My Kindergarten in 100 Words

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My Kindergarten in 100 Words by words&pictures is a great book for little kids to learn new words. The illustration on this book is beautiful.
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This was a cute book for my son to browse through. It is good for basic word recognition, and I think it's a decent book for early learning.
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My little one has recently started his kindergarten, so this book was both a test and a vocabulary booster to describe new as well as more familiar experiences. The book is organised in colourful spreads that center around a subtopic- getting ready to go to the kindergarten in the morning, bathroom routine, in the kitchen, on the way to the kindergarten, objects children use for crafts, meal time, playtime both indoors and outdoors (playground), going back home. A lot of thought has gone into choosing the most useful words to help children develop their language skills and improve their communicative ability. I was glad to see some more abstract notions included, such as sharing, kindness, exciting.

Thank you to NetGalley and Words and Pictures (Quarto Publishing Group) for the review copy provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
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This was a really nice picture book and a great way to teach objects and words to toddlers. I kinda wished it was all in color because that way kids would be more attracted to it. But this way it is a color-book too so I guess it works too :)
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My Kindergarten in 100 Words is according to its title, a book with which to learn new vocabulary. In this case, words related to preschool
I think the idea is very well thought out. The vocabulary is divided into sections, depending on the moment of the day we are and the activity to do.
So, for example, when we get up we can see how we feel and the objects around us, from the bed to the carpet or clothing we wear at bedtime and the one we’re wearing to school.
Also the toiletries in the bathroom or the food for breakfast. What we might find on our way to the nursery and once we get there, the names with which the spaces are called.
The illustrations are simple but there’s no question what each represents. I think it’s very useful and didactic.

My Kindergarten in 100 Words es, según indica su título, un libro con el que aprender nuevo vocabulario. En este caso, palabras relacionadas con preescolar.
Creo que está muy bien planteada la idea. El vocabulario dividido por secciones, según el momento del día en que estemos y la actividad que toque desarrollar. 
Así, por ejemplo, cuando nos levantamos podemos ver cómo nos sentimos y los objetos que nos rodean, desde la cama a la alfombra o la ropa que llevamos puesta para dormir y la que llevaremos para ir al cole. 
También los utensilios de aseo que hay en el baño o la comida para desayunar. Lo que podríamos encontrarnos de camino a la guardería y una vez lleguemos, los nombres con que se denominan los espacios. 
Las ilustraciones son sencillas, pero no hay lugar a duda de qué representa cada una. Creo que es muy útil y didáctico.
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This is a basic vocabularies book for toddler. Toddler could easily relate words and pictures to their daily lives.  The illustrations are cute and realistic. My son who is 5yo is a precocious reader and this book is too easy for him. For younger children, or children who begins to learn to read, "MY Kindergarten in 100 Words" is a perfect book for them to learn about what to expect in pre-k or kindergarten. The wonderful illustrations definitely can hold children's attention, and parents could spend quality learning time with their kiddos. I do recommend this title to parents of toddlers.
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A lovely book with clear simple pictures. 
Popular items and pictures too.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This delightful  board book follows an adorable little fellow as he prepares for his first day in kindergarten.  It is a wonderful introduction to the words and scenes that he may encounter as he experiences this new chapter in his life.  

Yes, the book does include 100 words printed on labels that address scenarios such as getting dressed, eating breakfast with his family, and various activities that await him at his kindergarten destination.  Some words are wisely chosen to include a range of abstract terms such as happy, kindness and family.  The words, along with the playful, kid-friendly illustrations, will be a wonderful tool to teach and expand sight vocabulary and engage kids in the world around them.  

"My Kindergarten in 100 Words" is both educational and a fun way to learn. It would be great to copy the words onto paper labels and stick them on objects around your home.  That endeavour will certainly reinforce reading skills.  Kids will become familiar with the spelling of the words and gain the ability to read them with practise.  Learning sight vocabulary is a wonderful skill to take along with them to kindergarten.   You will be surprised how adept kids become at this skill and how thrilled that become because they can now identify the words.  When I taught kindergarten, my little ones  would come in the first day, find their desk and say, "So can I read today?"  The very idea of being able to interpret those squiggles on a page is very, very exiting to them. 

Kids will benefit from reading this book over and over again,  pointing out the words, and saying them out loud.  The book also touches on the concepts of identifying different emotions and quiet, focused techniques of mindfulness.  It is highly recommended.
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I would be hard-pressed to come up with 100 things within a kindergarten class but QED Publishing managed to do it.

Each item is shown in bright colors.  The word accompanies the drawing.  

This book is fun and educational.  It is great for children to identify the item and read the word.

I received an ARC from QED Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This in no way affects my opinion or rating of this book.
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Cute little book for kindergarteners. Cute pictures with cleat labels and i really love how it has verbs as well not just objects like most books.
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This is a brilliant book to help small children make word associations. There’s even the beggings if identifying nouns and adverbs, which are much easier when picked up early.
While the title implies an American reader, there is nothing in the pages that would confuse a family in the UK.
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This was an adorable book for my five year old to use to get ready for kindergarten. He really enjoyed the illustrations and got exciting talking about all the new and fun things he will get to do and learn when he starts kindergarten this coming school year.
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My daughter loves these kind of books, she is at the age now where she is learning more and more words on even a daily basis and we spend time everyday pointing to pictures and for her to tell me what they are.  

This book was great and it is definitely a book I would get for her as it gives an idea of what she will see when she starts school.  I only had an ARC of the book and some of the images were still in black and white so I really hope that they are all in colour on the finished version – 5 stars from me
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My soon to be kindergartener loved this book. I let her "read" the words next to the pictures. It just got her so excited about starting school next month.
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I received this e galley in exchange for an honest review.  I am not sure if this was the finished copy.  The first pages had colored illustrations, after which the remaining pages were black and white. Deliberate?  Something for children to color?  Not the finished copy?  I just don't know.

Nonetheless this is a cute book with playful illustrations.  The pages start with waking up in the morning, move on to getting ready for school, being there and, of course, returning home at the end of the day.  A quick sample of words which are both concrete and abstract;  playing, cereal, scooter, friends, goldfish, sharing, crayons, sandwich, skipping rope, smiling and gold star, along with many others.

This is a book for toddlers and adults to look at together.  Children can point to objects while adults can familiarize a chlld with what school is like.

This is a fine book.  Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.
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I received an electronic ARC from Quarto Publishing Group through NetGalley.
The book starts with a vibrantly colored page to begin the day. Unfortunately, the rest of the book is in black and white and the illustrations are too busy to hold a preschooler's attention.
They could color in the objects as they read the words.
Some of the words are challenging for a beginning reader.
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Yes, there are indeed 100 words, spread over ten pages with fine illustrations to identify what each word is. This was an ARC and the first few images were in color, the rest black and white line drawings, so I don't know if the finished product (I'm not the kidn of reviewer who ever gets the finished product!) will be like this or completely in color. Nevertheless the drawings alone are nice and will draw the eye of kids who look at this, and each is labeled.

I ought to note that while Sophie Beer is the illustrator, I am not sure who the author is. Maybe it's all Sophie Beer's work or maybe the author is anonymous. There's no copyright page and I'm not a beer drinker myself (joke!) so it's not clear who exactly wrote this.

Anyway, the book takes us through the day, from getting out of bed, through morning ablutions and enjoying breakfast, to walking to the nursery, the day at the nursery and five pages of things you might see there, to being picked up for the trip back home. The book is short, simple, and sweet, and I can see this being a really useful tool for preparing a child to go to nursery for that first time, and even getting them excited about it and looking forward to their first day. I commend this as a worthy read.
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I thought I was going to like it, but I'm not impressed at all. I liked the concept of words around going to kindergarten to help toddlers navigate the new environment, but black an white figures for a toddler? It's also a bit cluttered in my opinion.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!
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I loved the illustrations in this book. 

However there are so many first word books I didn’t feel this stood out. 

A good learning tool for children.
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Vocabulary book. Picture of item or situation with a bunch of word to name think and activity. Could have been more original or more creative in the art or the way it presented those words. Too simple to make stand out!
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