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Hello Friend!

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This sweet story is about a little girl who tries her very best to befriend a shy boy she has targeted to be her BFF.  She loves to play with him, share with him, and care for him.  He is reluctant at first to form any relationship with her but she enthusiastically  perseveres and includes him in all her fun activities. Gradually he warms up to her and a friendship ensues.  

Once their bond together is cemented they reach out to others and form a circle of friends.  The two discover that having friends is both fulfilling and pleasing. "Together" makes the celebration of life much more meaningful and full of joy.  

The illustrations are kid-friendly, uncluttered and expressive. I love their simplicity which allows the reader to focus on the text.  I highly recommend "Hello Friend."
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I liked the drawings and the story. It was simple and cute. I enjoyed how one friend was all energy and the other was more shy and quiet.
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