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Really enjoyed this fresh and fun read. Well plotted and I would read more from this author. A great idea well carried out and very enjoyable. No spoilers, but a must read!!
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Grilled cheese, Twitter war, and everything in between...
“It’s weird, how you have no idea how far you’ve come until suddenly you can’t find the way back.”
When someone asks me what kind of YA I recommend, this is the kind of book I’ll be talking about. 
This might be a cliche but it’s true, this is the first book by this author, and I can’t wait for the next!! It’s good that we find new authors with new writing and new stories for us to read. I loved that the story showed how different they twins were, each one with their personalities etc. And Pepper was the kind of person who was lost, but found herself, and stood up for what was right. Amazing read!
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What a great YA romance. It has everything. Siblings and parents making life difficult. Teenagers getting in the way of themselves. Rivalries and friendships. Schoolwork and social media. It's all mixed together and coming out as a really sweet story about Pepper and Jack trying to fit in without losing themselves. Going from being in the same class, to become friends, to become a couple in such an easy way that it feels normal and a must-happen.

I enjoyed this book very much and I would definately recommend it for anyone liking YA and contemporary novels.
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Super cute modern teen romcom with modern You've Got Mail vibes. I love having more happy, clean romcoms in YA! This one was filled with Twitter, meme culture, mobile apps, food, and witty banter. I really liked how the book showed how stressful the constant pressure of social media (in this case Twitter) can be for teens, in addition to pressures of what to do after high school graduation. I think this is a perfect book for tweens and teens in 2019. I wish we could have gotten a bit more of the family dynamics in the end but that might be my adult reader perspective talking and this book is already targeted perfectly for young readers.
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5 stars

Outstanding YA romantic comedy

Pepper Evans and Jack Campbell are both 17-year-old seniors at Stone Hall Academy, a ritzy, private school in New York City, which has only a total of about 325 students for all four grades. They know each other on sight, but they have never been friends, even though they’ve both attended the school the past four years, and they share the same pool on a regular basis where she is captain of the girls’ swimming team and he is captain of the dive team.

Pepper is an overachiever who is burning herself out, trying to be the Mini-Me of her mother, who is an extremely successful, high-powered businesswoman who started, expanded, and continues to run an expansive chain of family restaurants called Big League Burger. Her parents had an amicable divorce four years ago, and her mother left her father behind in Nashville, where the very first Big League Burger restaurant began, in order to move with Pepper and her older sister, Paige, to the Upper East Side in New York. Paige is currently a senior at a university in Philadelphia, but the two of them are very close and have created together a cooking blog specializing in desserts with quirky names. Pepper’s goal in life is to open her own bakery with Paige someday. 
Jack is a chronic underachiever who is confused about his future due to strong family loyalty to his parents’ quaint, East Village, neighborhood deli, Girl Cheesing, which was started many years ago by his beloved paternal grandmother, Grandma Belly. He feels that, unlike his charismatic twin brother, Ethan, his future is already written in stone. He will work in the deli the rest of his life, eventually inheriting it completely and running it himself. In contrast, career and life options are wide open for Ethan, whom Jack believes is destined for greatness. He is both glad for Ethan and envious of his freedom of choice. 

Jack is very talented at computer programming and is the secret developer of an app called Weazel that is available only to the students at his high school. He set it up so that users must have an email from the school itself in order to join the app, which effectively weeds out any potential catfishing predators. In addition, all the participants are automatically assigned a username by the app when they log in for the first time, which is always some kind of animal. Everyone remains anonymous in the main Hallway Chat, but when users talk to each other privately, one-on-one, Jack has the app set up to randomly out them to each other by their real names within one to seven days. Jack goes by the handle, “Wolf,” and he has been privately chatting with a girl with the handle, “Bluebird,” for the past two months. It has been going so well between the two of them, he has jury-rigged his app so it will not reveal their real identities to each other until he himself decides to do so. Of course, it is completely possible for Jack to know who each person using the app actually is, including Bluebird, but he’s made it a point to not look at that information for anyone, and definitely not for Bluebird. It would feel like cheating, like taking unfair advantage. And, most of all, he doesn’t want to take the chance that, if he knew who Bluebird actually is, he might not like her as much in person as he does while chatting. Or worse, she might not like him. 

Jack is incredibly loyal to Girl Cheesing, and he is incensed when he learns that the huge fast-food chain, Big League Burger, has stolen the recipe for “Grandma’s Special,” his family’s deli’s top-selling, extra-special grilled-cheese sandwich. Jack’s father tells him to just ignore it, but Jack refuses. He pulls up the Girl Cheesing Twitter account, which has a handful of followers compared to BLB’s millions of followers, and tweets at their account by posting a picture of the Grandma’s Special grilled cheese in a BLB wrapper, sitting in a puddle on the sidewalk with the caption, “Tell Me I’m pretty #GrilledByBLB.” Then the unimaginable happens. A famous 80’s pop star, who is apparently a big fan of Girl Cheesing and follows their Twitter account, retweets Jack’s tweet, and suddenly there are 3000 more retweets. 

Pepper sees the tweet from Girl Cheesing and is surprised to note that, yes, BLB actually seems to have stolen their recipe. She talks to her mother about it, but Mom acts like she doesn’t care and insists that Pepper write a snappy comeback to the tweet. Reluctantly, Pepper agrees. And thus begins a twitter war that takes the internet by storm. 

This adorable, "enemies to lovers,” YA romance is an excellent version of the classic, romantic, comedy-of-errors plot in which two people who are at odds in real life are simultaneously in love with each other as anonymous penpals—and neither realizes that their wonderful penpal is one and the same as an awful person whom they know and despise. This plot first appeared in the movie, Shop Around the Corner (1940), with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullavan. It was remade as a musical, In the Good Old Summertime (1949), with Judy Garland and Van Johnson. And updated into the modern, Internet era in You've Got Mail (1998), starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. This author does an excellent job, even better then any of the movie versions of this plot, of believably motivating how two people could anonymously know each other as penpals and also collide with each other in the real world. This story also excels at having those characters fall for each other twice, both as virtual penpals and in the real world, which is one of the fun parts of this type of plot.

I love Pepper and Jack. They are both likeable, sympathetic characters. The journey of their romance is often downright hilarious as the two of them battle it out on Twitter with funny, snarky tweets. There are also many excellently drawn subcharacters in this story, most especially close members of both their families.

The setting of different parts of New York City as well as scenes at their private high school are all well done and fun to experience.

This is a G-rated book suitable for all ages. It is a “slowburn” romance in that the first kiss does not happen until very late in the book. The hero and heroine do not drink, smoke, or do drugs. In fact, they both seem to be virgins who have not dated throughout high school. Jack has only been kissed a few times, and Pepper has never been kissed until she kisses Jack. It is well motivated that they have not dated, because they have both been too busy to date.

I really enjoyed this book and consider it a keeper that I know I will read and reread multiple times.

I rate this book as follows:

Heroine: 5 stars
Hero: 5 stars
Subcharacters: 5 stars
Romance Plot: 5 stars
Coming-of-Age Plot: 5 stars
New York City Setting: 5 stars
Writing: 5 stars
Overall: 5 stars
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Somehow this book reminded of the good old You've Got mail movie. 

Only this time instead of two bookstores, we have two restaurants going at it on Twitter. And a spat turns into a something 'oh so cute' - young love. 

This book has a lot to recommend for it. But most of all, be prepared for the hunger pangs that are sure given when you read Tweet Cute!
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A cute read about two teens who engage in a Twitter feud as they defend their respective family businesses. I was worried this would be all tweets, but thankfully it's not. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for the ARC.
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I thought this book was really cute and captured young, high school love very well. I liked the idea of the batting restaurant chains and thought it was refreshing that Pepper and Jack knew that they were the ones controlling the tweets right off the bat. I think the whole secret and then big revelation is used too much these days so I liked that they were upfront in the beginning. Overall though, reading this book made me hungry! I went and made a grilled cheese once or twice while reading😉.
My only critique would be secondary character development. I felt like Ethan was kind of a jerk throughout the book and suddenly at the end he became a better person which confused me. I also felt like Pepper’s mom and Jack’s dad had their own deeply rooted issues that needed to be resolved and not quickly tied up into a neat bow. There honestly could have been an entire book just for them (hint hint!)
Overall, I loved this book and thought it was a great read.
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Thank you Wednesday Books for providing me with this eARC from Netgalley.

4.25 / 5 stars

Tweet Cute tells the battle of wits twitter war between two food businesses. When Jack sees that a large food business stole his beloved grandmother’s grilled cheese recipe, he decides to fire back.  Unknowingly, Jack is entering a battle of tweets between himself and his classmate Pepper. Pepper and Jack have always had it out for each other, until things begin to change for them both. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this book! I was not quite sure how much I would enjoy this debut, but I am happy to say that I kept finding myself wanting to read more and more of this book. I will definitely be checking out future works from this author.

I will say that the ending did feel a bit rushed. I would have liked to see Pepper’s family interact a bit more at the end. I still enjoyed the ending and I liked that there was a deeper reason for the problem created with the supposed theft. 

Overall, I enjoyed all of these characters and the development they had throughout the novel. I found the plot to be quite humorous and entertaining. This would be a perfect spring or summer read. I thought that everything was well done and cute. This book is definitely something that teens can connect with. I like how the author still incorporates a feeling of home and tradition, while incorporating it in to a more modern form of communication and plot idea.

I would recommend checking this book out if it sounds interesting to you. It is worth the try!
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I mean doesn’t that sound adorable and like you need to have the book in your hands right now?

It does for me, because after just reading the synopsis I NEEDED IT!

Now that I’ve read it I can give it a rating and it gets a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

In her debut novel, Emma Lord brings us two of the most interesting, lovable and sweet characters I’ve read in YA in a long time.

We have Pepper, an overachieving  student who loves to bake and misses the kind of life she had in Nashville. How  it used to be before her parents divorced, created a fast food empire and her mom moved her and her sister to the Big Apple. She is now a senior, captain of the swim team and she helps her mother run the company’s Twitter account.

Then there’s Jack, a twin who seems to think is the least accomplished twin in his parents eyes. However he is quite accomplished, he has created several apps including his school’s latest social media obsession, an application that allows the students to chat with other students anonymously until the application’s algorithm reveals their identity to each other. He also runs his parents deli Twitter page, is part of the school’s dive team and every now and then likes to help his twin brother by pretending to be him for some school activities.

An unlikely pair that makes it work. They begin with distrust toward each other’s motives, but slowly work their way to becoming friends and begin to trust each other with more than just friendship stuff.

They talk about their hopes and dreams,  their issues with their parents, about how they really feel and it works out perfectly for them. I loved that whenever they think the other did something wrong they talk about it and solve the problem.

You really don’t see that a lot in YA books, normally the characters bottle up their feelings and then it’s a whole drama fest. But in this story all their conflicts get resolved easily because they actually TALK to each other.

Jack and Pepper are so unique in this world of contemporary books, they are sweet and you can’t help but like them right away. Lord created these unique characters that embodies what a normal teenage relationship should feel/be like.

There are so many reasons why this book is so worth your time. You see family drama, you see real friendship turn into something more, you see what regular teenagers go through, pressure from their parents, school drama and even sibling drama (which is different from parents/family drama). Everything about this book feels very real and relatable, basically I’m telling you it’s amazing.

If you want to fall in love with every chapter you read you need to pre-order Tweet Cute because for real this is a book you want to have in the new year.
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This was so adorable! Definitely not what I expected but I loved it nonetheless. Pepper was snarky but kind and I love the idea of a blog between sisters full of random ingredient desserts. And Jack was equally as lovable with his snark and loyalty to his family. I also enjoyed how the side characters had their own personalities as well. If you’re looking for a new and hilarious enemies to friends to lovers romance story you should try this one!
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this was not the book for me. I expected something else from what I got and I'm full of yikes right now. This book feels so long (and yet isn't??) and so filled with boring and mundane things. We have the two MCs going to school, going to work, swimming/diving, thinking about school, dealing with family, just hanging out, etc etc. All while softly trolling each other on multiple platforms (while also being dumb).

The POV switching was so weird in this one because Pepper would have three chapters in a row and then Jack would have one and then back to Pepper- it was just so uneven and it kept flipping around like that too. Also Pepper is the name of one of my cats so the entire book was just... strange for me.

I just don't care about social media and besides one (1) single chuckle, it was so lame. All the different ways they were "bonding" was so convenient and ridiculous. First on the anonymous app then on twitter then in real life and come on, what are the odds of any of this?
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Overall: 3.75/5 stars

Writing: 3/5 stars
Characters: 4/5 stars
Plot: 3/5 stars
Originality: 4/5 stars
Pacing: 4/5 stars
Cover: 4/5 stars
Ending: 4/5 stars
Enjoyment: 4/5 stars

This was such a cute story, the perfect young adult romance. Tweet Cute was funny at times and heart warming.

Tweet Cute is the story of Pepper and Jack, Pepper family owns a burger chain as for Jack family they have a small deli. After having their recipe stolen, Jack posted something on Twitter and it turn out to a Twitter war between him and Pepper. But what they didn't know was that on the side they were also talking to each other anonymously on this app Jack created. Oh and they are classmate too.

If you love enemies to friends to lovers scenario, this is the perfect book for you. I really like that we have mature(ish) characters, who are not into parties, but who are serious about their future and schooling.

The thing thought is that this book is not going to age well, this is very present with now references and in a few years it's probably not going to hold up so much. None the less, it was a great book. I would totally recommend Tweet Cute.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an advance copy in exchange of my honest opinion.
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this book was adorable! it was such a quick, fun read

the characters were great - so much character development!!!! i loved the banter between jack and pepper, both through the twitter war but also in real life. the anticipation of them getting together was killing me, but i loved it. 

all of the relationships between characters were believable and realistic. you could tell there was a lot of thought put into these characters, and i really enjoyed all of them. 

now i just want a grilled cheese
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I absolutely adored Tweet Cute.  I come and go on YA fiction but this was just so refreshing while also angsty and fun.  It is very much in the vein of another one of my favorite books Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum so if you enjoyed that book, I think you'd also enjoy Tweet Cute.  Emma Lord masterfully blends food, social media, teenage angst, gentle family humor and drama into a sweet tale that might leave you hungry but won't leave you unhappy at all. This is a truly delightful read and I know I'll re-read again in the future.
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This is going to be one of the best books of 2020, I'm calling it right now! It's got everything you could possibly want--hate to love, mistaken identity, unknown identity, grilled cheese, a baking blog, hanging out in the pool with boys after swim practice, "sure Jan", a family deli, and an app that the school bans but every student is on anyway. 

At one point our two main characters are communicating via THREE DIFFERENT mediums and don't know they're talking to the other on TWO of them. It's AMAZING this book is SO FUN EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT!!!!
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Such a fun young adult book. I was not sure I would enjoy this book in the beginning but it turned out to be so cute. I am glad I stuck with it to the end. It reminded me a little of Cinderella story with Hillary Duff and I loved that story. How crazy to not know you are falling secretly (on an app) in love with someone who in real life you believe is your enemy.
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“All right. No taking it personally. And no holding back …. Let the games begin.”

This book was just a really fun time. It had some of my favorite tropes (secret/anonymous penpals, enemies to friends to lovers). Pepper and Jack engage in an all out Twitter war brought about from their respective families restaurants and the apparent theft of a beloved family recipe. All complicated by the fact that their on good terms as captains of the swim and dive teams, and are anonymously talking/flirting on the chat app that Jack developed. Tweet Cute really has it all: excellent banter, charismatic characters, and an abundance of delicious food. You don’t want to miss this addicting read.
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I adored this book. I'm not typically into sweet teen romances. I prefer something with a little more edge and danger, but this book was adorable. I totally shipped the characters. They are quirky without being over the top, and I loved the friendship that builds between the duo before the romance eventually blooms. This book is perfect for fans of Jenny Han's To All the Boys I've Loved Before and like Han's novel, it would make a great little movie! Fingers crossed on that one!

Warning: Do not read while hungry because Tweet Cute has some seriously scrumptious depictions of yummy delights.
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This book was everything I expected it to be and more.

I really had fun going through it, it was the right amount of fun, light and heartfelt.
I wish more books like this existed.

I really don't have much to say about this, it was just so good!!
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