No Room for a Pup!

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This was a sweet story about a little girl who wanted a puppy but her mom thought they didn’t have room. The illustrations are lovely and I like the premise of the book but I wouldn’t read it to my kids. It’s hard enough to get kids to respect the parent’s decision that I don’t want to make it seem ok by reading books that encourage that.
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No Room for a Pup

by Elizabeth Suneby and Laurel Melk
illustrated by Laurel Melk

Want to read a book guaranteed to put a smile on your face? Read No Room for a Pup by Elizabeth Suneby and Laurel Melk. 

Mia lives in a small apartment in a big city and desperately wants a dog. Her mother is certain their apartment is too small for a pet. Mia has a clever idea and teams up with her grandmother and various friends to show her mother that their home is not too small to share with a puppy.

Children will enjoy predicting the direction this scheme will take and may even guess the ending as depicted showing the puppy grown up. Short, with likable characters and appealing illustrations, No Room for a Pup will be a reread request!

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Kids Can Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Children’s Fiction

Notes: Age: 4-7
	 Grade: Preschool-2

Publication:   October 1, 2019—Kids Can Press
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This was a fun book to share with the grandkids. Mia really wants a puppy, but her mother says there is no room for a pup. She doesn't give up so goes and talks to her grandma. They hatch a plan to change mom's mind. What follows is a fun situation of "it could be worse" as all sorts of things appear in the apartment. My grandchildren, especially my grandson, thought this was hilarious. He laughed at all the goings on and loved the illustrations. This is a retelling of a Yiddish Folktale - It Could Always be Worse, in a fun way for children. I could see using this in a primary classroom and then having them come up with their own stories using the same premise. Any book is a hit when the kids ask me to "read it again grandmama."
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*received from netgalley for honest review* Really cute art work and mostly cute story, but wouldn't read to a kid who wants a puppy. you may come home to  zoo lmao
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In No Room for a Pup, Mia dreams of having a puppy, but her mother says there is no room for even a pint-sized pup in their tiny apartment. Mia visits her grandmother, who lives down the fall, every morning for breakfast. Mia and her grandmother devise a plan to convince Mia's mother that she should get a puppy. Humorous hijinks follow as Mia's grandmother arranges for neighbors and friends to crowd into the tiny apartment with their pets. In the end, Mia's mother decides that there might be room for a pint-sized puppy after all.

Young readers will be drawn to the humorous hijinks of Mia and her grandmother as they invite animals (and people) into the tiny apartment. The illustrations are cute and definitely "sell" the appeal of the "pint-sized" pup. Although some elements of the book are fun, it is hard to ignore the fact that Mia and her grandmother team up to go against her mother's decision. There is no lesson learned other than that disobedience ultimately helped Mia get her way. Although young readers may enjoy the story, this book is not one that I would select for a read aloud with my children or my students. 

I received a free copy of this title from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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My Daughter's Thoughts:
My daughter loved this book's illustrations.  They were colorful and fit the story perfectly.  She loved the story and thought all the animals were so cute.  She rated this a 5 stars, no question.

My thoughts:
The illustrations were great in this book.  The parts where there is chaos in the house were so well done.  It was quite fun to look at.  The story was well-written and entertaining.  The little girl, Mia, is so clever!  The idea she comes up with to get her mom to let her have a dog is great and made for a wonderful story.

What's This Book About Anyway?
Mia wants a dog, but her mom says there's not room, not even for a little pup.  She tells her grandmother her plan to get a dog, and grandma is ready to be a part of the mischief!  Soon grandma is staying at her house and has brought her pet parrot, then a neighbor drops off the animal grandma has promised to pet-sit.  And this continues as the house becomes more and more chaotic.  The little apartment that did not have room for even one little pup, suddenly is so full of animals and friends, it seems there was room after all, but is it enough to change Mia's mother's mind?
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What an adorable book for any pet lover!  My 8 year old granddaughter and I loved reading this book together.  It is cute and funny with wonderful artwork.  Is their apartment too small for a puppy?  You will have to read it and see!   I highly recommend this book.  Thank you to NetGalley and Publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Energetic, lively, and pets!

I have nothing negative to say about this jolly retelling of a Yiddish folktale. It may sound impractical, but I’ve let my youngest sibling have a look at it. Because, who can better judge its contents other than the children themselves? As it turns out, she (my 8-year-old sister) loved it! “
Upon my asking why, her response was, “Why not! It’s got pictures, puppies, cute other pets, kind people around who only wanted to help. Of course, I love it!”

Now that’s mostly how children should see a story, simplistic mind that only sees good. Personally, I tried looking into it differently. But I am sorry I couldn’t see anything past the remarkable artwork of the book. I recommend it to the parents to read it with their kids and just enjoy the story. 

A big thank you to NetGalley, Kids Can Press and the author for the digital ARC of the book.
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A wonderful book. I don’t recommend any parents reading this to their child if they don’t want a puppy though, as this book may encourage him/her to push you to get one. It is a cute story with a unique story line. I would recommend this book. Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this for free. This opinion is entirely my own.
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A story of a little girl who only wants a puppy, but her mom says the apartment is too small. So of course, my type of girl, her grandma and her, plot to trick her mom into seeing that the apartment is not as small as she thinks it is. They are mischievous and silly, a story that will make you giggle till you fall asleep.
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I don’t usually choose a book by its cover . . . okay, who’s kidding who? I do let the cover influence me, and that’s the exact reason I’m reviewing this book. I fell in love with the dog on the cover.

That being said, the book brought about a love/dislike relationship for me. I absolutely adored the artwork. But the story left me cold and a bit confused as to whether I really liked it or not.

When Mia asks about a pet, her mom tells her that their apartment is very small and that there is no room for a dog, even a pint-sized pup. But when Mia sees that someone in her apartment building is giving away puppies, she begins to hatch a plan.

Grandma, who lives in the same apartment building loves the plan and immediately helps put it in motion.

Normally if the main character takes initiative to make a plan on how to solve their problem I’m happy. But, in this case, I wasn’t as pleased.

I don’t want to spoil the story by giving away too much, but Mia and Grandma are hard at it trying to prove there is room for a dog. And the last page, as cute as it is —and it’s VERY cute — really validates Mom’s point.

When I closed the book I was left with two feelings.

1. Girl, don’t be so serious, it’s a picture book, for Pete’s sake!
2. Little Mama, it’s a terrible example for precocious kids, or for that matter any kids.

What Concerned Me:
I felt totally conflicted. Even if the story is based on “I-want-a-dog story meets the Yiddish folk tale about how things could always be worse” as stated in the publisher’s description, it didn’t quite work for me.

What About That Rating?
My rating of this book is based more on the fact that it can be a fun story with a lesson to be learned if you treat it as such. So my rating? 5 STARS for the illustrations. 3 STARS for the text. This is the first time I’ve ever felt the need to rate a book that way, but I couldn’t figure out anything better.

What I Liked Most:
The illustrations were soft, detailed, and so whimsical. They appealed to me immediately.

Bottom Line:
Readers, despite my review, don’t be too quick to pass this book up. It is perfect to use as a teaching lesson. And when you read it you will know why. The last page says it all. And it absolutely has some great qualities to share, laugh and discuss. You be the judge.
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This wonderful picture book is about Mia who lives with her mom in a small apartment in a big city.  Mia really wants a dog but her mom says no.  Mia's grandmother helps her come up with a plan to change her mind.  This is a lovely story of creative problem solving.  The art work in this has a warm loving energy that is just terrific.  It would be an excellent story to use to compare to "It Could Always be Worse" by Margot Zemach if needed another reason to love it.
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Love, love this story! No Room for a Pup! is adorable, and it will touch your heart as you cheer Mia, the main character, on in her mission to convince her mom to let her have a puppy in the house. With the help of her grandmother, Mia comes up with a plan that will put mom's main argument that there is "no room for a dog" away for once and for all.
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A big thank you to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for the ARC.I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is a children's book. I loved this book. It made me laugh!  Great graphics, fun story. 5 stars kids will love this book
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Review to come in September.

I received this picture book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A sweet girl wants a little puppy, but will she get it or will she have to keep dreaming? Is there room for a pup? 

A relatable theme, doesn't every kid want a pet of their own? I know I wanted pets, and I had plenty of fish, some mice and hamsters, and oh yes at times my great-aunt's bird visited and stayed for a while. In this one a little girl wants a puppy but there just isn't room! Or is there? I had a laugh that the girl was thinking the same way I would think if I wanted a pet, I just want a tiny pet, not an elephant!

I had a laugh at our girl's plan though. Oh my goodness. That is quite the plan. Though I did think the chaos was a bit over the top. Yes, there are tons of animals, but if you keep a good eye on them I am sure it will be fine. Now it was just bedlam and while I was laughing I was also thinking that this all could have been easily prevented. 

I won't tell you if her plan worked, just will tell you that I was delighted with the ending. Though it also made me snort and laugh really loudly. That last page!

The art was pretty cute!
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A little girl with the help of her grandma plot together to show her mom that there just might be room at home for a pup! The engaging hijinks and variety of pets will bring smiles to children. Young animal lovers will want this book!
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So, No Room for a Pup by Elizabeth Suneby and illustrated by Laurel Molk is a good/bad story. On the one hand, it's a really cute tale about a little girl who wants a puppy in her life, but on the other, it's a slightly problematic tale about a kid and her grandmother who go behind the backs of parents and reasonable logic all for the emotional desire of having a dog.

The book follows young Mia as she requests and mulls over her desire for a dog. Of course, as she and her family live in a rather small apartment, getting a dog isn't really all that feasible. But when Mia's grandmother sees how much she wants a puppy, she sneakily assists Mia not only in getting a puppy but hiding it in her parent's apartment without even consulting with them. The end result is that, naturally, they now have no choice but to keep the dog.

The truth of the matter is that this is an incredibly adorable story with wonderful and excessively cute artwork that a part of you can't help but adore. But then it's also worrisome in its message. It suggests that it's okay to sneak behind your parent's back in order to force their hand on getting you that dog you so desperately want. While parents can certainly supplement this book with a discussion about the issues that the story brings up, but even then...why should they?

In so many ways, this book should have been more about Mia's hard work to prove to her parents that she can take care of a dog and finding logical solutions to the fact that there's little room for a dog in an apartment. It even could have been about the Grandmother getting a dog that Mia would help out with since she lived in her own apartment. What it should not have been about was a Grandmother helping a child to sneak a dog into the apartment.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Blog review to go live on 08/12/2019.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Beautiful watercolor pictures of the story of a child who wants a puppy but moms says she can't have one.
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This is such a cute, funny and clever book! It is written in a way that will be accessible to some of our 2-3 grade readers which is always an area of great need as far as easy and interesting books go! I would highly recommend it!
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Every kid wants a dog, right? Mia is no exception. She wants a dog more than anything. But according to her mom, there is just NO ROOM in their very small, but big city apartment. One day, Mia  and her grandma go visit a friend who is giving away puppies. Of course Mia falls in love and it’s with a small spotted one who crawls into her lap. Now she just has to convince her mom to let her keep him! Witty grandma has a sly plan. She contacts some of her pet-owning friends who bring over their pets  for Mia to sit. With a big variety of critters safely in the little apartment, will mom be convinced there is room for the little dog? Well we don’t want Mia to be heartbroken. 
My favorite surprise is the ending...
Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it...
No I want you to be ready to be surprised when you flip that last page. 
I feel patrons will want read this book many times.
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