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I think the author has a great idea with this book I’m just not sure about the execution. I think the author is right that we do all need to disconnect every once in awhile and remember that we are living a real life outside of social media. We need to cherish the relationships with the people that we have in front of us every day. I rated this book 3 stars and would recommend to those who are thinking about giving up social media or maybe needing that push to take some time away from the screen.
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A comprehensive how- and why-to. 

The actual information can be found in a lot of other recent titles on the topic, like Digital Minimalism and Indistractable, but 24/6 has an emotional depth that the others are lacking. By grounding her practice of a tech-free day once a week in so much ritual and personal history, the author really brings home how the idea can benefit the reader, no matter what they’re own individual circumstances.

For the most part, the book also manages to avoid the slightly sanctimonious tone of other titles in this genre. 

A very touching journey.
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An interesting concept, but one I just can't get behind in this day and age. 24/6 has definitely made me more mindful of my screentime, but I also see the joy of electronics being able to keep us connected with those who aren't around us normally.
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I really wanted t on give this book a higher ratings because I really did love the concept and I'll be including a social media detox day once a week in 2020, however, there were many parts of this book that were boring and could have been excluded. I had no interest in learning about the author's Jewish background/history and felt like it had nothing to do with the actual book. It felt like she included it to make the book longer, when this would have been the perfect book if she just explained how her family did a social detox day, and tips to get you started. I loved her lists in the back, where she gives you ideas on how to create your own social detox day, and I love that her family has been doing it for 10 years! I'll definitely be starting this in 2020!
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This book is absolutely necessary. I've always had vague goals of having "less screen time," but I never knew quite what that meant. Do I use it one hour less a day? Only for phone calls? Delete all of my apps? The goal quickly becomes convoluted and ultimately fails. 
That's where this book comes in.
Rather than trying for the elusive "less screen time," choosing one day to be completely free of them takes the excuses away. Perhaps it's because I'm all-or-nothing, but this really worked for me. Not only that, but my friends and family know that Saturdays are my day without a phone and can plan accordingly.
Everyone should read this book!
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I love this idea.  In the past, I've tried to have a "media-free Sunday" and it almost drove me crazy.  This book encouraged me try it again and even limit my exposure in other ways.  It's been enlightening and exciting to find other things to do.  Life without a device can be wonderful.  In addition, in this busy and device-driven world, we need time to step back and care for ourselves.  Great ideas on how to do just that.
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This book is a great reminder to take breaks and unplug. We have become so used to having technology and information at our fingertips and having everything instantly. The author talks about her reasons for unplugging, research behind why it's good to do, how technology affects us physically and the unknowns. The fact is we do not know the long term effects of using technology all the time. She talks about being intentional with your screen use and how haivng that one day off not only helps for that day but carries on through the other six days and can help you be more mindful about your screen use. A nice read with good reasons to unplug and ideas on what to do during your down time. Thanks to Netgalley and Gallery, Pocket Books for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I love the idea of completely unplugging from all screens for a day and being completely present. This book is filled with research on the effects screen time has on us both mentally and physically as well as ideas to minimize our overall screen time. It is a wonderful book filled with great advice. Highly recommended. 

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy free of charge. This is my honest and unbiased opinion of it.
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I am a huge believer in taking a break from technology on a regular basis. When I do, I find my mind is more creative and relaxed. I loved reading even more about this topic and will absolutely be purchasing this for my library. We have more and more people asking for books on taking breaks from their smartphones (How to Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price is great), so I know it will get readership here. Thank you so much
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I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

Very, very enjoyable. I've been trying to think of ways to minimize my cell phone and social media use. It's all in our face, all the time. And I know how ironic it is that I'm writing this on my computer and having some screen time. But, it definitely sparked ideas of what I can do and how I can work unplugging into my life.

The only real con for this is that I felt that it went on for too long on other topics. It highlighted research about the effects of too much screen time -- which are important to keep in mind -- but it felt like it took up most of the book. It also came at awkward times. Instead of doing it all up-front, it was here and there at different sections.
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This book came along at just the right time for me. I'm an introvert- I love reading (on my phone!) and listening to podcasts, and I have a drive to keep my brain going all the time.... keep learning, keep growing, keep thinking. I've slowly realized that my brain needs some down time- time to wander, be curious, and gently muse. I've just never made it a priority.

24/6 doesn't shame the reader and it doesn't minimize the importance of technology in our culture, it just welcomes readers to imagine a different way of living. The author (who is a secular Jew), introduces the Jewish tradition of Shabbat and shares how this 3000 year old custom can still assist us today in creating balance- space for rest, connection and renewal. Shlain presents her family's story of Tech Shabbat, the practice of turning off all screens from sundown on Friday until Saturday evening. The book is filled with personal and familial anecdotes, studies on productivity and brain rejuvenation, and exploration of the pros and cons of social media. The chapters are short, quick reads, and the book can be read in entirety in a single day.

I found 24/6 to be inspiring without being pushy. It provides great practical tips and yet gives grace for the reader to find their own pathway. I look forward to experimenting with my own Tech Shabbat.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you #NetGalley, the author and the publisher for this opportunity.
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This was an informative book. I thought the information presented was well laid out and flowed well. I really enjoyed reading it and want to try and start implementing some of what I read.
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The core concept of this book is interesting: taking a structured break from technology once a week. Parts were enlightening and inspiring, yet other times I felt I was being lectured by a parent and fear mongered about the dangers of technology. The author digs deep into the areas surrounding her family's choice to take a Tech Shabbat weekly. We get the history of "a day of rest" as well as facts on the benefits of making eye contact and practicing gratitude. Sometimes it felt like she was all over the place trying to force her argument. Her tips for analog replacements to technology are nice, for those wishing to reduce screen time. Ultimately what I took away from this book was what I already knew going in: balancing technology, screens, and "real life" is challenging and personal. Each individual needs to practice trial and error to find what works best. Perhaps if I had children, I would feel a more urgent need to make a change in my habits?
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Conversational, educational, inspirational, informative.

Excellent book about making helpful suggestions to turning off the screen for 24 hours. It's easy to read and easy to follow guidelines for doing this healthy habit.

I've tried it for 2 weeks now and my headaches have subsided. I would highly recommend this book. The writing is interesting too, the author provides an interesting personal perspective to her reasoning for taking a day off of the screen, or off technology.

Very helpful book, a must read.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the Kindle ARC eread. I will add my other online reviews on the day of publication.
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I was unable to read this, as each time I downloaded it the format was scattered and the sentences were shifted to the point that it was incomprehensible. So sad, I was looking forward to reading this! (Wouldn’t work for kindle or EPUB, it downloaded fine but then formatting was crazy)
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