A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee's Flutter

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This children’s picture book is the true story of the author’s brother that is also based off verses of Psalm 46.  It shows children that God is our place of safety and gives us strength in times of trouble. 

I liked how the bee was a constant in the illustrations throughout the story.  The bee shows us how God is always with us.  The colorful watercolor illustrations perfectly helped to capture the moods of the story.  The illustrations bought to life the feel of darkness and fear when called for and then the light of hope at the end of the story. I liked how the illustrations showed us African American characters.  I feel we need more stories that show diversity in characters, especially when the books are for younger children. 

This story calls for us to remember to take some time out and remember to “Be still, and know that I am God.” It also encourages Bible reading by mentioning the exact verses that this story is based off of and other verses to knowing more on God.

As this is a story of the author’s younger brother, there is one page that tells us briefly of his life.  He was the middle of five children.

This children’s picture book is recommended. Special thanks to the publisher for granting me an e-arc copy to read and review via NetGalley.
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God is our place of safety. He gives us strength.
He is always there to help us in times of trouble.
God’s blessings are like a river.
The Lord who rules over all is with us.
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God. 

Being a preacher's son can put so much pressure on a little boy with a lot of energy such as Junior. When Junior heard a voice "Be still", it would help him to calm his heart and listen. This is his story to be told to other children. With vivid illustrations and the simple words of be still, we can find comfort when anger, anxiety, or uncontrolled thoughts wreak havoc on our hearts. This little boy listened to those words and became example of God's obedience. 

A great study to share with your kiddos.

A Special Thank you to Discovery House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest revie
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This is a great book about a Bible verse and a child. It was sweet and calming to read to my nephews and it brought up questions and can be great for introducing children to religion.
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"A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee's Flutter" highlights God's presence in the lives of all of His children, while giving an incredible true account of one young boy's personal journey with God. The boy in this story is named Junior, and he is the author's little brother. At an early age, Junior began hearing the still small voice of God, giving him guidance and comfort. This led to an even bigger and miraculous encounter with God. Lovely watercolored illustrations help tell this inspirational story.

This is a beautiful little book!
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A sweet book relaying the importance of faith in a way only a child often can. The beautiful illustrations bring the book to life and make it even more meaningful.
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A Voice as Soft as a Honey Bee's Flutter: Inspired by Psalm 46 by Jan Spivey Gilchrist, author and illustrator. Discovery House Publishers. Discovery House. Children’s Fiction, Christian.
Publication date is set for 14 August 2019. 5 Stars.

Spectacular, profound, this picture book is a lighthouse for any child’s library. In this outstanding story of spiritual renewal in a child’s life you will find the presence of God abounding—vital messages on the soul level for both young and old. The art is colorful and soothing yet dynamic and captures perfectly the true story within. The author/illustrator is a winner of the Coretta Scott King Honor Award and has been inducted into the Society of Illustrators in 2001 as well as the International Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent in 1999. There are not enough stars in the sky with which to rate this book! Highly recommend!

Thank to NetGalley and the author and publisher for providing this ebook for review.
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Nice little story about trusting in God, i just read this tom my 7 years old daughter and she just smiled, and than a little bit sad she said" i am like his sisters ...."
i give her a big kiss and huge hug!
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What a cute little book about trusting in God. I just read with my granddaughters and they loved it. 
The illustrations were colorful and fun.
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I thought the illustrations were very well done.  I like the consistent use of the bee throughout the story.  I thought the message about the bee actually being a God might be very difficult for young children to understand.  My daughter thought the bee was Junior’s conscience and I could see this being a common misconception among younger readers.
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Such a cute childrens book that talks about God and puts Gods voice into a concept most can understand. Read to my son and he loved it. It took maybe 5 minutes to read but it's worth every second.
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I loved this book! It was simple, yet beautifully illustrated. It may take 5-10 minutes to read. It is a perfect bedtime story that talks about God. I loved how the little boy kept saying BE STILL----bee = be. Be still and Know that I am God. Wonderful, simple, short story.
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An interesting story based on a true event in the author's life. How a young boy, the son of a preacher learned to love the God's word in biblical verses, and in his thoughtful times learned to discern a small voice in his ear. "Be Still".
The watercolour drawings freshen up the story and capture the mood as the illustrations bleed emotion into the scenes. 
The voice throughout is pictured as a honey bee with thr soothing words "Be still".
I'm not sure if there is a link here, or if it is deliberately avoided as it is based on God's revelation in Psalm 46. but I could not help using the shorthand Bee Still. Not to devalue the spiritual message but the story seems to shout "Bee Still".
What I liked was the introduction and the impact Junior's journey had not just on him but his neighbourhood. 
A simple tale of rich promise and God's blessing with a honest faith faith and response from a young man atuned to the world around him and God's role in it today.
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