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I occasionally toy with the idea of going vegan, so I'm always on the lookout for a reasonable cookbook. I like that this one is what I call "normal people food". It ranges from family dinner standards to party food. The ingredients aren't outlandish nor do they center on premade meat substitutes but instead utilize some base recipes for sauces and protein. One I would consider for purchase should I commit to veganism.
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You will find dishes for desserts, lunches, breakfasts, dinners and snacks in this quality cookbook. Enjoy such things as waffles, cupcakes, dumplings, pizza and jambalayas with the recipes being all vegan. The 100 recipes in this cookbook include such things as Quick meals, Easy recipes and Party hits. The photos are fantastic and lend to the recipes wonderfully giving you an idea of what you are going to get. I look forward to trying the ice cream sandwich!!
There are actually many appealing recipes in this cookbook, but there are more elements of this cookbook to enjoy. It includes tip boxes too. You’ll get ingredient-free signs such as sugar free or gluten free, which are helpful. The overall layout is well done as well making it easy to work through the cookbook and the recipes are well written. The recipes are a nice variety for typically up to four people and don’t take too long to fix. Some are for larger groups, such as parties and some take longer to fix, but overall the recipes are perfect for everyday meals. There are a few different recipes in this cookbook too so along with the favorite recipes you’ll have some interesting recipes to consider trying too or not it’s up to you!
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Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this cookbook.  I like how they marked the recipes into categories of light, balanced and comfort food. The only thing I did not enjoy was the cheesy illustrations/drawings at the beginning. I would've preferred real pictures instead.  What I really enjoyed were the recipes!!  There are so many out-of-the-box recipes and things I never would've thought to try out.  I know a lot of vegans I will be gifting this to.
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I don’t have a lot of familiarity with vegan cookbooks – I’m a milk-drinking, cheese-eating, sour-cream addicted vegetarian. But now that my sister and stepsister have gone vegan, and a new vegan friend has started attending my wine industry events at my house, I need to brush up on my vegan cooking skills.

Now as we all know, there are more than plenty of vegan cookbooks already out there. The way Vegan Everything distinguishes itself, however, is it focuses on supplying recipes for vegan versions of things you might crave every day: Bagels, pizza, ramen, quesadillas, and desserts like berry cheesecake and peanut truffles.

As a tempura lover, I can’t wait to check out how to make Thai tempura. “Bavarian samosas” from the Global Fusion section sounds a little too fusiony for my personal tastes, I’ll stick with samosas from India thank you.

Besides the 100 easy recipes, the book includes tips on shopping for your fridge, your freezer, your pantry, and for your kitchen tools; plus advice on shopping seasonally, growing your own, keeping vegan meals from being expensive, using up leftovers, and shopping smart. That would be really helpful for new-to-veganism folks just dipping their toes in the water. (Coconut water, if you will permit me to make a small joke).

The vegan recipes are divided into Healthy Start (morning and breakfast); Snacks & On the Go; 20 Minute Dishes (that’s my kind of cooking!); One Pot Wonders (less cleanup! yes!); Cooking for Friends & Family; Date Night Dinners; Breads; Dips, Pesto & More; and finally, the most important section of the book, The Sweet Stuff.

While I, as a dairy-eating vegetarian, probably wouldn’t bother to make any of the dairy-free desserts in this book unless a vegan friend was coming over, I’m anxious to dive right into several intriguing recipes here including Savory Corn Waffles, Savory Scones, Polenta Lasagna, Olive Ragu, Cauliflower Steaks, Spinach Strudel and Swiss Chard Pie. Those all sound delicious, and they aren’t something I’ve attempted cooking before. I will rush to make the Hot & Sour Soup recipe though, especially now that the nights around here are finally getting colder.

A few of the things are too health-food-store-y for my personal lifestyle – I probably won’t be interested in making Coconut Farro, sauteed fennel, smoothies or energy bars. But if you’re trying to eat healthier, you’ll be glad those recipes are included in this vegan cookbook.

The food photography in the book is contemporary, gorgeous, well lit, and inspiring, the way it of course needs to look in 2019.

The recipes are well laid out, clear and easy to follow. Each comes with a brief introduction, an estimate of time it takes to prepare and how many servings, list of ingredients (and if applicable, tips on where to find the more unusual ingredients), numbered instructions, and usually some sort of tip on making the dish or shopping for its ingredients.
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I’ve had the good fortune this year to read and review some wonderful cookbooks, mainly vegan and vegetarian. While some of these cookbooks weren’t very adventurous, sticking to the tried and true with a few embellishments, some like Vegan Everything by Nadine Horn and Jörg Mayer introduce the vegan cook to new adventures.

Horn and Mayer take the reader on a world cruise of cuisine. I was very happy to see a recipe for Bánh Mì, a Vietnamese sandwich with French influence, that has gained popularity since I became a vegetarian. While I may never try the original, I can now try a vegan version–which I can assure you, I will. Likewise, there’s a recipe for tom yum, a Thai soup that I’ve missed filled with coconut-milky goodness, ginger, cilantro, and chilies, to name a few of these ingredients.

This cookbook also offers another kind of adventure for this home cook–the opportunity to make cashew cheese and a raw cheesecake. Seriously, I am excited about trying these.

The authors have provided a note that indicates whether the dish is comfort food, balanced, or light. Even some of the balanced will seem like comfort food to me.

The recipes are divided into the following sections: Healthy Start, these are breakfast recipes that go beyond the norm; Snack-on-the-Go, sandwiches, salads, mobile snacks like roasted chickpeas; 20 Minute Dishes, self-explanatory title with a good variety of recipes including an Indian, Middle Eastern, and Far East; One Pot Wonders–I love these kinds of recipes with little clean-up, again lots of variety in these dishes from Jambalya, Tom Yum, Chickpea Tart, and Fiery Koshari (which has my interest and taste-buds piqued); Cooking for Family and Friends, burgers, fajitas, pizza; Date Night Dinners, a little more sophisticated cooking, I must try Polenta Lasagna; Party Hits, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Antipasto Boats, yum; Breads; Dips, Pesto, and More; Sweet Stuff, the home of the must-try Berry Cheesecake.

If you’re like me and love the wide variety of flavors that world cuisines offer, you will love this cookbook. Some of the recipes go beyond what the original dish might have been to create a fusion of sorts. All good. I can’t wait to dive into these recipes.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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As a vegan, I was excited to read this book and I was not disappointed.  The recipes are simple and delicious.  Many colourful pictures which I loved, so I can see the result of the finish product.  With my soy allergy and gluten free diet, I did not like the many recipes that contain soy and gluten.  With so many individuals that are gluten free and have soy allergy, it would have been nice to read a vegan recipe book that accommodates these issues.  Over all good book.
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Can I really say anything but yum?
Although I am not a Vegan I have several food allergies. I think that the recipes in this book were great and I have made several of them and they were easy to follow instructions and they tasted good as well. Looking forward to trying more of the recipes in this book.
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Disclaimer: I was given an advance reader copy of this ebook from The Experiment via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This cookbook truly has everything.  There is something for anything that you could be craving.  There is a very good variety of recipes and all seem easy to follow.  I would recommend this cookbook if you want one that will cover a lot of different flavors and a variety of types of dishes.
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Love the cover and the information included. Recommended for any library looking to expand their alternative eats cookbook collection.
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I thought this was a pretty informative book. It will show you how to start or continue your vegan lifestyle through colorful pictures included with mostly easy to make and delicious recipes.
100 vegan recipes of everything you could possibly need, from quick on the go meals to party foods and cultural favorites this will be the only vegan cookbook you'll need.

Expected publication: November 1st 2019 by The Experiment.
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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Interesting and informative resource book. It is evident that the author put a lot of effort into educating the readers about this subject. Highly recommend.
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Vegan Everything is a delightful cookbook that covers, well...everything. I was impressed with the variety and accessibility of the recipes. I particularly liked the labels on each recipe: light, balanced, comfort food.

Lots of colorful pictures, easily available ingredients and uncomplicated but delicious recipes. 

**I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and unbiased review of this book
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Vegan Everything covers exactly what its title suggests- vegan recipes. It features a wide variety of dishes including quick breakfasts, one-pot meals, sauces, comfort food, and baked goods as well as providing helpful tips for people interested in the vegan diet. The recipes use ingredients that are relatively basic and common kitchen staples with simple but comprehensive instructions and the dishes look appetizing and are beautifully arranged with lots of color. A nice place to start for people interested in a plant-based diet.

*Thank you to NetGalley and The Experiment publishers for providing a free ARC
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I’ve been a non-meat eater for over 30 years…but I sometimes eat fish--or as my friend put it, “oh, you’re a HYPOCRITE!” So I don’t exactly qualify as a vegetarian, let alone a vegan…but I aspire to eat healthy, so I was very happy to receive a copy of Nadine Hom’s Vegan Everything from The Experiment and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. Subtitled “100 Easy Recipes for Any Craving – from Bagels to Burgers, Tacos to Ramen,” I figured I’d find something better than the things I’ve tried in the past.

There are 100 vegan versions comfort foods and “fun new inventions and healthy options” Some of the sections with recipes include “Party Hits,” “Quick Meals, and “Easy Recipes,” which has things like Speedy Ramen, Overnight Oats, and Peanut Truffles (WHY do I always look at the. Desserts first?). I admit I’m not overly excited about Bavarian Samosas or Thai Tempura, but I’m a notoriously boring cook, so maybe I need to expand my horizons. This week I AM going to try the Mexican Paella, and if it is half as good as the photo looks, I will be ecstatic. A great-looking book, it is enjoyable visually as well as being a terrific source for ideas. Five stars.
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3 out of 5

**OMG!  I cannot believe that these reviews haven't been done!  I am so sorry they are so late!!!**
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Vegan Everything is a great cookbook for the established vegan or vegan chef, especially those in large, diverse cities. I love that the recipes are ones that aren't "meat replacements." I have never liked the idea of "replacing" meat in my diet. I am happy to be vegan and prefer to make naturally vegan recipes, rather than vegan versions of animal products. That being said, I enjoyed her section on sauces, including a vegan mayo. Sauces have, for me, been the hardest thing to find since I went vegan. Her sauces sound, not only delicious, but easy to make as well.
There are some downsides to the book. The recipes use a large number of ingredients, some of which are difficult to find. I live in a mid-sized city, which I consider fairly diverse. Some ingredients I can find at the international grocery stores/markets, but others I've never heard of or can't find locally.
They also favor more Mediterranean and Asian recipes, so I wouldn't consider it "everything." Lastly, it relies heavily on glutinous products. The book isn't marketed towards gluten free people, but as one, I typically find it easy to replace glutinous ingredients. These complicated recipes often seem reliant on the gluten. Because of this, I am not confident that I would be able to easily adapt the recipes to my dietary restrictions.
Overall, I think it is a good cook book for the vegan who likes to cook.
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This is a cookbook I would buy when it is published.  The recipes are easy to follow, the pictures are beautiful, and the food looks delicious.  I really liked that there wasn't a large section (like a lot of cookbooks) at the front of the book telling the reader about each and every single kitchen gadget/spice/small appliance that is needed for these recipes and then going into great detail.  For the most part, everyone will have the basics, or something that they can make work for the recipes; I liked that this cookbook kept it short.  One of my favorite things about this book is that there was a picture accompanying every recipe.  I find that I am a very visual person, and much more likely to try a new recipe if there is a picture along side of it.  The cookbook does not disappoint with the variety of recipes, it contains a very diverse group of recipes - - it is truly Vegan Everything!!
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While we aren’t vegans due to various food allergies, we do eat a lot of them and enjoy trying new ones and new recipes. There are some great, easy to follow worth easily attainable ingredients recipes. Definitely recommend for vegans and non vegans alike!
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This book is packed with a vegan version for so many dishes!  The recipes in this book aren't just normal duplications of comfort foods or traditional dishes, but things that have more flavor and flair and come from a variety of cultural and culinary backgrounds.  The dishes felt like they would be easy to make and ingredients wouldn't be difficult to find.  The overall aesthetic of the book is very nice and the photographs are perfectly done.  I was impressed to see that each recipe has a photo; a subtle detail that I love and that is very important.  This book isn't just a cookbook, but a manual for cooking vegan food and for adapting to a kitchen with only plant-based ingredients.
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"Vegan Everything" is a vegan cookbook covering a wide variety of recipes. I liked that she didn't always mimic meat-lover favorites but sometimes created unfamiliar dishes. She did use gluten-containing grains and occasionally even added gluten (seitan), but there were some gluten-free recipes. She did use soy, but there were plenty of recipes without soy, too. Because of this variety, probably everyone can find some new recipes that they can use.

The author occasionally used store-bought vegan "dairy" or "meat" in a recipe. Some recipes added oil or sugar or used less healthy options like white bread. But other recipes used whole grain bread or used fruit for sweetening. Most of the ingredients can be found in my grocery store. I also felt like I could easily make substitutions to the recipes to suit my tastes.

Each of the 110 recipes had full-color picture of the finished product. The recipes usually served 2-4 people. There were 11 recipes for Breakfast, 8 for Snacks (including chips, salads, crackers), 10 recipes for 20-Minute Meals (for which the prep time was 10-20 minutes, but the cook time added another 20-40 minutes), 11 for One Pan Used Meals, 12 for Family Dinners, 8 for Date-Night Dinners, 9 for Party Hits, 7 for Breads, 25 for Dips, Spreads, etc., and 9 for Sweets. I intend to try out a good number of these recipes.
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