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I received an ARC of this book from Broadstreet Publishing, LLC. via NetGalley, this review is my personal opinion.

Usually, when you read about a devotional and fashion, how can does theme go by hand?. Kathryn Graves did a wonderful job, with very helpful insight from her experience in the fashion world in a 30-day journey, to go deeper and to analyze the truth behind the actions and habits we may have. You need to have time because this devotional has different parts, the fashion information, which later takes us to the biblical side and then to the two daily assignments. The heart action, related to spiritual life and the wardrobe action, related to a specific subject of the day, for example, shoes. 

This devotion brings the bible and fashion with sound advice, that is not about the latest clothes, but more about the condition of our hearts and how they reflect on how we dress and live our daily life. In this time when sadly we see and hear daily how we should dress and how if our body is not a certain way, we should work out and lose weight. This devotional brings hope and light in the midst of so much confusion and unsatisfaction that so many women live. 

If you want to learn more about fashion and you don't know where to start and you also want to know what God says and to go deeper in your relationship with Him, this devotional is a great choice.
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A daily devotional that inspires you to clean out your home closet as well as spiritual closet. I enjoyed the whole idea of this book. Bringing to light the need to remember as we sort through the chaos in closets at home we need to do the same for what has gathered in our hearts over the years. I feel this book was written to the lady who needs more fashion guidance then a fashion lover in general but I still enjoyed it. I wish it contained a bit more scripture to serve the books points but I still got much out of it.. This book was given to me in exchange for my honest thoughts.
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Fashioned by God
A 30-Day Devotional

by Kathryn Graves

Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC


Pub Date 02 Apr 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Fashioned by God through Broadstreet Publishing Group and Netgalley:

If you are a woman looking for a devotional that mixes fashion and faith then you will definitely want a copy of Fashioned by God.

Fashioned by God is a thirty day devotional that combines faith with fashion tips, somehow managing to tie them together, in a relatable fashion. Each day offers a Bible Verse, Spiritual Lesson, Prayer as well as questions for your heart, actions from your wardrobe and style tips from a fashion icon.

I give Fashioned by God five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Each day offers a Bible verse, spiritual lesson, prayer, style icon quote, questions and actions. This devotional helps you clean out your closet and build your faith.... This can be a personal devotional or done in a group.
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Fashioned by God was a OK read, I wish it was a little bit more full and more noticeable like other faith based reads I have read this year. I barley was able to finish it.
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Fashioned by God is a 30-day devotional designed to fashion your soul, spirit and wardrobe. We all know beauty lies within but that is not an excuse to look a hot mess on the outside. I was taught to always look your best so you will feel your best. This non-fiction book supports this theory.

Each day offers a Bible verse, spiritual lesson, prayer, style icon quote, questions and actions. By day 30, readers will honor God with a personal style, declutter closets, express personality through wardrobe and have a deeper spiritual relationship. I felt a sense of "girl, this is so me!"

Fashioned by God is what I consider a journal read. The kind of book that you whip out a highlighter and take notes in a journal as you read along. To capture my review and as not to spoil the joy or journey, I am posting a few of my daily devotional notes. Keep in mind that my journey is not your journey. What I take away from that daily devotional is my own interpretation. Yours will most likely be different. It is all the more reason that I recommend this book. I hope that by sharing a few of my notes that you are willing to give this new devotional a try. It gets you going!

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06.15.2019 I need to schedule daily quiet time. It seems easy but to actually sit quietly, pray and reflect takes an effort. It is hard to turn my brain off and stop from wandering about my never-ending to do list, what outfit I am wearing tomorrow, what's for dinner, blah blah blah. But worship and peace of mind is a must so in the calendar it goes!

06.16.2019 Oh, this is getting down to the bone. Today's wardrobe action is to begin with the foundation—lingerie. Go through the panties drawer. Examine bras. Throw out. Replace. Breathe.

06.23.2019 Purse Palooza. EEK! The real question is how portable is my faith? Do I carry it everywhere I go? Is my mind too heavy due to clutter? Do my purses weigh me down? Am I carrying a load for no reason? I see where this is going in regards to my life and relationship with God.

07.01.2019 Ooh! I actually created new outfits from the items already in my closet! There are color combinations and fabric matching that I would've never considered on my own. And the best part is it transcends across all seasons. I am free from bondage and have an open mind when it comes to style. Praise Him!

07.02.2019 Growing up in the Midwest, I too have a closet devoted to only coats, jackets and outerwear. I really don't want to get rid of any. Coats are an investment! They are rarely subject to fashion trends. To relate it spiritually, coats are my armor. Protect me from evil. And don't cram the coat closet! Create space.

07.05.2019 Now this is the chapter I need. Drawers! Mine are so stuffed it is overflowing. Some things are buried so far back that I forgot about them. Drawers are meant to sort items in an organized manner so it's easier to find things. When clothes are placed in drawers, they get tossed around eventually. But the author points out how clothes in a drawer can also hold a sentimental value. For example, I have a Sex and the City tank top that always reminds me of when Chickadee and My BFF had a girls' day and saw the movie, followed by dinner and playing Club Keno. Clothes can also have a damaging memory. Fortunate for me, I don't hold on to such items. God guards me!

07.07.2019 Oh this is me all the way. Hangers and clothes in closet have to hang the same way. The open side of hook on hangers face the wall of closet. The Bible also talks about the direction of our lives. It is a pretty simple concept: Go in the right direction!

07.08.2019 Last day of this 30-day devotional. Due to review deadline, I doubled up on a few. Now my walk-in closet is becoming a place of prayer. I am going to put my small wooden chair stool in there along with a basket for my Bible, journal, pen and highlighter. What better place to pray? The closet is a representation of my organization and personality. It is filled with color and I chose everything in it.

Happy Belated Pub Day, Kathryn Graves! Fashioned By God is now available.

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I love God and I love fashion. I thought it would be really interesting to read a book that focused on how to be a more godly and fashionable woman. However, I thought that this book was just too forced. The passages used (many of which didn’t have anything to do with clothing) were usually followed up by somewhat generic fashion advice that didn’t always flow well. I appreciate the effort made and the concept is certainly unique. I didn’t find anything that was unbiblical in my time reading it, neither did I find it compelling.
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I was so excited to read this-as a women ,a fashion fan this book was written for me. I never though much about clothes and God (other than Joseph many coats) but this book opened my eyes to ways to honor Gods with my style and fashion. Now my eye are open and everyday when I open my closet door and know God has plans for me and My day. Lisa
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