For Your Consideration: Keanu Reeves

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A thoroughly entertaining thorough look at the internet's favourite boy. I hadn't realised how often he plays characters with the name John. I wasn't aware of the media response to him pre-internet.  I really enjoyed this look into this breathtaking man's life.
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Zageris and Curran share their love of Keanu with their book of essays unravelling the mythos behind the star and his pick of films.  Written with tongue firmly in the cheek, it does make you look at Keanu beyond the smouldering good looks.   

The book is basically a study about Keanu’s film career and the curious choices he makes with each film.  It does dip into his charity work and shows what a caring and extraordinary person he is.  It runs the gambit from his early days to where he is now in his career and how he always seems to bob back up from some questionable decisions with film making.

It also dips into his theatre career which is little known and although I have enjoyed Keanu films most of the time, it was interesting to hear a new take on his career and it did make me binge watch a few of his films after reading.  

Fun book with some fact based information whilst at the same time, it doesn’t really take itself too seriously.  Zageris and Curran have written a series of books with other celebrities and although this is the only one I have read, if they are anything like this, they are sure to do well.  Very enjoyable.
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This book made me laugh out loud at times. There are a lot of running themes and in-jokes, so it's worth it to read all the way through. Keanu is a private person, so there isn't a lot of new or personal info; rather, the focus is on Keanu's interesting career choices. Not just a pretty face and not a dumb surfer dude at all, the authors affirm, Keanu is a hardworking, well-read actor and a genuinely nice person who doesn't take himself too seriously. My least favorite part was the fanfiction, but I can see how it fits into the overall examination of the internet-driven culture that shapes our perceptions of figures like Keanu. I would love to read other works by these authors!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the digital ARC.
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This was a quick, fun read with some great insights into Keanu's career and how he has affected and been affected by racism and toxic masculinity.
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I loved the humor of this book (and the information! It was interesting!). I’m already a fan of these ladies, and this book lived up to my expectations from them. It was a fun read and I look forward to buying a physical copy to really appreciate it!
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He is the one, he is the only, he is the legend. 
The angel without wings, the dedicated actor, the embodiment of the "good".
The internet phenomenon, who is loved by everyone: Mr. Keanu Reeves!

"He wears blood like a fine suit. He wears a fine suit beneath blood. His brutal form is wrung and well-written: the lines of his face cut light and kiss shadow; the bow of his broad shoulders braces for the inevitable; his eyes flicker with pain. He's had the shit kicked out of him. He looks like he's kicked the shit out of them, too -whoever they are."

As a fan of both his works and internet memes that pop out every once in awhile showing him in the subway or eating a sandwich alone on a park bench, I was quite tempted to read the book about one of my favorite actors of all time. I have to admit, I expected a biography but it turned out to be a mixture of filmography, analyses of the roles he plays and fan-oriented literature. It was an entertaining read but I had expected much more and got a little disappointed.

I always knew that he was a one special human being bestowed with plenty of good qualities but it has surprised me to learn that he is a voracious reader too. I especially loved the way the author hilariously describes his reading skills:

"He reads voraciously despite being dyslexic. This includes all 1,267,069 words of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, because apparently Keanu doesn't feel he is sad enough."  

Well, if you are curious about the famous actor, it will not disappoint you.
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A smart and thoughtful analysis of Keanu’s career, life, and influence disguised as a quick and witty read. This is written with such familiarity (both in subject and in tone), that it sneakily packs you with information and insight into the qualities of an actor who truly does deserve all the best and ALL THE LOVE. I have had a slow-burn love for Keanu since I obsessively watched the “Rush Rush” video as a kid on VH1 and this book made me want to watch (or rewatch, as it were) each and every movie he’s ever been in. Keanu Marathon, anyone?!?
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Very light and quick read that would be situated to people that rather liked the actor but wouldn't necessarily call themselves unabashed fans.  For followers of Keanu's career over the last few decades, there's no new information or insights here at all, but it is still very readable and entertaining enough in many places throughout.

There were plenty of times when reading For Your Consideration, it felt like an E! Keanu Reeves Special in a book format., not necessarily a bad thing at all, but not unmissable by any means.

With thanks to Netgalley and Quirk for the arc.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Quirk publishers for a copy of this for an honest review.

Although I was aware of most of the information in the book , I still found this to be an enjoyable read.
Keane, although not the worlds best actor, seems like a decent human being , and so deserves the recognition shown by this book devoted to him.
An ok book to pass the time
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This book is glorious. This book gets me. If this book isn’t a part of a series, it needs to be. If it is, there needs to be one for Joe Mazzello and David Harbour and I volunteer as tribute to help.

I’m not even the biggest fan of Keanu Reeves and this book is my favourite possession. It reads like someone on my wavelength and humour level wrote it and that, in case you’re wondering, is a massive compliment. 
It’s an eclectic anthology of everything that makes Reeves the Internet’s boyfriend. From tracking his life and work to naming and shaming all the critics who put our celluloid boyfriend down. 

It’s illustrated, separated and lovingly crafted. It will make the perfect gift for anyone who has ever mentioned the man’s name. I certainly know of a few people who will be seeking out copies.
Was this review helpful? The book is all stuff one can find on the internet. For that matter, most interviews can be found there, too. I've been a fan since the 80's. I have yet to find a very informative book on the man. He's pretty ordinary, like most of us, and just wants to live his life. I can't imagine any book about him being very revealing or concise unless the guy writes his memoirs. That could be interesting, maybe, kind of in the way ours would be if we could continue living our everyday lives with a bit more money to live a few dreams.  I'll pass on this book.
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