The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb

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A simple, easy to understand version of the classic parable. The illustrations are very charming. This is a good story for a Sunday school class.
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The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb is an adorable book by Antonia Woodward. It is a retelling of the Story of The Good Shepherd. This is a story that I am very familiar with, but this one is told from the point of view of the little lamb, I loved it. The lamb wanders off following a butterfly, playing with some new friends and having a great day. Kids will definitely identify with that. He loses track of time and suddenly realizes he is lost, alone and scared. He baas for the shepherd, who arrives and tells the lamb that he went looking for him as soon as he realized he was gone. The beautiful illustrations are full of emotion and animation, yet very simply drawn with amazing colours. A wonderful discussion about God/Jesus always being there for us, even when we do things we should not do, followed the reading of this book. We also talked about mom and dad loving us even when we do something wrong. The final comments by the shepherd, “You can never get so lost that I can't find you, and you can never wander so far away that you can't come back.” caused a fun question/answer session of, "What if I went to Italy? What about the Moon? Can he find me if I go under the ocean? and so on with my grandson. I kept assuring him that God would always find him and he liked that. A definite addition to the family library and I hope to purchase one for the primary Sunday School class at my church.
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This is a reworking of a parable. I love the imagery of being with the lost sheep and the descriptions given, however I feel as if the message of the parable is lost in the perspective.
This said, it is a beautiful story with stunning illustrations.
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The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb is a lovely book by Antonia Woodward. It is an updated version for children of the good shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine sheep in safety to go look for the one lost sheep. 

There is much to love about this book, such as the Bible reference is given at the beginning for the reader to look closer if they wish. Then the beautiful illustrations seem simply done but so expressive. They add to the story without distracting from the text. Also it is a book that many ages can enjoy. While young children would certainly enjoy this story read to them, an early primary student could easily read it on their own. Maybe most important this wonderful version stays true to the heart of the original story. 

The lost sheep is probably one of the most well-known of the parables told by Jesus.  The Not-So-Very Lost Lamb gives the perspective of the little lamb. Imagine how the lamb might have wander away, not really meaning to go so far away, unable to find his way back, yet the title says he is not-so-very-lost. Perhaps that seems odd until the shepherd says, “You can never get so lost that I can't find you, and you can never wander so far away that you can't come back.” Now that does a heart good, thank you, Lord. 

The publisher through Net Galley provided a digital ARC. This is one I will purchase in paperback as a children’s gift. I have voluntarily decided to read and review, giving my personal opinions and thoughts.
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This was such a lovely story and I thought that the images were lovely, the story had a lovely flow to it.  It is 4 stars from me, it was well written and I loved the images –highly recommended!!
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A lovely retelling of the story of The Lost Sheep from the Bible, focussed on the lamb that gets lost. Distracted by exciting sights, the lamb soon loses his way and becomes frightened and lonely. He wonders if he’ll ever get home until he hears the shepherd calling his name.

With child-friendly language and beautiful illustrations this story can be loved by any child. Although based on the Bible story, there is no mention of God or Jesus in the story itself, with only a reference to the appropriate passage on the dedication page. This would be a good book for a classroom, or home with young children, whether Christian or not. The reference to the Bible passage gives opportunity for further exploration but only if the reader wishes.
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Oh my Lamb! As soon as I saw you were missing I set out to find you, and I haven't stopped searching for you since! You can never get so lost that I can't find you, and you can never wander so far away that you can't come back. My dear precious lamb, you're safe. I am here! 

One of the best bible parables that Jesus taught and is the bible for us today. Our children need to hear those words and understand the implications as a sinner who is lost. The story is well done, easy to comprehend, and it brings a spirit of thankfulness that we need to follow to Jesus. Both child and parent will be blessed by these words and illustrations. Highly recommend.

A Special Thank you to Lion's Children Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I like that story. Being raise as a catholic I heard those stories many times, but this one was always one of my favorite, maybe because it isn't much of a religious story. It's, for me at least, a story about love, being there for the people we love, and doing/helping them do the right choice. Very good message in it even if you're not catholic or don't care much about religious story, I don't, but the message in this one is good for everybody!
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Antonia Woodward is a rare talent. Not only is she able to bring the stories of Jesus to a modern audience, she has the skill to transform her selected narrative with stunning artwork to illustrate the story.
With a note to parents where the story comes from in the Bible this up to date account of the lost sheep will delight a new generation.
Nothing here but an age old tale of God’s love as seen in a little lamb who lost their way; only for the shepherd to search near and far to find them.
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