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Every book in this series is better than the last. This book is a real page turner and extremely well written. The setting and characters are great. You find out a bit more about Sloane in this book and I can't wait to learn more.
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Protagonist Sloan Krause has the nose and discerning taste buds for the brewery business and thought she'd found a family when she married Mac and became part of his family's Der Keller Brewery in the quaint mountainous Bavarian styled village of Leavenworth. They had a son, Alex, but Mac soon acquired a wandering eye. Sloan left Der Keller for a start-up brewery run by Garrett at nearby Nitro. He is an ex-Seattle chemist, easy and laid back, detailed oriented and intelligent. 

Book 3 has the village facing a city council election whose incumbent has decided Leavenworth should be alcohol-free--which, of course, would kill most of the town's livelihoods. Following a nasty confrontation following a rally for his opponent, he is found murdered and it's the town's self-proclaimed "ambassador" April who is #1 person of interest.

Running parallel in an undercurrent left from book two, Sloan again confronts her past and seeks answers regarding her parents and resulting abandonment. 

The compelling and well-developed support characters from the previous novel are back and are readily familiar, although you could easily read this as a standalone. There is industry standard vocabulary and details of brewing are shared in an off-hand way that doesn't interrupt the story. 

There is some relationship growth between she and Garrett, although Mac is trying to come back and she's experiencing just a slight bit of emotional confusion. The antagonist was no real surprise, although there were a few twists and red herrings to throw you off. But! The conclusion includes a cliffhanger! Gees, I hate cliffhangers. I have to wait another year?

I received this uncorrected digital galley from the publisher and NetGalley and loved the opportunity to read and review. I am really looking forward to the next book in this series. Recommended for any who enjoy a fun, fast-paced cozy mystery or any well-crafted character-driven novel in a unique setting.
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Beyond a Reasonable Stout is the third installment in the Sloan Krause series - cozy mysteries set in Beervaria (aka a small town in Washington, Leavenworth), featuring a middle-aged woman who brews beer. Yeah - small town + craft beer + hard-working woman + the occasional murder - these books are right in my wheelhouse.

I love the descriptions of beer throughout - whether they're as Sloan and her brewery partner Garrett tweak recipes, or as she takes a sip of a different beer. And, as you continue the series, you get to know a bit about the town and its inhabitants. The books never fail to make me want to visit Leavenworth.

In addition to each stand-alone mystery (i.e. one per book), there is a serial mystery that threads throughout the three books, lending them some extra intrigue. The stand-alone mystery in Beyond a Reasonable Stout didn't really take center stage, but I liked that - these books consistently are about Krause, her friends and family, and the town. I might be frustrated were this a thriller, but this is the sort of vibe and focus I look for in a cozy! I love all the little details and am already looking forward to book #4 in the series (please tell me it's forthcoming).
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This is 3rd in the series and in it we learn a bit more about Sloan and the inhabitants of Leavenworth (not the prison).  A well crafted mystery with lots of little red herrings thrown in and a massive cliff hanger at the end which will make you eagerly awaiting  book 4. Thank you NetGalley for the advanced readers copy for review.
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The 3rd book in the Sloan Krause series. Set in Leavenworth, Washington located in the northern Cascades, it is know for the micro-breweries, craft beers and German-inspired feeling. Octoberfest has finished and the tourists have left. Now the town will be preparing for the light festival but first there will be an election for the future councilman. Kristopher Cooper is the present councilman and is campaigning to make Leavenworth a dry town. If he is elected this will certainly mean the death of Leavenworth and the breweries and bars located there. This has most of the residents up in the air until Kristopher Cooper is found dead. The election and murder are not just the only parts of the storyline. Ellie Alexander has done a wonderful job developing the plot as well as the characters in this book. You will find yourself wrapped up in this book and loose track of time.
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Ellie Alexander has outdone herself with the latest entry in the Sloan Krause series! Between the colorful characters and amazing location, the reader is drawer deeper into the wonderful town of Leavenworth with each page. As quickly I as devour the story, I find myself at the same time not wanting the tale to end. The conclusion left me once again eagerly awaiting the next book in this fantastic series!
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THAT CLIFFHANGER OF AN ENDING!!!!!! Wow! This is a seriously good cozy that I couldn’t put down. Not only was the mystery full of good suspects from all corners but the new backstory and the building of relationships was masterfully done. It’s a must read.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was not paid for this review.
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I am a fan of this series and enjoyed the third installment as much as the first two.  Ellie Alexander has a wonderful ability to develop characters that just engage a reader and keep them coming back.  I like how Sloane is progressing and growing both personally and professionally.  The mystery was decent, although what this author is pretty well known for is her character-driven stories.  This book was an easy read and kept me entertained.
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Unique, engaging, and a subplot that grabs you maybe more than the mystery itself is what this book is composed of. Sloan is such a complex character, a willingness to help, but, not to get close, and the reader gets it. The murder has a full suspect pool which is next to impossible to narrow down until the author lets you. The cliffhanger at the end, now, that's amazing and will leave you with your jaw dropped. A spectacular series that just keeps getting better and better.
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After the frenzied business of Oktoberfest, the charming town of Leavenworth, Washington is quiet. Sloan Krause and her partner Garrett Strong are using the slowdown to stock up on a new line of holiday craft beers at Nitro. But Nitro and every other beer-related business are threatened by incumbent city councilmember Kristopher Cooper's re-election platform of making Leavenworth dry. But then Kristopher is found stabbed to death before the election night in the office of April Ablin, Leavenworth's self-described ambassador. Sloan finds herself defending April and trying to sift through the many people who hated Kristopher's plans for Leavenworth.

On the personal front, Sloan is dealing with her estranged husband Mac, his plans for their teenaged son Alex and disturbing hints about her birth parents.

This was another quick fun read in the Sloan Krause mystery series.

I received an eARC from Netgalley and St. Martin's Press with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book and provided this review.
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The residents of the quaint little village of Leavenworth, Washington are enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet after a busy tourist season. Sloan Krause is still adjusting to life as a single mom and is looking forward to some quiet time to work on Nitro's holiday beers. Unfortunately, the town is in an uproar over city council member, Kristopher Cooper's decision to ban alcohol from the village if he wins the upcoming election. When he is found dead after a heated argument with villagers, Sloan finds herself being persuaded by the police's main suspect, April Ablin to investigate the murder and clear her name. This is a very enjoyable cozy mystery. From the charming Bavarian-themed village setting to the wonderful cast of characters, and the mouthwatering food and beer descriptions, I was immediately engrossed in the story and had a hard time putting it down. I really liked Sloan, she's a hard worker, loyal, and very dedicated to her friends and family. There is a potentially dangerous mystery surrounding her past, and I really looking forward to learning more about it in the upcoming books. The plot was a page-turner and it kept me guessing until the end! Ellie Alexander is one of my absolute favorite cozy mystery authors and I highly recommend any of her books. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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In the third book in the Sloan Krause Mysteries, winter is approaching and it's all quiet in Leavenworth. Sloan and Garrett are looking forward the quieter months to get started on renovating the guest rooms, and of course come up with some new brews! However, it seems that life in Leavenworth is about to get interesting again... Local city councillor, Kristopher Cooper, is up for re-election and he promises to turn Leavenworth into a "dry" town. When Kristopher is found dead, Sloan begins to wonder who could have wanted him dead. With his unpopularity on the rise it could have been anyone...

This series has quickly skyrocketed to my favourite "new-to-me" series of 2019. I'm a non-beer drinker and yet, I can't help wanting more and more from Sloan, Garrett and everyone in Leavenworth.

Ellie Alexander hits all the right notes with Beyond a Reasonable Stout. There is a first class mystery to solve (who doesn't like when a disliked local is killed off, and there are suspects aplenty?), there is fantastic character development, mouthwatering beers and food, and the added mystery of Sloan's past. This all adds up to another great instalment in this series. 

I enjoyed trying to solve the main mystery, but it is the mystery that is surrounding Sloan's past that is really intriguing me. I was madly flipping through the pages, trying to unravel what happened to Sloan when she was younger. I'm excited to see Ellie Alexander has up her sleeve for Sloan next!

If you haven't picked up the Sloan Krause Mysteries yet, you need to add them to your reading list right away!!! They can be read in any order. However, I encourage starting at the beginning. Alike to me, you will quickly devour them, as they are absolutely unputdownable reads!
** Review will be posted at "The Cozy Mystery Journal" on October 1, 2019.
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Great continuation in the Sloan Krause series. The mystery had me guessing till the very end. I just wish the author gave me more of the relationship between Sloan and Garrett. I enjoyed learning about the various ways that brewing is done, and how beers come about.
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Through NetGalley, I received a free copy of BEYOND A REASONABLE STOUT (Book 3 of the Sloan Krause Mysteries) by Ellie Alexander in exchange for an honest review.  Oktoberfest is finally over, so the retail scene in Leavenworth, Washington is finally settling down.  However, the political scene is heating up; the town is polarizing between city council candidates.  The villagers tired of all the drunken revelry of Oktoberfest have aligned themselves with Kristopher Cooper who is running on a prohibitionist platform.  Most business owners are supporting the opposing candidate who realizes that a beer-ban would bankrupt the brewery-based economy.  When Candidate Cooper is discovered murdered in the realty office of the self-proclaimed German ambassador April Ablin the morning after a heated confrontation, April becomes the prime suspect.  April begs her “best friend” Sloane to find the real killer, and the local sheriff also requests Sloane’s assistance.  Despite her misgivings, Sloane finds herself asking questions and getting involved.

I liked this book.  I really enjoyed how Sloane’s personal story advanced while she reluctantly searched out the truth.  I love the series and look forward to the next tale.  One of my favorite things about this series is that local law enforcement is completely competent and actually enlists Sloane’s assistance in finding out information they can’t.  I recommend this book to fans of Ellie Alexander, to fans of the series, to fans of cozy mysteries focusing on food, drink, family, and small-town life.
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Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, a small German village, Leavenworth, has made it through Oktoberfest, and everyone is enjoying less tourists and having time to catch up on chores before the next onslaught of the holiday season. Sloane Krause is managing life as a separated woman with her teenage son and working at a nanobrewery, Nitro. The major fly in the ointment is a mayoral candidate is threatening to turn their beertopia to a dry village.  Not surprisingly, the position had hazardous implications on his life. Somehow, Sloane gets railroaded into investigating his murder. 

Settle in for an intriguing visit to this not so bucolic town with wonderfully drawn characters  and a solid mystery. Adams adds depth to the characters, so much so, that I wish I could be a BFF for Sloane IRL. Highly recommended!
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Beyond a Reasonable Stout is the perfect book to get a reader in the mood for all things Oktoberfest!  The series centers around the quaint tourist village of Leavenworth, Washington that is devoted to all things German.  

Sloan Krause continues to rebuild her life after her separation and impending divorce.  Working at Nitro, a small craft beer pub and being a part owner of Der Keller, her soon to be ex-husband's family's large beer maker keeps Sloan busy.  Add being the devoted mother to 15 year old Alex and she's always on the go.  However, when a candidate for city council, who wants to change the village's main revenue source - Oktoberfest and other holiday celebrations - is murdered, Sloan finds herself with one more job, to find a murderer.

I liked the Sloan character and admired her devotion to her son and family/friends, career and her determination to succeed on her terms. The idea of a village that looked like a small German town, in Washington, made for a unique and fun backdrop for a mystery.  The supporting cast was quirky and fun. The mystery of Sloan's parents grows and becomes an issue between her and her beloved in-laws.

A perfect book for Oktoberfest!

I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book.
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It’s the quiet before the storm for the town of Leavenworth as they clean up after Oktoberfest and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Sloan and Garrett have a lot going on at Nitro as they work to redo four of the bedrooms above the pub into guest rooms to be rented out to tourists.  But all of that could be for naught if the upcoming city council election is won by the incumbent who plans to make Leavenworth a dry town.

When the business owners meet with the opposing candidate, things go south when the Kristofer Cooper and his team are outside on the patio and begin taunting the other side.  The next morning Kris is found dead in April’s office and all signs point to April being guilty.  Against her better judgement, but because she’s a good person, Sloan begins looking into who could have killed the councilman, because she doesn’t believe April is capable of murder.  During a crazy blizzard, Sloan finds herself in the presence of the murderer and it’s up to her to catch him when he injures her two friends and tries to make a break for it.

Ellie Alexander is one of my FAVORITE authors.  If you haven’t read her works yet, don’t wait.  Her cozies are fantastic and her sense of humor comes through in her characters.  Looking forward to seeing Sloan moving forward in her personal life and finding out more about the family who abandoned her.  I literally groaned when I realized that would be coming in the next book.  I. Cannot.  Wait!
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Ellie Alexander has written another winner!

Sloan is a brewery who gets caught up in the stabbing of a man who wanted to initiate prohibition type laws.
I loved the characters and the info about brewing.

There's also a bit about Sloan's mysterious pass and the book ends on a cliffhanger.
Good stuff!
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3.5 stars

Very readable series with a unique small town craft brew setting. Sloane Krause walked away from a cheating spouse, her livelihood in their family brewery, and her in-laws -- the only family she had ever known.  She is strong and resilient and soon is brewing again at a smaller local craft brewery.

Her small town is in an uproar over the mayoral candidacy of an anti-beer crusader. Since the whole town is mock Bavarian and depends on tourist dollars, the locals can't figure out this man's appeal. When he is found murdered, there are literally dozens of suspects. Sloane keeps her ears open to help pass info to the local police chief for the investigation.

I recommend this series with a caveat: I find that the sub-plot having to do with Sloane's past is distracting and I think it takes away from the story. And I am NOT a fan of last chapter bombshells. I like these characters and will read the next book, but the last page teaser left me feeling manipulated. Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Another adventure in Leavenworth for Sloan. A murder, high winds and questions from her past. This will keep you reading until the end. You'll also learn interesting facts about craft beers. Very enjoyable read.
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