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The Equinox

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Not to be read in the dark!! this book was really really good! Gave me the chills reading it. If you like horror this book is for you.  It is about  a demon shapeshifter known as the walker who gets loose every spring and fall equinox.  Can they stop the killing in time before the equinox again or will this time keep it loose and murdering.  Spirituality and modern day beliefs collid in this book as the charcaters come to grips with reality and face a force that they would normally not believe exists.   look forward to reading more from this author.
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I read the first edition of this book. I gave it five stars and immediately added it to my favorites shelf.
MJ Preston became my go-to guy for horror. I have read everything he has written since.

This was his first novel. Wow! What a read! Reading this book reminded me of Stephen King back in the day. It's a great story. 

I'm going to reread it now. :)

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If MJ Preston had not specified that this was his first novel, I would not have known. This is a true horror story and it was brilliantly written by a superb author. 
The Equinox is Native American folklore with a modern twist. It is based on a creature called the Walker which is very similar to what is known as the Wendigo. I think every horror buff would know about that monster. Daniel Blackbird made a horrible mistake and, as a result, is tasked with finding and recapturing the Walker. It keeps eluding him leaving a trail of disemboweled corpses in its wake. When the Equinox happens, the Walker will get even stronger and the world as we know it, may come to an end. Will Daniel Blackbird be able to convince the authorities to help him stop the beast before it is too late?
I loved everything about this story. The descriptions were exquisite. The character development was perfectly done. Everything was perfect!
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