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This book was so good! I loved the banter in it. The characters are quirky, and smart-mouthed, and oh so funny. Poor Mother Nature! She can't seem to find a man or hang onto one so her entourage decide to help her. An socially awkward human doctor stumbles onto the scene and finds himself in more trouble than he can handle. Some want to help because they care, others just want to make life difficult for her, but love will always win!
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This is the last of the wild and crazy installments in this world (I think), so maybe this isn't the place to start the series.  Instead, if you've been watching this all play out, it wraps up things nicely for all involved.

Gaia, aka Mother Nature, has played a big role in the previous books set in this world.  Some more than others, but she is almost always pretty mean about it, even when she's helpful.  I have to admit, I had a really hard time liking her.  Sure, I guess everybody deserves to get their HEA, but she's just... so... mean.  The book starts with her yelling at all her paranormals about breaking her "one rule" again, but then seems to mellow out a bit with the help of her sisters. 

Aaron, the father of a set of witches we met previously, finds himself in a bit of a transition.  Due to his failing health, he can no longer be a doctor, but without his job he finds it hard to pass the time.  His daughter (the one not mated to a phoenix) ends up getting dumped by her husband while pregnant, leaving them to team up and head to Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico is now apparently filled with all our favorite paranormals from previous books and welcomes them with open arms.  It's here that Gaia and Aaron end up hooking up.  

Again, I had some trouble giving Gaia her HEA, but I supposed everyone deserves one.  With all the characters, I also found it a little hard to keep up, so was mostly just along for the ride here.  As an ending to this series, it makes sense Gaia would find her match in a human-ish person.
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I always wanted to read a book by Ashlyn Chase because she has been highly recommended. This book was my first experience. It doesn’t list a series but almost feels like a continued story. I found a lot of promise with the book description. Unfortunately the tone of the book was similar to a “zany” sitcom and I’m not a fan sitcoms and their dialogue. The tone not withstanding at it is a stylistic preference, the author has an easy to read style. However, there were too many side stories that were distracting from the main story of Mother Nature and Dr Arron. That’s why I gave this book only 3 stars.
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This was a great read! Sexy, with great characters and a well thought out plot.
I really enjoy this author and this book is wonderful.
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So the heroine in this book is literally Mother Nature. It's such a unique storyline that it's challenging to compare it to anything. I enjoyed it and ended up thinking about it a lot after I read it so I consider that the mark of a great read. 

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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❤️❤️❤️ out of 5
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hero in this book was older (with 2 grown up children of his own) because in no way did the blurb make it sound this way. My only problem was that he was characterised as such a dad that all I could think of was him being my dad and then by the time romance eventually rolled around I was a bit ick about it.

Our heroine is Mother Nature and looking to find a mate of her own. Her sisters (Karma and Fate) try to hook her up online to different degrees of unsuccessfulness while in the meantime our heroine is striking up a friendship with a human man who kind of gets her? That friendship eventually leads to more the more they get to know each other.

The heroine is Mother-freaking-Nature and not was she a ball of hoots! From not understanding colloquialisms and a lot of what humans do she was the definite star of the book! But what that meant was that she kind of outshined everyone including the hero and their romance, and honestly the romance plot line felt secondary and was VERY slow.
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The Goddess Gets Her Guy by Ashly Chase

Paranormal romance. Last book in all the cross connected series. Characters from most of the previous books make appearances which is fun if the previous books were read. If not, can be difficult to keep track of who is related or connected.

In this story Mother Nature looks for companionship of her own after following the romances of many of her paranormal subjects (the books in the series). Her sisters, Fate and Karma help and they all agree that Aaron is her match. 
I liked Aaron. He is a bit older with two grown daughters. He worries about his daughters and their families as well as the world.  His goal is to the make the world a better place before he leaves it. 

Mother Nature created the universe (in this storyline) so has quite the ego. It’s very evident in many of her dealings. The good thing is that as the story progresses, she does try to become nicer and more tolerant. 
And speaking of ego - 

Excerpt of Gaia, Mother Nature musing.
   “She couldn’t help thinking about Aaron as she gazed out over the plants. She didn’t understand why he would continue refusing her help when she could’ve cut through so many layers of red tape for him. It must be that stupid false pride thing she accidentally injected the male of the species with. She was trying to give them pride in their accomplishments. Instead, she seemed to give them pride to the point of being full of themselves.”

I received a copy of this from NetGalley. I also purchased a copy to share.
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Gaia aka Mother Nature is old as dirt and a bit grumpy. She's been yelling and talking down to so many of the paranormals that her sisters Fate and Karma decide that she needs a date. So they set up a dating profile for Gaia on a dating app. Gaia has one rule and that's for paranormals never to show their powers to humans and she's beyond sick and tired of them breaking her rules. 

The dating does not go well because the men her sisters are fixing her up with are just not her type. She did find a man on her own to be friends with but there's a misunderstanding soon after they start to talk, more and feelings are hurt. Aaron is a retired doctor who has two grown daughters, one of which moves back home after breaking up with her boyfriend. 

Aaron and Gaia didn't get to really know each other until more than halfway through the book. There relationship was a very slow building one and while I like a slow building romance, I also want it to advance a little more quickly than it did in this book. Between that and the fact that there were so many other storylines going on as well as a lot of secondary characters showing up in this book that it felt bogged down a bit with too much information. I think the romance in this book suffered because there was just too many other things going on.

If you've been reading the series up to this point though, you will probably enjoy this book. 

Disclosure: I was given an ARC of this book via NetGalley but all opinions and thoughts are my own.
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This is a light fun read about a cranky goddess searching for love.  Gaia or Mother Nature, is a grumpy, stressed out lady.  Her sisters post to find her true love.  But true love finds itself.  This is silly and funny and good fun.
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**My thanks to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

I have read a few books from this author and have so far loved every book that i have come across. The only reason that this book did not get 5 stars is because it is a little heavy on the save the world theme.

I did love that we got to see characters from two other the authors other series, Boston Dragons and Phoenix Brothers and that they now all know each other and have relocated to Costa Rica.

Mother Earth (Gaia) did seem to need a lot of assistance by her sister Karma and Fate in understanding the modern world, and at times there were lessons for all of us to learn in this book.

I do love my fantasy books and will certainly look for more from this author in the future.
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To fully appreciate this book I would say it is not just recommended that the previous books be read first - but essential  ………. as this book is almost in two parts . The first being Gaia's  (Mother of All) romance with widower Aaron and the tying together of The Author's previous paranormal books protagonists' lives .

Aaron is a widower , with two teenage daughters , looking for a career change - he can no longer be a Cardiac Surgeon .
Gaia , Mother of All , has found the restrictions she imposed on her creations are being ignored , determined
to take a fresh look at her own rules , she realises she is more human than she thought .
On meeting Aaron , Gaia soon realises that she is just as lonely as he . Their relationship develops from one of friendship ……… but she must learn to listen and not just act , perhaps be more like her sisters , Fate and Karma ..
The book has its humorous moments , particularly the setting of Gaia;s  date ……….. but it also brings together all the threads from the Author's previous books in this arena .
An enjoyable read on the whole and I look forward to reading the previous books which would give me more context for this one .

I was given an ARC of this book by Netgalley and the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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When a supreme being of all the super beings is looking for a mate, how will it turn out ...

When I requested this book, I thought I was for a fun read about a goddess encountering a man who stirred her curiosity and intrigued her to want to know him more.
I got it but I confess I felt confused at the beginning as aplenty of characters were introduced, and it became obvious this standalone story was in fact the end of many other stories. 
This book is the epilogue tying up the knots of the many protagonists’ life from previously published paranormal series, with a happy ending for the most ranked of the supernatural beings.
But once I passed this detail, it was quite en enjoyable read, even if I had to get a crash course in what is the ether for the author.
Gaia is mother of all, yet over the centuries, she is challenged by her creations, the human kind is a deceptive breed, why she added restrictions to her paranormal creatures but time has passed and she must too take a fresh look on her own rules.
She is far from perfect and in fact appears more human like than she likes, why when she meets a man who puzzles her, she feels lost and needs guidance.
Aaron is a widower, with two grown daughters and a change of carrier waiting for him as he no longer can be the cardiac surgeon he once was. When he first meet Gaia, she appears as lonely as him, and soon he knows why.
Their relationship is one of friendship at first, where she has to learn to listen and If one thing is sure, Gaia does not listen, she decides and acts.
I liked Fate and Karma, Gaia’s sisters they are what they were named for, more fair and agreeable than Gaia, who is very haughty and full of herself, as it is for the mother of everything.
If one part of the book is about setting a date for Gaia which results in humorous moments, the other is to close all the loose threads from the other stories.
In all an enjoyable story but to fully appreciate it, you must read the author’s previous work.
Why I rate it 4 stars.

I was granted an advance copy through Netgalley by the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca.
Here is my true and unbiased opinion.
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This was an entertaining, well-written book. Gaia (Mother Nature) is fed up with paranormals breaking rule about not revealing their supernatural powers to humans and transports herself to the rain forest to calm down. She encounters Dr. Aaron Samuels, who has left his job as a cardiac surgeon. They open up to each other about the troubles in their lives, and Gaia begins to wonder what would happen if she opened her heart and was honest with Aaron...and herself. I enjoyed this book and would read others by this author.
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A good story, funny and entertaining. I like the characters and the overall read and would read more by this author
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This was an interesting one. Gaia has been the supreme being in all the books I've read by Ashlyn Chase. This book is how Gaia gets her guy.  I have to admit it was quite funny to see Fate and Karma at work in different ways. It was really good to catch up with past characters to see what was new with them. I still adore the phoenix mother and how she dotes on all her kids.

Aaron was an intriguing choice for the goddess to make for a friend and confidant. Their meeting was quite amusing and I really thought they had a good connection. I think the goddess came across more as a power hungry spoiled brat, but then again that is why her sisters were trying to bring her down a peg or two. It was a quick read that was entertaining.

3/5 for me. 

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via netgalley. I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.
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It's the first book I read in this series and found it entertaining and engrossing.
I liked the great world building, the fleshed out cast of characters and the well crafted plot.
I will surely read the other installment in this series.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Mother Nature, a.k.a. Gaia, has one rule.. her number one rule ... don't reveal paranormal powers to a human (even a 'mat'e'.). The problem is no one seems to be following her rule (as seen in past books/series)) and Mother Nature is not a happy camper.  

Her sisters, Fate and Karma try to explain that it's an antiquated rule, one broken only after a paranormal finds their true mate.. .hmmm... something to thing about (over a couple of Bahama Mama's.) Zure ... why not!

Fate, with the help of the other Goddesses (and a few modern muses), decides to help find Gaia a partner (it's complicated!!)  

What could possibly go wrong? (Oh, so much...)

Gaia, it seems, has a lot to learn about opening her own heart to love and a slew of secondary characters from past books in Chase's paranormal series step in to help guide the ultimate goddess to her one true love .

Though a standalone book, it's much more enjoyable if you've read the previous books in the various serious ... it helps to follow the bouncing ball of appearances, so to speak.

The Goddess Gets Her Guy is another great read by Ashlyn Chase ... a fun plot, quirky characters that make you laugh out loud and a HEA for Mother Nature...
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The Goddess Gets Her Guy by Ashlyn Chase definitely has some fun and humorous moments, with Mother Nature “Gaia” at the mercy of her sisters Fate and Karma when a decision is made that she seriously needs some lovin`. So, while I didn’t mind the story or the concept, The Goddess Gets Her Guy is not one of my favourite books by this author, and not necessarily a PNR that I would recommend ahead of other fabulous stories. I will say though, that the cover is exceptional.
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A great read, links all her other series together. You don't have to have read her other books to read this one but you will definitely want to after you this.
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Wow I'm just stunned with how good this title was. I just had so much fun reading this title and getting to along for the ride with these amazing characters. I'm so excited to see what's next from this author.
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