A Royal Christmas Wish

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This was a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form, but less cheesy.  I truly enjoyed this (clean) wish-fulfillment romance. 

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A Royal Christmas Wish by Lizzie Shane is my favorite holiday story I have read this year. It is super cute, super sweet, and super adorable! If you love the Hallmark channel movies, this will be right up your alley, I really do hope they turn it into a movie. This is a story I feel a lot of women and girls can relate to, wishing to be a princess. That is exactly what Jenny does and the story follows her adventures with Dom. If you are looking for a cozy read for a rainy or snowy weekend, grab this book and be prepared to not want to put it down until you are finished.
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Hallmark Publishing offers up yet another delightful holiday romantic adventure suitable for readers from teens to grandparents.  The light paranormal element of a wish granted offers a fun plot device.  The characters are believable and easy to like, even the ones we are set up in the beginning to dislike.  Treat yourself to this book and be transported to San Noelle for the holidays!
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Typical Hallmark love story that is my favorite!  I love Hallmark.  They make you feel good and happy with wonderful endings.  This book did not disappoint.

Complementary copy given for honest review.
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When the name Hallmark Publishing is mentioned, enough said. You can bet your bottom dollar you’re about to delve into a sweet, heart warming, flirty romantic read. With it’s Cinderella-ish type theme, that is exactly what you get here, folks. This book unfolds just like you would expect if aired in full production on the Hallmark Channel. Honestly, that’s all you really need to know about this sugary sweet, squeaky clean, Christmas romance themed story line. 

Jenny, the heroine, couldn’t be more humble or klutzy, my fellow romance book loving friends. She also seems to be plagued with doubts and insecurities about her non-existent career and overall life in general, especially in comparison to her living the perfect life siblings. Along came Dom, the handsome prince, whom she literally knocks off his feet and has her dreaming and wishing dreams really do come true. 

Speaking of enough said, that’s applicable once again. I’ll end this review by predicting fans of The Hallmark Channel will surely be enamored of this story line. If you enjoy a completely clean with no steam romance, you likely will, as well. For me, it was rather predictable, and I found myself getting rather antsy for real reality to take the reins and lead this main couple to their happily ever after. 

Title: A Royal Christmas Wish, Author: Lizzie Shane, Pages: 304, stand-alone, sweet but insecure, klutzy at times heroine, sweet fairy tale like prince, fairy godmother sub-character, scripted like a Hallmark Channel movie, squeaky clean, rated G material, no steamy scenes, no OM/OW drama, no love triangle, romance safe.

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A Royal Christmas Wish is a clean-wholesome romance novel by author Lizzie Shane. This is a cute Hallmark Publishing story about Jenny James (Just Jenny) and Prince Alexander Dominic.

The author had me in stitches laughing after Just Jenny’s wish came true. Would being a princess be all she had hoped for? This is a wonderful contemporary retelling of the Cinderella fairy-tale.

I wanted to read this short book because I love Hallmark movies. Knowing there will be a happy ending makes Hallmark a must-read for the Christmas season. Did the book live up to my expectations? Yes!

I highly recommend this novel to fans of Hallmark and/or classic fairy tales.

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Very well written. The storyline was perfect. I could not out it down. Read the book in one day. The author sucks you in to the plot.
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I love Hallmark movies and I love the books just as much. Simple, pure romance. That's what I love. I can watch the shows without worrying about my teen-age son walking in. 

I really enjoyed this book. It didn't go the way I thought it would but I still liked it. 

I wanted to know what was Dom's story because we don't really get a big picture of him like we do with Jenny. 

There is definitley something magical between them but did it get lost in the busyness of kingdom living?

If you love Hallmark movies I have no doubt you will enjoy this book. 

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Cinderella gets a makeover just in time for Christmas. A Royal Christmas Wish uses humor and heart to inspire hope. Part fairytale fantasy, part reality check, Jenny and Dom are a reminder that true beauty is never perfect. Flaws and all, Shane pulls out all the stops to captivate hearts and dole out wisdom with a simply marvelous feel good holiday romance.
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Didn’t like because I feel like it went from zero to eighty in a Micro-second. There wasn’t a getting-to-know-each-other period, which is one of my most favorites parts of romance books. Of course because of lack of time and no motivation to continue reading I read more than half of the book but didn’t finish, so I can’t comment to much of it.
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A Surprisingly Love Fairy Tale Romance

If you are one who enjoys those Christmas TV romances that involve fake royalty but are just delightfully sweet, this book from an imprint that puts out those kinds of movies may very well pull you away from the TV and into a book. I found this novel to be that kind of sweet and charming. You do have to accept, especially at the beginning, that there is perhaps a little more melodrama in this story compared to more realistic Christmas romances. This has a strong Cinderella fairy tale vibe all over it, yet it also does speak to some of the concepts that are buzzwords these days in the self-help field, like confidence and empowerment.

The heroine, who sometimes calls herself Just Jenny, is a klutzy, directionless, but good-hearted young woman who has issues with valuing herself. A chance, head-on crash into a man in a park while walking a dog changes her life forever. In their first conversations at that meeting, she reveals much about herself, and he is intrigued by her candor and other qualities. She finds out later that he is a prince of a small European nation. Then things get even more fairytale-like when a fairy godmother of sorts grants her one wish that will expire at the end of the holiday season. Just Jenny becomes a princess.

So will these two stay married beyond the wish’s allotted time? It was interesting to watch Jenny transform into a princess, to watch her confidence and self-awareness blossom. It is certainly not a perfect or easy transformation. Dom, the hero, is perfectly swoon-worthy. He sees Jenny's value far earlier than she does. He not only transforms her life; she has an effect on him and his outlook as well. They are both better versions of themselves because of the other. It is all very sweet and magical. So long as you're able to suspend disbelief about something so fantastical, you may find yourself as charmed by this sweet little tale as I was.

I received a free copy of this book, but that did not affect my review.
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This was such a cute Christmas story. Jenny just bombed an interview and is working her second job when she runs into Dom, a real life prince. She has no idea who he really is, and hopes to run into him again the next day. There is no tomorrow as she discovers his true identity at yet another job. She doesn't have the courage to talk to him, but the help from a little magic could change that.  I loved the Cinderella nod with Jenny's wish disappearing at the stroke of midnight. 

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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It's rare that I leave a book unfinished. Before A Royal Christmas Wish, all of the books I've read from Hallmark Publishing's imprint have been fantastic and I've really enjoyed them. I think the "magical" aspect in this book was just too unbelievable and the protagonist just lacked motivation - I couldn't connect to the story. After trying for over a month to get through it (between reading other books), I'm finally ready to call it, I'm not going to finish this one.

I hate to give this book three stars, but I just could not get into this story. I highly recommend other Christmas books by Hallmark Publishing, especially the recent Christmas In Evergreen: Letters to Santa and A Down Home Christmas.
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What a fun Christmas romance!  A Royal Christmas Wish combines a wee bit of fantasy and Christmas wishes with a very realistic romance.  This book is dreamy, realistic, and sweet!  The main characters struggle with problems just like everyone else, but come up with ways to improve the world around them while coming to accept their own personal strengths and talents in the process.  Great Christmas read!
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This was such a happy feel-good story. Ridiculously unbelievable?  Absolutely!  Despite that, or maybe even because of it, the tale is charming and full of Christmas cheer.  I needed a good pick me up and this fit the bill.  It was a quick read, but I couldn't stop smiling the entire time I read it!
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I always love a good royal romance, and this one is no exception.  This was a heartwarming Christmas story that I would highly recommend.
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Captivating, sweet holiday romance story. Pleasant interesting characters. Well written book, that kept my attention throughout, I enjoyed reading. I have voluntarily chosen to read and review this book.
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When a Christmas wish turns into a real life fairytale, Just Jenny is stunned. Her Cinderella fantasy of loving a prince sure seems real, but she knows all fairytales have lessons for the princess to learn. So she decides to figure it out. A Royal Christmas Wish is all about being yourself and making dreams come true. A fun Hallmark Christmas read!
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A warm cozy Christmas read that just hit the spot for my Christmas craving. Adorable romance mixed with hoilday warmness and some royal family shenanigans mixed in made this book so great perfect for anyone who's a fan of the prince and me or the royal we those adorable royal family romances with all the hoilday fun thrown in!
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A Royal Christmas Wish is published by Hallmark, and it is, unashamedly and delightfully, a pure sugary fluffy candyfloss confection of a romance. I was mentally casting Kat Dennings as Jenny, a broke part-time waitress and dog-walker with dreams of being Something One Day, and Tom Hiddleston as the European prince she literally collides with one day in Central Park.

There’s an actual fairy godmother, magical Christmas wishes, a romance that’s almost tooth-rottingly sweet and at the heart, a message that being yourself is actually enough, no matter how much you might feel like a failure compared to family members and friends who totally have their act together from a young age. It’s a lovely story with a beautiful message… and I’m definitely hoping to see Kat and Tom, or some other delightful couple with similar chemistry, bringing it to the screen in a Hallmark movie sometime soon!

Five stars for a sweetly fluffy and charming royal romance.
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