Best Friends Forever

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I've never read anything by Dawn Goodwin before but now I shall be reading everything. 
A fantastic, gripping thriller that had been hooked from the start.
Best Friends Forever is based on the toxic relationship between Anna & Vicky and how that relationship affects the lives of those around them too. What a weird atmosphere between all characters - it definitely added to the storyline and shows Goodwin's clever writing. 

A dark and twisted tale that will have you wanting more, I read it fast and was surprised by how much it had gripped me. I definitely highly recommend.
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I absolutely adore a book, particularly a thriller, that deals with friendship themes. Even better if it's a toxic friendship, which the relationship between Anna and Vicky definitely was.

While this was an easy and quick read, I found it to be quite predictable and too much left open to interpretation.

If you're looking for an easy to read thriller with toxic friendship themes, then check this one out.
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This is a twisted story about two women who have been friends since they were children . Their friendship is toxic , and it also infects those people who come close to either of them . As toxic as it is they have a sick type of close bond holding them together ,secrets and loosely veiled threats are the backbone of their relationship and from early on you can tell no good will come of it . The story gets darker as it goes on and becomes completely irresistible, forget about doing anything else once you start this book ! I would recommend this for anyone who likes a thriller / mystery story , it had plenty of twists and turns and keeps you guessing . Highly recommend !
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Best Friends Forever by Dawn Goodwin is a book about flawed characters and an extremely flawed friendship. This is one of those books where you just don't like the characters, and it's like reading an especially scandalous Lifetime movie. This the story of Anna and Vicky who have been, well, best friends forever. Anna has been tragically killed, and Vicky shows up at her house to help David, her husband, and two young children. However, David senses something is just not right with Vicky's insertion into their lives. The book goes back in time to show the evolution of Anna and Vicky's friendship, and there are heaping helpings of problematic dynamics and situations in that y'all. In real time, it is David trying to make sense of what happened to his wife, why Vicky has taken the role she has, and how the two might be related. I really like a plot that uses the past and the present to weave a story together, and this was very much that. This is also used to build more complete pictures of the characters, and that does mean lots of secrets and lies are revealed. I would also offer strong content warnings as there are instances of sexual assault, abuse, and very unhealthy relationships. Thanks to NetGalley for access to this read in exchange for my review.
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Best Friends Forever is a dark psychological thriller which tells the tale of dysfunctional friendships and families.  
I thoroughly enjoyed this well written and engaging story, the twists and turns and the switching from past to present worked extremely well.  
I have not heard of this author before but will certainly be looking out for her books now.
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Oh this book perfectly sums up the whole "I hate her,  but shes my best friend!!" comments I have heard so often.
I think I enjoyed this book a lot...perhaps because it was written with the main characters right around my age, although I really couldn't stomach Anna at all.  Seriously, if you look up mean girl in the dictionary there will be the name Anna.  Vicky seems to have tried so hard to live up to her, which made her seem a little on the meek and weak sidem but she really wasn't.  

Very good read and I enjoyed it alot
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I really had mixed feelings about this book. It had an interesting premise as you can read from the blurb.

While I liked the premise of the book, story was somewhat stilted, and the ending was disjointed. The three main characters were all equally unlikable in my opinion. Closer to the end the author tried to redeem Vicki, by providing more information about her formative years, but it does not explain her need to become Anna, to take over her life.

I would give another book by this author a try, going forward.
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*thank you to Netgalley, Aria and Dawn Goodwin for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Trigger warnings: child abuse, rape, alcoholism, parental neglect, animal cruelty (one scene, over pretty quickly).

4 stars.

Wow, what a wicked ride this was! For those who are unfamiliar with just how catty girls can be, then this will give you a good idea.

Vicky and Anna are best friends since they first met in school. The story doesn't start off there's though. It works backwards almost and twists both past and present together like they are vines entwining. Anna is dead. There was a car accident and the police suspect it was just an accident. But what really happened? Well, this story will take you back to the beginning and unfold the truths along the way. At the time of her death, Anna had a husband, David, and two small children, Harper and Lewis.

I could not believe the type of person Anna was. There are so many multiple layers to her and her friendship with Vicky was just so toxic. They mastered the love-hate relationship like nothing I've read before. Anna likes to be incontrol and is a master manipulator. She is just plain nasty but tries to sugar coat what she says at times. She's, dare I say it, a mixture of a fun character to read about while at the same time you just can't believe how purely awful she is. It's rather cringe worthy. I have to say that thought I was horrified at her thought processes, she made for such an unstable character but she made you want to read more about her. It's not really that hard to figure out why her behavioural issues were so off the normal mark, but it did seem to go to extremes at times. 

Once Anna has passed, Vicky ends up moving into Anna's home and helps out David by looking after the kids and being there for him too. But at the same time, she's there for herself equally as much. We find out her story along the way and I did have empathy for her. She's had a rough life. I liked her more as a person but Anna was still the more interesting of the two.

There is a lot in this I thought. Quite a few twists and turns and it's really one of those that keeps you wanting to know more. I devoured this pretty quickly because I was so interested in what was going to happen next. It was so well put together with the past and present blended so well. That's what stood out to me actually. That each chapter gave you so much information that made you want to "read just one more." I really loved that. It didn't get dull. The reader is kept on their toes while this brilliant story unwinds.

This is a really well written story with interesting characters and thrills from start to finish. If you love rollercoaster rides then this is one to jump onto. Just make sure to buckle up.
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3 for neural.  This book was not for me, I tried on many occasions to read it, but was unable to continue.  Being a moody reader, I know it wasn’t due to terrible writing, hence the 3 for neutral!  Will update at later time, if able to read and enjoy!
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC for my honest opinion. 

Most best friends have a few secrets and times where they may not always get along, but this one takes it to extremes.  Anna and Vix  are complete opposites.  Anna is rich, beautiful, spoiled, and evil.  Vix is poor, average looking, abused and just looking for someone to live her.  She thinks she has found it in Anna.  So begins a life full of secrets, lies, verbal abuse, manipulation and envy.  There are plenty of twists and turns and cringe worthy scenes.  
This book made me want to find out what was going to happen next.  There really weren't any likeable characters, so it was a bit disappointing.
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I received Best Friends Forever as an ARC from NetGalley. This is a suspense novel that kept me interested until the very end. Anna and Vicky have been best friends since they were kids. Anna is killed in a car accident and Vicky steps into her life with Anna's husband Dave and her two kids.  Then Dave begins to question Anna's death.  Anna & Vicky have lots of secrets between them and they haven't always treated each other as the best of friends.  This book is full of twists and turns until you finally learn what happened when Anna died.
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Best Friends Forever by Dawn Goodwin, and my first book by this author.  This book was like riding a wild roller coaster.  The twists and turns just kept coming.  Caution this book contains rape, child abuse and cheating.  I did not like the characters, they were not likable people.  I recommend this for anyone looking a thriller.  

I reviewed a digital arc provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.
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Well the blurb got me hooked , line and sinker. The writing was so well done. The book changes from past to present and will have you on a roller coaster ride. So many lies, secrets, She really had me wanting more and more. I cant wait to read more of her books.
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This felt a little single white female and creepy!  It kept you reading as you wanted to know what happened and why it happened.  Good holiday read.
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Dawn Goodwin has written a fantastic and emotionally charged thriller complete with oodles of secrets, lies, and drama.

Best Friends Forever is my first read by Dawn Goodwin and it won't be my last. I really enjoyed the emotional roller-coaster I was on with best friends Anna and Vicky, throughout the story. Although the characters were not admirable or all that personable, I still had some empathy for several of them. This novel was beautifully structured by the author as she artfully reeled the reader in, spinning a wonderful tale.  No-one seemed to know the full story of how Anna died, but as the reader travelled back to when Anna and Vicky first met at school, a great deal about them is discovered but it's clear there are things still to be revealed. As the story unfolds, some sharp and clever writing had me leaning first one way and then another, but I had no idea exactly where it was all headed until the last few pages. Riveting and masterfully told,  Best Friends Forever was absolutely a five star read.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from Aria via NetGalley at my own request. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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Best Friends Forever will really make you think about letting people get close to your life.  The premise was intriguing and the pacing just fast enough to keep me reading. There were some predictable moments, but all in all I was quite entertained.  The elements of suspense are well woven, and the character profiles complex, which made me doubt the validity of my conclusions at times. I would read more from Dawn Goodwin. 3.5
I received my copy through NetGalley under no obligation.
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Wow!  What a great twist in a psychological thriller!  Did not see that ending coming AT ALL!  I thought I had it all figured and and then...BAM!
This story has so much twisted “stuff” going on.  There is jealousy, secrets, tragedy, intrigue, toxic relationships and lots of suspense.
Thank you to NetGallery, the publisher and author for the arc of this book in exchange for a honest review.
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Vicky and Anna were best friends.  They shared everything with each other, things that were big secrets that no one but them could know.  They were both only children, but other than that, they were complete opposites.  Anna lived in an upscale neighborhood and her parents doted on her.  Vicky, whose mom had passed away, lived with her Dad and grandma in a poor neighborhood.  Anna was definitely the "leader" in the relationship, Vicky was more quiet and reserved and she followed Anna's lead, without question.  At times that Vicky would question Anna's action, Anna would manipulate Vicky by threatening to reveal "the secret". Anna was trim and slender with more clothes than she could ever wear, married to a successful man, had two beautiful children, and an exciting career.  Vicky lived in a small flat, worked at a failing business and had a history of one night stands.  Vicky loved, yet hated Anna and she knew the "real Anna" that others would have been shocked by.  Anna had a need to control Vicky and needed to have someone to blame if one of her schemes went wrong.  After Anna was killed in an accident, Vicky offered to move in and help Anna's husband, David, with the children.  As David's grief begins to heal, questions begin forming in his mind about Anna and Vicky, and their relationship, about the secrets they shared.  As things come to light you realize the love/hate relationship, the control/abuse cycle, the truth/lie cycle, the manipulation/abandon factors, the good and bad, and how powerful and overwhelming some relationships can become.  Thank-you to Netgalley, Aria Books and Dawn Goodwin for an ARC in exchange for a honest review.
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While this book had an interesting premise, it failed in the execution. I found this to be an overly melodramatic story that required the reader to get on board with its odd plot choices without providing the necessary character or plot development to back it up. I actually had a hard time keeping track of the peripheral characters and found the ending to be a bit implausible.

The cast of characters were a decidedly lackluster bunch whom are kept at an arm's length from the reader and desperately needed an injection of personality. When the big twist finally happens, it felt forced and was ridiculous to the point of being implausible. The best I can say is that I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either, hence the 2.5 stars.
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Best Friends Forever by Dawn Goodwin is being labeled as perfect for fans of the ever popular book The Silent Patent by Alex Michaelides, which I absolutely loved. Those are so pretty big shoes to fill, in my opinion, and I was a little worried that Best Friends Forever would not live up to the hype and fall very very…..very short. Well, I must say Dawn Goodwin definitely put the psychological in thriller in a total mindf*ckery of a story. Holy hell. I may actually have a book hangover!

Best Friends Forever has it all:

Secrets – Check!

Lies – Check

Manipulation – Check

And characters you love to hate – Check. Check…and check!

Where do I even begin? Okay I will start off by saying when I first started and maybe the first few pages I was like “I don’t know…I don’t think this story is going to work for me.” Then it was like that magical moment when the clouds part and you have that A-HA moment and I knew I was a goner. I was sucked in to the story. Oh yes, you know I could not put this book down!

The story goes back and forth from the present to the past. What happened to Anna? Why is she dead? Does Vicki, her best friend, have something to do with it or is there more to Anna than anyone even realizes? Little by little we get into the meat of the story about a toxic friendship between Anna and Vicki, whom at times are the best of friends and at times you really wonder why they are even friends at all. But, through it all they shared a love that withstood through it all.

I will admit, I hated every single character and yet at the same time I could also feel empathy for each of the characters. At one point I may have even shouted “David grow some balls you wheeny! Then he did and I was like “Oh you are really going to regret doing that!” But just because I dislike the characters in a story doesn’t necessarily mean I also dislike the story. Best Friends Forever is absolutely mindblowing, fantastic, and certainly lives up to its hype. You can insert 65529525820 different adjectives to describe the greatness of this story. Yes, it is THAT good!

Best Friends Forever will take you on a wild roller coaster ride, spin you around, make you dizzy, only for you to get right back on line to do it all over again. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant and a definite five plus stars from me.
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