The Voice of My Mind

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Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read an advanced copy of this eARC. I didn’t realise going in that this was a very religious focused set of poetry and had I known that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to read it because it’s not my sort of thing at all. I do think this should be made clearer in the blurb because I imagine there will be others like me that aren’t the true audience for this book. 

I also found some of the poetry to be quite dark at times and very focused on death and again that’s not something I’d choose to read about. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the poems and I think it’s because I was never the right audience for this collection.
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1.5 rating.

With poetry it can either be a hit or a miss.

For me, The Voice Of My Mind was a miss.  

Personally I just couldn’t connect with these poems. Their were some that I liked however, the over all majority wasn’t for me.

I felt that this book was more about religion and about God. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, but it wasn’t to my liking.
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I really don’t know how to rate this book. 

When I first approached it, I was expecting something that could blow me away, like MILK AND HONEY. I wasn’t really expecting the best from a book of poetry collections, but not the literal worst. 

And this book started off well. But I feel like as it progressed, I felt like it was a book more fit for a church. Although I support all religions, I found myself not understanding what the author was trying to say. Because of that, I didn’t really like the book.
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a very interesting form of poetry, which strays against the current contemporary forms through use of rhyme and alternate language. its refreshing to see something different, particularly amongst the current form of poetry that is so prevalent today. whilst it may not be for everyone, it will be perfect for those looking for an alternative form of poetry in these days!
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I would hesitate to describe the content of this collection of poetry as ‘avant-garde’, as listed in the blurb. Instead I would say that it was heavily reliant on traditional forms, such as prayers, psalms or greeting card verses.

There is a strong Christian theme to many of the poems in the collection, following generic themes of God, Christ and faith, rather than specific exploration of the author’s relationship with his beliefs. In fact, the lack of concrete and specific details is a stylistic omission that runs throughout the collection; leaving the emotions and ideas vague and lacking in depth.

The author’s choice of irregular patterns of rhythm and rhyme for many of the poems – writing in free verse style – could be considered avant-garde, but there is a heavy reliance on clichés, rhetorical questions and non sequiturs that weights the overall impression back towards the old from the new. Those poems that do follow more traditional rhyming schemes seem to sacrifice the meaning of the words in order to force the rhymes.

I feel that the main benefit of this text is that a number of the poems make nice standard prayers that can be used for personal or public worship purposes. However, aside from the religious aspect, I look to poetry to touch my heart and/or move me to strong emotions, which unfortunately this collection fails to do.

Review by Steph Warren of Bookshine and Readbows blog
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I debated giving this a real review, but the poetry is so trite, unoriginal, and just not well written, at all. So, I'm going with this one word review: doggerel.
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This is definitely a quick read and I am a fan of poetry but I don’t think I’ll be able to rate this well. I want to say this as nicely as possible but this is not good poetry, in my opinion. This feels flat and like regurgitated lines from other poems and scripture. It’s without emotion. I read 27%. I won’t be able to help boost this with a good rating.
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Unfortunately, I cannot find anything of value in this book of poems. The description of the book is unbelievably misleading. I know nothing of the author, but based on the quality of the poems I would guess that they were written by a teenager who had read one Poe poem and one Charles Wesley hymn and then decided they would become a poet. There is not a single concrete detail in the book but only endless and vague generalities.

I received a copy of the book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.
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I am trying to learn to like poetry and thought I would give this a try. The poems were brief and accessible which was a plus. Many of the poems referenced God so I skipped those, for some that might be a plus. It’s worth a read to see what you think.

**I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and an unbiased review of this book.
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The Voice of My Mind is just that, the author's thoughts given a flourish in a poetic format. Unfortunately, this one wasn't for me, while I tried to connect with the poems and their depth I was thrown off by the rhyming pattern which at times seemed quite random and stopped me from fully appreciating what the author was trying to say. 

Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for this copy in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Netgalley and author T.A. Fish for an ebook of The Voice of My Mind in exchange for my honest review.
Occasionally, I like to step away from my typical reading choices and dive into some poetry. This is only my second time [I think] reviewing any. I will be completely honest I don't know much about poetry, but I know what I like and when I feel something when reading, something that I can't explain on my own, I know it's a win. With that being said there's a few poems I read here that made me feel that something. I will list them below
Never Know
A Ponder of Life
My Pain
The Voice of My Mind
Sleep Walking 
Bitter Dreams
If Only
Don't Quit

I enjoyed reading this. I'm glad I stepped out of my comfort zone with this one.
Rated 3/5 star
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Thank you netgalley for the advanced readers copy for this book in exchange for an honest review.

I went into this book looking for a well written poetry book but what i got was a mediocre poetry collection.

The writing wasn’t good. It felt like the author was just focused more on rhyming than the actual flow of the poems. Like in most of the poems one line would make complete sense and i liked but then in the next i would be like what???

As a Christian I did like that most poems talked about God. But that’s the only thing i actually liked.

I personally would not recommend..
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Thank you Netgalley and Publishers for granting me early access to "The Voice of My Mind".

I'm currently in the middle of a major move, and will definitely come back at a later time and write out a full review and rating. 

Thank you so much!
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I didn't realise that this would be so religious, and as an atheist, I just wasn't interested in that. The collection wasn't awful necessarily but they were very dark and depressing and then became very religious which I didn't want. So, it was probably more of a "me" thing.
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This collection of poems is so basic and pure I would say. 
I enjoyed it so much. It gave me joy and satisfaction to read such short lines impregnated with so much of self realisation and wit. 
In general, this collection talks about being a person which represents basically most of us.   It also talks about love and false promises, nature and human nature, failures and goodbyes, pain and happiness, friendship and life in general. I would like to say it's a bit personal. I usually do not enjoy reading about prayers and gods but the few collections regarding these themes were written so well in this one. 

The only part which seems to be lacking in this collection is a more elaborate or wholesome poem as I feel like some of the poems were left incomplete. As much as I enjoyed all the poems, still there was a nagging feeling of waiting for the end of most of the poems. 

I love the cover, I love the contents, I love the writing style and the language.

I enjoyed reading all of the poems and I will be looking forward to read every work by the author. 
Thanks #NetGalley for providing me with a copy of #TheVoiceOfMyMind
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The poems in this book flow well and it becomes a very quick and somewhat enjoyable read. This collection deals with themes of grief and love, enlightenment in dark times and hope, which a large audience can relate to. 
It is a short read but an enjoyable one at that, I may revisit this book in the foreseeable future as it was charming.
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This was not good. The poems are written at a middle school level and the theme of the book is confusing, is it supposed to be religious or not? This was a 30 minute read for me and I wish I hadn’t spent that much time on it. Definitely would encourage others to skip.
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I picked this compilation of poems recently and unfortunately I couldn't make it through the book. Reading poetry is relaxing, intimate and something that I do to feed my agitated soul. This book couldn't really do that for me!
I don't expect poetry to be happy or frolicky but this book was a little too pessimistic as it kept talking about being lonely, sad etc, and not in a way that I could relate.
Thank you, next
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I vastly enjoyed this poetry anthology - almost ethereal, the words almost flowed of the page. 
I really appreciated the authors' use of more classical style poetry, whilst keeping it modern enough to relate to today's audience. It also contained a good mix of themes and lengths, meaning at no point did it ever feel like it was dragging or become too heavy. 
A really great read.
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"What is the meaning
Behind your eyes?
Where is the truth hidden,
Within the lies?"

I took this book by accident. Do I regret it? Not a tiny bit. Do I love it? No. Do I revere it? Abso-fuckin-lutely yes! The fact which made me not slam my head for taking it by accident? The fact it took 5 years to complete this collection.

Constructed with religious and spiritual themes connecting it to the worldly themes like love, pain, loss and death, the rhyming is one aspect that stands out! I am not a fan of rhyming poetry but this collection contained poems which are precise and concise. It is a brilliant piece of work. Religious notions don't really bother me but it intrigues me. This is truly one of the best poetry collection on that aspect. 

Fish has done an incredible job with this collection! I liked the first half better than the second half but the poems started becoming more truthful as it passed. I connected well with few poems which venture on topics that enchant and intrigues me. It puts a rhythmic trance on the reader which I completely adored! It would have been better if illustrations accompanied it since it has 70+ poems. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and a quick read!

Recommended: If religious notations do not bother you, this poetry collection is for you!
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