won't feel like climbing mountains every morning. Your body gets tired; your mind needs rest. But if every day you wake and keep moving, no matter how monumental or how small, you are already doing your best.'
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Note : I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The book is divided into 5 parts. The first 4 sections were alright for me but I was really drawn in the book when I was in section 5 which is the section titled "These are for your mind". As you all know, poems are perceived differently by different individuals and just because I gave it a 3 stars does not mean it's not good enough for a 4 stars. The collection of poems in this book is definitely more relatable if you are - 

a) Going through a breakup.
b) Needs some inspiration or encouragement.
c) Need some healing for the mind
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I was really disappointed because I've read the 1st 2 books from this author and I felt like this 3rd one was just repetitive from the previous books. It's a bummer because I really enjoyed to 1st 2. I forced myself to finish it just in case I came across something new and different but I didn't. This is my honest opinion.
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I  received a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

This was my third book from this author. I've read the previous two in this series. It's not a bad poetry collection. It would have been really good if I hadn't read the first two books because I feel like this was repetitive of those. The poems   weren't connected to each other, it was a choppy read. 

Not all of the poems spoke to me, but the ones that did were great.
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This poetry collection was alright. It wasn’t my favourite but there were a few gems! Overall, I’d give it a 2.5/5 as I didn’t really connect with as many of the poems as I’d have liked but the ones that I did connect with, I really enjoyed!
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I've always loved the Pillow Thoughts poetry collection, thought Pillow Thoughts III was a mixed bag for me.

Pillow Thoughts III is still a heart-touching, insightful, and lovely, with all the feels. The ADE format I opened didn't show any poem titles, so I can't list which were my favorite. But there were a couple that spoke to letting go, to grieving the loss of a relationship central to oneself, and trying to figure out what love means to a person. These were my favorite.

There were times, however,  I felt as though the poems were being forced into the chapter themes and sometimes...they just didn't do it for me. A few felt unfinished or that's why I gave this a lower rating.

3.5 stars and I would recommend to those newish to poetry
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