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The ability to debate from both sides of the aisle is one of our greatest strengths in the political arena.
A time not so long ago, when personal opinions, judgments, and conspiracies didn't place themselves at the doorstep of the opposite party. When 'fake news' wasn't the overall agenda. When journalist could write freely without being subjected to death threats and physical violence upon their workplace, their family, their associates. When politicians could have a nice night out including a lovely dinner with friends without worrying about harassment from a deranged individual(s).
When the upright thumb wasn't representative of all in every photo alongside the red hat as the new norm. After all branding is important but not when you're running or attempting to run a country.
While I would love to entertain sound arguments with factual documentation I cannot entertain an author who wants to further divide our nation.
It's dangerous and it's wrong and while I appreciate this author's views and her intellect I cannot go along for the destruction that will surely result.
I've always believed actions speak louder than mere words and I think DT's record speaks volumes. I believe his high turnover rates, lack of transparency, body language of both himself and his enablers, and divisive stances utilizing never ending and constant defensiveness on every issue speaks for itself. Who has to argue to get their point across? Who must throw temper tantrums and have miserable outbursts while constantly 'selling' himself for publicity sake?
Who must show constant animosity towards anyone who dare not believe in the 'Kool Aid' being sold? Who blatantly shows you his character and his feelings for being above the law daily?
He is not above the law. He is not superior. He is a person with a long track record and I believe you cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the truths of his past both personally and professionally.
I have dealt with narcissism and malignant narcissists most if not the entirety of my adult life. Having married and happily divorced this personality trait disordered hot mess.
So I can speak from experience rather than from a place of opinion as I lived it and I know what the end result and outcome will be for our country. Yes, I understand this cognitive dissonance you speak but not in the way you fashion it.
I cannot diagnose from afar, I've never met DT until he flew in to campaign at Mohegan Sun Arena off of Highland Park Boulevard in Wilkes Barre. I attended for the sole purpose of seeing for myself with my own eyes.
I welcome differences of opinion and welcome collaboration from both sides.
Sadly this was not the case in this work and when I reached the half way point it was poured on thicker than gravy for the Far Right.
You decide but here's a few quotes: "The president is right. The wall works." This taken in reference to the author noting: "What's also not getting much national media coverage are comments like this one, from Mark Morgan, former Border Patrol chief in the Obama administration ..."
"I also believe Kavanaugh."
I'm sorry but everyone has there day in court. I watched his demeanor. I watched his explosive commentary. I watched a man that I've never met lash out against a women who appeared far more credible and believable with more self control and appeal than her counterpart.
Your ability to not see both sides was quite interesting. As a survivor of abuse I've often been told, "If he was so bad why did you stay?"
This is similar to your statement in which the survivor of abuse is put on trial and dissected much more than the 'alleged perpetrator.'
One of the issues I have is with appearance. On the outside these toxic individuals can be dressed to the nines. They are calm, cool, collected and appear to be model citizens. Yet behind closed doors they are Jekyll and Hyde personas. They are monsters in disguise. Sadly the devil doesn't always come equipped with horns.
Any survivor knows the constant state of 'flight or fight' mode. They understand the perception , the labels, the constant source of criticism from those who never lived nor would ever understand this lifestyle of mere survival.
Rape is not something to find fault, blame, and throw labels upon and is in fact a serious sexual crime.
My abuser worked a block away from the White House. He mingled with the President and his staffers on a daily basis. Yet he would come home and abuse his wife and kids. Should anyone be enamored by his attire or wish to congregate with his high school pals they too might only mention he was quiet or withdrawn. Perhaps he wasn't sociable appearing as a loner. He might've been involved way too much in his work.
Yet to his wife and kids we know this same model guy as someone who ripped the doors off the hinges to attack me. Who had machetes and knives to remind us of the harm if we didn't go along to get along. The threats, abuse of all forms not merely physical, the constant looking back never forward, the 'egg shell' moments are real.
Please don't believe that because a man of impeccable character appears normal cannot be violent. Please don't do this to all survivors!
"Yet, during the course of the hearing, senators added into the record letters signed by hundreds of women who knew Kavanaugh throughout his high school, college, and professional careers, and who described him as a man of impeccable character."
I'll never forget my abuser having been arrested for violating my PFA order with ICC violation, having refused nearly 2 yrs of child support payments, having documented all police records and 911 reports of abuse in which kids could be heard crying and yet still his enablers would follow him blindly off a cliff to protect his image.
You mentioned cognitive dissonance but failed to mention smear campaigns and how they ruin a person's life and livelihood.
Those who are subjected to them spend years trying to redefine and rebuild their lives.
It's no joke.
" While the anchors and media pundits appeared stunned by the concept of Candidate Donald Trump becoming President Donald Trump, I was not."
As a survivor of abuse I know the end result. I trust actions not words. Empty promises and broken dreams are not what our founding fathers envisioned.
A constant disrespect towards humanity and the Constitution speaks volumes.
I was repulsed by this comment, When we jump and bark -all too often we are not sure what we are barking at, we are just certain that barking is our job."
Ironic you picked a dog to reference to humans barking however, I will note this comment sealed the deal for me.
What we need is to go back to basics. Doing the same over and over is the definition of insanity.
Changing course is needed and the only way that will happen is in removing all toxicity and getting back to normalcy.
It's exhausting to see the bickering, the drama, the lack of direction, lack of educated and qualified personnel beneath his office.
I cannot imagine how this person came into office. I can only pray for our Country. I can only hope that evil doesn't win out over love, compassion, empathy, and support for humanity, our local and state laws , our Constitution, and our democracy.
Look at what's been accomplished to date. Vote for who you best believe will defend our country and protect our citizens. Vote with confidence and not out of fear, intimidation, bullying, or threats.
Speak up and never stay silent.
Boundaries are needed now more than ever but a wall divides us and cannot be placed around our entire nation.
We cannot live in a bubble.
"As people mature, they usually learn to control their emotions, not deny them, but to channel them productively.
I agree to disagree with you and with all due respect as a survivor of malignant narcissism I beg of those reading this review to educate themselves especially in regard to terms such as gaslighting, mirroring, projection, triangulation, love bombing, hovering, smear campaigns, enablers, flying monkeys, gray rock, brain washing, emotional blackmail, pay to play schemes, corruption, nepotism, fight or flight, ptsd, cognitive dissonance, manipulation, abuse of all forms including but not limited to emotional, verbal, physical, psychological, religious, sexual, financial, and more.
God bless the USA.
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The author did a great job of explaining the current political climate and the fears many of us have in sharing our opinions with others politically.  She also offered suggestions and hope for change and the importance of us being united as one country, despite our personal beliefs.
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