No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday

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If you're contemplating going on a package holiday with young children, read this. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt,and Ms Bloom is scarily accurate in her description. If you ignore the hen party and the jilted bridegroom, that is.
Funny and well plotted, with fab characters and a suitably uplifting ending, the story had me hooked from the start, right through to the last word.

Highly recommended
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This book was laugh out loud funny it was a good time I don’t know much about holiday but I would like to go on one I know that this is my first book read by this author but it will not be my last
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Another hilarious novel by Tracy Bloom who never fails to make me smile and lift my mood! I’ll be buying more copies for friends, everyone needs a bit of Tracy Bloom in their lives!!
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A laugh out loud read, perfect for those who can appreciate what it's like to holiday with kids in tow, with a few unexpected mishaps thrown in for good measure.
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Great funny book.

6 good friends and their children go on holiday Katy and Ben Daniel Gabriel, Craig ( braindead) and Abby are looking for fun. and games on this holiday.   But with 2 children under one,  a two year and six-year-old, this is hardly likely.
This is the first time any of them has taken children abroad.
Ben Braindead & Kary all seem normal compared to the others. Gabriel can speak fluent Spanish which helps a lot Abby wants to join in with a hens do she befriends on the flight over and Daniel is acting the dram queen beliving the package holiday is beneath him.

This book has some hilarious moments and will have you laughing out loud at the antics of the party. Daniel is the most hilarious one in the party and i loved his story.
A very funny book with attitude.
Thank you, NetGalley. xx
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I didn't realize this was a series and I must now go back and read them! This was - hearted, hilarious and fun. I don't have kids myself, but I could relate to the hilarity.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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LOL is the best way to describe this book. It was such a fun, chaotic whirlwind that I read it super quickly! Entertaining at every turn, four out of 5 stars from me! I didn't even realize this was a series but didn't feel like I was missing any info as I read this particular book so maybe this can live as a standalone as well. Might have to go read some of the other books in this series now...
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No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday was another great book by Tracy Bloom. A great edition to the series. I laughed out loud all the way through. A fab, easy read.
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No-one ever has sex on holiday by Tracy Bloom.

I’m sure this is a hilarious book to some but it was just plain stressful to me! I have a 4 year old daughter, so I know how difficult trips can be with kids and how sex goes out the window with kids. I thought I would be laughing at how relatable it is... but I wasn’t. 

It was a quick read, a bit tricky with the English accent coming through the writing. But I was able to deduce the meanings from the conversations most of the time. 

I received an ARC copy thanks to #netgalley

#nooneeverhassexonholiday #arcreader
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This is a fun light read perfect for the summer and if you need a quick laugh or 100. I admittedly was a little bit lost because this is a series read but I didn't let that deter me from appreciating the characters and the story told. I'm going to be honest the thought of going on vacation with 6 friends and our kids makes my anxiety spike. LOL, I am way too much of an introvert for that but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy reading about it.

I'll definitely have to pick the rest of these books up and start from the beginning. All in all, a fun read with some slight predictability but enjoyable nevertheless.

Thanks very much to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy of this ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Lovely feel good read. It was well written and flowed well. I enjoyed it very much. The plot was good and interesting. Hard to put down
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Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
This was such a fun read! I didn't know it's part of a series but it can easily be read as a stand alone too. This book is just perfect for when you're on a sun bed on a Holiday destination. It's about 3 couples who take their young children on their first Summer Holiday abroad. Think Spain, budget airlines, buffet restaurants and hen parties and you'll get the picture. While all the couples crave some much needed fun and relaxation they will soon find out that a Holiday with small children is pretty hard work! And besides all the practical hassle it's a challenge not to loose yourself or each other. 
I must say that this is a particularly entertaining read when you are a parent of  young children yourself. There is plenty to relate to. The struggle is real! ;-)
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Thanks to the publishers for sharing this one. I'm still really enjoying this series. It's light and funny, and a quick read. My full review appears on Weekend Notes.
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Following on from No One Ever Has Sex at a Wedding, the friends head off on a package holiday together. They meet up with a hen party and a ditched honeymooner. What could possibly go wrong…?
Abby wants to go out partying rather than spend time with her husband and child. Daniel has high expectations as he is used to luxurious holidays not package deals. Katy and Ben are trying to keep their own children entertained but also help desperate bride-to-be Cassie and dumped non-groom Olly.
This was an hilarious book but there was also some sadness. I could identify with Abby’s feeling of losing her identity even though I hated her behaviour and thought she was selfish especially as she reveals that her parents abandoned her on their holidays to enjoy themselves.
The style of writing is easy to read and light hearted. The events are extreme and VERY funny. I would go as far as saying this is the perfect feel good holiday book, expecially as it is sure to make you feel better about your own holiday chaos!
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A great beach read! Laugh out loud moments and scenarios were great! I highly recommend reading this book.
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A fun read. I had trouble getting invested in Braindead and Abby (my fault because I've missed a couple of books in this series), but it was great to see all the characters again. A bit ridiculous at times, but what good rom com isn't?
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This book was an average read. I had been expecting more but it was still an ok book. It was humorous and brought a smile to my face. 
Writing style was of average quality 
An ok book
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This was my first book by Tracy Bloom, and though it was a cute and entertaining summer read, it wasn't really for me. That being said, I'm sure this will appeal to a lot of readers who are looking for something light and, at times, humorous.
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I love Tracy Bloom always a fun read. Great beach read of thinking you’re going on a relaxing holiday with the kids. Ha, no way would Tracy Bloom let that happen.  Light hearted but too true and the same thine. If you are a parent you can understand.
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Katy, Ben and their four close friends are about to embark on a family holiday to spain for the week. The couples think they are prepared for what this holiday will have to offer but they soon find they were completley wrong and in for a drama filled, not so relaxing week away. They bump into a honeymooner spending his honeymoon alone after being jilted and a group of Hens who cause mayhem from the get go. This soon turns into be a unforgettable holiday filled with laughs, tears, frustrations and no sex!


No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday is the 5th instalment in the series by Tracy Bloom. This book works perfectly fine as a stand alone as this is the first read for me. I have to say however, it definatley won't be the last! 

From the get go the book was light hearted, down to earth and humerous, I was cracking smiles right from the start. The jumps between the characters were easy, the story flowed and once I began to read I generally struggled to stop.

I found the characters to be very believeable and I felt I could relate to them as they seemed like 'real' people. This book does a fantastic job at bringing the light how tricky relationships and family life can be, it shows that children aren't easy and having children is not a decision to be taken lightly as it can be straining at times. It definatley got me questiong if I was ready for that kind of commitment.

No-one Ever Has Sex on Holiday was a relaxing and enjoyable little read that definatley puts you in the holiday mood despite the dramas the characters face. thankfully I have one booked!
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