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Kristi gives you the sense that anyone can be organized! Yes...even you! She breaks down the ABCs of organizing your mayhem no matter how out of control it may seem. From prioritizing to decluttering, she takes you by the hand and makes you feel like you can take control of your personal mayhem. There's lots of relevant and applicable steps and tips to send you on your way to conquering your chaos. You will love her conversational style as you learn what it takes to make these tools and tricks your own. This book with quickly become a reference in your home. I highly recommend this book!
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Master organizer of mayhem. Using mom as an acronym, that seems like a good description of who a mom is. Kristi Clover, a master of mayhem for a family of seven, is known for her skills, systems, and speakings about home organization. And that is the very subject of her new book, M.O.M.: Master Organizer of Mayhem. 

The book is a typical book of productivity and/or organization. As an experienced organizer, it should be no surprise that the book is also very well-organized. The 18 chapters are divided into three sections:

    Phase 1 – Foundation (chapters 2-11; chapter 1 is a brief introduction): Each chapter covers one of ten rules that the author proposes are essential to mastering the mayhem of home life.
    Phase 2 – Framework (chapters 12-17): These chapters cover variations of key systems that provide the framework for an organized household. Clover divides those primary aspects into decluttering systems, organizing systems, storage systems, chore systems, kitchen systems, and laundry systems. 
    Phase 3 – Finishing Touches (chapter 18: The last chapter is a simple guide and exhortation to make it work. 

Those three building metaphors form the entirety of the content shaped in this particular book.

For those who are constantly seeking help to organize their mayhem through blogs, books, and podcasts, many of the suggestions in this book will not be surprising. For the faithful Pinterest user, no doubt he/she will be aware of much of what is suggested by Clover. Yet, the amount of information contained within one book is helpful. Overwhelmed spouses, parents, or individuals do not need to search for hours on end looking for help. The author is very thorough and within the cover the book is a large supply of insights and helps. Moreover, never does the author suggest she has the solution for every reader; in fact, from the very first proposed rule she tells readers to take what is helpful, tweak it according to one’s own lifestyle, and leave behind what would not work. Too often, people become overwhelmed trying to take in and enforce every suggestion that comes his/her way for a ‘better’ life. Not only is that impossible, but creates an unnecessary burden. Therefore, Clover’s emphasis on giving readers a wide variety of tools while not pressuring them to adopt all suggestions is both important and appreciated.

One of the major missing elements of this book is a theological aspect. Now granted, this is not necessarily a theological book, but having such a perspective would have added great value for two reasons. First, Clover addresses various aspects which have theological implications. For example, she could have addressed why people struggle with clutter during her major section on this aspect, or the discussion on serving children would have been served by a biblical orientation towards training children. Additionally, adding the theological element would have given a perspective of how organization could be used to glorify and/or honor God. At times the author shares some verses, and while the theological aspect certainly does not need to hold the major focus of this book, it would have added much.

Admittedly, my personal expectations of this book were quite low as most productivity/organization books often offer little uniqueness. Yet, for those who are interested in such areas in their own life, this would be a good book to use to initiate a personal system.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher at no cost to me for the purposes of review. However, my review was not influenced by the author, publisher, or anyone else associated with this book and is the result of my own reading of it.
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I love the idea of this book and it is filled great tips and tricks. Reading from cover to cover didnt work well for me, though I loved reading more of Kristi Clover's story and reasoning behind why and how as well as life in general, I found this book most helpful be tackling a section at a time that helped me work through my own organization needs.
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Really enjoyed this book. Very practical applications and Clover’s writing is always so fun and funny.
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I loved the practical, encouraging ideas that the author presented in this book. Our children are grown but these are organizational methods that can be applied even in empty-nester's homes. (Believe me, in some areas the clutter has increased!) 
I don't ascribe to the 'purge method' which seems to be the trend lately but realize that with some organization, even beloved items can be kept (to a minimum). Kristi Clover gives a wealth of ideas throughout this book. 
Within in this gem are Toolbox Tips (quick little life saving ideas to try) and Unlocking Joy segments (questions to ponder over that may help you change a bad habit and adopt a new practice that, TA-DA, unlocks joy).
This is a book that should be given to every parent out there who feels like the organizational odds are stacked against them. They aren't! These are easy, do-able methods that will encourage you to not only help yourself but devise ways to get the family on board. 
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions are my own. @kristiclover @bakerpublishinggroup @simplyjoyful #masterorganizerofmayhem #bookstagram
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This book is so helpful. I often feel overwhelmed by the clutter and chaos that 5 kids can cause. M.O.M. gives so many helpful tips and ways to get started. I love that it is not a one size fits all but allows you to figure out what will work for you. One chapter is called, “Use the Glean and Tweak Technique”. It helps you realize that you can glean from all sorts of ideas and then twerk according to what works for you. The book explains why messes happen in your home (and it is not just because you have kids!) and how to conquer the chaos. The advice is practical and manageable.

*I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*
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This book is golden. There are so many tips and tricks for moms in any and every stage of life. Organization was broken down so clearly by Kristi. Her sense of humor and fun spirit shines through in her writing as well. This book is definitely one that will be a resource I refer to often! I loved the questions at the end of each chapter to help guide you through practical steps to unlock joy and organization in your home!
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Great inspiration to get your life organized! I see lots of ways that I can use this book to get organized in my life. I need to purge lots of things before an upcoming move and this book will come in handy and help establish some organization in our new home.
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I am such a hot mess with organization. I want to be organized. I like the look of everything when it’s organized but I just can’t get there. I’m implementing some of the tips & tricks Kristi discusses and tweaking others for my family. This book is one I will be referencing often. I Definitely recommend this book for someone who is a hot mess like me, someone who needs a little help with organization, or someone who is very well organized. Pretty much EVERYONE needs this book!
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It's a great book.. its very fresh and easy to read
 Kristi offers you very practical and realistic steps of how to be a M.O.M. it inspires you and help you with great ideas how to organise with  eficiency your home in a way you can enjoy your family and keep your priorities right.
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I really enjoyed this one. Very practical and helpful tips for getting and staying organized. Also down to earth. I never felt judged or overwhelmed by my lack of organization or neatness in a particular area.
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Absolutely Fantastic!!! I loved reading all the organizational tips and tricks from Kristi! She’s given me some great ways to make my own home function a little better! She shares how she organizes and what systems she has implemented! She also reminds the reader to tweak things to make them work for our homes! I am already starting to put some systems into play in our home and work to have a more organized home to have more joy day to day! I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for ways to make your home flow a little smoother!
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I have really enjoyed reading this book! So inspiring & encouraging!! Would make a great gift for new Moms!! Great shower present!!
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