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Dark chilling so well written.Jane a rape victim is strong takes revenge in her own hands.A book that shocks keeps you turning the pages.Jane is a unique heroine. #netgalley#st.martins books.
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I didn’t jive with this authors writing style. The plot was great, the characters were great, but I found myself confused and frustrated with the writing.
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Hard to put this down,I enjoyed every minute of it. It actually ruined my weekend because I ended up taking this fine book everywhere I went including to the race track.
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Foul is Fair is the story of a girl who wants revenge for a terrible experience. She and her best friends will stop at nothing to get it. Elle went to a party as herself, and came out of the party as Jade, the girl who wants payback for all that she suffered. To do this, she must infiltrate the circle of privileged private school kids who will stop at nothing to remain at the top of the food chain. 

The best part about this book is its lyrical quality. Throughout much of it, it almost seems more poetic than a typical novel would be. The turns of phrase make it mystical in a way. While there is no explicit descriptions of what she suffered through, the poetic nature of it makes it clear. 

The worst part is the believability. While this is clearly written as the main character's revenge fantasy, it reads too fantastic. Who is able to infiltrate and carry out plans to permanently put an end to all of those who wronged her in a mere week or two? And beyond that, who is able to crawl her way to the top of the food chain at a school where she's a stranger? The other part that's a little too out there is that all she really does is change her hair and wear colored contacts, yet all of these people are supposed to not recognize her? It's kind of hard to buy, and it made me want to stop reading at many points, because Elle/Jade had it relatively easy to carry out her plans. Still, it is an important read.
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Well FUCK.

This book is amazing. It's brutal and beautiful at the same time.The characters really bring all of this home. I honestly need time to digest this, because phew is it a lot.
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Thank you so much to Netgalley for the ARC of this emotionally devastating and beautifully written novel! When I read the premise, I thought I knew exactly what I was in for. I was looking forward to a cast of badass women who were done sitting back and letting men take what they wanted from them. I definitely received that story, but what I had no idea was to come was the fangs and the claws that would grow from these women, and the absolute carnage that they were going to inflict with them. This book is exciting from start to finish, bringing life to each character and every scene with the most intricate and haunting language I have had the pleasure to read.

We are dropped into Elle's life as she is destroyed by a group of private school boys. They take what they can from her, but what they don't get is her spirit. She is reborn as Jade, who has one mission and one mission only; to bring down the wolves that thought they had lured a sheep into their midst. Little did they know that she was one of them as well. She enlists the help of her three best friends, whom she calls her coven. It's mindblowingly fitting as these girls are magic together. It brought to mind my group of friends, and how I know they would do anything for me, and I for them. It's an indescribable bond, and when they hear what has happened to their beloved, they go feral. They are sworn to their sister until the deed is done and forever.

Jade comes clean about her rape, at least bits of it, to her parents, who are devastated for her. She says it was someone from the school she currently attends, and so requests to transfer to St. Andrews, where the real group of boys go. They are willing to agree to her demands; her father being well connected enough to make the switch flawlessly. Jade joins the school and immediately seeks out her prey. She spends her days making an in with these people, and plotting how to tear them apart from the inside. She sets her sights on their golden boy, Mack, as he is the softest of all of them and will be the easiest one to corrupt.

What she doesn't expect, however, is to fall for the boy. She fights to stay true to her mission while dealing with these feelings that she doesn't want to have. She is rage, she is fire, she is an avenging angel. She has no time for this weakness. So she uses it to fuel the flames, both in her and in Mack, and it only takes a matter of weeks for the house of cards to fall. It is a brilliant descent into madness, and Jade is our smiling guide. The plot that she carefully crafts, even when there are hiccups, is masterful and is aided by her loved ones. It truly is a story of the power of women, and a cautionary tale to remind the world that actions have consequences, no matter if it takes days, or weeks, or months, or years. Your sins are never as buried as you think. They lurk under the surface, waiting to rise anew.

I can't speak enough of the characters in this book. There is so much great representation, and all of the women have their own battles that they're fighting, but they rally around Jade in her time of need, just as she has for them over the years. I also appreciate that this book started out with a trigger warning, as the content is very dark and heavy, so for someone who has dealt with rape, suicide, or transphobia, it could take an even darker turn. Even for the subject matter to be what it was, underneath it all was a strong message to all women everywhere; not just those born physically into it, but mentally and emotionally as well. We will not be silenced. We will not be torn asunder. We will unfurl our wings and fly. We will be seen for the magnificent and malicious creatures that we are.
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This book is one of the best I have read all year. A crazy retelling of MacBeth with the girls getting their wicked revenge. If you like girl power high school type books with some seriously mouth dropping actions than I recommend this book for you . The drama and the length one will go for revenge is stunning.
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This book is too much in all of the best ways. Vengeful, violent, over the top, and fabulous!! 

I can TOTALLY imagine Quentin Tarantino rolling around in this book and sighing with pleasure.

Suspend disbelief and just get in there, this one is so much fun!!

Thank you to Hannah Capin, St Martin's Press and NetGalley for giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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When I first read the description for this book, I was hooked, but it proved to be so much more than just what the premise suggests. FOUL IS FAIR is a raw, deep look into what it takes to revenge and how far one person is willing to go. I will add the caveat that there's some dark content, but I absolutely loved this book.
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Excellent book! I loved it so much more than I thought I would! I loved the writing style! It was my first read from this author, and it definitely won’t be last!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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Absolutely stunning. Incredibly devious. Wow, just wow.

Foul Is Fair is an incredibly written modern retelling of Macbeth, it is poetic and engrossing and pulled me in from the first page. I was hooked the entire time and in awe of the story that Capin weaves. Dark and devious, this revenge plot was everything I've been looking for in a book as of late. The trigger warnings included at the beginning of the book were very much appreciated and it helped prepare me for one of the events that took place in the book. The cast of characters was diverse and while the main character, Jade, was the shining star, her coven was strong too. Again, though, just wow. 

This is not a story you will soon forget and I don't think I could recommend it enough.
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"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" and Jade (Elle) is no exception.  It all starts on the eve of her 16th birthday. 4 best friends crashing a St. Andrew's Prep party. What 16 year old girl hasn't been there? But something goes terribly foul at the party and Jade is determined to get revenge on her wrong doers. 

The plot is fast paced while Jade is getting her revenge with a side of romance. But that romance erupts when Jade realizes who her love-interest really is and learns you never really know a person. The plot covers a lot of sensitive topics that are coming to the fore-front today in a way that is not overly graphic. 

Overall, 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed this book but felt a little disconnected from the characters at times.
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This was a very engrossing read for me and was a great break from my normal genre.  I found the characters to be well developed, the writing to be fantastic, and the pace to be fast and easy to read!  I thought the plot was original or at least written in a way that brought originality.  Overall, a great read. I’m sure many will enjoy!  
Will make sure I let many know they should grab this book’
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I was engrossed in the book from the very beginning. I found myself thinking about it at work and couldn’t wait for my lunch breaks so I could read a few more chapters. I saw somewhere that this was a mashup of Kill Bill and the #metoo movement and I couldn’t agree more. Before I say anymore, please make sure that you are in the best headspace for this book. This is full of things that might be triggering for people. The author has included a full list of trigger warnings at her website,

This follows the aftermath after Elle who now goes by Jade was sexually assaulted at a party. She wants revenge in the worst way and her friends vow to help her get it. This was a very bloody and violent tale. Full of terrible people and manipulation so strong that it’ll shock you. Full of writing that was both lyrical and chilling.

I couldn’t help but root for Jade. Her character was morally gray but, but you can’t picture her any other way. I became obsessed with her and reading about how far she would go to get her revenge. As much as I was obsessed with Jade, the friendship here was my favorite thing about this book.

They called themselves a coven and I can’t help but agree that it sounds pretty accurate. Their loyalty to each other was so astonishing. I need some friends like this. They are the people you picture when you need help to hide a body. Their endless and open love for each other was beautiful. Between these girls, we get a diverse group of people. Good POC and trans rep. I seriously want to be accepted into this group of friends.

While I loved this story and what it represents, I have to admit that this has a lot of things that would never happen or don’t make sense. A lof things just fell into place so quickly or too perfectly at times. There were also a couple of times that I felt like I skipped a page or had to reread something.

Despite my issues of it being believable 100% of the time, I loved it. If you want something gritty and full of revenge then pick this up. Seriously, put on some music that makes you feel like a bad b**** and head to your bookstore when this release.

*Will post to blog closer to release date.
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I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t get into this book.   I started it and got approximately 10% through and stopped.    I found the subject matter to be too much to handle in addition to the characters.     It just wasn’t for me.   Thank you Netgalley to the advanced copy of Foul is Fair.
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Modern Macbeth with a focus on Lady Macbeth with words as sharp as the story at its core: It's Dare Me and Kill Bill but fresh in a way that's darkly enchanting. Our main girl, Jade, drives the plot with her equally and terribly (read: justifiably) mischievous coven. It was interesting to see how Foul is Fair made use of the original play and how, when it comes down to it, subverted it. It's listed as the first book of a series, which I'm looking forward to and, if you are into layered stories of revenge that doesn't pull its punches, you should too!
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On Elle’s 16th birthday, she wanted to enjoy life, party, and make wonderful memories with her coven of best friends. A few hours laters, those memories became nightmares when she woke up bruised and battered. She remembered-a poisoned drink,several boys,being held down, blacking out. The next day, Elle, now known as Jade, plotted her revenge against those golden boys with the encouragement and help of her friends. 

The characters were dark and ruthless. The story was riveting, shocking and extremely empowering. It was vigilante justice in the most unapologetic and dramatic manner. 

This was a fast paced extremely well written revenge fantasy that will stay with you long after its completion. 
Highly recommended!
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If Macbeth pulled a Kill Bill on the movie Heathers, Foul is Fair would be the scene of the crime. 

This book is f*cked the f*ck up.

So, obviously, I LOVED IT!

Think Sadie by Courtney Summers on a meth binge. 

This is a story about the ultimate revenge. And, much like Kill Bill and Heathers, it's over-the-top craziness that couldn't possibly happen in real life, which is exactly how it should be told. This book is a revenge fantasy and if you aren't chill enough to appreciate that style... well then, that sucks for you. 

"We’re magic. I can feel it right now in the dark. We’re invisible when we need to be and then so firework-bright no one can look away. We’re patience and brilliance. We never forget.

We never forgive."

Hell to the mf'ing yeah! 🙌

I love our main character Jade. She is the badass best friend that you're secretly kind of scared of but you're simultaneously addicted to the rush. 

"I’m a guardian angel who fell from heaven before I ever got inside the gates."

Yes girl, yessssssss 🤘

Omg y'all, before I forget, Hannah Capin can write her ass off. I could read her words all day. I did read her words all day. And all night. 

I'm pretty sure I highlighted more passages from this book than any other before it. Her prose is just that damn good. It's really something you need to experience for yourself. Pure magic. 

** THANK YOU to Jordan Hanley with St Martin's Press for providing me with a ARC in exchange for an honest review. **
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Thank you Netgalley for sending me this arc. I will be reviewing this book in the near future with an honest rating and review.
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3.5 stars
*trigger warning: discusses sexual assault*
An extremely dark, beautiful and well-written novel that pulls you in right from the start, however the plot fails to reach the same level of the writing.
Foul is Fair follows Jade, a highschooler, who transfers schools to exact her bloody revenge against the boys that sexually assaulted her at a party.

I really enjoyed Capin’s writing in this novel. It was dark and enticing, rich with vocabulary and adjectives, and I felt like the words just floated off the page. My problem with this book was that though the writing was amazing, character development and the plot fell short for me.
My problem with the plot was that it moved a bit too quickly, as it would cut from scene to scene making it choppy and hard to follow. It felt like the majority of the book took place in less than a month and in that one month so much happened that it aired on the side of fantasy. Though the plot did left me intrigued and wanting to know what would happen next, if the author had chosen maybe to add about 100 pages to the novel it would have moved more smoothly.

Another problem that arose from the book was character development. First of all, it seemed as if Jade was a POC for diversity points because the fact that she was Indian-American was mentioned once and then never mentioned again for the rest of the novel. Having a POC main character does not mean that the novel has to be all about how the MC is a POC, but I feel like a bit more could have been done. The only characters that got developed were those at St. Andrew’s Prep, but Jade’s friends who were considered to be a big part of her life were given identical, one-dimensional, and hollow characters.

Overall, I really enjoyed Foul is Fair, and I found it a dark and thrilling read on how a young woman worked through her trauma of her sexual assault.
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