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Kat has decided to make her home on Pine Cove Island and finding a job and new place to stay are the first orders of business. This brings her to Jordan whose family farm is where she finds a place to rent.

Kat is determined to not make any impulsive decisions and Jordan would definitely fit that category. She is attracted to him, but he is planning on going back to New York once he can fix up and sell the farm. The banter between them was fun. Especially as they grew closer. Also, just like the first two books in the series, there's a little magic woven into the story. In this case Kat has the ability to communicate with animals.

I really enjoyed this story of two people finding home and love in the place they least expected.
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This is such a cute book and sweet story. Unfortunately I did not realize this was the third in a series, so I was a little lost on the entire story of the town and Holloway magic. However, i do think you can read this as a standalone and be very pleased with it.
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This was a sweet book. I loved Kat and the animals. loved how Emma and juliette just accepted her.
I liked the push and pull between her and Jordan. how he came off all aloof and a hard ass about the animals but eventually showed himself to be a softie.

I,however, did not like the fact that he decided to bring all the furniture in her room without her consent. She's renting from both him and his grandmother, and I get that he thought he was doing something good, when he realized she had nothing really in her apartment cuz she was broke until her payday. BUT, just going into her apartment without asking or evne running it by her was a big no for me. I was glad that Kat called him out but he never really got why she was so upset. In face he kept making light of the whole thing and that annoyed me. 

I liked him up to that point. i didnt hate him after but I felt he just brushed the whole thing off as her overreacting?? Clueless much Jordan? 

I guess he redeemed himself in the end but still annoyed by that. 

As with the other two books before, the house was an interesting and intriguing character in its own right. The magic of the house accepting Kat was just so sweet!
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The third book in The Holloway Girls was just as good as the first two in the series. This is the story of Kat Davenport a lovely woman who grew up in foster care. She has low self-esteem and this plays into her shy, introverted nature, keeping of secrets and running when things go bad. She ended up on Pine Cove Island after a bad relationship in LA. She was not sure why there, but it felt right. Just like the two previous books, she has a special ability, the ability to sense animals feelings and communicate with them. Before you close this review as ridiculous, this is not like Dr. Doolittle where she actually "talks" to animals, they don't speak English, but she is able to determine what they are trying to communicate through their sounds and she can sense things when she touches them. Shortly after arriving, she meets Jordan Prescott. He has returned home to Pine Cove to help his grandmother fix up the lavender farm to sell. He meets Kat at the local market, in a humorous situation that had me giggling. As Kat and Jordan keep running into each other, their feelings for each other become hard to resist.

I really enjoyed the characters in this story, not only Kat and Jordan, but also Jordan's grandmother Opal. She is 90 years old and was left to take care of the farm when her hippie son and daughter-in-law took off to live in Asia. She is the epitome of a loving grandma that doesn't want to age gracefully. It was her actions that helped to bring Kat and Jordan together. Kat is also dealing with trying to find family. Her two new friends, Emma and Juliette, are convinced that she is family somehow, so there is a bit of a hunt, some secrets about the family home and some magic involved as well. The romance storyline is sweet to start, but becomes more intense as the story moves on. The banter between them is fun at times but there are some hurdles and roadblocks along the way that cause some problems in their relationship. I love the animal story as well. There is a miniature donkey, a couple of dogs (one with 3 legs), a goat, some chickens, a cat and kittens and a rather greedy crow that all add to the story. Take a person who loves animals, throw in someone who is allergic to cats, an animals shelter and a 90 year old grandma who wants to volunteer to foster animals and you know there will be some fun there. Overall I enjoyed this story. With a couple of storylines going on, the author does a great job of blending it all together. I loved the ending and how things worked out in the end. I definitely recommend this book to those who enjoy romance stories that are not too steamy.
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Don’t Give Me Butterflies by Tara Sheets
Book #3: The Holloway Girls Series
Source: NetGalley and Zebra
Rating: 5/5 stars

“I’ve never done this,” she mused.
“Had s’mores and beer with a donkey in the middle of the night?  Me neither.”

Jordan Prescott couldn’t imagine a place a he wants to be less than Pine Cove.  If it weren’t for his beloved grandmother, Jordan would have never returned to his hometown and the memories that have haunted him for the bulk of his life.  Jordan’s time in Pine Cove is going to be as short as is humanly possible and once he leaves, there will never be a reason to return.  

Jordan’s goal is to get his family’s failing lavender farm into shape, cleaned up, and on the market in as little time as possible.  Though he more than has the money to have the work done from afar, Jordan knows coming home and dealing with the issues in person will also help him deal with his own demons.  In addition, seeing his grandmother and getting her settled is an added bonus.  Finding the woman he’s always wanted and falling in love, not on the agenda.  Finding a woman with an unusual connection to animals and magic who has no interest in ever leaving Pine Cove, absolutely not on the agenda.  

Kat Davenport has never had a true home.  As a foster child with an unusual gift for communicating with animals, finding a forever home was never in the cards for Kat.  On impulse, Kat recently decided to stay in Pine Cove in the hopes of turning over a new leaf and finally finding a place for herself in the world.  Her first order of business is finding a new job and a place to live: the job is covered by the local pet rescue facility and the place to live is covered by Jordan Prescott and his garage apartment.  Though her relationship with Jordan isn’t stellar, Kat needs a place to live and the farm is quite ideal.  Add to the perfection of the site the space for rescue animals and Kat feels she’s found her version of heaven.  With the help of Jordan’s enthusiastic grandmother, Kat is able to give a home to a three-legged dog, a pregnant kitty, a hyperactive goat, and set of cocooned butterflies.  While Kat, her animals, and Jordan’s grandmother are thrilled with the arrangement, Jordan is less so and takes every opportunity to remind Kat of the temporary nature of their arrangement.  

As so often happens in Pine Cove and especially with the Holloway’s, there is magic afoot and acting on all the players.  Kat finds a most unexpected connection to the Holloways, her job and living arrangement provides her with a very real way to help the animals she so easily communicates with, and Jordan, under the crusty, sexy exterior proves to be quite a wonderful surprise.  For Jordan, the magic isn’t quite as real as it is for Kat, but it is certainly working on him.  The time spent on the farm causes Jordan to not only deal with his issues related to his parents, but to reevaluate his own life, wants, and desires.  Jordan is stubborn and it isn’t until he has lost everything that he pulls his head out and admits the truth of his heart.  

The Bottom Line: There is so much to love about this book and I just going to call it right here and now, this is the best book in the series.  Kat isn’t just delightful, she’s a load of wonderful and her affinity with animals makes her so very special.  I devoured every interaction between Kat and her animals and reread several passages just to take it all in again.  Jordan is one of my favorite character types, the tall, broody, sexy man who thinks he knows it all until he encounters what it is he truly needs to have and know it all.  My favorite example of this in this book is undoubtedly Jordan’s responses throughout the book to Clementine and her babies.  I also quite enjoyed the interaction with the Holloway house!  The house is in fine form in this book and it becomes a very real part of the story and bringing Kat into the fold.  In all, this is a wonderfully imaginative feel-good read that had me hooked from page one; seriously, I read this thing in a single sitting 😊  If this is, as I suspect, the end of this series, then Don’t Give Me Butterflies is the perfect end to a fantastic series that has really brought me a great deal of pleasure.
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What a fun book!  I didn’t realize that it was the third and final book in the series, but it worked well as a stand alone.
The magical element was delightful. I had to suspend my reality for just the right amount. It was not too much at all.
I fell in love with all the character, including the animals ♥️.
If you enjoy Sarah Addison Allen...this is the series to pick up. Just perfect!
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This book has it all; romance, humor, heart & a touch of magic. I would encourage you to read the 1st two books in this series first so to get the back-story. Kat is looking for a home and Jordan couldn't wait to get away from his, so when they meet up it's an unlikely pairing, but love wins out in this sweet romance, with a touch of fantasy.  I have enjoyed all 3 books in this series.
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this was a sweet wonderful story. taking risks and being honest about yourself leads to a marvelous romance. new friends abound and there is a lot of joy in this story
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Don't Give Me Butterflies is the third and possibly the final book in The Holloway Girls series by Tara Sheets. There no more Holloway girls who are single and we weren't teased about another story. When I began reading the book, I was surprised to find out that Kat was not officially a Holloway girl. Her gift and her bond with Emma and Juliette from the previous book made me believe that the girls knew they were connected somehow. As it turns out, they didn't and they spend a portion of the book trying to figure things out. I guess this is one of the reasons I don't consider this book to be as good as the other two were. 

One possible other reason was the romance. On the surface, everything looked good, but something deep down didn't click for me. I am not sure what it was, but I was not very satisfied with the romance. I loved Kat's gift though and it was very fun to read about her interactions with the animals. Continuing on the positive things, I liked the secondary characters and they fit perfectly with the story without taking much time and space. We got caught up with Emma, Juliette and their guys which is something I love to do as you might know if you follow my reviews. 

While the book might not be a favorite of mine, I would recommend it.
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Another beautiful continuation to the Holloway family series. As kat Davenport has decided to stay permanently she is finding everything she has ever wanted. She discovers a mystical connection to the Holloway’s which leads to a discovery of where she came from. 

She has also found a career she loves working with animals, and potentially found her future. 

A Classic, beautiful, love overcomes all odds story!
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Don't Give Me Butterflies by Tara Sheets is book three of three very unusual women. They have unique gifts that make this at times a little like an updated version of Bewitch. Don’t get me wrong, they are not true witches like the TV show but each have one special gift. Kat’s gift is the ability to understand animals but I really didn’t get the Dr. Doolittle vibe.

Mostly this is a story of two souls looking for love and a place to call home. Jordan Prescott may have a home but it doesn’t mean he has pleasant memories of it or his parents. His grandmother is a true sweetheart, from whom Kat rents a room. 

Funny, delightful story with plenty of animals and plenty of heart. Romance can come at such an inconvenient time. Ms. Sheets is a master at having that happen. This story is a keeper.
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I've really been enjoying this series by Sheets. It has a little bit of magic and a whole lot of romance. Two things that make this a really fun series. 

When we met Kat in the prior book you had to wonder about the fact that there seemed to more to her than meets the eye. It seemed that she too had magic in her. She had this wonderful ability to understand and communicate with animals.

It's not until her book you learn why. I bet you guys would like to know how it all came about.'ll have to read the book to find that part out! 

What I will tell you is that I really enjoyed Kat. She seems so sweet and the way she is with animals warms your heart. She does seem at first to be very lonely though. She's all alone in the world and it shows. 

I also liked Jordan and his grandmother. Jodan plays the tough guy, the one that has no heart and is only going to do what he needs to do and leave. Poor Jordan. He soon has a renter (Kat) who is supposed to just take care of the few animals they have. Next thing he knows the animals are multiplying.  

Like I said, poor Jordan. 

For every step forward these two made that took two back. You just wanted to yell at them that they are perfect together why can't they just see that? It might have taken these two a while to figure out they are perfect for one another they do finally figure that out. 

The best part is that so many great things happen to Kat. She learns so much about herself and finally finds happiness all around. I'm was so glad for her. 

I will tell you that this is the type of series that should be read in order. Each story plays out better if you do. They build on each other. I'm really looking forward to Sheets' next book with is Layla's story. You meet her in this book she's best friends with Jordan. See why you should really series in order.
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I have enjoyed Emma’s and Juliette’s romances in The Holloway Girls series. Fun, loving, bantering with just a touch of magic. Toward the end of the previous story, we met Kat. She may have a connection to the Holloway girls, but she definitely has a deeply felt connection to Pine Cove Island. Enough so that she’s decided to simply make this place her new home. She has no job, and nowhere to live just yet – but those are pesky details that will surely work themselves out. This is where she needs to be, she feels it as strongly as she can sense what the animals around her are feeling.

DON’T GIVE ME BUTTERFLIES brings us Kat and Jordan’s romance. Two seemingly opposite personalities that could possibly exist in the same space. Jordan has his life all planned out far away from home. He’s made his decisions, and nothing is going to sway him – except one woman with a heart as big as the sky, definite oddness about her with the animals she loves so much, and maybe the woman that fate has placed right where she needed to be at the exact right time.

I fell in love with Kat, and eventually, Jordan will, too. It’s just going to take him a bit of time to lose his ingrained dislike of anything about the town he grew up in, his parents who are a major disappointment and being forced out of his comfort zone to face a different reality. The animals are as much a part of this romance at Kat and Jordan are. They are the true scene-stealers, and I had more than one laugh out loud moment with their antics. The connections with Emma and Juliette are heartwarming and I so enjoyed watching them find their way to truth and family. Basically, I had a blast with DON’T GIVE ME BUTTERFLIES and would not hesitate to recommend it to any Romance reader. Just enough of a touch of magic to appeal to Paranormal Romance readers but not so much that those who do not enjoy that genre would be really bothered by it (in my opinion).

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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Don’t Give Me Butterflies is a heartwarming, fun tale of finding home. Tara Sheets’s third Holloway Girls novel has all the magic and sweetness I’ve come to expect from the series plus an extra dose of adorableness from a sizeable supporting cast of furry and feathered friends.

Kat Davenport has always been looking for somewhere she’ll belong and she thinks she might have found that place in Pine Cove Island. I loved Kat’s spirit and resilience, her quiet vulnerability and her huge heart. She has the ability to communicate with animals and she’s determined to save as many as she can. Kat is a heroine easy to love so of course I was rooting for her to get everything her heart desired. But while sparks fly immediately between Kat and Jordan Prescott, the road to happily ever after isn’t an easy one. Jordan grew up on Pine Cove Island and he can’t wait to escape and it return to his life in New York. While I can’t imagine anywhere better to be than the idyllic Pacific Northwest town, Ms. Sheets does a good job of showing why Jordan is so determined to sell his family lavender farm and leave. His childhood was anything but perfect and he’s worked long and hard to make the life he has. Though Jordan can be a bit gruff, once you get past his walls he’s got a marshmallow heart that made me melt. He and Kat make a dreamy couple. They bicker, banter, and have amazing chemistry. They made me smile over and over and I adored the mix of sweetness and sensuality in their romance.

Don’t Give Me Butterflies is the third book in the Holloway Girls series, but it can be read as a standalone. One of the things I loved the most about this book is that Kat’s friendship with Juliette and Emma Holloway is every bit as important to the story as her romance with Jordan. Like Kat, the Holloway cousins have magical abilities and I loved seeing the three of them together. There’s also a bit of a mystery thrown in here, though what it’s about I’ll leave readers to discover.

A lovely romance and great female friendships would be enough to make me enjoy Don’t Give Me Butterflies, but it’d be remiss of me to write about this book and not mention the scene-stealing animals. From the graham cracker-loving Waffles the miniature donkey to a one-eyed goat to dogs and cats and more, Kat’s magical ability and her pure love of all animals shines and adds a wealth of humor and heart to this book. I adored Don’t Give Me Butterflies from beginning to end and I cannot wait to re-read it!
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I absolutely loved this book. It is fun, sweet, and full of heart. Kat and Jordan are such fantastic characters, they're both strong yet vulnerable, think they know what they want in life yet are able to learn a lot, and are just generally great characters that you want to root for from the beginning.

This book has the heart, magic, family, and fun of the other two books, while bringing in a great lesson on animal rescue, along with some fantastic furry friends. Being an animal lover myself I really appreciated that aspect. Another bonus is still getting to see Emma and Juliette and their own brands of magic. 

This book is definitely my favorite in the series, which is saying something since I've loved them all!
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Oh sigh! Kat's trying to pull her life together and living on Pine Cove Island is a chance to breathe.  She's got a mysterious way with animals and of course takes a job with the local shelter- and then starts bringing some of the animals home!  Jordan is not so happy about this initially, because he's come back to the island to sell the farm where she's living.  Regular romance readers know, however, that these two will overcome their differences and live happily ever after.  This is a lovely story with a gentle touch, not only from the animals but also because it's, to be honest, not steamy.  Thanks to net galley for the ARC.  Perfect relaxing read with two characters (and lots of animals) you will root for.
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Lovely, sweet, memorable read! Great story!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This was a lovely and sweet read. It was lighthearted and a fairytale like book. Definitely and enjoyable and quick easy read.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for my ARC. 

A charmingly whimsical romance with a touch of magic. 
With an animal shelter as a setting, animals abound in this delightful novel. 

An easy, enjoyable read, I read this sweet novel in one sitting.
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What a sweet, fun contemporary romance with a fantasy twist!  I read this one in just a few hours, and it was well worth it.  Although it is the third book in a series, I had no trouble at all following along without having read the first two.  While you meet the characters from the first two books and may get even more enjoyment from reading them first, I found it to be delightful regardless.  It's a clean romance, so while there is some kissing, all the sexy times happen behind closed doors.  It was a perfect summer read, particularly if you're reclining in a beach chair listening to the waves crash beyond you.  

Growing up as a foster kid, Kat Davenport is resilient, stubborn, and independent.  But when she's down on her luck with money, she'll take any job that comes her way.  That's how she finds herself wearing a chicken suit asking for donations for the local animal shelter when she meets tall, dark, and handsome Jordan Prescott.  The two part ways, but they meet again when Kat answers an ad for a room for rent, which just happens to be owned by Jordan and his aunt, Opal.  Living on the Willowbrook Lavender Farm, which just happens to be right down the road from the animal shelter, seems like a dream come true.  But dreams never last for Kat - it's month-to-month, because Jordan has every intention of selling the farm and returning to New York City.  Determined to make the best of things, she dives into her work and the farm, and soon she has everyone wrapped around her finger - the animals, Opal, and even Jordan.  Can love and a little magic bring these two together, or will the call of NYC be stronger than love?

I absolutely adored Kat!  She was one of my favorite heroines of any book I've read this year, because she wouldn't compromise her values and personality for anyone.  Even if it meant people thought her strange.  Born with a unique gift that allowed her to communicate with animals, she earned a special place in my heart - any character who loves animals and does everything she can to save them is good in my book.  Her kind ways and generous heart drew me in, just as they Jordan.  Jordan was hard to read at first - at times charming and other times he was just plain rude.  But as we learned more about his past and the farm, I began to understand why and empathized with him.  The animals were lovely secondary characters, particularly Edgar the Crow and Waffles the Miniature Donkey.  Their personalities shone so brightly on the pages that it made me wish I could visit the farm someday.

I will definitely be going back to read the first two books!  Tara Sheets is officially on my list of authors to watch, and I can't wait to see what she writes next.
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