The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle

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What I Loved:  A non-fiction story that read like a fiction book.  My daughter was so interested in the story.  She kept asking, so this is a true story mom, a "NON-FICTION".  It was so fun for her to imagine how this favorite treat of hers came to be.

How I Felt:  The book paused with each piece of science that led to the final creation of the Popsicle and would have a Do-It-Yourself page on how to try this science experiment.  It made me so happy to see this as I have children that adore a good science experiment day!  This book would be great in schools and classrooms.  Children become connected to the story and then see how the science behind it worked.

To Read or Not To Read:  Everyone can read this book.  It's an easy story for a young child to enjoy, but it would hold the attention of up to a 4th grader because the content is very intriguing.

What's This Book About Anyway?
Frank Epperson invented the Popsicle as a man, but as a boy, he was already in love with science and inventions.  He had the spark of genius as a young child, that he held on to until his adulthood when we pushed himself to create it and sell it.

Thank you to NetGalley and KidsCanPress for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle: The Cool Science Behind Frank Epperson's Famous Frozen Treat, written by Anne Renaud and illustrated by Milan Pavlovic, is currently scheduled for release on October 1 2019. Frank William Epperson is a curious boy who wants to be an inventor when he grows up. Since inventing begins with experimenting, Frank spends a lot of time in his “laboratory” (better known as his back porch) trying out his ideas, such as building a double-handled handcar that whizzes past the single-handled cars in his neighborhood. What Frank loves most, though, is experimenting with liquids. When he invents his own yummy flavored soda water drink, his friends love it! And this gets him to thinking: “I wonder what this drink would taste like frozen?” Though he doesn't yet realize it, his curiosity will lead to his best invention ever: the Popsicle!

The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle is a biographical picture book that shows young inventors and dreams that yes they can start experimenting early, but that it does not have to be all they do. I like that the book shows young Frank experimenting and questioning things- but it also shows him playing and doing other things.Too often I see books about great inventors or scientist only showing the person doing things involved in their subject matter- which can be daunting to young people that might want to follow a similar path. I also like that it shows Frank finding success, and having things go wrong. I love that there are experiments, with instructions, woven through the story that will allow readers to try some of Frank's experiments. The illustrations did a good job of capturing the mood and time of the story. I thought that the book was very well researched and love that the back matter includes a bibliography, historical notes, and photographs. 

The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle is a good read for young readers that have inquisitive minds and might want to experiment a bit on their own. This might just inspire some future inventors to keep trying new things.
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Great story about Frank Epperson, the inventor of the Popsicle. I love that he was only 11 years when he first got the idea. Wonderful way to show children that they are never too young to come up with the next big idea. The illustrations are so fun, and the story is told in a way that is both entertaining and educational. I especially love the science experiments included in the text. I just added this one to my latest book order. Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
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Loved both the story as well as the pictures. 
The text too is placed in god places. On one page, it is in the place of an opened door.
There are some fun experiments. By the end of the book, you understand why you are asked to do the oil, water and color experiment. This is to illustrate the challenge in freezing the soda fast so the flavor is all present instead of settling to the bottom.
Kids and adults will like the story alike. Go Frank with your invention.
Kids from 5- 50 years and counting, all love otter pops.
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I loved this!

It has Eperson’s story, experiments that the readers can try at home & great illustrations.

It shows children that being an inventor doesn’t have to mean building contraptions & machines, they can invent using any materials.

I would love a copy of this in my classroom.
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Adorable!! This book is great! Its got everything, a good (historical!) Story, cute artwork AND experiments!! Perfect for kids of all ages especially closer to summer!
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Well, technically, the boy did invent the popsicle, but it wasn't until he grew up that he perfected it.  

This book is actually pretty cool, how it explains the science behind making a popsicle works.  The only problem is that the science tends to interrupt the flow of the story. 

This is a good book to help kids get interested in inventing and in science, and if they want to learn how to make their own popsicle.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.
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Thanks to Netgalley for sending this copy to me in exchange of an review. 

This is great story about a boy who persevered and made the popsicles. He kept trying with different recipes and perfected the recipe of the Popsicle. My son and I loved the pictures and it helped him visualized the story more.

Overall, my son and I recommend this to parents and children needing a good summer time bedtime story.

Thanks again. My son and I really loved this book.
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The true story of Frank Epperson’s journey to invent the popsicle is fascinating from being to end.

In the book, The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle: The Cool Science Behind Frank Epperson’s Famous Frozen Treat is an adorable story packed full of history and science.

From the beginning, you will meet Frank as a young boy. Even when he was little, Frank loved experimenting and coming up with new inventions. As his tinkering continues, Frank finds himself playing with lots of different flavors and combinations of fizzy pops.

It is through his inventing one day that Frank decides to take his tasty creations to the next level by allowing them to freeze outside overnight. With this one change, a lightning bolt has struck the world of Frank Epperson.

However, it isn't until he is grown that Frank returns to the sweet invention of his childhood and develops his first versions of the Ep-sicle.

With the support and love of his family, Frank continues to grow and change his version of the Ep-sicle. Eventually, the popularity grows and the Ep-sicle becomes what we all know and love as the popsicle today.

The design of this book is brilliant from beginning to end. I loved the story, the cover, the book jacket, and the illustrations. My favorite part of this book was the fitting experiments that tied in with the plot of the story.

Readers will be able to experiment right alongside Frank as he goes through his journey to develop the popsicle. These science experiments are so fun and kid-friendly. Readers will adore the hands-on opportunity to learn right alongside the book as they read.
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Having classrooms that are boy heavy, I am constantly trying to find new nonfiction books that will appeal to them. We've really enjoyed reading books similar to this in the past, so I knew this one was one I wanted to check out. I love that it includes experiments that we can try out as we read through the book, and it includes actual photos of the popsicle inventor. This will probably be a book I add to my classroom library and recommend to our school librarian.
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Kids will love reading about the invention of the popsicle! Frank Epperson was a curious child who love experimenting and inventing. He especially loved to try different experiments with flavored soda water. Though he lived in California, there was one day it got below freezing and the soda water froze.  At age 11, Frank discovered a yummy treat! And the rest, as they say, is history!

This is a wonderful story of curiosity, experimenting and invention. This is the type of story kids need to be reading to stir their imaginations to discovery. Included are several experiments and even a recipe. These are the perfect inclusion in a book that encourages curiosity and creativity. Kids will be inspired that Frank was around their age when he was making all these discoveries. Teachers would be remiss if they did not include this in their STEM curricula. 

If you are a word nerd like me, you will enjoy the author’s word selections like clamoring, gaggle, confections and concoctions, and phrases like “tinkered and tested” and “analyzed and scrutinized”.

I highly recommend this book!

I received a digital copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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So cute. So clever.  I wish there were more non-fiction books like this one.  I not only learned about the popsicle, which I'll tell you is kind of a big deal at my house, I learned that salt helps things freeze more quickly.  Having grown up making ice cream you'd think that would have been obvious.  But there you have it.
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.   Thank you NetGalley!
adorable kids book. 
we loved the illustrations. 
the story was unique & easy to read!
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This is an interesting look at how the popsicle came to be and how Frank made it possible. I enjoyed the artwork too.
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I received this arc from NetGalley for an honest review. This is a great book about who invented the popsicle. The story is funny and I loved that there we experiment throughout for kids to try.
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A commendable book for young readers, only giving us one example of resilience, invention and success, but doing it well.  Our hero invents things regularly, it seems, but when he comes up with a frozen ice-lolly in various fruit drink flavours, it leads to a fortune being made.  Oh, and you could say he came up with it when he was still of school age.  The story is done well for this audience, and we get a bit more information with the teachers' notes to close.  We also have four perfectly home-friendly science experiments to try out, which might have been at the end and not interrupting the narrative flow, but are a welcome addition all the same.  Definitely worth a look, and a cool four stars, if not frozen ones.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I enjoyed this storybook. It tells the real life story of a young boy who through various experiments and trials invents the popsicle which is now loved by many. Loved the pictures and narration.
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Summer seems like a perfect time to read a book about the invention of the Popsicle! This lovely picture-book biography reveals the story behind the invention, and a short sketch of the life of its inventor, Frank Epperson.

For me, the strength of this book is the narrative. The weakness, unfortunately, is the layout. The book features four experiments for kids to try, and while I understand why they were placed where they were (inserted at points that corresponded to concepts just discussed in the story), I found that it really broke up the flow. And I wonder if some kids are going to get sidetracked by the first one of these experiments and simply abandon the story while they run off to try it. I think I would've preferred seeing all of these experiments placed at the back of the book for this reason. (The experiments themselves look pretty cool, although I do question the one that has kids making fizzing lemonade with water, lemon juice, and baking soda. The instructions have you tasting the lemonade at this point, and then state that you "can add" sugar, implying that it's just a suggestion. I think budding scientists will learn very quickly that the sugar isn't actually optional!)

The illustrations are okay, but not particularly memorable. I do like the fact that they accurately portray the time period in question, though.

Overall, this is another nice biographical picture book from Anne Renaud. For those looking for a true tale about a historical figure--framed in an easy-to-read picture-book format--this one shouldn't be missed.
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This is a welcome book, especially during the summer heat. The invention of the popsicle is a well-told story of how an inventive boy developed a much loved product. Experiments that young readers can do are placed within the narrative to involve young readers in learning about freezing liquids of various kinds. The illustrations capture the interest in invention, the hard work behind its success, and the yummy results.
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Interesting and fun fact book about a popular treat! Great illustrations! The experiments are simple and fun. Enjoy this book with kids!
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