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Forgiveness Dies

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Another gripping addition to this series. I really love the character of Trevor and found his character developed well in this novel. Thanks for the opportunity to read

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Excellent story well written and J J Hensley leaves you wanting more. There has to be more in this series surely

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Forgiveness Dies is the third in the Trevor Galloway Thriller series and it is quite the departure from the previous instalments. We follow ex-detective Trevor as he is released from his prison confines and taking heavy medication. Very intentionally, in my opinion, Mr Hensley gives the entire story a dreamlike quality to it where everything is hazy and a little ambiguous when compared to the first novels. It is a slow-burn, subtle thriller with plenty of suspense and enough going on to keep you turning the pages. Despite being part of a series it reads perfectly on its own although, as with all series' instalments, it's always more immersive to read them chronologically if possible.

All eyes are fixed on our main character and every move he makes is scrutinised to the nth degree, so it's no wonder he feels self-conscious. It seems the establishment is out to get him just as he was out to get the establishment (somewhat) given he was investigating some disturbing threats made towards a divisive presidential candidate. We learn a lot more about him in this instalment and see a completely different side to him and his wider personality. There are plenty of the required twists and turns and proficient use of misdirection. This all culminates in an unexpected and satisfying conclusion. This is an enjoyable, entertaining read. I look forward to the next one. Many thanks to Down & Out Books for an ARC.

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Trevor Galloway is home after spending several years in a psychiatric institution. He's a former narcotics detective and was even an unlicensed private investigator at one time. He killed several people, hence his stay at the hospital and not behind bars somewhere.

He is heavily medicated ..or should be at all times. The pills he must take keep him zombie-like. His short term memory is about shot. He feels better when he doesn't take his meds... his thought processes are crystal clear .. but then he hallucinates. At times he has found himself holding entire conversations with people who don't exist.

When Galloway is asked by former Secret Service Agent Nick Van Metre asks him to take on a case for a security company, Galloway has to ask himself ... knowing the state he is in, why would anyone ask him to do anything for them?

Van Metre hands him a stack of photos and wants help in protecting a presidential candidate. Galloway eventually says No .... but gets involved anyway when Van Metre is found dead. And guess who has fingers pointing at him.

Galloway pulls clues from photos and searches for answers while dodging bullets in Pittsburgh and Savannah.

I love this character! He is so, so flawed, but at heart he's a good man.. and doesn't really offer any apologies. He questions his own sanity at times, but his instincts to solve crimes is still there.

This is well written with stand out characters. After each chapter or so, the reader is treated to a description of one of the photos. There are clues in those pictures .... It's action packed from start to finish. It ends with a flurry of excitement and the author leaves just a hint of maybe what happens next.

As the author is, himself, a former police officer and former Special Agent with the Secret Service, he brings a lot of credibility to his story telling.

Although third in the series, this one can easily be read as a stand alone ... but I highly recommend starting at the beginning. This is a great series character and I'd love to see how he got to where he is now.

Many thanks to the author / Down and Out Books / Netgalley for the digital copy of this crime thriller. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.

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I DNF the book. It was just not interesting to me. I gave up at 47%. I am sure it would interest others, but it seemed slow, not making much sense. Thanks, NetGalley for the advance copy for early review.

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You know that state when you’re almost asleep, but not quite, or when you’re waking up from anesthesia? That’s how I felt through most of this book, and so, seemingly did the main character, a former detective just released from prison, on medication, and under scrutiny by seemingly everyone. He was hired (or was he?) by a former foe (who turns up dead soon after their meeting) to investigate threats against a controversial presidential candidate. A new girlfriend, getting pulled off the case, and other inconveniences don’t slow the breakneck pace at which this story moves. If you’re prepared to live in the twilight zone, you’ll stay until the exciting reveal.

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