Karma Wears Versace

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 22 Jun 2019

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Aisha Sawyer is a kick butt, take all prisoners, hard core detective working in Atlanta, Georgia. Married with two kids, Detective Sawyer is all about the job...and tracking down a serial killer that has gotten under her skin. She knows who it is.... she just can't discover the evidence she needs to take down Chosen. Chosen is a woman without a past.

This case is one that could cost her everything...her marriage... her job.... as Sawyer interviews multiple suspects, she keeps working on Chosen as her prime suspect off on the side. Is Chosen the murderer? What about this doctor with many secrets and too many lovers?

I thought this was well written, plot lines up and stacks up building tension, and the dialogue was interesting!! Definitely will read more by Rod Palmer. 

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Karma Wears Versace is a good thriller keeps you entertained. The characters are interesting and the book is well written.
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This was very well-written and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  The author not only wrote a great thriller, but one that demonstrated how difficult it is for women that have to work in a man's world.  I also enjoyed the exploration of marriage.  Highly recommend!
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