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Stoicism is a practice that I have become interested in within the last three years, and I am always on the lookout for books that explain the concepts of this way of life and thought. This book did just that - a great read.
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It took me a few tries to get into this book. I've read the works of Marcus Aurelius as well as Ryan Holiday's writings on stoicism, so this wasn't unfamiliar territory to me. For a first-time reader, it might be a little dense. But all in all, it's a motivating work that makes practical applications of ancient wisdom. Definitely one for the stoicism bookshelf.

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I feel there is a lot of misinformation around on stoicism and it is perhaps seen as "keeping a stiff upper lip" and accepting whatever life throws at you. But it is so much more than that. I see it as managing your own behaviour so that you react to whatever life throws at you in a healthy way. It is a "practice" and a way of life. Mr Ferraiolo uses the famous stoic tracts by Epictetus and Augustine, among others, to show how we can live now by learning from these past masters.

"The stoic sage does not make demands on the external world, but instead develops self discipline so as to deal reasonably with the world as it presents itself."

"We need not (and should not) concern ourselves with the thoughts, opinions, and behaviours of others. As these are beyond our control, they also ought to lie beyond our concern."

"No one can force indecency, cowardice, or any other vice upon a virtuous man. The only person that one has the power to diminish, degrade, or devalue, is oneself."

I think these few quotes show the emphasis of stoicism and the author's slant on taking responsibility for ourselves and getting away from following the crowd or "they made me do it." This is a book with a lot of content but it is an easy read and one I will be returning to over and over again. Especially when I feel the behaviour of others impacting me in a bad way.

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I took my time while reading this book and have since purchased other books on stoicism. 
Ferraiolo has written a book that can serve as the basis for understanding this ancient mindset.
While intellectually dense at times, it remains readable by all who desire to understand stoicism and embrace its timeless essence.
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I am interested in Stoic philosophy and have read several books on the subject, but I found this too academic and dense to engage with. I am sure a scholar of Stoicism would find it valuable, but for a layperson it's quite challenging and hard to penetrate.
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This book can be repetitive at times. It is strictly more philosophical than applied philosophy like Ryan Holiday's works.
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This book beautifully applies the ideas of Stoicism to the modern world, sifting through the words of two thousand years ago to find the valuable life advice for today's problems and bringing them to a modern audience. So much of our current age is defined by this ever-present specter of "anxiety" and I have long wondered what solutions we might have to come to as a society. A stoic revival might be one solution. I found Ferraiolo's "IDEA method" supremely helpful. This book was exactly the right length for any reader to get through and I think it's a gift that many people would benefit from and love.
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Stoicism is the new old self help. Like Bullet Coffee. Taking something classic and putting a fresh churn (haha) on it. 
I'm a fan of the classic philosophers,  though I like Aristotle, they all have something to offer. 
Author Ferraiolo does a creative justice in helping the reader feel confident and perhaps bolder while reading this history and Ferraiolo's take on the great Stoics.
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