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The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook

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Nice cookbook layout with good recipes. I found the directions to be simple and clear. I do wish a picture of every recipe was included. There were a few Instant Pot accessories required (like a trivet, egg mold, springform pan, etc) that I did not own. Macro information for those following the Keto diet are included and explained at the beginning. Recipes had a good variety and were family friendly.
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Thank you to Net Galley and Quarto Publishing for an e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.  I really enjoyed this book, as I'm someone who loves my Instant Pot, but I know that I haven't been using it to it's full ability.  This book was GREAT for that, and I love that the focus was family friendly.  You can't go wrong with this book, and it'll actually save money for you, because you'll get more use out of your product.
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I love my Instant Pot! I've only had it a little over a month, but use it daily. It replaced my crock pots, my stovetop pressure cooker, yogurt maker and vegetable steamer. It's easy to use and so versatile. I'm always looking for new recipes and ways to use my IP, so I jumped right on this cookbook. We don't follow the Keto diet but we do stick to a low carb diet so the recipes in this book are perfect!

The recipes in this book are varied and easy to make. It doesn't require being an Instant Pot or Keto expert. There are introductory chapters on both. The explanations of the diet and how to use an IP are not lengthy....just a bit of detail to help beginners. From dough made from mozzarella cheese to almond flour cinnamon coffee cake there are many grain carb replacement ideas in this cookbook! For me, that is a plus. I try to use almond or coconut flour in place of wheat or other grains. So glad I can now bake coffee cake in my IP! The recipes range from IP stand-bys like egg bites and chili to more adventurous foods like stuffed chicken breasts and lobster tails. 

The cooking directions are simple. I like the page layout. Each recipe has the ingredients list on the left, followed by any IP accessories required (like a trivet, egg mold, springform pan, etc). Cooking instructions are clear and concise. Macro information for those following the Keto diet are at the bottom of each recipe page. There are many full color photos throughout. 

I am definitely ordering a copy of this book for my cookbook collection! 

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this cookbook from Quarto Publishing via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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This was a great cookbook.  I tried a number of the recipes with the family being pleased with results.  Not all recipes had pictures (which would have been nice) but its a cookbook best views on an iPad versus a kindle.  Though most likely I will purchase a print copy for myself.
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This was a great cookbook.  The book starts with great information on macros and how to use them.  My nutritionist started me on macros about 6 months ago.  Using macros is one factor to me losing 40 pounds.  Anna provided information on macros that I was unaware of and I found very helpful.  She also provide carbohydrate count charts and suggestions to replace high-carb foods with keto-friendly foods.
There were a lot of good recipes.  I haven't used my instant pot much. I was glad to get new ideas to use it.
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This book begins with a crash course on Keto and ends with 100 recipes, appetizers through desserts. There are also a number of helpful tips related to the Instant Pot.

I am intrigued by the Keto diet. Friends swear by it so decided to give it a go. I love my instant pot and the time it saves me in the kitchen. Throw a bunch of stuff in a pot and in short order, dinner is served.  So this is where I start to experiment with Keto.

I was unfamiliar with a few staple keto-friendly ingredients like the ‘erythritol’ sweetener. Yet, with few exceptions, paging through the book, the ingredients are readily available at my local grocer; no wandering aisles trying to find obscure ingredients. 

The recipes tried so far have all been tasty and super easy. The fat head dough intrigued me; making bread dough out of mozzarella cheese? So, I started there. I used the dough for a pizza crust. It worked surprisingly well. I followed this by making the baked pizza eggs for breakfast and then a deep-dish pizza dip for a neighborhood picnic. Clearly, I was on a pizza kick! My husband and I loved the extra zing of the pasta sauce and mozzarella in the baked pizza eggs and have made this simple, quick (5 minutes) recipe 3 times so far.  With pizza finally out of my system, I moved on to soups. I make a LOT of soups and loved the numerous choices here. The chicken noodle soup was a fun twist on a classic, the no-carb Brunswick stew hardy and healthy. Next on my list is the deconstructed egg rolls with peanut sauce to see how they compare to traditional rolls. The supporting picture is appealing and a great idea if serving to guests;  buy a few take-out boxes and chop sticks and you are set for a fresh, no frills, fun lunch or dinner party.

This cookbook turned out to be the perfect introduction to Keto using my favorite kitchen gadget and a great addition to my collection of clean-eating cookbooks. Thanks to Quart for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Great assortment of recipes that will allow even the novice chef to have success in the kitchen. Definitely enjoy them.
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I’m adding another delicious Keto cookbook to my Library after reading this Instant Pot gem. Lots of borderline recipes that your whole family will enjoy.
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This book is going to make my life so much easier. Up until receiving a copy of this book to review, I have only used my instant pot as a rice cooker. I am very excited to finally try some of these and utilize my instant pot the way it should be. My husband and I are very new to Keto and these recipes are so easy/friendly!
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The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot cookbook begins by explaining the keto lifestyle and the proportions of fat-protein-carb you should be eating before moving onto the Instant Pot itself.  The Instant Pot, formerly known to me as the Pressure Cooker.  My mum had one when I was growing up that she used on the stove.  Nowadays, its appears they are electric plug in sorts.

The book is then split into a number of recipe sections: Breaking your fast, Appetizers & party snacks, Soups, stews & chilli's, Covered dishes, Beef, Poultry, pork & seafood, side dishes and Desserts.

The ingredients are provided in both imperial and metric measurements and some of the recipes come with a colour photograph.  On some of the recipes there is a recommendation of an accompaniment or pudding to go with the dish.

One or two of the recipes do yield quite a lot, but the book does not indicate if it could be frozen afterwards or if it keeps in the fridge for a few days.  This would be handy to know.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for a honest review.
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I love my instant pot. It saves us in the summer when I can't turn on my oven lest the hobbits come running through the house to drop off a ring. There are some days when I use it so much that I got a second one so I don't have to clean the inner pot out just to dirty it again. And, year round it's nice to be able to just put my ingredients in the pot and come back to a meal. 
But, I recently decided to attempt low-carb/keto and my instant pot has had a few lonely nights lately. That's where this book comes in. It's got main dishes, it's got side dishes, it's got breakfast, it's even got salted caramel pumpkin cheesecake. 

Now, down to the recipes themselves. The first 2 chapters are a crash course on keto and a guide to using the instant pot. The recipes themselves are easy and you can see what accessories are needed at a glance. Helpful for people like me who would love to have everything in place before they start but just get too excited about food. Each recipe has macros, calories, and tells you how many servings you should get from the recipe. Some even helpfully contain notes to assist you or suggestions on which recipes go together well to serve a complete meal. Not every meal will work for me and my family, but there's enough of them that it would still be worth it. I mean, hello, spinach artichoke chicken casserole! 

*I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for my review.
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I enjoyed the information provided on Keto, the recipes look good and the few that I tried did taste good.  I’m not going Keto anytime soon but I like having these recipes in my library in order to cut down on carbs and processed foods.
I wished there were more pictures of the food and the e-book was not easy to navigate. Other than that, a hardcopy of this book would be wonderful.

I received an e-copy of this book from Netgalley.  I am not required to give a positive review.
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Thank you, Anna Hunley, for taking the time to write a complete Keto cookbook that dives in deeper than just using your instant pot.  I was impressed with the beginning of this book that actually discusses the basics of keto along with the “why’s”.  She goes through shopping list, talks of substitutions and even has a budget conscious section.  I learned of macros, net carbs and keto flu.  The recipes were fabulous in that there are options, tips and suggestions on completing the meal.  Basic recipes such as fathead dough are listed right out of the gate.  I enjoyed his keto cookbook and look forward to trying some of the recipes in my Instant pot (hello pizza stuffed chicken and maple bacon cornbread).  Many thanks to Netgalley and Quarto Publishing for this limited ARC in exchange for my honest review.  I truly enjoyed it!
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Good cook book and nice tips about keto   Living. A lot like her blogs but like having your own notebook to keep.
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A really good book with interesting recipes. Keto so far has been meat and veg but with this Ill be able to explore foods with flavour.
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It looks like the instant pot craze is still going strong!  We constantly get requests for more instant pot cookbooks, as well as keto-friendly cookbooks, so to have this one volume that combines the two is like a dream.  The full-color photographs are a definite positive feature of this cookbook--I personally believe it should be mandatory for cookbooks to include photos.  For the recipes that I gave a try from this cookbook, I can attest that they are easy-to-follow, accurate, and most importantly--taste great.  This is a must for any library's cookbook collection.
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The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook is a new low-carb cookbook by Anna Hunley. Due out 3rd Sept 2019 from Quarto on their Fair Winds Press imprint, it's 200 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats.

Low/No carb diets have become incredibly popular in the last decade. It's a challenge for families to put food on the table which is good for them and not full of overprocessed, over-sweetened, bad-for-you ingredients. Additionally, the food we make for our families has to be nourishing and appropriate for everyone if one person has special nutritional needs (such as diabetes or pre-diabetes).

The book has 100 recipes for low-carb meals which the author states are tested on her family and approved. I love the chatty conversational writing style of the author and she provides a lot of info and background for her own weight loss journey and lifestyle changes.

The introductory chapter is comprehensive and covers keto definitions, some very basic layman accessible biochemistry and theory behind ketosis, along with menu plans and other basic info. All the info is provided in easy to understand language and paced well enough that it's not overwhelming. This chapter also includes some basic ingredients such as Fat Head Dough, Homemade Egg Noodles, and Cauliflower Rice.

There is so much information packed into this volume that it's a bit difficult to review! There are shopping lists, considerations for feeding a family including your kids who have special nutritional requirements, and how to shop for keto-friendly ingredients on a budget.

The second main section of the book contains the Instant Pot specific info. Whilst all of the recipes include cooking instructions utilizing the Instant Pot (and trust me, I'm a believer, I love my instant pot) most all of them can be converted to other methods of cooking. I wouldn't trade my instant pot though, it's a wonderful beast.

The third section contains the recipes, grouped by category. There are recipes for breakfast, appetizers, soups, covered dishes, meats (beef, poultry, pork, seafood), side dishes, and desserts. The book is lavishly and appealingly illustrated with large clear recipe and serving photographs. Each of the recipes includes yields, prep and cooking time, ingredients (including metric measurements, yay!), a short description, and step by step instructions. The recipes also include macronutrients listings as well as 'complete the meal' links to other recipes in the book.

There's a comprehensive index at the end with cross-linked recipes, resource links, and an afterword by the author. The author's writing style is homey and friendly and for readers who like some culture with their cookbooks, this one has a very southern feel. There's a lot of comfort and hospitality along with the recipes.

Five stars for lovers of homestyle southern cooking. The recipes are not fancy company type recipes, they're family recipes.
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This is a little gem of a book if you are eat a Keto diet.  The bonus is that it is written for the Instant Pot.  When so many of us are time poor or just love an easier way to cook without all the extra pots/pans, this book will definitely suit you.

Colourful pictures  and easy to follow recipes are displayed for you and the surprise for me was the delectable dessert section.  Lots of recipe choices for any time of the week, be it a relaxed dinner with family or a dinner with friends.

Thanks to NetGalley, Quarto Publishing Group - Fair Winds Press and Anna Hunley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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I received a free e-copy of The Family-Friendly Keto Instant Pot Cookbook:  Delicious, Low-Carb Meals You Can Have On the Table Quickly & Easily by Anna Hunley from NetGalley for my honest review.

I really enjoyed the personal level that Anna Hunley discussed about growing up and enjoying food, the struggles she went through with food and body shaming and the things she learned on the way regarding nutrition, keto, gluten and processed food.  

A very detailed book with step by step instructions on how to use an instant pot, the benefits of a keto diet, the benefits of gluten free diets and even money saving and budgeting at the grocery store.

All recipes are sugar free, low carb and gluten free.  Recipes such as Asparagus and Gruyere Frittata, Broccoli cheddar egg bites, buffalo chicken meatballs, chicken zoodle soup, Cheesy chicken and cauliflower rice, Carne Asada bites, Goat cheese and Bruschetta stuffed chicken, Chili lime turkey burgers with Sriracha lime dipping sauce, Coffee rubbed pulled pork, Greek chicken and Faux mac & Cheese.  

Recipes that are sure to delight any crowd.
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Layout was great. Photo's made dishes look delicious, and want to make them. Made a few to test out, and they came out great. Simple, easy to understand and make. Great book for anybody using Instant Pot
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