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What If God Wrote Your Shopping List?

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This wasn’t in my normal genre but the title intrigued me and I couldn’t wait to read it and I’m delighted i did as it was a lovely read full of short but very thought provoking chapters that really made me think about my life and choices. I highly recommend this lovely book.

 Thank you to NetGalley for the arc of What If God Wrote Your Shopping List my review is honest and unbiased.
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You know those books that tells history in x number of objects? Well, this title reminds me of books like that. It features items or experiences that we might buy, and expands on spiritual aspects  or practical aspects or just how we can improve our relationships with people with those purchases.

I was curious about what it says about art supplies as I LOVE buying art supplies. However, the chapter is not just for the artist or aspiring artist. It's for everyone exhorting us all to explore our creativity and use it to honor God and benefit others.

There are some items or purchases that we do not have access to outside of the USA. But we can simply replace them with items that are available in our area. It's not about the exact product itself but what it represents.

This book made me think about some of the things that I buy and definitely has been helpful.. This is an easy-to-read book, and for sure will make you reflect on your shopping habits. 

Thank you Netgalley and Harvest House for the ARC. This is my honest review in exchange.
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Does your shopping list reflect investment in stuff? Or in people?

Jay Payleitner has 52 things on his list of ways to find freedom from stuff in his newest book, What If God Wrote Your Shopping List. The list doesn't include big, expensive things, but ordinary things, things that are tools to show love, including to ourselves.

Such as, #2: Mirror

“God has always seen you as beautiful, but if you have been redeemed, you are covered with the righteousness of Christ because of the cross. The one ugly thing about you—your sin—has been washed away by his blood. That person in the mirror is a new creation. Every time you look in the mirror, you would do well to make that your very first thought.”

And #35: Books to Give Away

“For sure, some books you’ll want to keep on your own shelf for future reference or to reread. But most of the time, when you finish a book, the best course of action is to give it to someone who came to mind while you were reading it. No strings attached.”

And #3: Lemonade Stand Lemonade

“This item on God’s shopping list is not something you can plan. But when God gives you the opportunity, don’t miss it. Make it a rule. When driving through a neighborhood and you happen upon a classic lemonade stand set up and manned by young entrepreneurs around middle school age, always stop and buy a glass of lemonade. Let your generous spirit, hope for the next generation, and thirst guide you. Champion ambitious young people.”

Obviously this book isn’t really a shopping list from God. But the point is clear: We don’t want to waste our time and resources on things that distract and dishonor.

Payleitner says, “The people who sell stuff never tell you that the stuff that really matters isn’t stuff.”

My thanks to Net Galley for the review copy of this book.
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"50 ways to find freedom from stuff".  This book aims to help you find  creative ways to make more purposeful purchases.

The chapters are very short, between 1 to 3 pages each, but that is no real surprise when you realise there are 50 of them!  However, unfortunately, as they are so short, much of the content is brief and a little simplistic, and for myself, unfortunately much of it is not very relevant as it is aimed at families, and more USA focussed.

This is what I think of as a "dip in and out" kind of book for when you have a few spare minutes.  To give you an idea of what you will find within these pages, here is a random selection of chapter titles:

World map shower curtain
Alarm clock
Juggling balls
Disposable serving trays
Stuff with scripture
Wedding attire

I was expecting more in depth advice about managing finances and alleviating the pressure our current materialistic society places us all under, so was quite disappointed.  That isn't to say that there is no good information and advice within these pages, because there is, it just isn't what I was looking for.  

This book is published on 3 September.  I received an eArc from the publisher via Netgalley, but this review is entirely unbiased and the words are my own.
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This book offered unique perspective that really helped me evaluate my priorities. I learned some valuable life lessons from the author's writing and I would definitely look for other books because he writes like he cares about his reader.
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This is a simple, but useful book about deciding what your true priorities are, and not getting too attached to 'stuff'.  Jay Payleitner gives helpful advice from a Protestant Christian perspective, including lots of Biblical quotations. I found that much of the advice was directed at families or single people, and the book was also rather American. For example, there were chapters on baseball and lemonade stands

Some of the suggestions were quite old-fashioned, such as having a rocking chair. I certainly agreed with this one, because I regret not keeping my grandmother's rocking chair! Sitting in a rocking chair is soothing and relaxing, and not just for the elderly!

There were several chapters on making good decisions about what to keep and what to buy and even how to live as a Christian. I didn't agree with all of them. For example, one chapter suggested buying an alarm clock and doing early morning devotions.  This is probably good - if you are an early morning person! I found the writing a bit dogmatic, unfortunately, and, although I am religious, I don't like books with too many Biblical quotations.

I received this free ebook from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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‘What if God Wrote Your Shopping List?’ While I was very excited upon reading the title and description of this book, I was sorely saddened to discover it was not even close to what I was expecting. I thought for sure it would be helping address our finances and the American materialistic mindset. Instead I found a list of items the author felt like every reader should invest in. I was very disheartened to find many of the suggestions that Payleinter tried arguing as Biblical were more his own opinions with a bit of scripture woven in. While the vignettes were short, the book felt almost painful at times to get through. I wanted to like it, but just could not. 

I received an e-copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This book is marketed to be a sort of simple living book for Christians.  There are short chapters about some of the things in our lives.  The first chapter encourages having a large table so that you can show Christian hospitality.  The second chapter encourages the use of a mirror to examine yourself both physically and spiritually.  Other chapters discuss things to have in your life that are not physical objects such a regular small group relationship or Sunday brunch.  
 This may be one way to consider your life from a Christian viewpoint, but it was just a bit too contrived a premise for  me.  I would life to thank the publisher for providing me a complementary review copy on Net Galley.
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This book provides a great reminder to keep God first is all areas of life, even shopping. In today's society, many people make purchases based on "want" vs. "need," even if there's no place to put it, which can cause additional stress. The book may cause readers to consider their priorities. Relevant Bible verses are included, and there are many points to ponder.
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Great tips and reminders to always put God first- for this book specifically when shopping. Too many of us have unnecessary purchases and items that just take up space and cause clutter. When we remember to put God first we can focus on the things that matter most in life. Thank you to Netgalley and Harvest House Publishers for an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.
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A nice reminder of what we, if we call ourselves Christians, should be focusing on and putting our time, talents and finances toward.
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Fantastic book. Payleithner concocts a list of helpful tips that allows the reader to find joy in the simple day and to let go of the ridiculous notion of perfect. Immensely enjoyed this book. It's something I'll refer to again and again.
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I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this book - perhaps a way of looking at your expenditure in a God focussed ways. In many ways this book is like that, in others it isn’t. Yet, the focus is firmly on God and the ways in which we can honour him through, not only our spending monetary wise but also in the way we spend our time. Not all of the 52 chapters cover areas that cost money. The book is clearly laid out and written in an accessible style. It certainly made me think and gave me pause for thought. The bible verses are relevant and add weight to the discussion. This is not a book to rush through but to take slowly and think about. Each chapter should be weighed up in light of your own circumstances. One thing I did find slightly difficult for me as a Brit - the book is extremely American focussed. I think this may limit it’s effectiveness in other markets. However, the author is American and this may be his main market. I can not fault the other for this. A well written book which allows you to take stock and rethink your priorities.
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A great reminder for Christians to be “God focused” when making purchases. Most of us have too many things that don’t serve a purpose but taking up space. What stresses you out with purchasing even simple everyday items such as mustard? God doesn’t wish for us to worry. He wishes for us to be kingdom focused and trust Him for our needs.
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