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101 More Mixed Media Techniques

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I enjoy doing mixed media projects, so I enjoyed browsing through the ideas in this book. I already do a lot with collage and washi tape. These type of books are fun for adding creative techniques to my art journaling.
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As the name suggests, this book explains a huge number of creative techniques in interesting and diverse ways and utilizes everything from plants to plastic bags to interesting and beautiful effect. The book has step-by-step directions that are easy to follow, includes exhaustive lists of materials needed for individual projects, and gives information regarding various tools. I think everyone will find at least a few (probably many) projects in this book that artistically excite them. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC! The opinions in this review are honest and my own. #101MoreMixedMediaTechniques #mixedmedia #art #nonfiction #create
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Love this book! It s full of great ideas and techniques that I am really looking forward to experimenting with!
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I've always had an interest in mixed media since way back in art at school, and this book has brought that interest back to the fore. Packed with inspiration using many different items and techniques, there is something to inspire everyone inside.
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I really enjoyed this book of all kinds of creative ways to add to multi-media art. From embossing with tire treads to adding dyed cheesecloth to burning the edges of a piece, there's just all kinds of creative inspiration to add to your artwork. Kids and adults alike are likely to get lots of inspiration.

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I read a temporary digital ARC of the book for the purpose of review.
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This was a fun book with a bunch of various techniques to get one inspired to do more mixed media art.
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101 More Mixed Media Techniques is a book that established artists can use to enhance their images.  

There is an Introduction covering basic tools & materials (drawing and painting) and the usual colour wheel.  Then it moves onto the 17 main chapters of techniques such as edges, using fabrics, pyrography and many more.

Each chapter contains an extensive list of materials required to achieve the effect and very simple steps on how to apply them to your picture, with just one or two steps to explain how to do it, with photographic basic steps on how it looks at each stage.

There are some nice ideas here, but its not something you can just pick up and follow easily if you are not an artist nor could these ideas be used with your children very easily.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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Even though I do not like the cover (too messy in my opinion ) I love the content! I just started with mixed media, and this book is chock full of ideas. Not all projects are explained in detail, but it is a very inspiring book. I implemented several techniques already and I expect many more ideas to use in the future. Great book when I will end up in an inevitable artist’s rut!
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101 More Mixed Media Techniques is a resource and inspiration guide to visual arts techniques. The media covered are varied and include: watercolor, resists, inks, pyrography, surface treatments such as distressing and aging, embossing, pens/pencil/pastel, and more.

Released 2nd July 2019 by Quarto on their Walter Foster imprint, it's 128 pages and available in paperback, spiral bound, and ebook formats. This is the second book by these authors, but works very well as a standalone. All of the techniques are accessible and achievable by beginning artists. As such, this would make a superlative classroom art-resource and a good addition to the artist's home library. Many (most) of these techniques and applications could be used by children if supervised.

There are no templates or tutorials, as such, but there's plenty of inspiration here for readers to apply to their own projects. Walter Foster is well known for the quality of their art books. This one is full of clear and appealing photos of the different techniques. Each page includes photographs of the media, along with sidebars with extra information and refinements of the basic instructions. The book is written as a collaboration, so there is a wide variety or artistic styles and something will surely appeal to virtually all readers.

Five stars. Really well done.
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I enjoyed reading through 101 More Mixed Media Techniques -- it had numerous sections from simple such as Borders and Edges to more complicated such as Pyrography.   The pictures were generally motivating and the instructions seemed good.   Really the only downside would be that due to the vast number of ideas, there is not much room allotted for each.  But as an overall guide to showcase many of the multi media ideas available it seems to hit the mark.
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This follow up to 101 MIXED MEDIA TECHNIQUES is exactly as the title implies.  The techniques inside were an interesting collection of ideas I had never known existed/thought of, and I loved the step-by=step instructions, as well as the photographs along the way so you know what something is supposed to look like.  Some of the instructions in here taught me where I had gone horribly wrong with some Pinterest fails in the past, and as soon as I saw the photos of how it should look I went "Oh, that's what I did wrong."  Both books are definitely a great collection for not just artists, but also for those who like to use mixed media while journaling, scrapbooking, etc.
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This book explains how to make different textures and designs.  It lists the simple steps to creating each.  Mixed media is unique and looks difficult.  This is such a helpful resource for learning what type blends with what.  I immediately obtained several of the tools suggested and begin to experiment.  Ideas of my own projects flourish as I go through the step by step processes described.

I recommend this book for anyone interested in mixed media techniques, either as a novice or one who wants to refresh old ideas.  It provides a general type of media (e.x. gelatos) and then shows ways they can be used (painting, stamping, blending, stenciling, mixing, drips and splatters, etc.).  It is amazing how much information is packed into this guide.

I recommend this book for the serious artist and the people just wanting to explore.

I received an ARC from Quarto Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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This is a fantastic book of mixed media techniques - there are so many good ideas and all are explained in enough detail to move forward. Supplies needed are listed and ideas are explored with each technique. This is a must have for artists that would like to explore new areas to expand their art. Loved it!!
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I want to try some of these. Nope - I want to play with most of them. This art DIY volume will bump up your mixed media "I wanna" and your creative "I can do it." 

The book offers bright cheer as well as information. You'll look at your tools, your page, and your creative goals in a fresh way. Enjoy this exploration of craft and art - you might even want to take it along on the next girls-night-out and plan an art date with your friends.

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101 More Mixed Media Techniques was offered to me as a advanced reading copy for an honest review and I was delighted to read through this book.  Several sections really stood out to me including alcohol inks and pyrography as well as antiquing (hello, tea stain!).  I loved reading about all the inclusions that can be applied and the creative ways to find them.  It’s simplistic in style and rich in detail on techniques for creating a mixed media collage.  I was happy to see all of the textures included that I hadn’t even thought of using prior.  I’m looking forward to creating my own now instead of relying solely on the work of others! Thanks to Quarto Publishing and Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book.
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This book has many different techniques to try. My favorites were the sections on alcohol inks and watercolor. I also loved the wood burning projects. So many great ideas!
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This book is packed with ideas for mixed media techniques, so many that I would recommend it as a source to look for initial inspiration rather than a guide book. It is definitely a "process, not product" book, but that can be a good thing for creativity since you are looking at the techniques, but not trying to replicate a final piece. Where I would have preferred some interest in the final product, is the actual design of the book. It looked haphazardly put together, and with a target audience of creative people, this should matter. And, although this isn't art related, I was dismayed to find a project that uses styrofoam shapes as an alternative surface. There are so many possibilities of surfaces to use for art, styrofoam seemed like an unnecessary addition considering how bad it is for the environment. 

Thanks to NetGalley for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I like this book, it is well presented and gives readers a snapshot picture about various techniques use to produce effects I mixed media. Mixed media has been around for awhile now and there are many books outlining various project or art works, this is the first that I have seen that gives a quick reference of many different types of effects that can be achieved with different surface treatments.
A good all round book for people starting out or ones that want to see what else to try..
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I'm not the kind fo reviewer who gets a print version to review, which is fine, but it does mean I get some slightly-askew perspectives on a lot of books, and the thing that caught my eye immediately with this one was the table of content. It told me that this book is designed as a print book with no thought given to electronic format readers because there is no click option to go to a specific part of the book from the content nor to return to the content, unfortunately, although I guess you can always use the search function if you know what you're searching for. That aside it was well laid out and organized.

The book opens with a word or two on materials and supplies, and then quickly launches into the various sections, which cover borders and edges; embossing and casting; drips, drops, and sprays; aging and antiquing; pens, pencils and Pastels; yarn and string; fabric and fibers; using metals; resists and masking; alcohol inks; watercolor monotypes, pyrography; washi tape; alternative surfaces; spray inks; ephemera; and finally gelatos - and I'm guessing that's not desert!

As you might guess from this, I'm not a professional artist or any kind of artist really, but I love to learn, and I learned a lot from this, including some new terms/techniques I'd never encountered before despite reading a lot of art books! Each of the above sections is broken-down into actual techniques for achieving the required effects. For example, borders and edges covers such techniques as cut, torn, and colored edges; burned edges and sharp borders; colored border effects; and applied borders.

Each section is subdivided this way with a simple, but detailed path working towards the desired outcome with step-by-step instructions augmented by photographs. For example, the section on embossing covers not only embossing by hand, but also by vehicle - yes, setting up your materials in front of the vehicle tire and driving over it to create the emboss. This section also includes making your own pulp paper, creating molds and using found objects. The section on aging and antiquing employs several methods, including recycling teabags. This is something soccer player Arrogant Alex would not be able to appreciate, I suspect!

This isn't just about method and technique - it's fundamentally about art, and some of the art work including as examples here is quite remarkable regardless of what technique was used to produce it. The picture on the tea bag antiquing page is really quite outstanding, for example, as is the ocean and beach in the section on pastels, the rose in the 3D fabric effects section, the bird and the butterfly in the candy foil accents section, the chicken in the wax-resists section, the two pictures in the cling-wrap effects, the amazing image in the using yupo section (plus now I know what yupo is!). The stag and the butterfly in the pyrography section are noteworthy. I'm not a big fan of 'day of the dead' style art, but if you are, you'll no doubt love the decorated 'coffin' in the 'burn outside the box' section.

And on that score, if this book does nothing else for you, it will unquestionably get you out of any rut you might be in, inspiring you to try something new and experiment more. Washi tape, for example, is something I learned of only very recently, and the section here on it is short, but it contains four different items on the uses of this tape. Alternative surfaces is another out-of-box experience section, covering the ABC's: acrylic, burlap, clay as well as fabric, styrofoam, wood, muslin, and glass - always a fun medium to explore in art. A word about the flammability (especially in a paint environment) and non-biodegradability of styrofoam would have been appreciated. It's a nasty material.

So overall, the book is comprehensive and really helpful. It covers a lot of ground in relatively simple steps, and will no doubt make a major contribution to any artist who wants to stretch themselves or improve on techniques they may already possess. I commend it as a worthy and education read.
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This book is bursting with a variety of more adventurous techniques using mixed media.  The book is full of pictures providing inspiration and ideas for developing your own methods.  There were not quite enough instruction steps to the projects to follow exactly but enough to get you going.  Some techniques required special tools and equipment and even though most people would not give them a try it was nice to see the experts at work.  Overall a lovely colourful idea book to dip into.
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