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It didn't take long to be pulling for Jenny. She was a lovely main character.  She didn't give herself much credit for the kind, giving, loving person that she was.  She would give people the shirt off her back if she could.  All she saw was how she was lacking in physical grace and direction.  Good thing her BFF Margo, saw all her goodness and was the first one to lovingly give her reality checks.  She was a great cheering squad all on her own.  Cheering Jenny on but also speaking truth that she needed to hear but in a way that she could receive it. 

The Countess.....what a character she is.  I liked the peppermint swirl that surrounded her.  She was unpredictable, which was fun at times.  She did get a bit grouchy with Jenny when she asked so many questions.  Especially when she questioned what was going on.  But come on,it's not like Jenny got a manual along with her wish.  
Cora might be only a tiny part of the story but boy, did I love that sweet part.  
Several good twists happen towards the end of the story.  Those made me smile.  The Epilogue was even sweeter.
There is also that Chicken Shawarma recipe that was promised.   I had never heard of it before but it sure did look delicious. 

  “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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A perfect, sweet Christmas romance! Just like watching the Hallmark channel at the holidays. Great one!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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A Royal Christmas Wish by Lizzie Shane is a lovely Christmas romance that is sure to tough at your heartstrings and warm your heart. A perfect story full of Hallmarky Christmas goodness! I love this book and could not put this down once I started reading. A story of a chance encounter with a prince turns into a drama-filled fairytale. You are sure to fall in love with their love story and will be enchanted to see where that story goes next. The characters are well written, realistic, and relatable making them easy to love. A Royal Christmas Wish is a remarkable love story that is sure to stay with you long after reading. I can't wait to read more from Lizzie Shane in the near future!
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Hallmark does love at Christmas or anytime better than anyone. This Christmas movie season should be Royally awesome if these books are any indication.
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I really enjoyed A Royal Christmas Wish. It is getting a well deserved five plus stars from me. I recommend it.
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I really enjoyed this book, it’s the perfect fluffy Christmas romance that you just can’t put down. I loved every character in this book and the plot was just the thing I love to watch and read about. The main character was super likeable and even though is does have a romance based plot, it’s more about her finding out what she wants to do in life and believing that anything is possible if you believe.
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A Royal Christmas Wish is an enjoyable story perfect for Christmas time and magic believers.
The story follows Jenny, a girl who lives in New York with her best friend and she hasn't found her passion in life. Suddenly one day she meets Prince Dom from San Noelle. Then she meets someone who'll make her wish come true.

I totally connected with Jenny (somehow), she hasn't found herself yet and she's trying to find her passion in life. She's also constantly being criticized by her parents and sisters who are living the "best" of their lives. Jenny and Dom have instant chemistry and the spark is pretty obvious.

Most of the book happens in Jenny's dream, but that will melt your heart from moment one.

I highly recommend it because it's sweet, lovely, magical, and full of Christmas spirit.
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A Royal Christmas Wish is a sweet romance with Jenny being granted her Christmas wish.  But, first she overhears herself being described as Just Jenny, which kind of becomes her moniker.  After bumping into Dom in the park and having an instant connection she later finds out he is a prince.  Jenny knows he is way out of her league.  At a party where Jenny is working, handsome Dom is reminded she is not of their world.  Thus, the further reminder as Jenny overhears the descriptor of Just Jenny.

Poor Jenny cannot seem to get a break in anything, the move to NYC, job interviews, keeping her apartment, even her desire to have a dog.  You will love her connection to ‘Prince Harry.’  The magical parts of any fairy tale are present– the Countess elf, the snowflake bracelet, meeting her prince, being his wife.  Once her wish is granted, she struggles with her ‘princess’ duties making even more mistakes. 

The sweetest part of this romance/fairy tale is Jenny found herself before completely accepting she is Just Jenny.  As her husband in the ‘wish,’ Dom was completely supportive and encouraging.  Their HEA is adorable!  You will love this Hallmark book.  It would make a great Christmas movie!!.  It is my first Hallmark and first Lizzie Shane book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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This is a charming modern day fairytale that, like all the best fairytales, has a “fairy godmother” (or is she a Christmas elf?) who grants Christmas wishes to those selected by a mysterious process.  In this story, the unlikely candidate is Jenny.  Jenny always introduces herself, as “Just Jenny”.  She wants to find a great career in New York City, but has trouble showing confidence in job interviews or taking in chances.  As Jenny and an adorable dog named Prince Henry literally collide with a real life prince named Dominic, the attraction between the two of them is undeniable and the Christmas magic begins.  Jenny’s wish of a perfect Christmas with the prince is granted, and Jenny awakes one morning in a bedroom in the palace, married to the prince.  The story then goes on to define if this is going to be Jenny’s dream come true, or if it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for”?  

I loved that Jenny’s story is told in first-person, so we see everything through Jenny’s eyes.  She is delightfully awkward and clumsy at times and this impacts her role as a princess, and that adds the charm to this story. She’s loyal and caring, and makes a perfect counterpart to her prince.    Prince Dom is all that a girl could ask for in a prince.  As the story continues, we are left to wonder if the Christmas magic is truly Jenny’s wish—-or is it Dom’s?  

There are elements in this story reminiscent of the movies  “The Family Man” and “Cinderella” in this book, and they work together well. It’s a fun book to read, and I hope we’ll see it as a Hallmark movie soon.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Just Jenny doesn't think much of herself.  She hasn't quite figured out what she wants to do with herself, and seems to be on a series of job interviews that just don't work out.  Her best friend/roommate is getting married soon, and Jenny's not sure how she will afford rent with her odd jobs.  After another flop of an interview, Jenny decades to spend some time with Prince Harry, her favorite rescue dog where she volunteers.  While playing with him in Central Park she meets (well, crashes into) Dom, an attractive jogger.  They engage in a cute exchange and go their different ways.  Except they meet again that night where Jenny is working for a catering company as a server at a swanky party in honor of a visiting prince from the European country of San Noelle.  Can you guess who that might be?

This is where the story strays from commoner-royalty trope.  Suddenly there's a whimsical fairy godmother and a wish for a magical royal Christmas complete with a Prince Charming.  Jenny finds herself in San Noelle, learning all things princess-y.  Along the way she really learns about herself and her value.  That combined with the sweet romance make this book a winner.  I loved it.  The spice factor is very mild which I found refreshing.  It's a very warm, kind, fun Christmas romance.  

Thanks to NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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4.5 stars 

This is a Hallmark brand book, so there is no sex and no cursing in this story. If those things bother you, there's nothing to worry about here. 

The premise of this story is quirky and cute and isn't normally something I'd chose to read, but I gave it a chance because I enjoy this author's writing and I love the Hallmark imprint. I am so glad I gave it a chance because this story was really, really cute. The heroine, Jenny, came across as a tad off-kilter at times, but it was in a completely charming way that just made her really likable. Even when she was at her quirkiest, I still really liked her.  The hero, Prince Dom, was also charming and incredibly kind, the exact kind of Royal Prince that every girl dreams of having sweep her off his feet. Without saying too much, I LOVED that there was no “couples drama” in this one, that the main couple didn't take emotional flying leaps into wild misconceptions about each other just for the sake of drama, the drama was of the mystical and star-crossed kind.  

If you like a light-hearted, really sweet story about a girl with a benevolent fairy godmother and a wish come true (kind of) you should read this story because Ms. Shane's author's “voice” is really fantastic.
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Just Jenny  just about sums up Jenny’s life. There’s never been anything special about her and she doesn’t even know what she wants to do in life. She’s a failure and stuck in rut. The only person that doesn’t seem to be judging her is her best friend and the dog from the shelter that she walks names Prince Harry.

Even though Prince Harry is a dog, it’s the closest thing that Jenny has to a prince charming. accident lands her on top of a handsome stranger named Dom. At their first meeting they hit it off and Jenny can’t help but fantasizing about the handsome man. The fantasy is quickly ruined when she realizes that Dom isn’t your typical guy. He’s the crown prince of San Noelle. In other words, he’s way out of her league.

But maybe a Christmas wish with the help of a mysterious lady can turn everything around. When Jenny makes a wish, she wakes up the next day to find herself married to Dom. She’s a princess but life in the palace is anything but glamours. It’s suffocating. How can this be her happily ever after?

After all, all she is is Just Jenny. There’s nothing special about her. Or is there?

It’s been a while since a book kept me up at night. This was a perfect novel with an interesting plot and will have you falling in love in San Noelle. I recommend this book for everyone.
Like all Hallmark content, this book is clean and free from explicit sexual content or bad language.
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I loved this book! When I first started reading I thought here we go with the whole common girls runs into a Prince and then she falls in love with him and they end up getting together. So not the case with this one. Lizzie Shane gave us such a great story with a very nice twist to it! Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. I had to know how everything ended for Jenny as soon as I could. 

Jenny is a young lady that is trying to make a go at living in NYC and supporting herself. Jenny has a roommate, Margo, that is awesome and is very encouraging to Jenny. When Jenny leaves for a job interview one morning, Margo tells her she is going to kill it. Margo is trying to get a big break in acting as well and she has an audition the same day. Well, Jenny doesn't do so hot on her interview and ends up going to Paws for Love to visit her favorite dog, Prince Harry. Jenny takes Prince Harry to the park for a walk and when she brings his ball along, the fun beings. The ball ends up going in the direction that Jenny doesn't want it to go and she has to run after Prince Harry. While running after Prince Harry, Jenny ends up running into a total stranger and feels horrible about it. She ends up talking to Dom for a minute and falls for him immediately. 

Jenny just knows that she is never going to see Dom again after their chance meeting in the park. I mean after all, Dom was from San Noelle, how could she possibly run into him again and where was San Noelle anyway? Well, when Jenny and Margo go to their catering event that night as elves, guess who is there?? That's right, Dom! Jenny and Dom end up talking again. Jenny is kicking herself for not finding out more about Dom and exchanging numbers with him. While they are cleaning up from the party thought, Margo and Jenny find a bracelet with a snowflake on it and Jenny knows just who it belongs to but can she catch Dom or any of his people to find out where she went before it is too late? 

You will love where this story goes next. I do not want to give away anymore than I already have because reading it as it happens is all the fun and magic with this one! You will fall in love with the characters immediately. This is such a great Hallmark read, my favorite by far that I have read so far! Great job Lizzie Shane! I can't wait to read more from you in the near future! 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for an advanced copy of this book! Great read!
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Grab some warm cookies and peppermint hot chocolate because you're going to want it for this book! A Royal Christmas Wish included all of my favorite things in a Hallmark Christmas story: princes, royal balls, magic, puppies, and wishes come true! There really is something magical about wishes made at Christmastime and this book showcased it perfectly. It was inspiring to see Jenny's character development over the course of the story. This book teaches us that things we deem as "impossible" can come true if we take risks and put our mind to it. It also teaches us that it's okay to just be ourselves. I can see A Royal Christmas Wish being a story that I read every year at Christmastime and never get tired of reading. A Royal Christmas Wish does not have a Hallmark movie accompanying it, which allows readers to imagine it however they like. If you know someone who loves reading, this would make a great Christmas gift. But don't forget to pick up one for yourself, because you don't want to miss out on this one!
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Oh my goodness! 

There’s nothing I love more than winter time with hallmark channel movies playing while enjoying a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, so to be able to read this book in August and get a glimpse of what my winters going to look like was incredible. As per the movies this book was a little predictable but that’s what makes them great! 

It was an incredibly well written novel and the recipe in the back was the perfect addition.
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As I read A Royal Christmas Wish I pictured it as a movie, casting actors in the various roles. I loved the beginning of this story, completely interested in Jenny's unsuccessful attempts to find a job in NYC. I have to admit I struggled a bit, with the fairy Godmother granting a wish part, but eventually enjoyed Jenny figuring out how to adapt to her new role.
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Lizzie Shane brings us Jenny and Dom.  Jenny and Prince Harry from the Paws for Love are playing catch in Central Park when the ball flies toward the jogging path sending the dog and Jenny running after it.  That causes her to run literally into a jogger leading to conversations about life, fairy tales, and princes and princesses.  When she is dressed as an elf helping out at a party with her friend, she meets her mysterious jogger again.  She finds out that Dom is not just a regular guy, but is an actual prince!  Jenny finds a bracelet on the floor and goes after the woman to return the item, but it is too late.  She spies the woman getting into the car and catches up with her before she gets inside.  The woman thanks her and offers to grant her a wish.  Does she dare to wish for the vision that comes into her mind?  Will she be brave enough to go after what she wants?  Will this wish be all that she wanted?

Lizzie shows us what could happen when you wish for things.  She shows us how Jenny reacts to her granted wish and how it changes the lives of those around her.  I enjoyed watching Jenny and Dom figure things out while making mistakes and enjoying the little things in life that bring you pleasure.  But are the feelings real or there because of the wish?  If they carried on from when they first met, would they still end up in the same place?  Is this life real or the one left behind?  

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for this privilege.
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A throughly entertaining and sweet romance.  A great escape read.  I received an arc from the publisher and this is my unbiased review.
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Loved this book I loved the romance and how everything played out in the end what an amazing read. You should definitely read this book if you haven’t
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It’s been a while since I recommended a book as a “must-read” and that’s precisely what I’ll be doing for A Royal Christmas Wish. A truly feel-good festive novel!

It was such great fun to read about Jenny’s journey to self-empowerment. She’s a lovely, relatable character but must learn how to overcome her crippling lack of confidence and sense of purpose. A bit clumsy but a very generous soul, self-proclaimed “Just Jenny” sees her world turned upside down when she crosses paths with a real European prince and an elusive countess with magical powers.

Convinced of her unworthiness, she will dismiss her chances of finding her soul mate in such an unattainable man, but fate has more in store for her and she’ll learn to believe in the impossible! She’s thrown in a wish world where all her wildest dreams are fulfilled and while she navigates this strange, but wonderful lavish parallel universe, Jenny will learn to come to terms with who she is and what she really wants in life.

Frankly, I hadn’t expected such a strong message about female empowerment at the end. This feel-good romance isn’t just about some predictable royal romance, it offers much more about how women value their self-worth, and that is for me, one of the strongest assets of this fun, entertaining, fast-paced and truly enchanting novel!

NOTE: I hope the author won’t take umbrage, but I must point out that there’s a small incorrect part in French that would need editing in Chapter ten. The proper spelling is not “quel est votre tradition de noël préféré?” but “Quelle est votre tradition de Noël préférée?” The feminine inflexion must be applied everywhere needed, since “tradition” is a feminine word. As I received an advanced copy, hopefully there might still be some time to amend it!

Princess Jenny would agree that it is a difficult language! :)
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