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The Soulful Art of Persuasion

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I requested this because I thought it would be about hacking influencer culture. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to learn it's more about values-based leadership and building character by standing for something. This is a book I will keep returning to in the future.
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In our modern world of teenage online influencers making six-figure incomes, it is natural to want to learn the Soulful Art of Persuasion.

The book details four traits that make a person more persuasive: originality or genuineness, generosity, empathy, and soulfulness. Soulfulness is further defined as being ethical and an inspiration to others. It also includes eleven habits that can be used to increase your persuasive powers.

It is hard to shake the cognitive dissonance resulting from the conflict between saying “be genuine” and then showing how to “learn” it. However, the author almost convinces me that genuineness can be learned by disagreeing with two frequent mantras of self-help books: be confident, and fake it till you make it. In fact, the book disputes many so-called truisms. Always Be Closing is perceived as manipulation for profit with no concern for the customer’s wellbeing. The idea of personal branding is also dismissed as shockingly old-fashioned. Even corporations are moving away from branding to marketing their values instead.

Overall, the Soulful Art of Persuasion has some thought-provoking ideas. 4 stars!

Thanks to Crown Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Excellent! Like most non-fiction, there's not a lot new here, but you'll be surprised by some of the author's advice. The info is clear, mostly-interesting, and well-written, and all good. The round graphic at the beginning is excellent and sums it all up to help you remember it all. Highly recommended.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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The Soulful Art of Persuasion is a interesting and informative book. There are some great ideas and the book is easy to read.
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The Soulful Art of Persuasion came at the perfect time for me as a reader. I work for two small businesses and we have been using social media and SEO on our website to increase our customer base. This book was full of relatable and inspiring stories and feedback that were helpful for many business ideas. I found much of these ideas helpful and powerful with my own personal relationships as well. 

I enjoyed how Harris broke the book down into concise sections. Each of these parts of the book covered a different topic on character building, trust, habit building and and influence. He shared about:

 • Earning respect through collaboration
• Becoming the person others want to be around
• Practicing generosity through gestures big and small

These sections had helpful and attainable feedback as well as personal stories that connected to each of these powerful topics. While I suppose someone could take the title of this book and the use of "persuasion" as how to "sell something" I found that I related with it on a much deeper level.  

What Harris shares is helpful with how  to connect with other people in a meaningful and lasting way no matter if the relationship is professional or personal. These tipis will most definitely help you in your business and work life but they are also just all around skills that helpful to have in life.
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