Strands of Truth

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I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
I can honestly say:
The premise is intriguing but it fizzled . 

The characters are flat and I didn’t connect with either of the two main ones.  Their supposed romance is contrived. 

The dialogue is stilted. 

The events are unrealistic ( multiple attempted kidnappings, no self protection; stupid women who investigate a noise outside with a flashlight after just having been attacked; wealthy businessman who doesn’t hire a bodyguard after an attempted murder; a murder attempt by “someone dressing up as an orderly“ shows complete disregard for security procedures in hospitals; apathetic police; on and on). 

Too many characters and subplots become convoluted and confusing. Too much incessant, banal dialogue between Harper and Ridge hindered the plot moving forward and slowed the pace and squelched the suspense. I lost interest. 

Tighter editing needed.
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STRANDS OF TRUTH released in the fall of 2019, but I just now had time to sit and read it. As I expected, once I picked it up, I didn't want to put it down!  Good thing I had completed my work deadline as I read the entire book in mere hours. 
I am familiar with the romantic suspense genre and I knew that even though events in the story seemed unrelated they would all tie together at the end.  However, the motive and the "bad guy" caught me by surprise.
There is a semi-strong faith message, but more conservative readers might be offended by a soft swear word.
I enjoy Ms. Coble's romantic suspense and look forward to her new book releasing in March 2020. Ms. Coble is a must read author for me.
I got a copy free. All opinions are my own.
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Recently, I’ve heard several news reports about DNA testing and how families have been reunited because of it.  I’ve also read an article about the complications that could come because of the results of the tests.  Told in a way that only Colleen Coble can tell it, this story combines the blessings and the negative consequences of the testing.

Half sisters Heather and Annabelle are delighted to find each other through this testing.  But almost immediately, it seems that both sisters are in danger. It’s a race against time to try to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill them.  The truth has long-reaching consequences, and it will take the efforts of all their friends to help them survive.

I liked the characters of Heather and Annabelle. Both wanted to do the right thing as far as solving the mystery, and wanted to protect each other.  Heather was quite rightly having trouble trying to decide who she could trust.  It took me a little while to like the character of Ridge, as I felt he was needlessly unkind to Heather.  But he soon redeemed himself, and becomes quite the hero. 

There are so many twists and turns in this story that I could hardly imagine how it would turn out, and I have to admit that I would not have guessed the ending.   This suspense is what keeps me reading every book that Colleen Coble publishes.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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I enjoyed the book.  I love the idea of using DNA testing to find your past and I love the idea of a murderer not wanting the main character to find out the details of her past because it might bring the murders to light. There were some twists and turns I didn't see coming.  I like Coble's romantic suspense.  While this one isn't my favorite one, it was a solid, good, read.
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Was there even such a thing as forever love? She hadn't seen any evidence of it, and it felt much safer to build her life without expecting that kind of faithfulness from any man.

Harper Taylor is misunderstood. Loosing her mother tragically in a car accident that induced Harper's birth and not knowing her father, she has been wary of what a good relationship looks like. Raised by her grandmother, she lives life guarding her heart. She now has a love for biology research that she is being financed by her business partner Oliver. Oliver has encouraged and supported Harper's desire to find her father after taking an DNA test with Ancestry. She discovers she has a half sister and some disturbing commonalities of their mother's death cannot be ignored.

Oliver's son Ridge has always been suspicious of Harper's intentions when it comes to his father. However, Ridge and Harper are brought together when Oliver dies from an apparent heart attack suffered after he was discovered adrift at sea. Together, they begin to connect the dots of the past and murder while developing an attraction that is tested when Harper reveals a secret that is tied to search for her family ties. A tie she wants for her very own. Will Ridge and Harper discover that her father is alive and is responsible for the death of Harper's mother. Or is there something more sinister that someone is trying to hide.

A suspense romance that ties the perils of DNA testing and what people try to hide.

A Special Thank You to Thomas Nelson Fiction and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I have always loved a romantic suspense novel by Colleen Coble and Strands of Truth was no exception.  The story grabbed my attention and kept it from the very beginning.  Harper, one of the main characters, has her DNA tested in search of some answers about her family.  Her mother died in a car accident when she was young and she never knew who her father was.  She is able to track down a half-sister, Annabelle, who also had lost her mother and does not know who her father was.  It quickly becomes apparent someone is after these two women.  Who?  Why?  You'll have to read to find out.  

I found the DNA testing storyline very intriguing and thought provoking.  Figuring out your ancestry has become quite popular so it made for a very relevant storyline for the times.  I would definitely classify the story as romantic suspense because there is a romantic component.  However, it is definitely not the focus of the story.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing through Net Galley. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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Colleen Coble is another of my favorite authors. I have enjoyed everything that I have read by her, and this one was not an exception. Fast-paced and full of surprises, I didn't want to put it down. Characters are real and three dimensional with messy relationships and true growth. Coble also includes interesting details about unique subjects, (have you ever read a book that included people working in shell beds, with mullosks)! Great book by a skillful writer!
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Harper’s mother died when she was born, and Harper struggled in foster care. As a thieving fifteen-year-old, she was surprised when Oliver Jackson took her under his wing. His own children, Ridge and Willow were not happy about the attention their father gave to this wild child, not really recognizing all the gifts they took for granted. Oliver has remained Harper’s mentor and support as she pursues her marine research involving pen shells.

Now, aged 30. Harper is determined to have her own family so, with no boyfriend in sight, she is hoping to get pregnant by fertility implantation. Oliver isn’t thrilled by this decision but once again he is there to support her. He has tried to help her discover her biological father but with little success.

Harper has finally found a DNA match in Annabelle who appears to be an older sister. They had different mother’s and neither knows their father. As they begin to share their histories and the accidents that led to the deaths of their mothers, they become more determined to uncover the identity of their father.

However, they didn’t realize that their probing would bring trouble. Suddenly Oliver is attacked, then Harper. It isn’t clear what the motive is for the attacks, but Ridge is prepared to stand by and protect his father and Harper. The more time he spends with Harper, the more he realizes that she honestly cares for his father and wasn’t just out to get a free ride.

When Annabelle is kidnapped Harper and Ridge become even more concerned. They are joined by Annabelle’s sons, one of whom is a police officer, in searching the old files for any clues.

The story has plenty of personal conflict and tension, as well as a mystery with leads to keep them moving and asking questions. I liked both Harper and Ridge as characters and was glad when they began to work together. I enjoyed the mystery plot set in Florida and the interesting tidbits about the pen shells. I also liked the faith that gives a firm foundation to the main characters.

I have read several books by Colleen Coble and I enjoy her clean style, well-written suspense and romance and the faith elements in her writing. I recommend this to readers who enjoy good Christian Romantic Suspense.

Source: 2019 NetGalley. My Rating 4.25.
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Great book! It was labeled as a romance mystery and I wish there was a little more romance but the plot kept me turning the pages. I guessed a little of the end but couldn’t quite guess who the actual bad guys were, just what they wanted. Would like a sequel to dive into other characters storylines.
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Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble is about a woman named Harper Taylor. She’s used to being alone as she has been in and out of foster homes her whole life. She always longed for a family and one day finds out she has a half-sister. Both of their moms died tragically and no one has any information on their common dad. With another friend they start to search for the truth but threaten to uncover some very hidden secrets and their lives are at risk. This is a well-written book which keeps you in suspense from the first paragraph to the last. I recommend it highly. Thank you to Net Galley for providing an advanced readers copy for review.
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Strands of Truth details the complex story of family relationships bound by DNA yet unknown on the surface.  Harper discovers she has a half sister, but before getting to know her sister better, their lives are put in danger.  As Harper investigates who is behind this plot, the plot becomes more complex in typical Coble fashion keeping readers flipping pages.
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Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble: I am unsure if I will keep reading Coble's books since this is the  second one that I feel is below average as an enjoyable book, yes, there were some interesting parts, some intriguing plot lines, and it was almost good but I just didn't feel that intrigued by the book, more disgusted, there was light romance without too much kissing, but there was a physical attraction that to me was what made the characters a couple, I just didn't love the book. And the spiritual content could have been better. But it was all right.
Rating: 3 stars.
Recommendation: 18 up due to murder, mentions of mistresses, affairs, and more.
Verse: Isaiah 55:8 
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. (King James Version.)
Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for the opportunity to read a complimentary copy of this book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

Who hasn’t either had their DNA test done or thought about having it done?  We think of the good that could come from it, not that someone might be watching and waiting for you to identify yourself.  Harper, whose mother died moments after she was born due to injuries from a car accident, and then orphaned again at 8 when her grandmother died, always wanted a family.  Her DNA results may give her much more than the family she has always dreamed; it sets off a series of accidents and deaths, and even her life may be in danger.  When her mentor, Oliver is attacked, she is brought together with his son, Ridge, whose disdain for her is well known, he and his sister think she has been scamming her father for money since he saved her from the streets as a teen.  Can Ridge see past his own hatred and help Harper, or has he been right all along?

This was the first book I have read from this author; I enjoyed it a great deal.  I will definitely be checking out more of her books.   I like the way the story flowed, I never got bored; it was a good read, with a great ending.
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This is the first book by this author that I have read. I can guarantee you that it will not be the last. This book is so action packed and so filled with twists and turns you will NOT want to put it down. This book is a Christian Suspense book that will leave you wondering if you have figured it out, then you go on another wild ride. The author has written some amazing characters. She has written a very intriguing storyline. To grow up with no family then find a half sister that lives close - but the mysteriousness of her mother's death? So much uncertainty. I love how much detail the author gives to researching Marine life. I always love when I can learn something as I read. This book is worth a read!

I received a copy of this book through the NetGalley/Celebrate Lit blogging program. All thoughts are my own.
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This is a ride of a book that has everything from the book smorgasboard, love, mystery, emotion, family, drama.
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The subject matter is DNA.  It reveals that Harper has a sister, neither of them know who their father is.  Ridge the son of Harper's benefactor with her pen shell research, doesn't trust her.  This story is full of tension.  There are constant attacks against Harper and her research.  Together Harper and Ridge must trust each other and work together to find the answers without getting killed.
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I enjoyed this book. There were twists and turns and characters to love and a few to not like as much.
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I love all of Coleen Coble's work and this is a fabulous read. I enjoyed the story of Harper , a foster child who never knew love or a real home. When she meets a elderly mentor who wants her to realize her dream of being a marine biologist, she forms a long friendship with him over time as he supports her and her schooling. His family fears she is using him and are against her relationship with him.  They fight her at every turn yet her friendship with him never falters. 

I love this sweet story of a deep friendship based on respect and compassion . It is a lovely read and one of the author's best I have read. I highly recommend this book for all who enjoy stories of true friendship and people who have hard times but preserve to overcome.  A excellent read !

Thank you for the ARC,,. My review opinion is my own.
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Coble does a great job of creating a mystery with so many layers.  You must pay attention because every detail matters.  So many twists and turns that captivated my attention with its suspense.  Great mystery involving family secrets.  Strong story with great writing by the author.
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I must start by saying that I love Colleen Coble’s books-all of them. They grab you on the first page and don’t let go until the conclusion. In this case we meet Harper, who was tossed from one foster home to another following first her mother’s death after giving birth to her as well as her grandmother’s death. She finally finds a mentor in Oliver, a very wealthy gentleman who puts her on the right track toward becoming a marine biologist. Needless to say his biological family think she’s out to use him and take an instant dislike to her. Her most fervent wish is to find her biological father and through a DNA test meets her half sister who take this journey together. Shortly after meeting each other there are several murders as well as kidnappings and as they say-“the plot thickens”. Oliver’s son Ridge finally sees that Harper was never a threat to either his father or his father’s fortune and becomes involved in trying to help her find her father as well as solving her abduction all the while developing strong feelings for her. I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. Great read! Don’t miss it.
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