Meant to be Different

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I love second chance romances and this was no exception! At first I wasn’t completely into but once I got 10% in it was a go. There was a lot of things that made this book as great as it was. It was slow burner, it had humor/funny banters and it also had emotion, which made it all more realistic. Georgia was so cute, sassy and with all the bad in her life, a lovable character. Wyatt was the sweetest thing ever and just WOW!  He was really there for Georgia when she needed someone. Honestly they were there a lot for each other which was nice to see. They really were great together, even the second time around. I loved them together and was happy to read their story!
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I enjoyed this book. It was the first I've read from this author. It was a great story when I first started reading it but somewhere in the middle it lost its spark. I did enjoy the characters but part of the book was just a little slow for me.

Thank you Netgalley, the author and publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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meant to be different is a second-chance romance, and the second book in a series of what has up to now been second chance romances. the covers are lovely and the stories are also really great. but both this book and the previous book in the series, meant to be kept, do my least favorite thing that a second chance romance can do. spend 1/2 of the time in the past.

literally, i skimmed through the past parts, i'm not that interested in seeing a relationship that didn't work out for #reasons. and the other issue is that all to often the author correlates whatever happened in the past to whatever is happening in the present. and argh, it's just frustrating because i am only interested in moving forward.

i don't hate second-chance romances, but too often there is so much dwelling on what went wrong before that you don't really have a chance to see what is so different about now. someone is suddenly more steadfast? has changed but also been the same person in love? gah, i don't know. it's hard for these stories to really work for me. i had hopes for this, but honestly, i would have cut half the book out if i'd been editing and focused on who gigi and wyatt are now and why it's meant to be different for them this time.

don't get me wrong, it's an enjoyable read and the characters are richly and emotionally drawn. i just have very high standards for what kind of second-chance romance i want and this didn't quite work for me, but will definitely be someone else's jam.

**meant to be different will publish on july 9, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/limitless publishing in exchange for my honest review.
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I didn't love the book, didn't hate it but I was expecting something a little different or a little more. I didn't get or agree with all the stars it had gotten and maybe that was my error since I had read the reviews I was probably expecting to get more. We meet Georgia and Wyatt who as teenagers really loved each other and thought that they were the one and would be together forever. However Wyatt leaves without Georgia and returns a decade later and thinks she is just going to fall in his arms, well that kind of happened. Even though Georgia claims that she will not give Wyatt a chance and she is going to stick to her guns since she can not seem to pick the right men and she was giving up on them. While having to spend time with Wyatt since her company is hired by him, she pretty much jumps in the bed with him even though she claims it will be simply friends with benefits but that is now how it turns out. Yet even though Wyatt claims he will never leave her the minute he has a problem he pushes her away, that would have been in it, yet he comes up with some sort of way to ask for forgiveness and done.
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3.5 stars

This was a new author for me and overall, this was a cute story. I was hooked right away, but that intensity I had at the beginning died off at the end for me. I loved the flashbacks. We really got to see the relationship grow between Georgia and Wyatt, but I feel like the flashbacks ended so abruptly. I really wanted to see how their whole past played out instead of just being told the reason things ended. I loved Georgia’s snark and sassiness. The chemistry between her and Wyatt was fantastic. He was such a swoony hero and I love how hard he worked to win back his dark angel. I would definitely read this author again!
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This is my second book about a cowboy and like souther romance and let me say I loved it now I need more cowboy romances and I need more heroine like Georgia! I hope everyone reads this lovely gem
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