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No Surrender by Christopher Edmonds and Douglas Century is a gripping historical memoir like no other I have read before. Books about World War II are available everywhere you turn right now but this is one you should really pick up and read. After his passing, Edmonds goes on a journey to find out all he can about his father, who was a prisoner of war of the Nazis during World War II. This is a look into the experiences of not only Edmond's father but also those who he served with and whose lives he saved. He grants us a look into the life of a remarkable man, a hero, that lived his life not only for himself, but in the service of others without looking for recognition for doing so. I highly recommend this read!
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I always love WW11 era stories, both fiction and true life, which is why I asked for an early copy of No Surrender. Inside it’s pages we are introduced to the remarkable accomplishments of Roddie Edmunds, a Methodist country boy from a small Tennessee town. Roddie was a special individual who was born with a moral compass that was unwavering in its ability to point at what is good and right in the world. Christopher Edmunds, Roddie’s son, has compiled a rich history of Roddie’s remarkable achievements in the face of insurmountable odds. From his childhood days as the youngest boy in a family left empty by the death of his mother to his heroic achievements as a POW in Germany facing some of the worst Nazi’s history has ever produced, we get to know this remarkable person. Ever humble, Roddie never revealed much of his life during WW11, and many of the richest descriptions of the hell these POW’s survived is supplied through extensive interviews with those who knew and served with Roddie. Definitely recommend for anybody to read, but will definitely appeal to WW11 history buffs. Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced copy.
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The story of one man uncovering his late father’s wartime experiences through his diaries and interviews with fellow soldiers would be interesting to anyone fascinated by World War II or family history. It is also a story of deep faith, faith that sustained through the worst of times and uplifted and endured long after overcoming adversity.  If you were moved by the story of Oskar Schindler, you will find this memoir equally powerful. How one  very young, inexperienced sargeant displayed incredible bravery and protected an entire camp of  American POWs through the worst conditions of internment in a German prison camp is a remarkable story. Add to that the moral courage he showed in defending the Jewish soldiers in that camp, and you will see how the efforts of one individual can change the course of history. One warning. Your progress in finishing this book will be impeded as you stop frequently to wipe your eyes.
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No Surrender is a touching story of a son's posthumous discovery of his father's bravery and captivity by the Natzis during WWII. Chris Edmonds is compelled to know more of his father's war experiences, stories that he shared little of during life, after reading his father's diaries. Traveling throughout the US and across the sea to retrace his father's steps, Chris tries to imagine the trials and trauma that his father, Roddie Edmonds, experienced as he fought alongside his friends during the Battle of the Bulge and spent time as a POW in a Nazi camp. Chris's admiration and respect is a reminder to us all that there are unsung heroes in every war.
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Exceptional book relating the father’s service and trials during WWII. Very well written and i could not put it down once I started. I strongly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in that period of history. I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley and the publisher and this is my honest opinion.
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No Surrender tells the story of Roddie Edmonds, a World War II soldier who bravely saved the lives of many soldiers in a Nazi POW camp after being captured in the Battle of the Bulge.  Roddie was so humble that he chose to not share his bravery with others, even his own family, which is almost unheard of in today’s society.  He raised his family and after his death his son read the journals he kept while in the service and was shocked to learn what his father had done.  He proceeded to interview his father’s peers who were still living and researched available records.  He wrote the book using the information he had gleaned from sources available.  It tells a gut wrenching story of life as a POW.  While I have read many others who seemed to suffer much more horrifically in POW camps, this showcased the bravery of all who were in this Camp for several months.  I found myself wondering how his dad felt about what Christopher had done, seeing as he never felt the need to share it himself.  He seemed like a very humble but great leader in the circumstances he found himself.
Many thanks to Christopher Edmonds and NetGalley for affording me the opportunity to read this ARC of a very soon to be published book.
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This is a crucial book for anyone who is interested in the events that occurred during WWII in regards as to how brutal the German enemy was during the war, and how one person can make a difference in spite of that brutality.
Roddie Edmonds enlisted in the U.S. Army 9 months before Pearl Harbor was attacked. He was thoroughly trained  by running in combat gear in all weather - cyclones, thunderstorms, extreme heat and any other weather in Ft. Jackson, S.C. He and his friends also climbed high walls, jumped 6 foot ditches, crawled under wires, they even crawled 50 yards while machine guns fired over their heads in order to simulate what it would be like during an attack by the enemy!
Roddie and his friends needed this training - they would be forced to endure freezing marches, starvation, and extreme conditions when they were in Germany.
You will be proud of Roddie and his fellow soldiers’ courage and Roddie’s faith when he and his friends lives were at stake!
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This is a non-fiction memoir of a son for his father.  Chris Edmonds knew his father was a hero, but until a school project prompted him to look closer, he never understood the full extent of what his dad experienced.  These new revelations prompt Chris to look closer and take a journey to find out not just about his father, but about the experiences and events of soldiers in WWII.  This book is hard to read in parts, because it is hard to accept how horribly mankind can act, however, the idea of redemption and growth after tragedy runs through the story.  I am in a reading slump with WWII-era books, so I think I might have enjoyed this book more at a different time in my life.
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Maybe its because I was raised in a military family, but the tales of our forefathers, and their military escapdes are known to us. They may not be everyday conversation (bit too much PTSD there), but we know the stories, and how they affected the men, and swomen (!!) involved.  When it came time to discuss WWII and the attrocities of the Holocausst, I was lucky (if such a thing can be said) to turn my daughter to one of her church elders, who had also been there when the camps were liberated. For her to see the horror through his eyes, made it very real indeed for her.

In many ways, that is what this book reminds me of. It takes something known by the family, and blows it open to see just how amazing the :Greatest Generation" truly were. yes we have had heroes in recent conflicts, but the amount of individual bravery on a near constant basis, such as these men like Roddie went through, just boggle's the mind. And they did it as their DUTY, not a job or because it was a good paying opp.  this book should be added to any high school history class- it's more than just a memoir- it's how history evovles, one decision at a time, and how one man CAN save so many others, and yet remain humble about it. It's an amazing memoir, and be sure to have kleenex handy while reading it!
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No Surrender poignantly and accurately recounts not just one man’s experience in World War 2, but a number of players from which the author was able to interview and gain valuable information.  I’ve read many holocaust survivor stories and am fascinated with the human will to survive such horrendous conditions. No Surrender takes the reader into the Battle of the Bulge with clarity that even my right-brained mind could follow the strategies of the enemy and the chilling losses of the Allies.  It was a biographical sketch of Roddie Edmonds, but written well as a drama played out. 

I received an un-proofed copy of No Surrender from the publisher via NetGalley and as such, there were some editing still needing to be done.  I found that the first three-quarters of the book were well written, but the last quarter felt a little clunky as the author told the post war stories of the other survivors of the horrendous Nazi POW camp experience. 

 All in all, I highly recommend this book, but be aware that there are some hard and violent scenes in battle and the camp as well as a smattering of foul language.
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Chris Edmonds has done a remarkable job with this book. He has woven historical fact, personal interviews, journals, and his own life experience together into a book that is interesting and difficult to put down. 
Beginning with a desire to simply to gain information about his father’s life as a child and young man, the journey takes him to a greater understanding of how faith helped him face and overcome hardships, Many lessons were learned, of which perhaps the greatest was the realization that “  all of us  have the potential to change the world simply by standing up for what’s right ...true heroes make the world a better place, quietly, anonymously- one person at a time, one action at a time.” #netgalley #goodreads
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Thanks for the ARC NET GALLEY, you are the best digital reading service!!!!!!!

Roddie Edmonds was a Staff Sargent assigned to the 422nd Infantry Regiment of the 106th Infantry Division and a member of the forgotten hero club of WW2.

If you want to know the difference between then and now this book will do it.

If you want to know WHY the difference you will be left wondering.

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Thank you net galley for the advance reader copy of this novel.    This was a factual WWII novel about Americans in a German POW camp.     This book was filled with heart and Mae me want to find out more..... particularly the British and French POWs that did march out and not stay behind.   The author did a superb job of telling the story without bogging down with too many facts or with too much emotion.    Well done and I'm so glad to have read this!!!
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After two attempts to get into this book, I gave up. While it might be a terrific story about a man’s exploits during WWII and his selflessness in helping and protecting other POWs, the son’s style of writing was self-centered and turgid. I probably should have just skipped the first 80 pages and skimmed to the end, but this didn’t seem worth it. Sorry, Net Galley- thanks for the book.
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In "No Surrender," Christopher Edmonds and Douglas Century tell the story of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, an ordinary soldier who exhibited extraordinary courage during WW2. Most people haven't heard of this man, but his actions saved over 100 Jewish soldiers in Stalag IXB, and 2,000 people are alive today because of Roddie's bravery and wisdom. Roddie's story has also helped people stand up courageously for others and confront blind prejudice and evil ideologies. 
As I read this book, I appreciated its historical content and the many details about the war, particularly the Battle of the Bulge and prison camps. Chris also shares the gospel message clearly as he describes his father's faith and how it impacted Roddie's life and the lives of his fellow soldiers. According to Chris, Roddie was willing to die to save Jewish men under his command because he believed a Jewish man - Jesus Christ - had died to save him. 
The narrative does jump between characters and historical accounts, though, which is confusing at times. Also, the pictures in the Kindle version are too small to see clearly and appear unlabeled. 
Overall, this book is one I would highly recommend to readers who are interested in WW2, courage and the difference ordinary people can make in the world.
"There have been times when you must take a calculated risk, however perilous, to stand up and do the right thing for yourself and those for whom you have responsibility." I want to live like Roddie Edmonds.
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Roddie Edmonds turned out to be one of those heroes no one knew about. This work of love by his son began as a project by one of his daughters to write about her grandfather. As the family researched his life together, they discovered that he was a principled man. These principles led him to become an Army Master Sargeant responsible for more than 1.200 men fighting at the Battle of the Bulge. After they were captured he helped maintain morale among his soldiers. But, most amazing, was his standing up to the commander of the concentration camp, not once but twice. It is an inspiring story about a man, his faith, and his duty to his fellow man. I only hope that if I was in that situation, I could be half as strong as Roddie. I highly recommend that those interested in WWII and those people of faith read "No Nonsense." I gave it four stars for the writing style-it was a three, but the story deserves all five.
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Chris Edmonds discovers, in serendipitous fashion, that his father was a war hero during his time in a Nazi POW camp. He sets out to discover the role his father played in saving the lives of Jewish POWs and it’s last impact years later. Roddie’s story was fascinating, and there were quite a few historical facts mentioned in this book about other areas of the war that were new to me. 

The first tow or three chapters were fairly clumsily written and I felt like they were disjointed. But then the story picks up, the writing improves, and I was riveted, especially for the last half. I do wish there had been more follow up for certain characters. I felt like Roddie’s actions were incredibly impressive and this book is so sincere in how it handles the story. 

I enjoyed the scope of the book, it’s point of view, and the story. Thank you Netgalley for a free digital advanced copy!
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in return for an honest review.

No Surrender tells the story of Roddie Edmonds, a soldier from Tennessee who is plunked down into hell on earth, Stalag IXA, a Nazi prisoner of war camp.  Roddie’s son, Chris, begins a look into his father’s past to help his daughter with a school assignment. What he discovers is a man who lived his life according to one of his favorite scripture passages:  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).

Chris begins with his father’s wartime diaries, which are cryptic at best.  They are not diaries in the strict sense, some entries consisting of just a single word. This leads him to search for men who served with and under his father.  Through interviews, he learns what happened in the camp. I won’t spoil your reading by telling you, but it is a story of courage, bravery, faith, inspiration and righteousness that will restore your faith in humanity.  

This is a powerful book, and reading it will make you understand why it is called The Greatest Generation.  The young men who lived these horrors went on to become ordinary people and, as the author points out, an ordinary life lived well is, indeed, extraordinary.
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No Surrender by Christopher Edmonds is a wonderful tribute, written by a son, for his Dad, Roddie. 
Chris knew his Father was a loving God-fearing man but did not know much about his years during 
the war.  He researched and found this story by the men that knew his Father well. What an
amazing man he was!  This story was written very well. One of the reasons I chose this book, the
writer and his Dad lived here in my area.  It was interesting to read about history back in the
day by a writer that researched well.  It's a great book. 

Thank you so much,  Christopher Edmonds; Douglas Century, the Publisher, and NetGalley
for giving me the opportunity to read this book.
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While I love to read history, I wasn't prepared to like this book so much. Normally reading history takes me some time to finish, as I want to find out more elsewhere.  But I found myself totally immersed in the Edmonds saga.  While I knew ahead of time how it would turn out, I could not escape the anxiety of the POW experience.  I credit the authors for this.  The writing style was perfect to relate the events.
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