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Her Rough Ride (Red Dragon MC Series Book 2) *** SIZZLER ALERT ***

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Book two in this series has Sebastian having to leave Illinois and go to San Diego to bring home Maya. She left years ago but now her uncle who is the president wants her home in case there is trouble. Sabastian who had been in love with her when he was younger is doing everything to get out of having to do it. He can’t of course.
   Maya has just been fired from her tattoo job and has been packing up her place because she also has gotten evicted, they are removing the building. Now she is looking at Sabastian, who she remembered as Slade. Slade does not exist anymore he died when she left without talking to him. Thinking she was gone without saying goodbye he found her in the arms of someone else. He has not seen her until now. Maya is looking at a man, not at the boy who would tell her stories about Greek Gods wore glasses, smart, smarter than joining the MC. Wanting to call him Slade he tells her he is dead only Sebastian lives now.
   On their way home they are stopped, grounded due to weather, then after renting a car they have an accident. He finds himself being overprotective and jealous of her when a firefighter keeps looking at her. Finally leaving that town they are later shot at he believes someone inside their club is a traitor.   
    The move along once back and they continue to find themselves together and she finds more and more about him. You are slowly wondering who is the traitor especially when he is taken. Also, will they get back to the way it was with him telling her stories about the Greek Gods? A very good book to go along with the first one.
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I was very hesitant to read this book because I had not read the book that came before it in the series. Thankfully, that did not take away from my understanding of the book once I began reading. I loved the characters of Slade and Mya. Slade had that bad boy with a good heart vibe that I go weak in the knees for and Maya was an amazing strong female. 

Their back story was heartbreaking and very much an example of the misunderstanding that can occur when you are so young. There was a really long build up in this book, which was great at the beginning but eventually I wanted to yell come on already. Get your girl! The subplot was very intriguing and actually contributed to the main plot, which isn't always the case.
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This is Book 2 in the Red Dragon MC Series. This is a second chance romance that almost didn’t happen.  Sebastian told Maya stories during the night and cared so much for her, but Maya didn’t want the MC lifestyle and when the time came, she left without looking back.  Now things have happened and she’s coming home.  Plus, he’s the one that’s going to go get her.  What makes this book different?  Sebastian has changed into Slade and he hasn’t forgiven her for leaving him.  And she doesn’t even recognize him!  How’s that for a kicker, huh?  As things happened on the way home, they both were just asking for me to reach inside the book and knock their heads together, you know what I mean?  Things were happening and you are kept entertained throughout the book.  I do recommend you reading book 1 first, though.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.  I voluntarily read and reviewed this book that I received from Netgalley.
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Love love loved it! Still scratches the itch that Sons of Anarchy left behind. Really enjoyed getting to know another character from the Red Dragons.
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Her Rough Ride is the second book in Heather Van Fleet's Red Dragons MC Series. This novel is based on Slade and Maya's love story and is  told from both point of views.

Since Maya was a girl, she detested the club life. But all that came to a turning point when she met Sebastian Lattimore. He was the boy that told her stories and chased away all the nightmares that came lurking in the dead of night. He was the boy who gave her the first taste of what true love is all about. He was the boy she saw forever with. But he was the boy that she kept hidden away for the night time. When Maya realizes she needs to be open about her feelings for Sebastian she goes to tell him, and that trip ends in utter heartbreak with her packing her bags and taking off in the middle of the night to the one place she's always dreamed of going. California.

Now with all the trouble brewing within the club, Maya's Uncle Flick sends Slade to California in hopes of bringing Maya back home for the time being. Bringing a woman who despises the club life, back home to the club life should be an easy peasy task......right? It's easy, until Maya learns of Slade's true identity. Never in a million years would she have seen this blast from the past coming.

My Thoughts:

I was beyond thrilled when I learned Maya and Slade's romance was the next to be told in the Red Dragons MC series! BEYOND THRILLED! Given the fact that Maya was Niyol's ex-fling/best friend, I had a feeling the drama in this one was going to be through the roof. In reality though, the drama pertaining to this situation was on the low side of the spectrum. Which I actually really liked. I went into it expecting friendships to be torn apart and fights to break out, but these people were seriously mature and worked their shit out the right way...Legit! I loved the fact that there wasn't any unnecessary drama to put a break in Niyol and Summer's relationship. I'm a happy camper with the end game situation.

Now onto how I truly felt about the main characters. Because this novel starts off with a Sebastation chapter, let's start off there. At first sight, I loved Sebastian/Slade. This man is totally different than the norm MC badass. This man is not only street smart, he's also book smart. I loved the first chapter before the MC lifestyle and as the novel progressed I felt his character start to retreat into himself. His character changed from a bright and brilliant young man and into a badass with a chip on his shoulder.

Then we have Maya. Maya is a firecracker in every way possible. She's hell bent on living her life the way she wants and if anyone has an issue with it they can go straight to hell. I liked, but didn't love, Maya. Honestly, I was so wrapped up in Slade and all of his angsty moments, that I didn't have time to catch the vibes that Maya was throwing off. I needed a bit more from her character in order for me to truly connect with her. I wish there was more talk about her career and wanting to become a tattoo artist and living her dream of one day owning her own business. Bottom line, I needed to know more about this woman and not just her feelings revolving around Sebastian/Slade

I felt the first initial connection between he and Maya was really strong and they had a bond that felt like it could never be broken. And then shit hit the fan and wires were crossed and lines were blurred. Sebastian thought one thing and acted out on his anger and Maya thought another and acted out on her anger resulting in her moving miles upon miles away and crossing him out of her life forever. Sometimes the miscommunication vibe starts to get on my nerves, especially when dealing with adults, but because Maya and sebastian are still young and learning the ropes on feelings and such, I rather enjoyed this moment and I felt the angst as they reflected on what went down all those years ago. Young love is a hard path to navigate when you don't have strong role models in your life.

Overall, there were parts of Her Rough Ride that I really enjoyed, and parts that I could have done without. I found myself skipping through a few predictable moments. I wanted a bit more adventure like the first book (Her Wild Ride) brought to the table. I just needed a little bit more to push me over the edge of the 'needing to know what happens next' cliff.
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This is the second book in the Red Dragon MC series. I have not yet read the first book and still felt completely in the loop. Maya is the daughter of “Satan”, President of the Forsaken MC and the niece of the President of the Red Dragon MC, yet she wants nothing to do with the club life. Slade is a high ranking Red Dragon and fully immersed into the club. When Slade is sent to bring Maya back home for protection, trouble follows their every move. 
I really enjoyed the storyline and was rooting for Slade and Maya to get their HEA the entire time. While the steam was on the lower end of the scale the drama made up for it. I am a big fan of an MC romance and this one definitely did not disappoint! Can’t wait to read more in the Red Dragon series!
I will say their may be some trigger moments for anyone with an aversion to violence. I don’t want to spoil anything but if you’d like specifics let me know and I can share.
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As a massive Sons of Anarchy fan I thought I would give this book a try. I have tried similar books in the past but found it too similar to the TV show, This on the other hand was so much different. From start to finish I was hooked, I loved the characters, the story line was really good and I can not wait to read more and find out more about the Red Dragon Characters. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book
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Heather Van Fleet has knocked it out of the park once again! A suspenseful, dangerous and sexy read that is delectable! 

As with other HVF novels, I could not put this down. I devoured it within hours and the only bad thing about it was that it ended!! 

HVF has a beautiful writing style that completely envelopes the reader in her world and also has a sensational talent for writing red hot chemistry that burns right off the page!

If you're into angsty, passionate, frenemies to lovers filled stories, this is absolutely the book for you.
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Having my parties still damp from Her Wild Ride, I was very happy to receive the arc of Her Rough Ride Cagain (with a sizzler alert). This time we get to see glimpses of the past of Maya. Remember? The girl Hawke was
going to in the first part, before he got distracted by Summer.
Naya left the MC for several reasons, eight years ago. Her only regret was leaving Sebastian behind. The wonderful 17-year old boy who could tell great stories of heroes and myths.
But now, the MC is at her doorstep again in the form of a hotter than hell tattooed bad boy. He is in California to pick her up because of 'club business she isn't allowed to know of.
As daughter of the rival biker gang president, Maya has been on the run for several years.
So when Slade commands her to come, she realizes she has no choice but to follow the biker bad ass Slade, who kinda looks familiar.
When Maya left the MC eight years ago, she broke Sebastian's heart. Ever since, he has been Slade, Bad ass
biker with no heart. or so he lets himself believe.
So when Flick, the MC pres and Maya's uncle commands him to go get his niece, he really doesn't want to.
But since pres orders can't be denied, he flies out to California to get the girl he now hates more than anything.
Apparently Sebastian didn't get the memo, because from the moment he sees Maya, he still recognizes his feelings for her. But Maya doesn't recognize him. Can he have his wicked way with her as Slade and leave her after that? And how will the rivaling gangs react on the return of Maya?
Suspense, humor, and a lot of sparks flying . Hold on to your panties and enjoy the rice. Four out of the stars
from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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I absolutely loved this book! I adored the first book in this series, but I LOVED  this one! It's a little bit grittier than the first in the series and has a little more MC-related drama, which I totally dig. This is the story of Slade, the club road captain with a ginormous chip on his shoulder when it comes to love and women, and Maya, the Prez's niece who made her life as far away from the club as she could get. The club realizes that their enemies from Book 1 are ramping up and Slade is sent to safely bring Maya home where she can be protected until the ensuing war is over. While navigating different bumps in the road, they begin to see clearly the sins of their past and start their journey toward a second chance love. Slade is super alpha and hates to show any sign of weakness while Maya is a strong-willed chick who can't admit that not all bikers are bad news. The author really stayed true to the writing style and flow of her first book, which was just phenomenal, and I loved getting every new little glimpse into the club and all the characters in her world. Here's to hoping there's a 3rd book!
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As I previously said when I reviewed the first book in this series, I'm not a fan of MC sagas, but again, this second book in this series is so much more than the typical MC story.  It says something about Heather's writing that I couldn't put it down once I started reading it!  I loved re-visiting the characters that we were introduced to in Book #1 (Her Wild Ride) and this book was just as enjoyable, if not more so.  Slade is such a protective, but sweet, hero to Maya and I loved that Maya's character was torn, but also so very strong and brave. This couple has a lot to deal with and their journey is heartbreaking at times.   Although this can be read as a standalone, I would suggest reading this series in order to get the most out of it.  The storyline and plot do continue and I can't wait to see what's going to happen going forward!   I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book and all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Frenemies–to–lovers and second chance love story. 

Sebastian, aka Slade, and Maya have an innocent history from 8 years ago. The day she unexpectedly left his hometown changed Sebastian forever and he promised himself to never ever meet her again. But today he is told to safely bring Maya back to his hometown. This is the last thing he is willing to do but Slade has no way getting out of this job.

These 8 years not only changed Sebastian’s personality but his looks are different too. He’s no longer a sweet story boy with long hair and glasses, now he is rough bad boy that is covered in tattoos and scars. When Maya doesn’t recognise him Slade couldn’t feel more relieved and plays along to use it as an opportunity to avoid all the elephant in the room talks. 

Unfortunately, snow storm messes with what looked like an easy and quick trip and they are forced to spend much more time together. Much more than Slade had planned or can handle as all these feelings hidden deep under bubbled out the minute his eyes landed on Maya.

We are in for a suspenseful trip that will test both characters and will stir plenty of emotions and feelings. The author has a beautiful writing and I found myself addicted to this book much more than I thought I will. There were many ups and downs for Slade and Maya, my heart was breaking for them and I couldn’t wait for their HEA. This story is rough and angsty, sad in some parts, but full of chemistry and passion that will keep you glued to your Kindle.
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This is the second book in the series but it can be read as a stand-alone.  Sebastian and Maya grew up together and he did his best to keep the demons away for her.  Then she left and broke his heart and he decided to harden it.  He joined the MC and became Slade, now he is tasked with going to get Maya because she is in danger.  What will happen when those sparks begin to fly again.  Fast-paced read with lots of drama, great characters.  I really liked Slade; he has so much depth.  The story has plenty of drama, suspense and the chemistry are hot.  I liked it.
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HER ROUGH RIDE is the second instalment in Heather Van Fleet’s contemporary, adult RED DRAGON MC erotic, MC romance series. This is twenty-seven year old,  Red Dragon MC road captain Sebastian ‘Slade’ Lattimore, and tattoo artist Maya Davenport’s story line. HER ROUGH RIDE can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story line is revealed where necessary but I recommend reading the series in order for backstory and cohesion.

Told from dual first person perspectives (Slade and Maya) HER ROUGH RIDE follows the rekindling romance and relationship between Red Dragon MC road captain Sebastian ‘Slade’ Lattimore, and tattoo artist Maya Davenport. Eight years earlier Maya Davenport’s world exploded when she found the boy/man that she loved with someone else. Heading to California, Maya would move on with her life, a life without the man that destroyed her heart. Fast forward to present day wherein, for her own protection, Maya is ordered home by her uncle, Red Dragon MC vice-president Flick, a well-timed order in the face of Maya’s lack of employment and a place to live. Sent to retrieve Flick’s wayward niece, Sebastian ‘Slade’ Lattimore finds himself facing the woman who broke his heart, a woman he hasn’t stopped loving for close to eight years. What ensues is the rekindling friendship and relationship between Maya and Slade, and the potential fall-out as Maya’s past is determined to destroy everything and more.

Maya Davenport doesn’t recognize the man sent to take her home. Familiar yet not, Maya struggles with her attraction to a man who is all kinds of grumpy, a man who had once stolen her heart. Slade Lattimore didn’t want his latest assignment-babysitting and escorting home the woman that broke his heart. Battling between head and heart Slade and Maya will soon come under fire as they struggle to make it home in the wake of a snow storm that leaves them stranded for days, targeted by someone from Maya’s past.

The relationship between Maya and Slade is one of second chances; a rekindling romance that was destroyed by betrayal and misunderstanding; broken hearts, secrets and lies. The $ex scenes are intimate, erotic and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

We are reintroduced to club VP Flick, club member Archer, Hawk and Summer (Her Wild Ride #1), Maya’s mother June,   as well as several more members of the Red Dragons MC. The requisite evil has many faces.

HER ROUGH RIDE is a story of family, friendships, betrayal and revenge. The premise is dramatic and intense; the romance is seductive and hot; the characters are colorful and energetic. HER ROUGH RIDE is an impassioned, suspense-filled and edgy story line.

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I wanted to love this one, but it didn't work for me. I didn't believe that Maya wouldn't recognize Slade as Sebastian (especially since he looks exactly like his cousin who Maya also dated). The believability wasn't there, and then the plot felt like it stalled a little bit. I could never get fully invested in their story. For lovers of MC it might be a good fit if you can suspend disbelief.
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The second book in the Red Dragon MC series does NOT disappoint. More in-depth than the average MC story, you will get caught up in the relationship between Maya and Sebastian/Slade while trying to figure out the motives of Pops and other MCs. The author does a fantastic job of balancing the suspense and the romance. You can also read this book as a standalone – but it will make you want to go back and read the first one if you do! For more thoughts on Her Rough Ride, please visit my blog at Fireflies and Free Kicks Fiction Reviews. Thank you to NetGalley, Bookouture, and the author for a complimentary, pre-release digital ARC of the book.
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Her Rough Ride
(Red Dragon MC Series #2)
by Heather Van Fleet

Kindle Edition, 326 pages
Published September 2nd 2019 by Bookouture

Goodreads synopsis:
My name was Sebastian. But now they call me Slade. I’ve reinvented myself, become a man, been sworn into the Red Dragon MC. I’ve got tattooed and ripped to hell, I’ve cut my hair and my face now bears the scars of all the fights I’ve seen. The last thing I need is to face her again… 

It’s been eight years since Maya ran away from the club. Sweet, beautiful Maya. My first love. 

Why do I have to ride halfway across the country to pick her up? Because the club is at war, she’s the niece of our President and I’m the only brother who can be trusted to protect her. 

She broke my heart, but I still want her. Do I ever. This woman is my goddess. She’s also my curse. 

I need to focus on getting her home. But as soon as our eyes lock, she’s looking at me all kinds of ways. Like I’m the sexiest, most perfect stranger she’s ever seen. 

And then I realize, I look completely different to the boy she once knew and she doesn’t even recognize me. I could tell her who I am. Or I could have a little fun with her first… 

This sexy second novel in the Red Dragon MC series can also be read as a standalone. Fans of Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde and Madeline Sheehan will love the heart-stopping tension. Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers and no cheating.


4.5 Stars

This is the second book in the Red Dragon Motorcycle Club series by Heather Van Fleet.

This book has angst written all over it. Both of the characters are screwed up in their own ways. All their flaws and the tension between them is what makes this book so sweet and keeps you reading until the end. You know they deserve a break. And you spend the book wondering how long it is going to take them to wake up.

Sebastian used to be her Story Boy. He was where she went when she needed comfort from her nightmares. They each caused the other to pull away. Maya ran away to California and Sebastian became more hardened and transformed himself into Slade. There is a lot of misunderstandings here. I am wondering if Slade would have been a Red Dragon if he hadn’t been around the group growing up. I wish more for him than what he got here. Did he get the girl? Sure. It’s what we expect, isn’t it? But is that all he can ask for in life?

I wonder how you get paid working so diligently for a motorcycle club. It became Sebastian’s entire life after Maya ran away. Flick is in charge. He is Maya’s uncle. He forces her to come home which I thought was the stupidest move possible especially with a huge winter storm system approaching and the possibility of them being attacked by a rival MC club. Not to mention that Maya’s father was the head of another MC and they called him Satan. If she was so in danger in California from just the threat of him, why did they ever let her leave in the first place. Some of the motivations are questionable here. It is obvious that Flick isn’t long for being the head of the Red Dragons. His decisions domt’ seem to line up with their whole world view.

I was hooked the moment Maya made Slade strip in the hallway outside of her California apartment. This girl had guts in excess. The road trip made them more open to each other. I have heard that driving in a darkened car makes it much easier to open up to someone since you are not looking directly at them. They sure worked through a lot of things between California and Illinois.

Great book. It is my first Heather Van Fleet title. I will definitely be picking up more books by this author. Slam dunk!

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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Sebestian/Slade  hated Maya Davenport. Flick’s president of the Red Dragons MC-needed Slade to go get his niece- Maya Davenport. Maya was nineteen when she came to the Red Dragon’s compound with her mother. She stayed one summer.  People say he and his cousin Hawk look more like brothers than cousins. He didn’t put too much stock in it himself because the two of them couldn’t be more different on the inside. Sebestian/Slade didn’t want an old lady to tie him down. Slade was the road captain and it was his job to go on runs. Slade said” runs are one thing but babysitting -hell no. Flick replied “ My niece doesn’t need a babysitter, the only one free right now to make that happen. Slade wanted to know who was going to  protect every else while he was gone. A prospect got killed and his prospect Carlos and he should be the one finding the guy responsible for taking down Carlos’s killer. Flick had taken care of Slade after his old man was murdered. They had been best friends. Slade’s mother had left a week after he was born. Things were different now he wasn’t a kid anymore, Flick called him Slade. Sebastian, he thought, was gone, tucked away in the pit fires of his own current hell. Sebastian wasn’t more than a pain- in- the- ass, who felt too much, and loved too damn hard. He’d given up on Sebastian when he prospected. He didn’t belong in this world. Slade did. Seeing Maya again would wreck Slade. But going against Flicks orders, nobody did that. His two best friends were Asher  -the club’s VP-  and his cousin Hawk and they had sided against him. Maya… the only women that always had the power to ruin him. Flick said he had reason to believe Pops-Slade’s uncle- is behind Carlos's  death.Then everything changed. His world, his motivation, his desire to protect, his mind was like gears. The bag was already packed in his mind, strategies developing in Slade’s brain, at the same time. This was huge, as MCs they fought everyday . but if pops had something to do with Carlos’s death , everyone associated with them were at risk, and that included Maya.Flick said he had heard about it and that’s why he called church, Slade said Maya will fight him on this. She had left town eight years ago because she wanted to get away from the lifestyle that came with the MC’s world. Most days Slade didn’t think of Maya, but at night in his room, when it got dark, she was always there even after all these years. Sebastian left the week after she had gone. Slade had a smart brain, was a powerful killer, but when it came to communication skills he sucked. When Maya was there he’d been her secret at night but during the day she’d run off with Hawk . The night before she was leaving he’d had enough, he was done being her whipping boy. He went to the club with Archer and got drunk for the first time and had sex with a couple of women for the first time. The next morning he went back to Flick’s, May was gone. She’d left without a goodbye. Slade was born from the ashes of Sebastian’s incinerated heart. Maya had been fired from her job and evicted from her apartment and all in forty eight hours. She’d put her soul into working at San Diego Ink . It had never been easy being a female tattoo artist  in a male dominated business.  Maya didn’t recognize Slade when he pounded on her door but she immediately felt instant lust. It had been awhile since she's been with a man. Maya had once loved Sebastian but he never knew it. And she swore she was done with caring for men no  feeling beyond attraction until she could figure out how to love another person like she had Sebastian/Slade. When talking to Flick Slade decided to stay Slade and keep Sebastian way down inside him. Slade was a hard-ass who hated too many questions, never second guessed a kill, and never let women get to close. Not since Maya. Not since she tore him to shreds leaving, what they’de shred that summer wasn’t worthy of a goodbye. 
This was one of the best MC novels I have read. A new favorite definitely. I hope to read more from this author. I loved how close the MC club was and how Flick wanted to make the club better in a good way. I loved how Flick loved his sister. I loved Sebastian/Slade and maya and how they interacted. My heart broke for Maya when her mother died. I loved the action, suspense, and intrigue in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
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Good Boy to Bad Man

Sebastian was Maya’s storyteller when she was younger and fighting the demons her MC father, Satan, left her with. They would sleep together every night with him holding her telling her stories so she could go to sleep without all the nightmares. But during the day Maya acted like she didn’t know Sebastian and kept him at arm’s length. Then she just left town not even saying goodbye.

After Maya’s leaving, Sebastian drastically changed with his body and with his attitude along with his name. It was no more storytelling for Slade who was now MC Road Captain/killer. He was given an order to pick up Maya in California and bring her back to Illinois because her life was in danger. This was the last thing that Slade wanted to do after she broke his heart a few years back. The only thing is Maya had no idea that Slade was actually Sabastian that good-boy-glasses-wearing skinny boy. She knew he looked familiar but couldn’t put two and two together.

I loved this book and it took me on one crazy ride. Their relationship was such a push/pull always with chemistry. This is the second book in this series so I recommend reading Her Wild Ride as well and I can’t wait for the next book in this series.
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WOW! This book is HOT, HOT, HOT! I mean, I've read hot books before, but this is REALLY hot! lol 

Trying to focus on getting Maya, the niece of the Red Dragon MC boss, safely from California to Illinois when her life has been put at risk, is not an easy task for Slade. Especially with the sizzling chemistry between them, and his new bad boy status. And the fact that she doesn't recognise him as the young boy he once was. 

Would it hurt to have a little fun with her before he comes clean?  After all, if they are to claim any kind of future together they'll need to work through the past. 

I haven't read the first book and although that didn't matter (this is a fully rounded story in itself) I do now want to go back and see what Slade was like as younger Sebastian, before he changed his name, attitude and grew into the hot beast of a biker Captain he is now. It seems like such a great storyline for a series. so it would be a sin not to! 

And what a HOT ride this was! Entertaining, sexy biker fun. If you love reading about biker boys you'll LOVE this! 

I received an arc copy of this book from NetGalley for my honest review.
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