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⭐️ [2.5/5 Stars] ⭐️

I wanted to love this but unfortunately I didn’t click with these characters or this story. Initially, I thought that this would make me swoon but I was barely able to connect with the story. I thought it dragged in parts and there wasn’t much chemistry between the two characters. I think the idea was cute but the execution wasn’t what I expected.
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Our Stop was a cute, fun contemporary romance, though I do wish the meeting between the main characters had occurred sooner, as all their missed opportunities started to add up and slowed down the story.
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I absolutely loved this book! Beautifully written! I can’t wait to see more from this fantastic author.
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I really enjoyed to story of Daniel and Nadia. It was a sweet, funny romance that made me smile. The characters were really relatable and likeable. Not just the main characters but their friends also. 

I have seen various people say that they found the book dragged and took to long to "get into it" but I didn't find this at all. Where it lost me was in the ending. The lovers don't actually meet until the last 5-10% of the book so their "together story" felt quite rushed. I would have loved to experience more of their time together. Also NO MAN EVER would go that above and beyond for a first date! 

It was a good light hearted read that would even make a cute movie but it was a story with really relatable characters that ended up in a story that wasn't really 100% believable. If you are a fan of the story "you've got mail" then you will appreciate the story of two characters who are made for each other and who's destinies will draw them together. 

I do really also appreciate the author finding ways to put in some hard hitting issues such as consent into the book in a way that didn't take away from the romance of it all but still brought attention to it. 

Thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins Australia for providing a copy for review.
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When you  “discover” a new to you author and start checking out their backlist because you just finished their book and you’re not ready to come down to earth yet
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Our Stop was the first book I've read by Laura Jane Williams and I had high expectations after seeing the book cover across many of the bookstagram accounts that I follow. Unfortunately, this book wasn't quite a right fit for me. I thoroughly enjoy contemporary romance and felt this story had a lot of potential, but ultimately had a difficult time connecting with any of the characters. There was quite a lot of repetitive inner dialogue and so many mentions of feminism, millennial quirks and being "woke" that it ended up losing its appeal. Despite that, Williams' had some good ideas and as stated above, this had the potential to be something great.

Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Australia for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I can see people that enjoy Sophie White and Melanie Murphy enjoying OUR STOP but personally this book wasn't for me. The writing style was very, very basic and the constant switching from the two POV's got annoying after awhile. Thank you Harper Collins Australia for the review copy!
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I received an early copy of this from Netgalley, I absolutely adored the characters, and I was a really big fan of the romance. I liked the fact that there was some diversity throughout the book. I was just a good solid romance read. I would definitely recommend it.
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This one wasn’t for me. I appear to be in the minority, based on other reviews, but I wish the couple had met sooner, and I felt that the issue with Nadia’s friends was resolved too easily and didn’t ring true.
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Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishers Australia for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Our Stop is a cute, missed connections, light-hearted romance.

Nadia and Daniel catch the same train… that is when Nadia doesn’t miss it. Daniel has finally worked up the courage to make a move on the gorgeous girl he sees on the train and he puts a submission into the papers missed connections column. Flirting back and forth through the paper Nadia and Daniel, they have been circling each other for longer than they realise.

There are elements of this story that are very cute. I would describe it as a chick lit style story, the romance is there but our two don’t come together until well in the book, but we spend a lot of time getting to know them each individually. There are also some real funny moments here, and this combo of cute and funny was definitely giving me the vibes that this one would make a really fun movie!

I did enjoy it quite a bit though the main element of the love story was our two main characters slowing coming together and that long build up did make it a bit slow and anticlimactic for me. We spend a long time on getting to know side characters and other bits and pieces of life, which is pretty common for chick lit, but wasn’t anything to really grab my undivided attention.

Overall a fun and light romance that had me smiling and chuckling over these two and their antics! You’ll probably enjoy this one if you liked One Day in December or Bridget Jones Diary.
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I was a bit u sure about the whole “guy sees girl on train and falls in love” and whether it was going to be creepy or not, but I was pleasantly surprised! Took me a bit to get in the groove but all the almost meetings really built up the excitement and their eventual meeting was worth the wait!
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What a wonderful read!
The story was light, fluffy and filled to the brim with near-misses. It was everything you could want in a romance novel and then some!
One of my favourite aspects of this story was the friendships. The friendship groups were fresh and very realistic, it was great seeing friends that were so supportive and honest with each other and could have a few cheeky laughs but still share their feelings. 
I would definitely recommend picking this book up, especially if you're a fan of fluffy romances like me!
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"The working week was just so agonizingly long, and she spent her whole life trying to catch up with herself". Same.

This book had an idea which I found quite intriguing, unfortunately I don't feel like the book executed what it was trying to promise. The book dragged on quite a bit and it wasn't really the romantic story I was expecting. I just didn't connect with the characters as individuals and the romance just took too long.

It probably would work for some people, however I'm just not one of them.
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This book was a quick read for me. It was cute and sweet and quite lighthearted compared to other romance novels. It was a refreshing story with a very modern feel. I did find myself cringing a little bit and thinking some scenes were unrealistic, but all in all it was enjoyable.
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Sex in the City meets Bridget Jones Diary. This novel to me was written to be made into a movie. Enjoyable, predictable and altogether sweet An easy read to entertain.
Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy. (26/8/2019 GoodReads -> twitter @libchelle1)
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Our Stop was perfect in that I got exactly what I wanted out of it. I loved the characters, and missed connections premise was fun to read, and I flew through the book because even though I knew what was coming, I just couldn't wait to get there!

Laura Jane Williams has absolutely nailed the contemporary romance genre, with a fabulously written funny romance. Although the storyline was predictable, a unique story wasn't what I came to this book looking for. I was looking for something fast, funny & flirty and got exactly that!

My only qualm was the best friends 'secret' - I picked it right from the start and didn't feel like it really added anything to the story, and more just felt like a throwaway way to include some more diversity in the book.

A full review will be posted on closer to the Aussie publication date.
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That was incredibly long winded and confusing to read.

I felt confused in some parts like I was missing the story but no it was just too much filler.

As characters they were adequate but by the time they did get together I just didn't care.

All up I didn't like it at all. It took over 85% of the story for them to even get together then that was it.
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Nadia had no idea what was coming when she was the star of a Missed Connection, thanks to a guy (Daniel) on the train she's almost always late for. Instead of meeting right away, they embark on a cat and mouse of further ads, dating guides, flirting disasters and missed chances. This was a fun story, with a good tone and an interesting mix of modern dating and old school techniques. I enjoyed the friendships both Nadia and Daniel had in their lives, and the support (helpful or otherwise!) that they provided. I didn't feel the premise or writing was particularly ground breaking, but it was well-written and I enjoyed the tone very much.
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This was a romance with lots of humor. Set in the present time. Nadia Fielding is always late for work and is planning to start a new routine of being more organized. She has two best friends and works in artificial intelligence developing new technologies.
Daniel Weissman is getting over the death of his father and lacks confidence to talk to a woman he admires so he places a notice in the local paper under “Missed Connections” in the hope that she would see it and maybe speak to him one morning on the train.
Nadia’s friends are certain that the notice is about Nadia and they try to convince Nadia to reply to Daniel’s notice. 
I loved this romance and the way Nadia’s friends try to set up romantic connections. This was a fun romantic story with lots of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. I loved the ending
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Unfortunately, this book wasn’t for me. I really, really wanted to like this book. I mean, look at the cover art! It’s bright, gorgeous and paired with the premise seems like the perfect rom-com in a book. Sadly, there were just one too many things in this book that didn’t quite gel for me. I’ve read some reviews that are a complete 180 to mine though, so perhaps it was just me who didn’t get the FEELS with this book. 

This story follows always-unorganised Nadia and completely organised Daniel in an opposites-attract romance. When Daniel decides that his unrequited love for Nadia, the breath-takingly beautiful woman on the train, has gone on long enough he posts an ad in the local newspaper’s Missed Connections. To his surprise, Nadia replies! What ensues is a slow-burn (emphasis on sloooooow) romance about two people who connect through Missed Connection posts and a sequence of convenient near-misses, before they finally meet. 

So what prompted me to give this seemingly delightful rom-com my first 1-Star rating of the year? It was boringly slow. While I adore the idea of writing messages and falling in love without meeting (see my review of The Flat Share and Top Secret), this story just didn’t do it for me. The messages seemed a bit contrite and the chemistry just wasn’t there. Daniel always seemed to be more involved in the relationship (or… their Missed Connection) while Nadia never seemed to make up her mind. Quite frankly, almost nothing had happened at the half-way point in the book and I was sooo close to DNF. If this wasn’t an ARC read I would have quit. As it was an ARC, I felt obliged to finish but certainly didn’t warm up to the book.

While I didn’t feel the chemistry between Nadia and Daniel, I’ve still enjoyed books in the past that had this problem. I’ll admit, I generally  Usually an action-driven plot can still make up for this but unfortunately this book was just so slow and hardly got anywhere. Plus, the humour was quite offensive to me and vulgar. I just couldn’t relate and this is what stopped me from rating this book 2-Stars. 

“The most memorable bloke was Period Pete, a friend of a friend, who liked performing oral sex on menstruating women, and who the three (of us) collectively decided must have an undiagnosed iron deficiency.” 


Nadia – A perpetually late, unorganised and intelligent woman. This intelligence is surmised from the fact that she worked in a robotics lab. Her emotional intelligence however was a bit stunted. She got petty and jealous over the smallest things and pined for her ex when she still apparently didn’t care for him. She was still a kind, considerate person though.

Daniel – He was a shy, romantic guy that had a secret level of confidence that was quite contradictory to his shy nature. His initial thought to message in the Missed Connections was sweet and that’s probably the adjective that best describes him. Sweet. 
I have to admit, I feel absolutely awful about writing this review and have been putting it off for a while. I’ve genuinely tried to find something to say about what I enjoyed in this book. Lorenzo was the only character that I actually enjoyed reading about. He was straight-forward, snarky and a total junkie. His advice and comments were actually funny though and I enjoyed the chapters that involved him.

 While there were issues with pacing and character development during this book, it was still written well in the sense that the sentences flowed easily. I would consider reading another book by this author in future, as It could have just been these particular characters that I didn’t enjoy.
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