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The poetry was simple, easy to understand and read. There was not much of takeaway. Also, there was no mention of the contents being religious focussed and this felt disappointing.

Wishing the author all the very best!
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Great book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  
Thanks to the Publisher for giving me the opportunity to read it in advance
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Beautiful written but was very repetitive and I lost interest in it rather fast. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review this book
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Poetry is such a vulnerable and deeply personal thing to share with the world, so I struggle with this review because I want to be delicate with the work while also trying to be honest. That said, I did not enjoy this collection from a technical or artistic perspective. I found the verse to be simplistic in both rhyme (most of the poems are in a simple rhyme structure) and content. It appears to me the poems would have benefited from more vigorous feedback and editing.
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Going into this I was not anticipating so much religion, this made it a very uncomfortable read for me. It wasn't my cup of tea. The poems were okay, but they didn't catch my attention.
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I enjoyed this at first but it felt repetitive and I quickly lost interest :( However to an extent this has a lot of emotion!
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this arc in exchange for an honest review. 

This book had some enjoyable aspects to it but unfortunately, for the most part, I couldn't get into it. I thought that some of it was repetitive, the rhythm of most poems made it feel like the poems weren't separate but one long poem,  and it was all heavily religious-based, which there is nothing wrong with that but it just wasn't for me. 

Poetry is a very personal and moving aspect of writing so I believe that others who would prefer to read more religious/God based poetry would enjoy this collection more than I did.
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I couldn’t get into this collection of poetry and the only reason I finished it was because it was short. It’s not because it’s bad poetry (in fact far from it) but it was a too old fashioned and too religious for my liking.
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Based on the description and the author describing himself as a Christian writer, I wanted to love this collection. Describing this collection as avant-hard is inaccurate, as nothing included in this poetry felt fresh or evocative. The rhyme structuring is very straight forward and pedestrian at best.  A few of the poems were decent, but overall I will not remember reading this at the end of the year. 

Thank you to Netgalley for supplying a free PDF of this book for review.
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I really enjoyed this book. It was a heartfelt message that resounded with feelings I’ve felt before and since reading this for the first time I have gone back and re-read certain poems that I noted meant a lot or that I felt I could relate to.
It was a message of heartbreak and happiness and everything that life brings.
10/10 would read another work by T.A. Fish and would recommend this to other poetry lovers!
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TW: Religion.

This starts off okay, however the poems seem a bit jumbled and disjointed. They are incredibly disconnected from one another as well. Then we get near the end when it really just becomes "God is the answer to all, he will save us! We are nothing without him!" And I'm really not a fan of preachy poetry.
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This book explores the depth of emotions and full of analogies of religion and faith. The style of writing is interesting and I find it new since I haven't read a work like this one. This poetry book can be read in one sitting where you will think as you go along the poems of uncovering the message that is written between the lines. It was overall a good book which makes a good read with so many things that you can get out of it and learn from.
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The poems in this book are very well written with strong meaning. Anyone looking to be tensed up on the edge of their seat would love this read. The variation of poems all link in nicely with the theme and portray deep emotion. A more experienced read.
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As someone who adores poetry, this definitely satisfies all my needs. With the deep, dark topics, T.A Fish bravely put them into the world. While I could not relate or understand much about his poems about God because I am not very religious, I know other people will be able to find some parts of themselves in his work.
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This book of poems had some good content but most of the book was just okay. Some parts were really dry and boring. Was not a fan but loved the writing style of author and would try another book by them
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"The Voice of my Mind" is a poetry collection which comprises of 75 poems written by T.A.Fish. The theme for most of the poems was similar and repetitive which makes it tedious. Most of the time I couldn't understand what the author was trying to say. Also, the poems are religious-oriented which I personally didn't like. I shouldn't have requested this book in the first place at all. I would not recommend this book to anyone. The only reason why I gave this book a 2-star rating was because I don't want to discourage the author by giving 1-star.

I would like to thank Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the e-ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a really nice collection that made me Feel Things. It felt more traditional than a lot of the poetry I usually read so it was a nice change of pace.
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I think one of the main issues with this collection is how much the same it is. The rhythms are all the same and it’s like reading one long redundant poem and no one wants that.

However, the reason why I rated this 3 stars is because there was 2 poems that I really did enjoy, but even those have the same redundant rhythm and I wish it didn’t.

I will share the one I liked the most with all of you:


The madness creeping deep within,

The lifeless body of a man named grim;

As a heartless beat quakes the thin,

Revenant who died and rose again.

Writhing and crawling with nary a shin,

Carrying a devilish smile,

disguised as a grin,

His twinkling eyes,

protrude through the dim,

Haze of blackness that encompass his skin.

Seeing a doppelganger claiming his twin,

The unrepentant soul of abhorrent sin,

Seeking to devour his spirited kin;

Dragging his corpse into the depths therein.

Screaming his last, from the pit, of the dungeon,

Never a fate so great and grim,

La fin.

I like this one because it was darker and it made me think of Halloween and creepiness. But, even re-reading it I don’t feel like it has a lasting impression.

Mostly, I just wanted there to be variety in the tone. It’s like the words no longer matter because there was no variety in the beat. It’s like the poetry is trying to be grander then it actually is. It’s not even that the poems themselves are bad. I feel like it’s all trying too hard.

All in all:

This collection had a lot of potential it never tapped into. It had some good topics and some good lines, but it fell lacking to redundancy. It’s a run of the mill poetry collection. Not terrible, but not great. Which is why I gave it the rating I did.
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This is a hard review to write, as the author seems like a very nice man and poetry is such a vulnerable thing to share. That said, this is clearly self published and the poet really could have used spending some time in writers' workshops where people would give brutally honest feedback. I went to the author's website (it's named Fish Books after his last name) and this is his bio:

"T. A. Fish is a Christian author, who spent over 5 years crafting the deep, provocative, and thought-provoking poetry collection, The Voice of My Mind.

"The Voice of My Mind is a journey of the human spirit; one that dives into the deepest and darkest crevices of the human mind, and then reaches for the height of spiritual enlightenment and redemption. " - T. A. Fish

The best poems ever and the best poetry books"

I'll let all that speak for itself. The poems themselves are mostly in rhyme. They deal with sadness, death, friendship and God for the most part. This is the first time I've ever seen "woe is me" used in a poem, and it is not used ironically. The author occasionally uses words like hath and thou.

Two small excerpts--

From Sweet Friend:

How now
Sweetest friend;

Will you remember
In the end?

And from Savior:

May my soul rise up
And praise Your name.

May the angels call out
With a shout
"Jesus came!"

Two stars because it takes courage to put your poetry out there, the author seems like a sincere man, and the book has a lovely layout.

I read a temporary digital ARC of this book for the purpose of review.
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Thanks to Netgalley for letting me read an advanced copy of this eARC. I didn’t realise going in that this was a very religious focused set of poetry and had I known that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to read it because it’s not my sort of thing at all. I do think this should be made clearer in the blurb because I imagine there will be others like me that aren’t the true audience for this book. 

I also found some of the poetry to be quite dark at times and very focused on death and again that’s not something I’d choose to read about. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the poems and I think it’s because I was never the right audience for this collection.
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