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Beautiful on the Outside

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Read if you: Want a fun, funny, but also sweet memoir about someone who beat the odds.. 

If you've been a longtime figure skating fan, Adam Rippon is no overnight media sensation. However, that's what he became at the 2018 Winter Games. Not only did his beautiful skating attract new admirers, but  his witty personality and outspokenness also endeared him to many.

I knew the basics of Rippon's story--oldest of six children, parental divorce when he was young, a rocky post-juniors skating career, financial struggles in his twenties, coming out in a United States Figure Skating official magazine, a catastrophic injury, and a nervewracking 2018 Nationals--but I definitely didn't know the intimate details of such.. He is remarkably honest (and mature) about the very difficult relationships he has had with his parents (all much better now), which I definitely didn't know about. 

This is a chatty, warm, funny, and inspiring memoir. It is not an explosive or bitchy tell-all. He is obviously protective of his loved ones and acquaintances, save for a possessive ex-boyfriend and a mean girl from elementary school (who frankly, both deserve it). . Even if you're not a skating fan or have closely followed his career, Rippon's story is an inspirational one without being too sentimental or hokey.

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