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*4.5 stars

	Tweet Cute by Emma Lord lives up to its title and hype! It is a cheesy rom-com about an online Twitter war over grilled cheese and ode to grilled cheese, in general. It's the book you didn't know you needed in your life.

 	Before I begin my review, yes, it was very cheesy and cringe-worthy at points and predictable. But, with books like these (contemporary romances), I am more focused on the journey rather than the ending. Everyone can guess the ending, but I like to see how the author gets the reader to that part because that is more important.

	Tweet Cute switches perspectives between Pepper and Jack. In the beginning, these two perspectives are perfectly complementary to each other because of their contrasting personalities. I especially like the confusion and annoyance that they both express when having to deal with the rival company's tweets. As the reader, you know from the start that Pepper's family owns the chain Big League Burger which Jack's small family business accuses of stealing their special grilled cheese recipe. With Pepper's ability to write snarky Twitter posts, she is unknowingly tweeting at Jack, who is also managing his family's Twitter.

	The characters are well developed and are very distinct from each other. Their voices sound similar when the POV switches, but it is easy to keep track of what's happening. Pepper is a perfectionist, stress-baker, and an overachiever. Jack is the class clown and a twin. He brings this fact up when he compares himself to his brother, which is often. I can understand the constant comparisons, but it quickly got tiring to hear. There are many cases of "Ethan does this" and "Ethan does that" and "Ethan's more popular." I know that twins are almost always comparing themselves and that it is even more prominent when they are identical, as it is more vital to create differences in interests. So, in that way, I can understand what Lord is trying to portray. Unfortunately, I just get more of a whiny tone from Jack about being a twin than anything else because almost all he does is to differentiate himself. 

	Being a contemporary romance, I wasn't expecting all the twists and turns that this book ended up having. I was especially surprised by the ending. The story itself was engaging, and while it was a bit unrealistic at times, I couldn't put it down. There is some extra side drama from Pepper's sister that was unnecessary. It didn't add anything to the story, but it kept getting revisited throughout the book. The other unnecessary part is all the focus on Jack's anonymous chatting app. It plays an essential role in the story, but there is no need for all the extra information about it. The app caused problems within the high school, taking away the focus on the grilled cheese drama.

	Overall, the writing fits very well with the story and feel. As the story is basically about a dramatic grilled cheese twitter war, there are some super funny moments. For the most part, it reads very smoothly, and I took minimal notes. There were only a few points that stood out as being awkward, forced, or in excess. Lord incorporates many pop culture references in her story, which made me uncomfortable. There are mentions of Wendy's tweets, as well as the usage of memes as insults. It may have been due to how Lord set it up the scene, but something about it always felt off to me. Other parts were very forced –– information added in large chunks. One specific moment that sticks out to me is during a conversation between Pepper and her mom. They are discussing Big League Burger's new marketing strategy, and Pepper thinks to herself how she could've gone into details x, y, and z but then decides against it. I can see it being a way to show to the reader how much work Pepper has been doing, but it fell short for me. However, those are pretty minor pieces that didn't hurt the story. 

	A big focus in this book is the romance. It is a slow burn, which was frustrating but eventually satisfying to watch at the end. From chatting on the anonymous app, to beginning to flirt in real life, Pepper and Jack's relationship is super cute. I especially loved watching them flirting on the app and then sending snarky memes from their respective companies –– it made the ending so much more gratifying! They did seem too perfect together at times, but the revelations of who's behind each account helped to offset it. 

	In short, while this book did have some issues in the plot and writing, this book was pretty great! It was hilarious, cheesy, and full of drama. I loved watching the pieces slowing falling into place. There were some awkward and unnecessary elements added in, but in the grand scheme of things, I was able to overlook it as I just enjoyed the story. The changing POVs kept things exciting, and the twist at the end was unexpected. I have been recommending this book to my friends and will continue to do so!
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Absolutely amazing!!

I loved this book so much, it was witty it was charming but most of all it was a really heart warming read!

I didn't know if i would like it or not from the beginning but after the first few chapters it really kicked in and was absolutely hilarious. 

Full review on my blog soon
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Pepper and Jack (ugh, ship them now!) run the social media accounts for their parents’ restaurants— one a burgeoning fast food chain and the other a mom-and-pop’s deli. They get into a Twitter battle, and end up falling for each other. 

This cute rom-com is the perfect antidote for the chaos, stress, and anxiety that is the COVID-19 pandemic right now.
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This was such a fun sweet lighthearted romcom!  It's a bit cheesy (yes, I totally did that on purpose), but this story has all the best elements a romance should have and it's truly going to warm your heart.
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“Tweet Cute” by Emma Lord  was one of the fluffiest books I’ve ever read, and I absolutely loved it. Seriously, it was light, it was fluffy ( all things that I don't typically like too much of when it comes to books) but it worked and I was all in! And this was a debut? Wow! 
    What I liked most about this book was that the pacing was just right. It didn’t drag on nor did it speed through. The pace was steady. The characters, both main and supporting, were really well-developed. The story itself was relatable and reminded me of one of my favorite movies with an updated, social media twist to it. With all this being said, I cannot wait to read more from Emma Lord in the future.

* I received a digital copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.*
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This was a great first book to read in 2020, it was full of funny and heartwarming moments that definitely kept me reading and got me in the mood to read more.

The romance between Pepper and Jack was written perfectly and was so "cute", it definitely lived up to the hype I had about it.

I loved how modern it was and the format of conversations were so easy to read.I definitely recommend everyone pick it up
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This story was cute. At times I did find following what was going on to be confusing. I liked the idea of their an app that kept the students anonymous but allowed them to confide in each other.
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Oh my gosh, the snarky banter between the two main characters is perfect, be it in person or through tweets online. Tweet Cute was 100% character driven and the two main characters were so good together, be it passing barbs in school or having serious anonymous conversations online. Pepper is the perfectionist that feels like every moment is a competition and is basically alone, and Jack is the slacker who never feels like he can compete with his overachaiveing twin. Both have hidden secret sides that mesh so perfectly together I would ship them hard if they weren't already Pepper-Jack.

This had the best ending of any YA romantic comedy, a nice wrap up a year later and it was adorable. I love spelled out endings, with no loose ends and even better with a realistic HEA and this had it. Overall, I found this to be cute, fun and entertaining (the perfect light escapism read) and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes social media, fun romantic comedies and all things baking.

Side effect of reading this book is the overwhelming urge to bake and even more importantly eat everything baked good! Seriously, I just want to eat all the delicious treats the characters made in the book.
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Super cute, I adored it!From the moment I start it I knew this is going to be amazing!I liked the characters, Pepper and Jack were fantastic.

 I loved the writing style a lot, I could easily follow the story and I have a smile on my face a lot!If you are looking for a refreshing,cute and adorable story this is exactly what you need!
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Big League Burger was a family owned restaurant that somehow blew up overnight in success. They quickly became popular and they started to open many more locations. Pepper is a normal kid. She goes to school, she's on the swimming team, and is on social media...but not how some people make think or know about. She's actually the mastermind behind her parents's twitter account for their restaurant. 

We meet Jack and his brother. Everyone praises Jack's brother and Jack always seems to be in his brother's shadow. He just wants to feel special too. He still however helps out his family in their deli. When he discovers that a family recipe for grilled cheese has been stolen by Big League Burger, he gets upset and begins a twitter war with BLB. But, what no-one knows is that Jack has invented an app where he talks to Pepper on and pretty soon....sparks start to fly between them. 

It's a cute read with lots of social media referencing and yummy treats mentioned. I am a total sucker for a good book with yummy treats. It's pretty cool seeing a book with two restaurants going at it, when realistically you see it in today's society as well. 
Thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a cute, fast read and I loved the chemistry between Pepper and Jack... just their names are enough to tell you they belong together like Pepperjack cheese 😂 if you’re looking for a sweet enemies to lovers read that also talks a lot about food this is a great read!
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This was a really fun read.  It was a great teen romance novel, and both Pepper and Jack were really relatable characters.  This book is a thoroughly enjoyable and sweet way to spend several hours and I liked it very much.  I’ll look forward to seeing more from this author.
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Tweet Cute is such a fun read!

Frenemies to lovers, fights over Twitter between family businesses, playful attitudes..made for a great romp of a contemporary read!

I do think some parts read as unrealistic, and overall are a little too reliant on tropes, but there was enough good in this story to balance it out. I think a lot of readers will fly through this book.
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This is hands down a very cute book. It follows Pepper and Jack. PEPPER AND JACK. ABOUT GRILLED CHEESE. PEPPER JACK. ADORABLE. 

If there’s anything to know about me is that I love rom-com’s so much and this YA rom-com is adorably done and I can’t wait to read what Emma Lord writes next.

Pepper and Jack are both from families that own restaurants. Pepper is a perfectionist who’s from a family with a booming fast-food chain. Pepper and her mom moved to New York City to support the booming business and Jack’s the class clown from a New York City family that owns a deli. They both go to the same school but they don’t really know much about each other. 

Jack likes to tease Pepper because she’s an overachiever and there’s a Twitter “fight” between both businesses and the internet loves it. Increasing business and without knowing Pepper and Jack become friends all while trying to survive high school, their family drama and business. There are a lot of factors that happen to bring Pepper and Jack closer and to grow a friendship, which I enjoyed reading about and loved how so much connected at the end. 

I really wish I read a physical copy of this rather than an eARC because I always have a hard time reading digital copies. I still really enjoyed this, I just would have gotten through Tweet Cute so much faster if I read a physical copy instead. Regardless, a great YA book to read and I plan on buying a physical copy for my personal library!
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I was drawn to this book immediately when I saw the comparison to my favourite film “You’ve Got Mail” and after reading it, I was not disappointed. 

There are obvious differences, the fighting taking place on twitter as opposed to between rival book shops, but the frenemies to love interest classic plot is just as fluffy and delicious. 

It’s a really fun, lighthearted read, highly recommended!
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Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a copy of this book. Tweet Cute is the first book from Emma Lord and if this is an indication of future books from her, she has a new fan. The book is a super cute young adult enemies to lovers (except it’s YA so can I really say that?) story. Pepper and Jack both work for their respective family businesses and have been talking on an app for months though it’s anonymous. Enter a Twitter feud between the two and you’ve got a rom com.

I swear it reminded me of every good 90s rom com ever that had this type of theme. I thought it was really cute, though predictable. Definitely the fluff I needed with everything going on in the world.

You can buy the book on Amazon or maybe request it from your local library. Really a much needed bright spot in an otherwise dark time.

3.5 stars out of 5
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Thank you to the publisher for the review copy!

I've really enjoyed reading Emma Lord's writing on Bustle in the past and thought Tweet Cute (love the title) would be a super fun read but I just couldn't gel with anything in the book. The characters were painfully childish, the plot slow and the overall story cringy and uninteresting. Not for me, sadly.
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I loved this book. I thought the main characters were funny and likeable. The story itself was well written
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Thank you for the opportunity to read this. I will be posting a full review to Goodreads, Amazon, and Instagram.
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Tweet Cute is the cutest book ever I loved it! The twitter war between both family businesses, the anonymous app, and the wild desserts ahhh it was just so perfect! Pepper’s mom was a bit childish in the beginning and middle but then totally redeemed herself by the end. I loved the ending and the beginning and everything was just so cute and Grandma Belly was so sassy and great and the family dynamics were so perfect and just go read this book already 😱 I'm so glad there's a recipe for Monster Cake too. This was honestly just such an enjoyable book to read.
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